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There are many things that I love the RT.  Unfortunately, no shot and compatibility with other apps Basic is frustrating.

Hi Btiffanyratliff,

Thanks for posting the query on Microsoft Community.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that you have issue with hit - and that you can only use a few basic applications not all of them because of compatibility issues.

  1. What happens when you try to use the scan function?
  2. The Basic apps you trying to install?

Please see the thread below that will explain the functions of Surface RT on Touch.

Contact: Drag, tap and beyond



Please get back to us with the information required to help you further.

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  • Why was the swype gesture to the right to view open deleted tabs?

    In previous versions of Firefox for Android, you could swype the screen with 2 fingers to the right, and he would show a list of open tabs. This design was smooth and very easy access.
    Why this was removed?
    Is all swyping equivalent to the new version of the tabs on the top?
    Thank you

    There were many complainants that Firefox has no legs. UX testing, with the entire population, the UI Slides tabs was generally regarded as impossible.

    In addition he caused problems with pages that use the touch events. For example, panoramic view of Google Maps.

  • Swype for slate7?


    One of the reasons why I got this slate, even if I have an ipad is the desire to use the swype keyboard.  Unfortunately, although swype works on android, it seems not to be supported on the slate7.  Does anyone know whats up with that?

    When it comes to what devices support what apps, it's more, the application developer, it is the manufacturer of the device.  Your best option to try to push for the Swype keyboard support 7 Slate is to go here and apply (top of page).  If you want to ensure the link I provided is valid, you can go here and the link is at the bottom of the description section.  The user more requests they get for the 7 slate, it is more likely that the application will support it in a future release.  Of course, I do not work for the shade and can guarantee it will be supported by more, but that's how it usually works with Android applications (especially paid apps).

  • Re: AT100 Swype does not open

    Just improved with Toshiba upgrade and now swype fails to load - would appreciate some advice on how to make it work


    How do you uninstall Swype and install again?
    On the other hand, it is a 3rd party android app and I don t think that Tablet manufacturers have an influence on these applications, you will need to get in touch and report the problem to the application developer, if you have problems using this application.

  • AT100 - after ICS upgraded the Swype App keyboard does not load

    Just upgrade my AT100 at ICS.
    Everything seemed OK until I have to enter text, and then got an error message indicating "open English WE failed."

    Changed to the Android keyboard and that works fine, but prefer to use Swype.
    Any suggestions?


    Hi, have you tried a factory reset? Restoration of ICS to its factory State should solve the problem.

  • Swype?

    Any way to enable Swype on TPT?

    Ah, I see. Swype is not on the market. You must sign up for the beta at http://beta.swype.com/ good luck and enjoy.

  • Swype on Droid 2

    When you browse my application management in the settings screen, that I fell on the app already download Swype. I think it's great that it was already on my phone, but I can't use it. How can I use it?

    When you go to type a text message, press and hold the box that says: "Enter message here," with the open kayboard. Select the input method and choose SWYPE.

  • Reset swype on motorola defy?

    How do reset you words created/saved by swype? (or misspelled words added to the dictionary of swpe)

    I don't see that reset all the options in the list of applications niether keyboard setting.

    Thanks in advance

    If you want to delete all the words in the dictionary, you can go to settings >

    applications > manage applications > all > swype > clear data

    If you want to delete some of the words that have been added, highlight the word

    you want to remove when you type a text, e-mail, etc. and tap the Swype key

    (looks like a finger and a trace of finger that flashes)

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 14:57, lucid_nightmare927

  • Swype does not work

    I have a problem with my Swype function. When I try to back up the whole word is replicated. I have to highlight all the domain and deleted and type from scratch. This started happening a few days ago. also, when I start typing a Word with the first characters a different suggestion is used and and Pat out instead. I tried to reboot, the cash compensation, prevent and Swype disabling and re-enabling it.

    I think you should try a clear data in settings > Apps > all > Swype. This will probably eliminate your dictionary, but it might fix the problem. HTH

  • Swype keyboard for iOS 9?

    Is there a sweep feature or an option available for iOS 9.1 keyboard?

    Also, if I need to correct the spelling of a word after you type, I don't see an option to place the cursor between the word and I had to remove the whole word and type it re.

    You will need to download an optional keyboard for the Swype keyboard. The link below.

    There are two ways to move the cursor.

    Hold your finger under the cursor until the magnifying glass appears and then move the slider.

    Second, the new IOS 9 is place two fingers on the keyboard and drag the cursor.

    Swype from Nuance Communications


  • OTA update broke Swype

    Just applied the OTA 5.6.890 and Swype is stuck in Spanish.

    Changed the language in Swype setting back to English, same result, he switched back and back, same result, restarted, same result.

    Not Cool, motorcycle (or VZW - who is responsible, as a quick check on google shows this is common)

    Suggestions, or better yet, in trouble?

    OK, I had the same problem. This is how I fixed it. I did a wipe data in Swype in manage applications > all and then I've went to the Swype settings and switched to Spanish and then back to English. I opened a text box and used for a long time the area of text > input method > Swype.

    After that I did as there is a return to the English. Hope this works for you also.

  • Z3 notification until swype sound looping.

    I just upgraded to lollipop and some of my apps like gmail it now plays the sound until I have Swype down from my notification bar. Any ideas?

    I checked your file and the reason for this is that it contains the label of meta data "ANDROID_LOOP = true".

    I removed the tag for you and I'll send you the new file.

  • Swype - how to fix broken?

    Recently, my phone has acted very slowly, so I rebooted the phone, and when I turned it back on my keyboard Swype stopped working.  I can always choose to have Swype as my input method, but the keyboard is different - all letters and their secondary entrances on a long pressure are visible, but the special function keys along the bottom are all empty.  Everytime I try to press one of the buttons on the keyboard, rather than the phone to respond as I am pressing a button on the keyboard, a blue frame appears around the whole of the keyboard, as I select the keyboard as an object.  I tried to change the entry methods in both directions between the multitouch and swype keyboard and tried to restart the phone and take the battery, but nothing has restored my swype keyboard functionality.  If anyone knows how to solve this problem with swype, I would be very happy!  Thank you for your help.

    I don't think that you can uninstall Swype as a default app.  You can, however, go home-> settings-> Applications-> Manage applications-> all-> Swype-> clear data-> OK-> stop Force-> Home-> phone reboot and test.  I hope this helps.

  • Swype is missing from my device?

    When I go to settings/lang + keyboard and click input method only multi touch keyboard is it listed?

  • Buy swype?

    I tried to use all the beta versinm show all dated out expires blah blah I want to buy it how do I get it?

    using milestone droid so not optioon buy on the market

    Right now you can not, it is returned phone manufacturer as an OEM product. You can try SlideIt (I use this and I love it).


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