Suitcase on to connect to the page

Now, I find the 'suitcase with spots' where my standard photo used to appear on the logon page.  I remember some years ago that this means either visitor or something similar, but don't remember exactly how & what to do to fix.  I had a few family members visiting who have access to their sites.  At the same time, my computer slowed down seriously.  I did the normal cleanup, defrag, re-boots etc. Thanks, Judy


Hi Judy,.
With the symbol of the suitcase at the login page indicates that the account is a guest account.
Connection to the computer and check if the account you are using is a guest account or the account with administrator rights, and that the display image has been changed for the account.
Keep me updated on the status of the issue.

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  • WRT160N v3: unable to connect to the page web configuration of the router with Firefox or IE

    Whenever I try to connect to my router's admin page, I get "the connection to the server was reset while the page is loading."  This happens with FIrefox 11 and started when I upgraded to 8 or 9.  A machine running FF 3.6 does not have this problem; I get right in.  Words IE 9 is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" (after complaining about the certificate has expired).

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    First TLS packet is received by the router, which then immediately issues a reset and the connection is interrupted.  I don't know why.

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    Then I did a full-on reset. I had tried to get in the Mode of administration, following an article in the FAQ, but the web page came in normal mode, default From there on, I WAS able to make the success of downloading the new firmware from 2010 (v3.0.03). Unfortunately, once I've reconfigured the box to a similar to the previous configuration, I have the same problem: connection to of Firefox 3.6 works; 12 Firefox (now), it will fail, get the error "reset while page is loading". My last try will just disable the https - I just discovered where I can - and see if it will work. Because it's only on my home network, if traffic to the configuration page is not encrypted it really doesn't matter that much. (I had previously determined using Wireshark happened to reset during the TLS negotiation after the HTTPS had finished). And hell, that worked. So my problem is not resolved, but it is bypassed and I'll mark it closed.,.

  • An excellent WIFI connection but the page cannot be displayed (until I pass to Ethernet)

    I have a HP Pavilion dv1000 notebook pc with Windows XP

    I thought I might have a virus so I reformatted recently using my restore CD (which I've done it before, but this time he has not left delete me a partition when reinstalling windows which gave me my first red flag).

    I continued & ran windows updates up to what there not to the left.

    I started having loss of WiFi problems (even if my wireless button is lit blue & wireless connection says connected & excellent). I tried to fix the connection & just about everything else I found in these pages to try (including but not limited to try each driver on download, firefox, restore internet Explorer 8 down to 7 & a fruitless Atheros download link).

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    I reinstalled my backup media so I had rather not reformat again, but please let me know if there is something more to try or if it's my only option (especially if the restoration was inadequate because it didn't let me to delete the partition this time when he has in the past).

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    Could you post back with a list of all the security software you have installed on the laptop.

    In the meantime, to rule out interference from malware, download and install the free version of MBAM and SUPERAntiSpyware on the links below.



    When it is installed, run full scans with these two utilities.  Post back with the results.

    Then, in the guide on the following link is the process to set up a static IP address.  Do not start at the beginning, starting with the topic "assign IP address."  Do not have the Ethernet connection is connected and make sure your Wi - Fi connection is active.

    Enter the following values.


    Subnet mask

    Default gateway

    In addition, assign the following DNS server address

    Server preferred DNS

    Auxiliary DNS Server

    After entering these values, don't forget to click OK in each open window, before restarting the laptop.

    Check if you can now open web pages correctly.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I can not connect to the page member ESPN.

    Original title: Windows 8

    I am trying to connect to my Member ESPN page, I am told that I can not connect because the cookies must be enabled. Then, I went to internet and active options cookies for a higher medium setting and then a framework to accept all cookies. Both still did not connect.

    Have you tried all the other links provided?

    See if another program, maybe Anti Virus or other program of type safety, interfere with your access.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Problem with the connection to the page identified by the element

    I have trouble getting a simple redirect pretending to work. I have setup a page hidden item called P4_CAME_FROM located in the link on the previous page. For example, the links from Page 2 to Page 4 as follows


    It works and I can see the session information that the value P4_CAME_FROM is set as planned, but the treatment after branch does not seem to pick up - it takes back me to the default page of the application (page 1) instead. Page 4 branch looks like this:


    What I am doing wrong? I also tried to use the alias of the page instead of the page number, but this made no difference.

    Thank you

    (I'm under APEX

    Hi, Andrew V.

    Andrew V wrote:

    I have trouble getting a simple redirect pretending to work. I have setup a page hidden item called P4_CAME_FROM located in the link on the previous page. For example, the links from Page 2 to Page 4 as follows

    It works and I can see the session information that the value of P4_CAME_FROM is set as planned, but the treatment after branch does not seem to pick up - it takes back me to the default page of the application (page 1) instead. Page 4 branch looks like this:

    What I am doing wrong? I also tried to use the alias of the page instead of the page number, but this made no difference.

    (I'm under APEX

    By chance APEX session state disappears before the branch is running?

    Try changing the type of branch "Page of this application" and "Page" for


    Try to use "Application Item" instead of "Article on Page.

    Reference: Oracle Apex cell phone: go to the previous page

    If still face problems, re - produce the question on and share the credentials from the workspace.

    Kind regards


  • I'm unable to connect to a specific web site. Have you tried 3 different browsers and they all say that they are unable to connect. No one else has a problem connecting to the page.

    I tried to use for 2 days.  I tried 3 different browsers.  all say that they are unable to connect.  No one else has a problem on this page.  I have no problem to do something else.  Why, throughout this site I can not connect with?   I use it all the time in research.  very aggravating.

    original title: on a web page

    Well, I tried the support page, but I already tried all that.  I did a restore full back to factory settings... still cannot have only one page to load.  I'll call my dsl provider this afternoon.  I don't know what else to do.  I can't communicate with Findagrave.  I don't have a snail mail address but no phone number.  But I don't think that it would be them anyway, if no one else has a problem with this web site.  There must be on my end, don't you think?

    I don't know what to tell you. There is no problem, it's on your side.

    If you care to try it... on the assumption that your user account is damaged.
    Create a different user account with exactly the same type of account > connect to it and see if you can access this Web site.

    Personally, I doubt that will solve anything, since you already restored your computer to factory settings.

  • Most sites work OK, YouTube loads and plays videos, if I try the connection that the page does not load, and all I get is a page of random characters?

    The above doesn't happen if you use Firefox and not other browsers?

    You can check the preferences of network.http. * on the subject: config page and delivery to zero all users "BOLD" network.http set prefs by default via the context menu-> reset.

    Check at least:

    • Network.http.Accept - Encoding (default: gzip, deflate)
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    I'm having a strange problem signing on the Web page 'Report a problem' in order to report a problem with an application that I downloaded via the iTunes store. I went to purchase in the iTunes store on my computer, click report a problem for the application in the order and he took me to a Web page called 'Report a problem' and asked me to connect.  However, I enter my information and click on connect, but the page just refreshes and doesn't connect. I know that my sign in information is correct (in addition to using it in iTunes, I just used to login here to post this question) and I came many times to just in case there was a typo in with my password.  I tried a longer password and it gave me the error "your AppleID or your password was entered incorrectly" so he is grateful to my info... I tried to clear cookies and cache from my browser (Chrome).  I also tried to use Internet Explorer and Edge to connect, but both had the same problem.  I couldn't even find a way to contact Apple on this specific problem... their support menus not occurred for problems of website that I could find at least (if someone could point me to that, I can try that as well).

    I had no problem connecting to earlier. A temporary glitch perhaps?


  • Able to connect to the Internet, but not be able to access router settings

    I can connect to the Internet fine, ping works, but I can't connect to the router settings.


    • Router IP:
    • IP address: USING static IP
    • Browser: Safari
    • Error message: Safari cannot open the page because the server dropped the connection unexpectedly.
    • If you need a card, leave a reply!

    Hey Harpo1! Try to access the configuration page using a computer connected to the router. If it does not connect to the page, reboot the router and use a different web browser could help. You can also try to temporarily unplug the modem and see if you can access it.

  • You are not currently connected to the Oracle BI server

    Hi I am facing problem while that connection in the page of answers... Here is the message I get... Please someone help, what could be the matter, thank you

    You are not currently connected to the Oracle BI server.

    If you have already logged in, your login may have expired, or a communication or a server error occurred.

    To reconnect, click here. If the problem persists, please contact the site administrator. »

    Hi Ram,

    My question was resolved, it happened because of OPMN services are low.

  • Unable to connect to the web.

    I have an Inspiron One 2305. Yesterday morning, everything was fine. Before noon I couldn't connect to the web. The network connection shows that I am connected. I always get an error "unable to connect to the page. I ran anti-virus and malware. Still nothing. Do a system restore I can connect on a single page. Try to leave this page and I get the same error. Can someone give me an idea?

    At this point you can repair or reinstall Win 7. Make sure that all of your personal files are stored on a medium firstexternally.

    To do a repair, you will need your reinstall Dell Win 7 drive. Start with a hard disk check

    • Click Start > run
    • Type: chkdsk c: /f
    • Click OK
    • Accept offer to run chkdsk at the next startup, and then restart. CHKDSK runs before Windows loads. Be patient as this can take some time, depending on the size of your hard drive.

    Unlikely that chkdsk will solve the network problem, but check it anyway...

    Then run a check of Windows system (CFS) files:

    • Click Start > run
    • Type: sfc/scannow
    • Click OK
    • Insert the Dell Windows reinstallation disc, if/when requested
    • Restart when done
    • Check again networking

    If this does not help, make sure that your files are backed up! Restart, and then press F8 before Windows loads. Look for the option of repair that may be on an advanced options menu. Follow the prompts. See if that solves network problems. And don't forget to visit the Windows Update site and reinstall all updates that are missing after the repair.

  • Firefox won't let me connect to the Dlink page where I can use prior settings for my camera dlink

    This is the response I get from Firefox. DLink says that the problem is not with their page. I can't give you a link to the page because all I have is a tab on my camera software and cannot access the page to see the address. Dlink said there should be an option to continue however, but Firefox does not provide this option.

    Unable to connect safely

    Firefox cannot guarantee the security of your data on, because it uses SSLv3, a broken security protocol.
    Advanced information: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap

    If you click on the details of this page, so that there should be a drop down add the exception:

    SSL3 blocking deactivation is not recommended or secure. If you go to about: config and search for ssl3 and ensure that all are true, this will change that. IF you can't find what specific encryption is used in the cert, you can choose one of those appearing in the the purpose: config page.

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