Successfully transferred on behalf of the Dollar Photo Club (even uploaded a photo) but now my account and credits have completely disappeared. Help, please!

I used to be a member to Dollar Stock photo ([deleted] user name), and I finished my transfer April 14 and was happy to get the special scheme. I even downloaded a picture of Adobe stock within the last two weeks. However, there is today no trace of my account (removed). I select password assistance, but never receive an e-mail from reset, and there is nothing in my spam folders or in bulk.

I had about a dozen credits left, and I hope that my account does not exist here. Because I made sure to transfer my account before the deadline to receive the price of $9.99 / month. Can someone help me?

Thank you

Jennifer W


Hi Jennifer

Please ensure that connect you to using the Adobe ID (email address) that you used when transfer you your CPD credits and signed up for the plan of Adobe Stock.  It is not a subscription under the ID you used to post on the forum, and we do not have an account for the email registered in your feed address in order to check what other email addresses you may have used.

If you need help, let me know.

Thank you


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