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It is a question of both parties;

We have a portal that we use FxM and FxV FMS systems to monitor the traffic of users and the application servers.  The FxM I defined a certain number of subnet mask definitions depending on the type of users on our system.  Filter mask Eash can cover several subnets.  Users of type A may be the IP (subnets) ranges and type b users would come over the IP address ranges associated with subnets.  Its all dependent on the range of IP addresses used to access our system and all this seems to work very well.

I want to try to do is to create an alarm when all traffic on subnets from Type A (through multiple companies) falls below a fixed threshold and the same Type B subnets.  As seen below, each subnet in the FxM definition can include subnet ranges 4-5 - so there would be not bad to try to put in a single rule.   This alarm would indicate that there is a problem of backend associated with servers that process requests user Type A or Type B of separately.

Subnet 1 for typical business has X:

Subnet 2 for Type B Company X:

Subnet 3 for typical business has Y:

Subnet 4 Type B Company Y:


So my question is this - is there an easy way to do it on the FxM?

My second question is - the notions of subnets transmitted upward to the FMS or trace the overall traffic on subnets or creating alarms it?

Thank you



In the definition of FxM alarms, select your metric to alarm on. I chose the number of downloads for the category called subnets. When you have selected a metric, the alarm setting will allow you to choose regular expressions.

David Mendoza

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    Need help. I have a standalone PC operating a direct VI on a CFP with a crossover ethernet cable (developed on my laptop, compiled and installed as a standalone on the PC). When the VI runs on standalone PC version, everything works (click the button, analyzers are read), but the time being pulled from the CFP is wrong, and infact resets to December 1969, a default value. I am error checking, and no error is marked with the CFP, slaughter programmes. When I go to the MAX function, the time playing of the CFP is the funky time. Looking at the IP addresses, I generally use a very standard protocol ( for the PC, for the CFP currently running on the subnet for the pc and the PSC However, when I apply this Protocol on the CFP through max, it gives the error "the subnet mask you entered puts the target and the entry door to different subnets." I am not versed enough well understand this, and what I read in 2 postings here, I tried to harmonize the IP numbers and the subnet, and they do not seem to help. When I put intentionally in false numbers IP or subnet default time synchronization time correct (pc), but functions block (as expected). It is certainly not an issue of PC zone.

    Anyone can offer any guidance?

    Currently runnig LV 8.2 with drivers of 2009. PSC 1804 with MAX 4.6.

    I appreciate all help.

    Best regards;


    OK, I solved it. FYI: for those who are not aware of the IP: IP of the host and default gateway server to the same value. My work for the host computer are and subnet masks can stay The CFP has been set to with a DNS. Time server has been blocked by the Norton 2009 Firewall (even with an exception) and thus the cruxt of this issue together. I had to uninstall completely from this "software". I hope this helps.

  • RV082 multiple subnet and DHCP


    I want installation 2 lans in my RV082:


    My question is what happends as DHCP?

    I tested and it gives only IP via DHCP addresses in the lan. What happens if I put a WRT54G2 DHCP service in the Lan and connected to the RV082?

    So, in this case the multiple subnet are useful?

    Thank you very much


    In general: the RV082 is now part of Cisco Small Business, and you might want to ask your questions in the Cisco Business little community support for routers. You will find people from Cisco over there...

    It is my understanding that the function of multiple routers RV LAN subnet extends the NAT tables. By default, the router of RV will be only NAT for source from inside the LAN IP subnet IP addresses. If your router is equipped with the by default then it will be only to do NAT for 192.168.1. * IP address, but not others. If you connect a different LAN (for example, subnet across another router (the one without NAT) to your RV then the different LAN subnet would no internet because the RV does not know the LAN subnet and it doesn't NAT. basically the RV would send source IP addresses * 192.168.2 unchanged in the internet where they would quickly disappear. The function of multiple subnet allows you to say the RV that is actually a subnet of your local network, routed and is supposed to happen by NAT.

  • Lost Pack of ringtones and alarms Experia

    Once upon a time, my Z3 was a strong pack with a selection of ringtones and alarms to the choice. Now, it is no more and I don't know how to get it back.
    Uncle google is not useful...

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    If you do not see the ringtones pre-installed, it might be that you have selected the wrong app to choose the ringtone with.

    Go to settings--> Apps--> [menu]-> preferences app Reset and then go to settings-> Sound & notification-> phone ringtone and select the "sound selector" app and see if that helps.

  • Script to change the subnet and vlan.


    Please can anyone help with a script to change the subnet and VLANs on all the esx host in a cluster for the vmotion and management network interface?

    Thank you


    I guess it worked because you pasted an out front, so:

    Get-Cluster mycluster. Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter | where {$_.} PortGroupName - eq "VMotion"} | {} %
    Game-VMHostNetworkAdapter - VirtualNic $_ - IP $_. IP - subnet mask "" - confirm: $false

    I guess that makes still out:

    Get-Cluster mycluster. Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter | where {$_.} PortGroupName - eq "VMotion"}

    2 vmknis right?

    If Yes, then it should work I think.

  • Slate 6 songs as a ringtone set ringtones and alarms


    I am unable to find an option to set (downloaded on HP plugged music) songs like alarm or ringtone

    Please help if someone faced the same problem and have a solution

    Thanks in advance

    You can set songs as ringtone on the HP Slate voice tab by following the steps below:

    Go to the HP files Manager

    Select and copy the song that you want to set as ringtone

    Go to my storage in HP file manager

    Then go to folder ringtones

    The piece that you copied

    Close file HP Manager

    Now go to settings > sounds > ringtone

    You'll see the song in ringtone list so that you can select it as a ringtone.

  • Simple trigger and alarm Question

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    My situation:

    I have the measurement computing USB DAQ with Labview 8.6 1208FS (ULx using). Am I voltage to a load cell measurement and the need to put in place a range of alarm

    • Load cell by smallload and ramps then begins up to about 15 lbs
    • I would like a continuous display of the data on the chart
    • I need to know if the load went down 15.1 14.9 or overwhelmed below (via two separate front led remains lit if the charge was never out of reach)

    My understanding is that I need some kind of trigger to make the alarm go off like the ramps of load cell up to past 14.9 lbs.


    Given that in a single iteration is reading your data acquisition (read data) an array of values or a waveform, all arithmatic operation will be done on all these values and thus the output of a table or values. In your case you are looking for the trigger condition so I've been chnge the data in table 1 d (easier to treat) and look at the max value and then compare with the threshold so the value out would be an element and not the table of elements.

    flipphil wrote:

    Thank you odessy27,

    I want to be constantly looking at my input voltage and switch to a mode 'on', he spent the trigger threshold.

    • Always begin near 0v and ramp up about 7v comments
    • Once it exceeds a certain trigger level, say 6.95v, I want mainly to 'start' of the program
    • At this point, the VI needed permanently watch entry and turns on an LED if the voltage is less than 6.9v or superior 7.1v.

    The conditions you mentioned can be achieved with the help of another structure within the existing case. Try it and let me know if you find it difficult to implement.


  • DHCP fails with two subnets and RV325 and SG300 - 28 p

    DHCP fails to issue addresses in double subnet environment.  Please see attached.


    Mr. Ezzell, after reviewing all the screenshots and have a look at your configuration and you are not able to change the arrangement for VIRTUAL LANs, you can try this:

    As a work-around to use the router as DHCP VLAN 2 server, you can enable the DHCP server on the router for the VLAN 1, leave 2 IP addresses available, lets say to then go to static DHCP under network and the local network and hire two false addresses to these two IP addresses, so they will not be assigned to all devices. This way you will always be able to use your DHCP server without having to disable the DHCP server on the router

    Thank you for pointing out the firmware version very low on your switch, you actually run the firmware that came out of the unit.

    Here is a link to the firmware download page:

    Please upgrade to the following firmware versions:

    Keep in mind that on the version, you must also upgrade the bootcode using TFTP software.

    Once you are done with the upgrade of the connection check and see if it works.

  • CASE managed subnet and mapping vlan

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask for help for my device of the NAC. Currently im set up unit of the NAC. I have just the difficulty to which address ip use for the managed subnet. I have install confidence vlan as there are in our network, but which on the VLAN is not reliable? Should I do a new IPs for him and put it in the unreliable? I don't know if it is correct but I can't get an ip address everytime I have change the switchport to the port profile I did. Please guys help me I need to know for my project. Thank you.


    This looks about right - assuming that 10.1.10 and 10.1.20 are the IP subnets associated with VLAN 10 and 20.

    Do you have the VLAN 100 and 200 to shared resources to your untrusted interface of your certification authorities?


  • vSphere Client Configuration and alarm


    I recently started a new job with a company and legacy of the current system and the network.  My knowledge of VMWare is ok, but I'm of course not as great as people in this community.  The issue I'm facing is that there is a constant alarm that needs attention.  We run vSphere Client 4.0.0.  The alarm is one of our stores in DB, and it's "use of the data store on disk.  The alert is set to trigger when 95% of the use of disk data store is reached.  The problem seems to be this VMFS configuration... Here are the analytical capability.  Ability to 99,75 go-go configured 99,55 space free space - 206 MB.

    I contacted the company who originally put this in place, and their response is to ignore the alarm, because it is an efficient use of disk space.  Can someone please comment if this is acceptable or not to "ignore"?  I don't think it's the right way to set up a store of DB, but I just want to check.

    Thank you


    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    You certainly don't want to ignore that.  See KB 1003412 for more information.

    Good luck!

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  • Triggers and alarms Weirdness



    vCenter 4.0.0 build 208111

    When you edit a trigger type on the already existing alarm triggers tab, I get the following error:

    "An alarm with the specified name already exists. Specify a different name.

    It is surely not good?

    Did anyone else get this?

    More information:

    IM changing the alarm 'use of data on the disk store. "

    I also see two of each alarm?

    Same problem here.  I applied vSphere 4 Update 1 and I saw triggered alarms on my use of the data store that were not already there.

    I had customized the alarm 'Use of data to drive store' in the past.  My thought is to update 1 recreates alarms custom for some reason any?  So now, there are 2 that appear in the list with the same name: one with my settings and the other with the original settings.

    I was able to delete that I didn't and the other taking effect immediately.  AND I was able to make changes to the settings.

    Kind regards


  • SQL Server 2005 and alarms


    I have a problem occurring on 3 VM.  All 3 are running MS SQL Server, and all 3 are constantly the alarm of "use of virtual memory Machine".  Most have 4 GB of RAM and 2 CPU. On one of the virtual machine, I even put a reserve of memory of RAM.  This helped some, but after running for more than 1 day it starts to alert.  This server only runs our test of SharePoint database, it runs about half the speed as does our production SharePoint Server.  This happens even if it's the only host on the host computer.

    Anyone had luck get SQL Server to operate without generating alarms?  Or even run near the same speed as a physical server?


    • Configured memory: 4800MB

    • Reservation of memory: 4096

    • Memmory host: 128 GB

    • The host CPU 16 x 2.693GHz

    • VM CPU: 2

    • VM C: 100 GB drive (a few files on it storage... No databases)

    • VM D: drive 100 GB (has all the log files and the DB)

    • Memory ball average: 0

    • Average use memory: 94.61%

    • Memory Active AVG: 4601174

    • Granted memory AVG: 4655104

    • SQL Server Memory in VM used: 3.7 GB

    • (Physics) page of broadcast production time: 1 second

    • Time for server VM Page: 5 seconds

    Thank you


    See also:

    Best Practices for SQL Server


    * If you found this device or any other answer useful please consider awarding points for correct or helpful answers

  • How do you re ports and IPs for FMS 4.5 allow RTMFP streaming on the Internet?

    Basically I have an AS3 application implemented allowing video conversations between some n number of parts, using RTMFP.  The problem is that when I tried to connect a computer from across the Internet, as opposed to our intranet, suddenly he couldn't connect at all to RTMFP for this app (even if she was able to succeed by using an RTMP rescue who was there).

    So after hunting around, I am the network administrator for supposedly open until 1935-1960 UDP for outgoing traffic on the external IP address for the server of the FMS (same server as the application AS3), and it apparently opened for inbound traffic as well.  Also, I went in Adaptor.xml and changed this element:


    to say this:

    <HostPort public="XX.XX.XXX.XXX:19350-19360">:19350-19360</HostPort> 

    where XX. XX.XXX.XXX is the external IP address of this computer.  Right now, however, even if computers on the Internet are able to connect via RTMFP, video/audio streams do not receive through all through the Internet.  What's more, it is that even on our intranet, there are one-way versions of this problem now.

    Network administration is not my strong point, in all honesty.  Where should I start looking to solve this problem?  Thank you!

    Found the answer to the problem.  It was something quite specific to our internal network.  For anyone else who runs into something like this, of use on each client computer and refer to the things described in the 90be - 8000.html #WSec225f632fa008755a148c52131fca3d386-7ffe, especially less "understand the connectivity RTMFP test."

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    I am new to streaming. Please, share your ideas.

    I need to take some stream that ends of firewire on mac and then transcode / encode it perticular bitrates, then spread.

    I believe that to firewire OUT, its simple. How can I listen to? How can I give my clients (such as mobile, or any player as a broadcast of http url) stream? Do I need to use Flash media server, if yes can anyone highlight the steps to install the same.

    Thank you.

    I just replied to your other post - I really recommend that you do not spend more time on a player like VLC and MPlayer, as they are not standard reading player for rtmp and http streaming to FMS - its always better to have the flash based client so please follow other posts where I gave links to other players.

  • Applications and files on FMS


    I installed the developer version and now everything up and running, but I have a question about the application folder. A few other people here have had similar problems, but no positions I found could answer my question.

    I want to organize things in the application folder but I can't make it work with subdirectorys in my app folder.

    In the application, I have something like this:





    hand. CSA

    water courses


    I can't get this play:


    But if I remove the "MyAppSubFolder" and place the content inside the "MonAppDossier" it works:


    What can I do to better organize things in subfolders in the applications folder?

    Thank you

    You can place the files where you want (doesn't have to be within the FMS application directory structure). Simply configure the virtual directories to meet your needs

    See the documentation on configuring content storage: ml

    hand. CSA must be at the root of the application, but you can load other files CSA from anywhere (using the load() in main.asc statement)

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