Suite down to sleep?

So I only noticed this problem on my Macbook Pro more recently after having my board replaced a few months ago. However, I don't think that it would have been a hardware problem because I think that the Genius Bar would probably be able to find it.

Recently I upgraded my RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB, to see if there would be changes in relation to this issue, and to my surprise a day of use, I have encountered this problem.

Similarly there are solutions to this problem?

If anyone can help me with my formatting here please do.

Date/time: 2016-06-22 13:57:49 + 0800
OS version: Mac OS X 10.11.4 (Build 15E65) Architecture: x86_64
Report Version: 22

Event: Sleep continued failure as follows: 7

Model: MacBookPro9, 2

CPU active:


Architecture: x86_64 spot size: 5563 pages

/ usr/libexec/amfid amfid [117]

Priority thread 1 sample (1) 0x2a2 37 (base 37)

< QoS thread initiated by the user (user requested insider, initiated by the user override), timers would gather I/o important policy >

* 1 hndl_mach_scall64 + 22 (kernel + 2017942) [0xffffff80003eca96] 1
* 1 mach_call_munger64 + 410 (core + 1805274) [0xffffff80003b8bda] 1

* 1 mach_msg_overwrite_trap + 197 (kernel + 861797) [0xffffff80002d2665] 1 * 1 ipc_kmsg_send + 323 (kernel + 796995) [0xffffff80002c2943] 1

* 1 ipc_mqueue_send + 539 (kernel + 811339) [0xffffff80002c614b] 1
* 1 thread_block_reason + 175 (kernel + 986607) [0xffffff80002f0def] 1

*1 ??? (kernel + 1000156) [0xffffff80002f42dc] 1
* 1 machine_switch_context + 316 (kernel + 1875148) [0xffffff80003c9ccc]


Binary images:
0 x 106597000 - amfid (166.40.2) 0x106598fff < 0C 812200 -.

A16C-3AF3 - 96D 9-90899180420 A >/usr/libexec/amfid * 0xffffff8000200000 - 0xffffff80009fffff kernel (3248.40.184)

< 4E7B4496-0B81-34E9-97AF-F316103B0839 >/System/Library/Kernels/kernel

Process: authd [152]
Path: /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Versions/A/ XPCServices/authd.xpc/Contents/MacOS/authd
Architecture: x86_64
The spot size: 5057 pages

Priority thread 1 sample (1) 0x3b0 4 (base 4)
< background thread QoS (legacy requested), process darwinbg, timers would gather,.


Hello try changing your hard disk and install el capitan

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    May need to reset all to default power settings and then place back as you prefer.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • ZBook 17 G3: Premature sleep during outdoor display connected


    I'm using the default settings in the power and sleep settings. The laptop is plugged into a power outlet. It is plugged into the docking station of love at first sight with the mouse, the keyboard and the ethernet connected. The screen is supposed to turn off after 10 minutes and the computer is supposed to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. It I do not connect an external monitor, everthing works fine.

    If I connect a HP27sv monitor to an HP DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter and plug the docking station, and then I get the following behavior. After a reboot, everthing works fine until the first time that the computer sleeps: the display turns off after 10 minutes and wakes up in fine. After 30 minutes, the computer goes to sleep.  However, once the computer woke up from sleep mode, then it still comes down to sleep after two minutes. No matter what I do with the power settings and sleep, the computer goes into sleep mode after two minutes of inactivity.

    I can also reproduce the bug by using the sleep on the keyboard button:

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    This system has the NVidia Quadro M1000M graphics card for the display docking station ports. Version of the NVidia driver is 354.86


    There was a un communique release lately for the firmware of lightning, see support of your site and install it.

    Also, here is the link of all possible problems and solutions for love at first sight.

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    I've updated for Windows 10 and now my computer won't shut down or sleep. In order to shut down the computer completely I have to restart my computer, and then stop. If I used my computer for more than an hour, it will not be stopped or he wake up from sleep mode. I have updated my drivers and graphics cards, as well as disabled the quick start. I checked the BIOS and there is no update available. I also ran the updates of Windows. At this point, I don't know what else to try.

    Hi @bn485,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion Notebook of 360 and problems with the Shut Down mode and sleep.  I see that if you change the balanced power plan options option in the book will help. Here is a link that will help you.

    Go to your power options. Select balance, then click on change plan settings. Click on change advanced power settings. Then save changes. Restart your computer and see if the options have changed.

    You can try to use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix updates that do not come through Windows 10.  Please restart the laptop twice to make sure that all updates are completed!

    You can also try:

    In Device Manager, click the arrow next to display adapters to expand this category
    Right-click on the graph, and then select Update driver software if more than 1 graphic adapter do 1 at a time.
    Select search automatically for updated driver software.

    The laptop must find and automatically install the updated driver
    Once the installation is complete, restart your laptop.

    I hope that helps.

    Thank you.

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    I trıed restore the software to the State before the update of HP but the problem still existed.  Two days ago, I updated the computer, which cancelled the operating system of Windows 8.1 for Windows 8.0 but closing down / sleep problem is still there.

    Can someone help me?

    It worked for me also!

    DaveyK, I'm really very grateful to you for the solution to this problem.  Thank you!

    I now get with some serious computing, until the next bug happens!

  • Network connected to PSUS4 printer goes offline when the PC is shut down...

    I am close to giving up this problem, help would really be appreciated.

    My printer network disconnects when my computer is shut down or sleep. I have a Samsung printer connected to a print server through a router Linksys WAG160N Linksys PSUS4 wireless. Two computers that are hard cables to the router to see and access the printer without problem. I now have a new laptop Sony Vaio (Vista OS) that accesses the router WAG160N wireless. The Vaio connects to the internet OK, but everytime I shut down the PC, the printer is offline and remains offline to the Vaio when I start again.

    If I remove the printer of the Vaio and then 'add printer' again, by selecting the option "Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer" shows the printer as \\LK90a6dd\p1 network is available. But if I try to connect to it, I have "X Windows cannot connect to the printer". If, instead of this, I choose 'Add a local printer' and select the existing port "\\LK90a6dd\p1 (renderer client-side) ' and the printer driver series Samsung ML1210, the printer is installed, works very well and remains online - until I have stop the Vaio, it is. Then delete the printer, install the printer etc to access the printer again.

    Pleeeaaassseee help...

    Kevin, I owe you a drink. I have added the printer as a local printer (as opposed to network), entering the IP, etc print driver, restarted the computer, and... the printer remained online. Unlike many critics of Vista, I found that it is a reasonable operating system. But maybe it's the glitches like these that give it a bad reputation. Thanks a lot for your help. Really enjoyed.

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    The user guide for the LaserJet P1102W indicates that the default Auto setting in the properties is 5 minutes.  "Automatic stop" drop-down list does not contain a setting of 5 minutes - rather it contains "never, 30 min and 1,2,4,8, & 24 hours."  However, the drop-down list 'Sleep' contain 5 min and other selections up to 1 hour.  What is the difference between auto-off"and"Sleep ".

    After the installation of this new printer, the default settings have been = 5 Minutes ' Sleep' and 'Auto off' = never

    I have several computers around the House than any print to the same printer.  I want to always available for printing without issue in the basement to activate it, but yet they want more economic mode.

    What is the difference between 'Sleep' and 'Auto off' and how should I put them in my terms of service desired?

    Thank you.


    I understand that you are looking for some explanations between the Sleep and automatic shutdown of the Laserjet P1102W printer. I would be happy to offer you answers!

    For your desired operating conditions, I think that you already put as you would like. Standby essentially puts the printer in a State of very low power consumption, but the printer can be awakened from this State by sending a print job (meaning you don't have to go to the printer to remove it from that State). The auto-off function off the printer completely after a period of time. The only way to take the printer out of State would be to go to the printer and press the power button.

    To have several computers connected to this one printer I would recommend leaving the auto-off Never and Eve to what you think is the best. As I said, the printer will wake up fashion 'sleep' and accomplish what you ask without physically going to the printer.

    Hope this helps, have a nice day!

  • Closing and with HP Pavilion 15 sleep disorders


    I hope someone can help me with this.

    I did an update around December 18, 2013. According to me, one of them was an update of the Bios.

    Stupidly, I didn't have to restore then.

    Since then the computer is not shut down or sleep properly.

    If I use the power button or the sleep/shutdown software, the following occurs.

    The power button turns on and the wifi light go to orange (airplane mode).

    The laptop seems to be stopped otherwise.

    The fan remains on.

    The only way is to press the button for a few seconds until the powers of sytem down.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Follow the instructions in this document from HP

    I suggest to use the second option after you have created a USB key with HP_Tools about this since the softpaqs diagnosis available on the download section of the web support for your notebook.

    If you had your laptop with complete product number or name of the product, I would have been able to provide a link to the softpaq.

    HP has made and sold more than a thousand different models of laptops and desktops over the years. It is difficult to help you if we don't know which specific model you own...

    Method #1: If the laptop boots into Windows, you can retrieve your product number by pressing Fn + ESC key.

    Method #2:
    Remove the battery and look in the compartment where the battery was installed. You should see a Service number with the printed part number and product name. Thanks for posting the p/n (with all alphanumeric characters) here. If you live outside of North America, it helps us if you post the country of purchase. Also post the type of processor installed. (AMD or Intel)

    Don't forget to view the name of the installed operating system, if you haven't done so already.

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    When I updated to ios 10, I was suddenly unable to Watch youtube videos or netflix videos. the video loads again the play button would not work. It is not my wifi, and nobody else seems to have the problem.

    Hello. You use the applications or Web sites in a browser? If you've restarted since the update? Hold down the sleep and home buttons until you see the Apple. If you use Safari, try settings > Safari > clear the history and data from the Web site.

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