Supported PCI - CAN HS 2Ports

Get the msg after using a card PCI - CAN HS 2.

WARNING ncReadMult: unknown status (3ff6206b)

Trying to find exactly where and why this msg is generated.

I tested the card; It is ok. Runing for months before with no problems.

I seem to be able to read directly, without any problem, the application of M & A (OR).

Cables look good, but are there to waterproof connections, so no absolute.

I accept all the ideas at this point. Help if you can.




Have you seen these very similar forums.  They both offer some very good suggestions.  While it's always a warning, this means you have lost a framework, when it becomes an error, you may have a connection problem.

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    Harish Chincholi

    Hello, Mr. Harish

    Hope your problem is resolved. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    vSphere has a feature called VMDirectpath.  The service has a requirement that the host supports Intel Directed i/o (VT - d) or AMD IOMMU.  With VMDirectpath you can skip a PCI device in a virtual machine.   The list of supported devices is limited to a few network adapters and HBAs as the main purpose of the function is to allow a high level of performance by allowing the virtual machine in order to bypass the layer of virtualization for these types of devices.

    The list here includes no support for devices that have been tested.


    VMware communities user moderator

    Now available - vSphere Quick Start Guide

    You have a system or a PCI with VMDirectPath?  Submit your specifications to Officieux VMDirectPath HCL.

  • The second image lost in CAN communication when use card NI PCI-CAN/XS2

    I recently had a problem on CAN communication.

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    normally, the PC send a Cluster command, then reread a frame of data of the Cluster, but for some controls, the Cluster will return two data frames, and the program on PC cannot receive the second frame, he lost.

    I searched the forum, most of her results is the overflow of CAN BUS error, which make the CAN setting lost, but there is not an error on my program report and baud rate is not that fast, I also use another port of the NI PCI-CAN/XS2 to monitor the bus CAN, the second frame of data never appear When I can replace NI CAN map vector CanCaseXL (CAN card) and call of CanCaseXL DLLS in labVIEW, it can get the second CAN fit, the vector CanCaseXL monitor can get the second image data also.

    Yes, is there a software/hardware configuration must be done to get the second block of data?

    the attached photos are NOR-CAN/vector ALLOWS to follow and CAN init/write & read in my program.

    Any reply is appreciate! Thank you

    Hello iwantofly014,

    I don't know that the framework is not lost.

    Could you post your code?  In particular the data Get VI?

    Also, can you make an indicator of the output of the ncReadNetMult?

    It seems you are trying to implement the UDS and KWP2000 Protocol.  Is this possible?  We have a product that already implements these two protocols and really simplify this type of application.  Its called the Automotive Diagnostic command set.

    Have a great day.

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    Thank you!

    Hi Waterppk,

    The pinout of the connector 9-pin D - Sub CAN is basically the same for PXI, PCI, PCMCIA, 1/2, series, USB AND interfaces (Center of differences around the use of the PIN 9: "V +").

    You can find the latest version of the manual here: NI-CAN hardware and software manual and specifications

    Chapter 4, "Connectors and cables" describes the pinout in detail (see page 4-2).


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    As far as I know (and I've read a LOT of forum messages) Adobe does not provide technical support over the phone for ANY product... and certainly not one that is several generations old

    Ask your question here... WITH DETAILS... and someone may be able to help

    Need someone to help... more information please click below and provide the requested information

    -Premiere Pro video Editing information FAQ

    -WITH brand/model graphics card (ATI or nVidia or?) and driver version

    -Have you recently updated for the latest Windows or Mac operating systems?

    -10 of Windows and Mac 10.11 El Capitan have been known to cause problems... What is YOUR operating system?

    -WITH exactly what are the details of the codec that you are editing?

    -What are the effects that you use with the video?

    -WITH exactly what export settings you used for your output?

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    Message edited by Winston Liang on 19/08/2008 15:32

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    Hi Marien

    The Satellite A100 does not support the MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) interface and the graphics card or upgrade replacement is certainly not possible!
    The graphics card is fixed and welded on the map and you can not delete it!

    If you want you can use the advanced search option forum and could search for similar topics to this topic.
    But I guess that you will always find the same info that is; GPU upgrade is not possible

    Best regards and have a nice day!

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    I would like to add a mini PCI Wireless.
    Can someone tell me one would suit this machine.

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    Do you see black and white antennas near the Mini PCI Slot?

    If this isn't the case, then you can not install a Wifi card. He won't get any reception. You get a USB Wifi instead.

    If you have the antenna, Intel 802.11bg card (2200BG) should work.

    Its a good idea to buy the card from Toshiba (via an ASP) since the Wifi card can be modified to work correctly in the P10.
    If you buy a generic MiniPCI Wifi card, he can switch Wifi does not work properly.

  • IPMI and lack of drivers PCI, can not download them. Gateway FX530XV

    I have a Gateway FX530XV computer and recently upgraded to Windows 7. Now, I get a "missing driver Interface IPMI" and a PCI Serial Port Driver missing"error. Action Center directs me to download Intel Active Management Technology"pilot. Try to do this, but the download is a file exe.part that nothing does recognize it. When I try to rename the .exe file and run it, it comes back as corrupt. Tried to do a search online and there are a bunch of users Gateway FX530XV making updates Windows 7 with the same problem and no solution. Help!

    Hello MoldBuster,

    Have you used any program of Download Manager to download this file?

    It seems that the file has not been fully downloaded, as indicated by the file extension .part to the partial transfer. Try to download again normally and check.

    Also, you can download drivers for your Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and PCI (Peripheral Component) directly from Intel interconnection. Please visit the link below that auto detects and installs the required drivers for your machine.

    Also download the latest drivers from the chipset of the driver downloads section in the link below,

    If the download fails, search for the error message in the event viewer and also contact the manufacturer of the system for further assistance.

    I hope this information helps you!

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Maybe you are looking for

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