Suddenly hear the music when you open a new tab...

I'm on FF new BETA 64 bit version and when I open a new tab, sometimes I listen to music. Is this some kind of new feature or is this something else is the cause on my PC... WINS 7-64

said jscher2000

If someone wants to share the destination URL of the tile at the origin of this problem, it may be useful for testing.

The Web page that triggered its for me was

Remove the tile from the new tab page by clicking the small 'X' in the upper right of the faulty tile solves the problem. If you want to avoid the problem occurs on the tabs, you can prevent firefox to show your tabs recently on the new tab page.

In the upper right corner of the new tab page is an icon of the gear. Click the gear icon and you have three options: 'Proposed show and your best sites', 'show your best sites' and 'white page '. By selecting "Display the white page" should solve the problem now and in the future.

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