Support A2DP on my card internal

I have a 360 Toshiba bluetooth wireless card brand to another manufacturer in my laptop.

I'm having trouble with my Motorola S9 headphones.

The card supports A2DP? I have to upgrade the BT stack?

If so, how can I do this and how do I know what is my carpet curent.

Thank you.


Toshiba was the first supplier at all that supported A2DP. So I guess that the media is your BT stack if you use at least version 3 or later. Please note that all versions v3 and v4 supported only helmet, who are able to work with the protection mechanism against the SCMS copy. So I guess that your device does not support.
On your site of BT salespeople, you should check whether an updated version of the BT-stack is available, as v5 of the BT-stack has an option to disable the GUY.
It is disabled by default with the v5. If no update is available, then you could try the v5.10.12 (T) BT-battery at end of test which you can download here:

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    -After much research and hitting my head against the wall, I finally got my laptop upgraded using a HP 482260-001 internal NIC (a card Atheros 5009) based manufacturer and now have an 300Mbps connection solid of rock all the time. I know I've read a lot of the problems with this card so I thought I'd post a brief overview of what I had to do.

    First - before Exchange you cards (unless you can connect to a wired LAN cable outlet) download the latest driver from HP for the Atheros card - even if this computer only provided with the card (5007 based) G the downloaded driver supports card 5009 N. depends on how do you the next step, you can save the file on a USB Flash drive.

    Following installation the new card and either do a system restore to the point where the updates of Microsoft are deleted (it will mess up wireless connections - this too is a XP updates)-well mine did not for the next option was to do a full system restore to put the laptop to a 'new' State but mine has NEVER worked since the restore disks , I did or since the restore partition, so that leaves one last (option in addition to the PURCHASE of a set of disks to restore HP that they tried to sell me or uninstallation of 56 upgrades ONE BY ONE). If you know someone who has a Vista installation disc to borrow it and use the option UPGRADE to install the same version that you use the SAME key from the bottom of your laptop - this route 'upgrade' will restore your system with the original copy of Vista without losing any of your installed programs where are you got your restore to work , you would be at square one - you be the judge. Before anyone questions the legality of my last method here is the real deal - when you buy copy of Windows or a computer, you are not 'buy' Windows software - you pay for the license (as the key) to use a copy (unless you buy a copy of multi license) on a computer if Windows or use the method as long as you use YOUR key to install the SAME version of Windows is no legal - my installation activated with absolutely no problem and shows it as authentic.

    OK - now if you need to re - install the driver updated for the Atheros card and at that time you should be able to connect to your wireless network. In my case, it would only connect at 54Mbps, and it turns out he was addicted to router and nothing to do Wicker card or driver. I had read that Vista doesn't like WEP so I stop ALL security/encryption on the router and NIC (not a good idea in general, but just to test) and the connection turned up to 300Mbps (no, not the max of 270Mbps reported some have reported with this card). I tried to change security settings and he kept falling back to 54 Mbps and then I spotted this in the sidebar of my router (Netgear WNR3500) aid:

    "To achieve maximum wireless performance, as WN511B must connect to this router with the help of WPA2(with AES). «For the clients that connect to WPA - PSK (with TKIP), maximum speed wireless will be 802.11 g.»

    So I put the router for the listed specifications before and my Atheros card stuck to the solid 300Mbps. This last part watch is obviously a problem of router/nic as before when I was running mobile WEP another computer security (brand begins with G ;-)) was ongoing execution using a card Linksys under XP (a plug in one on the side) to 270Mbps but now under new security my Compaq runs on 300Mbps, my 'G' works to 270Mbps and my cable network is running at 1000Mbps, and everybody is happy!)

    The next step is to reinstall the updates of Windows one or 2 at a time until those that trashes the connection lies - uninstall and it block. When I get to this point I'll post the update # (unless someone beats me to it). It's a very summarized race to the bottom, so if you have any questions please message but I wanted people to know it's possible!

  • sim card international iPhone 5S for europe

    I will be going to Spain.  How can I buy and use international sim card for the use of the data

    You will need to ask your operator. Probably, you would hold just the SIM card you have and then enable data roaming if your carrier offers it, but they are the ones to talk to.

  • SD card internal on AC100

    Hello guys
    Help please to deal with the question

    I formatted internal 32Gb SD with + Partition Wizard + as it was written in the statement on xda
    Now he says * SD is unmountable * and all managers say SD file is not mounted. USB connection to the computer does not work either now
    How can I bring it back pleeeeease? !

    PS. : I have fear of hard reset will not help, it causes makes no change in SD memory


    Have you tried the SD card on a different computer?

    If you can test it on the Notepad of Windows have a glance in the disk management tool if you can format the SD card again.

  • Satellite A30 - 303 install wireless mini PCI card internal

    I am installing a PA3300U (Atheros) mini PCI WiFi internal card and have a basic question that I hope someone will be able to answer. There are two cables, white and black (under the cover of the wireless card on the case) which I suppose are for the internal antenna. The question is where do these attach to on the mini-PCI card (unfortunately I have no instructions for the card mounting)?
    I'll be very grateful for any assistance with this.
    Best regards, Dave.


    I don't actually see one of the Atheros cards, but on other brands, there are two connectors that are marked with the HAND and to THE.
    A white cable normally goes to the HAND and a black to the auxiliary voltage



  • Camileo S20 - do not use SD card, internal memory of only

    Anyone could be useful...

    I have a S20 Camileo and you have inserted a HCSD class 6 8 GB card.
    However, it is only using the internal memory (about 50 MB) and will not recognize the SD card.
    In the settings there is a choice of "Format"... I chose 'YES '. This does not alleviate the problem.

    I also have a Canon T1i with HD video movies. The card has worked wonderfully in this camera is not a card problem. Unless it must be formatted to the Canon and reformatted for the Toshiba. I'm a novice at this.

    Is there something I'm missing? It seems that it should recognize the card or receive a framework to use the card.

    Thank you for your help.


    Hi mate,

    I had a similar problem with my cam Toshiba Camileo one of my SD cards didn t work with this camera. I bought a new card SHDC of high quality of SanDisk and after that, it was possible to use the additional SDHC card.
    Check this box!

    I think that not all cards are compatible with all devices

  • How to disable the sound card internal on Satellite P300-156

    I bought SB X - Fi Notebook Card.
    Configure the card as default sound card after the installation, but after the reboot, the system do internal sound card by default.
    How can I not disabled the onboard sound.
    In the Bios there is no option to turn it off.



    You will not be able to disable in the BIOS.
    These sis not available in BIOS setting!

    You can try to disable the sound card in Device Manager!

    Mark the sound card in Device Manager and disable it!

  • HP ENVY 750-167c Desktop: I just bought this PC can support this new video card?

    We just bought this PC

    We have installed a gtx 750 Ti and its drivers and it worked very well. After a few months, so we decided to move to a 970 gtx so we had a CX500 of Corsair power supply.

    I installed the gtx 970 and plugged all the connectors of power required for the card as well.

    Fans of 970's and the LED lights up, but there is no flow to the monitor.

    So I move the cable from the monitor to the gtx 970 e / s for the video embedded on the motherboard (realization of the motherboard is not pass to the output of the card) and check the Device Manager.

    Even, Device Manager does not detect the card.

    I then reinstall the Ti 750 with its drivers and it works fine again. I have uninstall the 750 Ti and its drivers and try again with the 970 and nothing.

    We bought the 970 off of ebay. The seller said that the card had been inspected and tested to work, but I can't make it work.

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the card is dead on arrival. Help, please.

    Someone asked me to update the bios of the motherboard, but I think that I already have the latest version of the bios for the motherboard of Odense. This motherboard is supposed to take on the gtx 970 or am I limited?

    Make sure you have the latest version of the bios A0.12 ROM SSID 2 b 47. It is on the page of downloading software to your pc. If you do and it still does not work. Most likely, he is dead and you've scammed. After all, it's Ebay. There are tons of people.

Maybe you are looking for