Subvi or not loaded controls - missing localization misc.llb files

When I try to load VI Labview 2012, I get several files missing errors:

C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\NI ELVISmx\misc.llb\

C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\NI ELVISmx\misc.llb\

C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\NI ELVISmx\misc.llb\ctl_ProductType.ctl

Why am I missing these files required?


I did an uninstall and fresh install and has not encountered the error.  So I have no definitive answer to this question.

Thanks for your comments.

Tags: NI Software

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    I built an application with the NI Vision Builder application on my computer, and it works without errors. But when I copy this application (with all the files config and VI - s etc) to a computer that has installed the labView Vision Development Module RTE and RTE I get errors on the image below. I looked after the missing subVIs, the Common.llb file contains the IVB threshold and the IVB VAA.llb contains the IVB VAA With another error I don't know what to do, because I could not find the lvlib file (could this be the problem?). So why the program can't see the 2 screws that are in the 2 llb file, and what do I do with the error "Cannot load the front panel"?
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    What version of LabVIEW are you using?

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    Scene 2:   Windows 7 (not a working copy) does very well, but not Vista Basic.  XP (again, not a working copy)almost loaded!  I even tried loading Vista on Win7 nothing helps.  Lived all the NTLDR missing, etc., has visited several Q / a forum... you're my last shot at this!  I even tried restoring disks from my other laptop (Toshiba), knowing full well, it produces no result... there not!  lol HD and motherboard are beautiful - I AM able to load OS to 'other' guys... Superblock is now ultimately nonexistent.

    Final:   Current situation: Zero out Once AGAIN , tried to install it, HD has failed.  A ran bootfix and installed SMTDRV.  Always the same black screen and invites as stated above, when you try to load Vista.  The thing F12, the same result.  DVD is fine.  The done of F2 and load default.  Guess that that same result.

    I have Win7, but the funds just aren't there.  I am a student (ISS), but my University is not offered at the discount of Win7.  Please help me to recover my Vista!  Thank you, thank you, thank you... in advance!

    Curtain Call:   Your solutions

    If the Dell recovery process does not work, contact Dell.

    This isn't their recovery process, Microsoft.

    Below is the normal process of recovery of Dell.

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    Intel DX58SO motherboard

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    1 TB harddrive

    hd5770 2 current is SOUND

    I just received a response from AMD for a known issue with Catalyst Control Center and Windows 7.  You can go there.  It worked for me the first time after a lot of troubleshooting.

    How to solve the CCC is not loading/opening at initialization.

    Scenario: the user tries to open/load the CCC through different methods, but it does not load. The problem may occur without any changes to the system or a Catalyst driver update or reinstall. This is issue mainly affects Windows 7 machines.

    Cause: possible corruption of the Windows Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Usually, this requires the user to format and reinstall Windows.

    Resolution: this solution has been tested - reproduced and resolved.

    Remove all the ATI through programs and features in Control Panel using the Manager to install Catalyst (GPC). Restart the system in safe mode and follow these steps:

    -Remove all ATI C:\programs files files and the C:\programs files (x 86)

    -Go to the C:\Windows\assembly and sort by "public key token. Locate the following key token public "90ba9c70f846762e" which is

    -associated with ATI. Usually only 2 entries. Remove 2 entries. Note: entries should be deleted (right click and select uninstall) since regular safe mode

    -mode may cause a permissions error. 2 entries appear only in the systems concerned by this issue. This means that you want the 2 inputs on systems where the CCC charges, the entries do not exist.

    -Close and restart normally.

    -Reinstall the ATI Catalyst package.

    I hope that you will get in working order!

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    Click Start
    Type: CMD, according to the results, right-click CMD
    Click on "Run as Administrator"
    At the command prompt, type: sfc/scannow

    This will check for any breach of integrity

    Restart your system


    Check your hard drive for errors:

    Click Start

    Type: CMD, according to the results, right-click CMD

    Click on "Run as Administrator"

    At the command prompt, type: chkdsk /f /r

    When you restart your system, your computer will be scanned for errors and will try to correct them.

    If the problem persists, I suggest that you scan your computer for malicious programs:

    There are some that will hide your files/folders so that you don't normally see them. I strongly suggest to run a scan on your computer with your antivirus/antimalware software. If you need to, you can also use the Microsoft Safety Scanner, it's free:

    Also, if your files are hidden, check out the following article on how to display the:

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    Could not load the Brother printer control panel.

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    I have an answer now, brother.  It is indeed a problem related to the recent update of Adobe.

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    He keeps the project of loading, I have not tested to see if it has an impact when I edit a topic, but nobody knows what is the cause? I searched for help online, but this error is not mentioned...
    In addition, robohelp has changed a bit since I used it last & I am struggling to come to grips with some of the provisions of the record - I understand the projects are now .xpj, but the level of the root of each subfolder contains a.fpj file. I read somewhere that this allows multi user access to a project, but can not see how it works - I could certainly not open an individual file using this file anyway! Can someone point me to documentation that explains what it is & what it does or does not? or quickly explain this for me?

    Thank you very much

    Hi, it was not related to Vista, no - we're under XP.
    It seems that RoboHelp has not been installed properly, so a reinstall fixes this problem!

    Thank you very much for answering.

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