Symbols that move to different after I save and re - open file HAVE

I had this happens on 3 different files now. I have a work plan with perhaps from 20-30 symbols on it (in addition to a combination of other object types). I will finish my work and save the file (like. (AI). Then, the next time I opened the file to edit, it seems my symbols have disappeared.

But they have not disappeared. They are now exploded everywhere in the way that the workspace area outside the artboard. Oddly enough, their registration centres don't move, just the contents of the symbol itself. So I'm going to registration centres where I left off, but the symbol content, far, far away. You can see in the screenshot attached - all the technical characteristics of the color on the workspace outside the artboard are actually symbols, nowhere near their location on my last record.

Symbol Problem.JPG

I've never encountered this problem in another forum, but it's super annoying to have to move by hand and re - align all the symbols back where they are supposed to be, without any guarantee that they will be where they belong to the next time I open the file. The only possible commonality I've found, is that, in my view, files that gave me this problem asked me to convert the legacy text the first time I opened the prior to any changes (that I have convert the text).

Any ideas?

With the help of Illustrator CC 2015.3

Windows 10


I think that the file is saved in an older format. probably one not to support an effect inside your obliging symbols to develop. If you open a file and it asks to update text then you should do one save slot, or even the file will save in the original version, you open, enlargement all art that uses one of the new features. It comes to blows of gradients, anything with a (as the outer glow) Gaussian blur effect and others.

symbols moving is very weird, but it happens if there was a transformative effect or other effects, and symbols have been updated with the scale with the option ' scale strokes and effects»

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    Yes. By default, a conref is 'empty' (open the XML file in a text editor and take a look). Then ensure that the content of the conref should be included in the document, you must enable the option "auto-load". If xrefs are returned regardless of the setting, that looks like a bug to me.

    .. .Scott

  • Next/previous buttons that move between different animations.

    Gyazo - 0260741e4ce22250745972c4f8122aef.png

    Here is a picture of my interface, I have 5 buttons: left, right, 3 buttons with animations, my code shows any errors, but when I try to run the swf file, nothing happens, here is my code, any suggestions?

    package {}

    import flash.display.MovieClip;


    public class animationinterface extends MovieClip {}

    var interfacewindow:Interfacewindow;

    var interface1:Interface1;

    var animation3:Animation3;

    var animation2:Animation2;

    var animation1:Animation1;

    public void animationinterface() {}

    interfacewindow = new Interfacewindow();

    Interface1 = new Interface1();

    animation3 = new Animation3();

    Animation1 = new Animation1();

    animation2 = new Animation2();

    addChild (interface1);

    Add event listeners

    Interface1.buttonLeft.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, at left);

    Interface1.buttonRight.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, right);

    interfacewindow. Animation1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, an1);

    interfacewindow.animation2.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, an2);


    Event handlers

    function left(event:MouseEvent): void {}

    addChild (animation1);

    removeChild (interface1);


    function right(event:MouseEvent): void {}

    addChild (animation2);

    removeChild (interface1);


    / * function an1(event:MouseEvent):void


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    removeChild (interfacewindow);


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    The file '' of class must be saved in the same directory of the project, flash & swf files, and then test the animation...

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    Hi all.

    Thus, the 2014 version was very good.  In 2015, I created an animation.  Saved.  Closed the program.

    When I returned, stuff has been moved slightly and the animation was wobbly.

    The "axes" of items I had rotation went from the place I put them, towards the Center, so they go wrong.

    In addition, items decided just hard to move a part of the stage to the other.

    Any ideas?

    I couldn't find anywhere to downgrade in the Adobe Creative Cloud app (which I hate to do) to 2014, but if I have to, to save my company time and sanity, I will.

    Generally, the application Adobe Creative cloud has an option under 'Manage the Application', or somewhere, I think.

    How can I do this?

    Please notify.

    Thank you kindly.


    Then, I understood what was going on.

    (1) all the graphics that you import into Edge animate must already be sized down.  If you resize them on board animate, well, I got unexpected results.

    (2) you must save it to your layers, one at a time, in Photoshop.  DO NOT use any batch process for this.  Once done by batch process in E.A. graph, I came across problems.

    (3) convert all you want turn to symbols.  Set the right anchor on the scene and inside the symbol.  This will ensure that your point of rotation remains consistent, save for save.

    (4) this is the second time where I posted a question, so that waiting for a correct answer, troubleshoot - it done myself and then returned and posted the answer.  Maybe I have a career hidden in Adobe technical support?  :-)

    Thank you all!  Happy creating!

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    I opened a Web site of the library without specifying "in a new tab. I expected to crush the existing active tab. Instead, he opened in a demi-fenetre on the left, without tab and without all the icons "Min/Max/Close. I can not close it even by restarting Firefox or stop and start the computer. He now appears on each screen in Firefox with each tab. I note the address of the site to be replaced, but the offending site is

    There is an 'X' in the top right of the sidebar.
    You can replace it with a different sidebar; Therefore, you can use "Ctrl + B" to bring up the sidebar bookmarks, use "Ctrl + B" once more to turn it took off.

    Click on the star to bookmark to bring up the bookmark, in the lower left corner, if you see the following, uncheck the box.

    [X] load this bookmark in the sidebar.

    You can right click a bookmark to display the bookmark properties, uncheck the "load this bookmark in the sidebar".

    In the sidebar

    1. Right-click to bring up the Page Info
    2. Triple - click the url
    3. use "Ctrl + B" to bring up the Bookmarks Sidebar
    4. Paste the url in search, then right click on the found object to bring up the bookmark properties

    In the list of Favorites library there is unfortunately no column in the list of library of favorites for this feature, but you can click on the bookmark and properties will be displayed on the box under the same information, if you see a drop-down list "gone" click to view the list of properties.

    If you want to see the extent that you have these bookmarks you export our bookmarks in bookmarks.html file and then view the source and use of find for WEB_PANEL = "true" - I have the extension 'Search all', so I can see how many times the string occurs and where.

    It has a turbulent history, it is useful as a reference column, but it was destroyed in Firefox 3, after use in a link, use, restoration of use later but not keyworded bookmarks and not places links both where it makes sense to break. Remained at does not not for keywords because they wanted to destroy the mot-cle--Word key lost for a year in the beta version of Firefox 3. Now, it must be eliminated because few people (can) use it (properly), but they will make this inaccessible box first - someone ' else see the additional error with that.

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    Word 2007 Enterprise can always open a document, if I first open Word and go to the list of recent files.  But I can't use my mouse.

    If I try to open the exact some files from Windows Explorer, it does nothing.

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    There is no problem at all before these updates. Screenshot of the updates that have been made.

    Office newsgroups

    Discussions of general issues of Word

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    You need to verify that these fonts are installed in the first place and the reinstall, fonts are managed by the system. I don't think that Lightroom comes with all fonts.

    Which fonts are actually missing?

    There are a lot of free script fonts, which you can download from

Maybe you are looking for