SW5 - 171 recommended display is pixelated

Not sure which forum to post this in... Problem is with a switch Aspire SW5-171

I recently had to 'reset' my Aspire switch SW5-171 to the base os install as the visual studios had currupted files that don't would not delete the OS. I upgraded to windows 10 before resetting. Everything works as it should, but now my screen resolution appears to be "zoomed" I tried to update the graphics driver several times. Programs such as chrome, firefox, Skype, File Explorer look good. However, in the windows menu, icons are pixalated and blurred. Computer management is blurry, the office itself feels like he has "zoomed" like everything is much larger that they used to be.

Windows Update indicates that my driver is up to date, I have tried the driver from intel for the graphics card Intel HD 4200 4th genoration but it says that my computer does not have the specifications required, even if it installs Intel HD Graphics 4200 via windows update.

The recommended resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is what windows by default, when I uninstall the driver completely. I know that the screen can display sharper images that she showed them well before rebooting. Can someone tell me where to find the origional installed programs / drivers that came with it? It would maybe help my question...

Any other recommendations would be great...

Here is a screenshot of the computer next to the desktop computer management: (look at the picture in a different tab to see the full effect)

So I thought to myself.

The pilot was not the problem, it is a setting within windows 10 has been set by default at 150%

a warranty and three new facilities later it was that simple.

Control Panel > appearance and personalization > (under display) text and other elements more or less > define a custome scaling (blue text at the high point of the page.) Set to 100%, disconnect, then connect and the problem is solved.

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    Acer Aspire switch 11 - SW5-171-39 LB

    CPU = Intel Core i3-4012Y
    Storage = 128 GB SSD
    Height x width x depth = 1 x 11.7 x 8.1
    Weight = 3.42 lbs

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    Is this right? The model with additional HARD drive storage has a lighter weight and more small dimmentions? Or is it a mistake?


    Specification of the switch 11 (SW5-171-xxxx):

    -11.73 x 7,57 x 0.42 inch pad only.

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  • Display is pixelated and faded.

    New Toshiba NB 305. After about an hour of use, the screen suddenly become pixelated and faded (purple and pink tones).  Toshiba technical support suggests it's a software problem and they would be happy to fix it for the support costs for the software $120.00.  Not going not to happen.  I just want to know if there is a simple solution before I return this.  Note that I'm not very technical, please keep simple.  In the same vein, I could easily have missed something very simple here, so please do not assume that whatever it is. Thank you.

    I see no reason why your display would be like this after an hour of normal use. From your description, the closest thing I can think of would be a change in display properties, for example the resolution of the screen, color depth, or both. Maybe a game with its own internal video settings can cause this behavior, but he's not sure supposed to.

    My vote? Take him back while you can. There is no reason to put up with the product that you have.

    • If this proposal of solution solves your problem, please go back and mark as answer for others to consider.
  • Display of pixelated when playing games or videos

    Hi all

    Recently I bought lenovo w540, known to be one of the badest machines there.it provided with windows 8 pro and after a few days I've updated to 8.1 and since then Ive had problems many every day, after that solving most of them there is another one which I can't fix or even come close to this. Every time I'm playing games, or play videos, or use my 3dsmax 3d software, everything it slightly pixelated especially in the darkest parts of a figure or a video, I see very clearly separate tones of gray turn into black.its heartbreak once uve paid a lot for a machine. However, Ive updated all my drivers tried all to do right, but it does not work. Please tel me what to do. Oh ive has also restored my laptop back to windows 8, but nothing has been fixed.please help! Also, I should add, there is no pixelation when m using normal windows interface as in icons and stuff of paper painted everything is fine but when I play videos ot games and 3d software, he's just desperate. Here's the perfect image, I might take to explain what is happening!


    W540 Lenovo

    Intel 4600 graphics card

    NVIDIA Quadro K1100m

    DirectX 11

    Hello Alexia.

    Thanks for posting your question on the forum of the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    You made any hardware or software changes on your computer before the show?

    This problem may occur if the settings or device drivers are corrupt.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    Set the screen resolution and other display settings and check the issue.
    Refer to this article:
    Get the best display on your monitor

    If this does not help, use method 2.

    Method 2:
    I understand that you have updated all the drivers. However, I'd suggest a update the drivers for the chipset of this link:

    In addition, please updated graphics from this link driver:

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

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    Thank you!

    The update is version that CC CS6 will never support the Retina displays.

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    The 'dotted line' displayed box that shows the selection, is offset by 1 pixel to the right and 1 pixel down.

    This bug is really irritating because it makes the precision of rectangular selection and harvesting difficult. Please correct in CS4, CS5 not! I paid a lot of money for the Studio! CS4 has been for a long time now, and there has not been a lot of updates!

    platform: Windows 7, 64 bit. ATI 5700 series card.


    Try to disable OpenGL in Edit > Preferences > Performance.


  • Satellite L670-12J - red display and pixelated

    Can anyone help? I have a Satellite L670-12J there an intel hd graphics. running pilot (he latest, I find I found a post saying so far your fix driver problem. it didn't work). It happened about 6 weeks ago (it was only 3 weeks, when it first).

    Here is a picture carnt see you at a large part of the picture but t the naked eye its certanly not HD as its supposed to be!


    Sometimes a reboot solves the problem. I rebooted about 10 times now and its stil the same.

    Hey Buddy,

    As wrote Akuma, please connect an external monitor to check if the problem is graphic or screen associated.

    Also make sure that display latest Toshiba driver (not Intel) is installed. All drivers provided by Toshiba are pre-tested and works well on the laptop.

    Last but not least: are you using pre-installed Windows version, or you have installed your own version?

  • PRE 9 - Photos - recommendation of the pixel and the resolution setting

    I would like to integrate photos between video segments, as well as on the actual video.  Before to put these photos in PRE 9, what should I resize pictures (pixels and resolution). I use Premiere Elements to resize photos.   I am burning a DVD HD at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    Thank you.

    I agree with Neale. Scaling the EPS/PS images, just the pixel x pixel dimensions that you need will do two things for you: you get the best quality and eliminate excessive, pushing a bunch of unused pixels around. This ARTICLE will give you more. Note: he started, before HD took over the market, just so read all the dimensions of 720 x 480 to 1920 x 1080 (in your case). I then have to add comments on the HD, but some get confused, when they see the 720 x 480 at the beginning.

    Good luck


  • Satellite A300 PSACGA - display distorts and freezes

    I have a Satellite A300 PSACGA-02V010 running Vista Ultimate.
    The laptop is around the age of 10 months and 12 hours a day for work purposes.

    For some reason there is a few days display distorted (pixelated) and froze.
    The only way to recover was a difficult start. Restarted the laptop it shows the desktop for about 30 seconds and did a repeat freeze performance. I restarted mode safe and it works very well for days.

    I thought there must be something loading at normal startup is causing the problem, so I disabled everything I thought I could do without and restarted in Normal Mode. Once again the office poster for about 30 seconds and then frozen again. I tried to roll using recovery, charging display and BIOS drivers from the Toshiba site but continues to the situation.
    In SafeMode it never freezes up

    Any suggestions?

    Hey great. Happy to know that you have found the solution to this.
    Several times on this forum I write that it is not easy to give an answer or suggestion, what can be done. In any case thanks for the comments.

  • Large screen display in Windows XP - correct parameters settings is not available

    I recently bought a screen (Samsung SyncMasterS23A350H) recommended display resolution 1920 x 1080 (16:9).  This setting is not available in my display settings. The only setting of 16:9-1280 x 720 - only makes things even more tense, with black areas above and below.  Device Manager indicates that my graphics card is SiS 760. All devices are installed and working properly.  Do I need a new graphics card?  Download anything (free?) to get the right settings on Windows XP?  What is the best solution?


    Method 1:

    I suggest you to check if the installed graphics card is compatible with the hardware.

    Method 2:

    I suggest to update the graphics card drivers and check to see if it helps:

    How to manage devices in Windows XP


    Method 3:

    If the graphics card is not compatible with the hardware, you may need to get a new graphics card to the monitor.



    I have Acer Aspire switch 11, model SW5-111. I tried to update my firmware (patch) due to made in 2014. Accidentally downloaded the patch for SW5 - 011 and install (instead of SW5 - 111). After that, my keyboard go crazy. When I hit the shift to the right it shows 7, j is 6 now, escape works as a PG. PREC, backspace works as enter. How can I fix it? You have my dock firmware? Or any other solution? HARD drive dock works correctly.

    I'm brilliant! I never give up! And also I found the solution! I installed the patch for station dock of the SW5-171 model and it works. My computer has x 64 processor (I found it in propertites) and these patch SW5-011 was x 86. I decided to get a patch for x 64 and it works! Polish support Acer told me I have to send my computer to the service to replace mainboard.

  • Pixelated photos after looking at the images of the explosion. Album 6.6.A.0.6

    My camera is a D5833 Compact Z3, and being a new device, I used it non-stop and take pictures and videos in all possible modes I, either for fun to test...

    I recently discovered a consistent bug that goes as follows:

    After a group of burst high speed image (superior Auto--> settings--> Burst with long press--> high speed), I decided to check out the pics...

    Then I pressed the 'Play' button inside the Group burst and he shows them as a video on the loop... but right after that, all I can get from my album will be displayed so pixelated when zoomed in (as if they cannot fully charge)...

    The first time I saw that I restarted the phone and it was all good... but after going to burst and "Replay", the photos became pixelated. This time I simply closed Album from my list of recent applications and its fixed again, but it's really annoying.

    All my photos and videos are inside the internal memory of my Z3C.

    I'll try and see if it is reproducible with Z3 D5803 my friend Compact in the next days... If so, it's a problem with the version of the Album and not just my phone.

    Please see my example below... Here are the screenshots real NOT changed compared to the same zoomed in image, that of before the bug and the other just after the bug.


    I hope this can be sent internally which can be fixed on the next version of the Album.

    I was able to confirm that here and it is sent internally and it is currently being discussed in. Thanks for reporting this!

  • How can I set size of the document to view in pixels?


    I use the version of Photoshop CC 2015.0.0.  I'm working on a .jpg file.  Bottom left of the Photoshop window, the size of this file are displayed in inches.  If I click on this size screen, I get a popup that says the dimensions in pixels, but I really prefer if the dimensions have been displayed in pixels by default.  Can someone tell me if there is a way I can get there?

    Thanks in advance,


    Choose View > rules

    Right-click on the rule at the top of the image

    Choose Pixels and the two leaders and the note at the bottom of the image will be displayed in pixels

  • Accuracy of pixel PDF

    PDF allows us to share web designs with his clients. The drawings are an "accurate to the pixel" representation of the Web site, we will build. It seems that there is no way to keep this precision of pixels registration in pdf format. When the point of view of 100% customer - he is not close to correct it. Similarly, if they open the PDF by photoshop, they will see sizes crazy large document 5000 pixels wide at 300 dpi even if the psd before saving to the pdf format was 1200px at 72 dpi.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    PDF is a format of page, and each page has a specific physical size, each image has a physical size. A page can contain several images of different resolutions, so there is really no chance of getting what you want. Most people don't bother to set their display resolution in Acrobat/Reader (Edit > Preferences > Page Display > resolution) properly, which further complicates things. What might be nice on a 114-100% resolution display will be different at 100% on a 96 dpi screen. For important images, you can include them as attachments that can be found in something else that can display a pixel in the image by pixel display.

  • CS6 - bitmaps hires are pixelated in the PDF output

    Hi all

    I am creating images and using bitmaps of high resolution of implementation in these frameworks (for example 1000 pixel wide .png) and then using the function object/fitting/Fit the object proportionally. I use the highest resolution practice in order to ensure good quality when the PDF document is zoomed in.

    Unfortunately, what I see, is that the images seem to only 100% correct. Just Zoom displays a pixelated image.

    I checked for the PDF downsampling so that is not the issue. Any ideas?

    Thank you

    In the export to PDF dialog, under the section called Compression, you will notice that it incorporates jpg in the PDF file with a resolution of together (like 300 dpi). Therefore, if you zoom in too far on the PDF, ground will appear you fail.

    No matter how high resolution of the placed image has been, it will be downsampled to the finished PDF document. If you expect to zoom a lot; Maybe you can set the graphics to a higher resolution?

Maybe you are looking for

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