Synaptics does not not on HP ENVY 15-J023CL NOTEBOOK PC



I have a hp laptop with the following properties:

15.6 "ENVY 15-j023cl computer laptop computer Touchsmart with

AMD elite Quad - Core 10 - 5750M accelerated processor, 8 GB memory,

Touchscren, 1 TB hard drive and Windows 8.1

SN: (personal information)

Recently, thouchpad on my laptop does not work. I tried to solve the problem with the installation with synaptics update, but it did not work. Is he's all here know how fi this problem?

Thank you


This driver update: & cc = in & dlc = in & lc = on & os = 4158 & product = 5448970 & sw_lang =

Restart the unit. Open Control Panel-> mouse-> adjustment -: choose Synaptix LuxPad v1.3 on SMB port -: check the scroll box - apply-> OK-> Ok

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    Before I provide documentation for troubleshooting @Pokeyster, I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the HP support community!

    I'll do my best to help you to solve the problems of closing you met on your HP ENVY 15 - j023cl Notebook PC.

    You asked if the dust can be a factor. The answer is absolutely! I saw him in the past when the reason for the complication was dust in Notepad. I recommend that you keep the free portable dust on a frequent basis.

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  • Synaptics does not properly.

    Hey support them,

    I have a G1 640 Probook and the touchpad does not work perfectly. Basically turn it on and turn off the feature does not work. Installing the synaptics driver, I get an error and it installs only partially (SbmDrv installed, cannot install SynTP).

    Everything works (keyboard and touchpad) except this feature (double tapping to disable the touchpad).

    I read on a few discussions that Fn + space is the same, but it is not always disable the touchpad.

    Appreciate any response.


    We managed to solve this problem.

    Microsoft Security essentials has been marking the installer as a Trojan horse. Disable the antivirus protection allow us to install the driver correctly.

  • HP ProtectTools, credential manager does not recognize my identity on pc notebook nc6400

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    I tried to change my Windows password, but that didn't help.

    Another thing, in Event Viewer, event ID is 1702 and the description reads as follows:

    The identity of the user sent was rejected

    user: (my name and the computer name)

    Error: (0xC5160201) the specified user is not registered in the system.

    Your laptop is a company/business model. I would recommend this ad in the Forums of HP Enterprise Support for better coverage.

    You can access support at the following link enterprise forums.

  • Backlit keyboard does not light: HP Envy m6 1184ca computer laptop windows 8

    I recently had my computer wiped and reloaded, due to a problem with wifi connectivity. Now the wifi adapter works, but my backlit keyboard no longer turns.

    Help please!

    Thanks in advance!

    Unfortunately, none of these worked... I have carried in the store for work and it turns out that keyboard a broken part.

    Thank you for your suggestions, much appreciated!

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    Hello admin.

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    Please help me to solve this problem,

    Thank you very much.

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I looked in your question HP Pavilion g4-2040tx laptop and problems with the graphics software. Here are the drivers for your device. I uninstall both and restart the computer, and then reinstall only the AMD. It will include the Amd Graphics Driver and Catalyst Control Center of the computer restart.

    Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant. Simply download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system.

    You can do a System Restore. System Restore will help if something is automatically updated and wasn't on the laptop.

    When running a system restore note remove all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices because they can cause problems.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Thank you.

  • AMD Radeon HD 7670 M map does not work on my g4-2312tx notebook PC Pavilion

    Hello admin.

    I tried to play games, but I get error that my graphics card drivers are either not installed correctly or that they are missing completely. When I access the link post work/manage/Device Manager / graphics card, the radeon card works properly. but when I right click on the desktop, and then click graphics properties, it get error that no driver graphics AMD not installed, or the AMD driver is not working not properly. And the catalyst control center cannot be started. Thank you very much.

    My computer laptop specifications are-(dxdiag)

    Hello youphonguyen,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand there is not no driver installed AMD, because of the message that you receive on the computer. I looked up the product and it turns out that there is no legitimate AMD driver for Windows 7 64 bit running on this computer. The evidence is here: drivers PC laptop HP Pavilion g4-2312tx

    My suggestion to you is to install Windows 8 or 8.1, since there is an AMD driver for these operating systems. I apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to know if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you!


  • TouchPad does not scroll with Win 7 on Satellite A200 PSAE3E


    I have a little problem with the touchpad after update my OS for Win7 (x 86 32-bit).
    Scrolling with the latest drivers for Win7 from Toshiba and Synaptics does not work well. driver version (2009-08-27) Toshiba A200 PSAE3E

    Does anyone have a solution?

    Best regards


    > scroll with the latest drivers for Win7 from Toshiba and Synaptics does not work well.
    Is this means that the scroll function is available after the installation of Win 7?

    UM, to me, looks like you need configure the touchpad function.
    You can do this in Control Panel-> mouse-> device settings
    There should be an additional tab containing the options of touchpad

    Here, you could change and increase the contact surface is needed for scrolling and similar you could increase the sensitivity too

    Welcome them

  • video does not

    When I click to watch a video on youtube, the sound is there, but the video does not appear.  I use a Notebook pc, with Windows 8 g7 Pavilion.


    Perform a new installation that will help Flash Player:

    Kind regards.

  • HP Envy 17: HP Envy 17 Notebook Synaptics click & drag does not work

    My Synaptics-click & drag does not work. When I click on an icon it will highlight, then I click on the new icon and drag, and it do not drag. If I manual pushes the lower left corner of the Tablet and make it work. Sometimes it works but 90% of the time it does not work. The problem makes this laptop a laptop of poor and done really click and drag a pain.

    I deleted the driver and installed the latest driver HP Synaptics for my laptop than a couple of times and no luck. I even downloaded the Synaptics ' generic driver for win 8.1 "and it's worse. I can see why there are so many people not loving is not this Synaptics click on the button and I would certainly not buy another if this is not resolved. All other synaptics features work except this one.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Figured it out. My mistake. Must click twice VERY quickly and hold to drag on the second. I have been to much too much time between clicks and it wouldn't hang in the window or icon. Hope this helps others who may have difficulty with this.

  • ENVY 15-k006tx: does not fingerprint reader

    Recently, I upgraded to win 10 (64-bit) Home from 8.1 to win.

    Since then, he had problems with the fingerprint reader.  I can start the machine by sliding my finger, but after the screensaver login screen, I couldn't. From there, I could use only PIN or password when connect you. In the end I had to disable the fingerprint reader.

    Yetserday I handed my machine to win 10. After that the fingerprint reader does not work on my machine together al. It doesn't show any option for fngerprint anywhere

    Manager of devices will display a yellow mark excalmation on sensors Synaptice FP.

    HP simple pass does not show me the option of fingerprint.

    I tried to install the driver from the HP site but once again, but it was of no use.

    Would appreciate if you can help me with this.

    My cell phone product is that j2c51pa #ACJ and serial number is [removed personal information]



    HP ENVY 15-k006tx notebook PC

    You have not said; I guess that you install the following driver:

    File name: sp72143.exe

  • Jumping cursor, sporadic and touchpad doesn't work does not correctly for HP envy 15


    I had my HP ENVY 15 t-q100 CTO Notebook PC in September 2014. It has 8.1, 64-bit Windows. For the first few weeks of use, I don't have any problems. Then, I started having occurrences more problems of cursor/touchpad to the point where it happens all the hours of use (not a problem of external mouse):

    Jump around on the screen (a few millimeters in inches).

    Move per increment on its own without me anywhere near the laptop (usually spazzes left).

    Does not allow scrolling functions / normal touchpad when problems are happening.

    Works as if I am holding down the click button while I try to move it - mostly frustrating when I make the important work.

    At random click things that I try to move it.

    Here's what I tried to do to fix this and did not work:

    Roll back the driver (did not work).

    Update driver (no update available).

    Reset the device (works for a minute or two).

    Reboot (I do it everyday anyway).

    Reduce the speed of the cursor and other mouse options offered online.

    I've seen similar problems for the HP Envy 17 and other laptops, but no real solutions have been proposed. Please help me with this problem.

    In January 2015, I received by mail, a brand new Envy 15 t-q100 purchased HP's official website. Packaging and the laptop is here Mint (aesthetically speaking). That being said, I had the exact symptoms described in this thread since the first day. With a replacing synaptics driver, I was able to stabilize the mouse enough to effectively use the tool 'curve of pressure. " Then, I determined that it was in fact a hardware problem. I noticed that from time to time, the "animation" icon would indicate that pressure is applied even if I wasn't touching the laptop. If I applied pressure by pressing or stirring on the basis of the Palm, would stop the pressure indication and use mouse returns to normal. However, this problem gradually went from bad to worse, and finally the touchpad does not have all together. Firmware and BIOS flashing helped before, but has been either nothing change.  I debated on referring to HP for repairs under warranty, but after having to wait a month to get this unit in the first place, in addition to reading all these horror stories of people coming back a semi destroyed unity and always faced with the same symptoms, I was ready to fight against myself. so, I found a source replacement nine track want pads 'zone of control '. Ninety-nine percent sure that I had a defective keypad, I bought P/N "761210-001" to "parts_direct101" for $59.95 ebay seller. Disassembly, I discovered that one of the screw mount for the pad was loose (this may have contributed to the problem). I decided to replace the pad in any case. Finally. No more glitches. After months of experimentation and reading these forums, I have now a mouse working 100%! It's been more than 2 weeks now, since I replaced the touch pad and still no problems! I use my laptop 3-4 hours per day. I always use the synaptics driver installed replacement from "dpinst.exe" found in the x 64 folder downloaded directly on the website of synaptics 'uncompressed'. I have not tried to update with windows update again. Just happy to finally have a mouse to work on this beast of a machine. I'll keep you all posted if this problem will never return. With regard to the absence being automated support generic responses to "Customer Service" aka HP, I guess HP has accidentally put on a bad batch of caterpillars and they simply cannot 'afford' parts, labour and logistics to issue a notice of recall of this magnitude! Unfortunately, this laptop must be completely disassembled to replace the touchpad. I would NOT recommend this fix if you feel that it is beyond your skill level. Instead, call the HP technical support and insist that you have received a unit with a defective keypad. I hope this helps!

  • Envy 17 F7T68EA #ABU: Trackpad sometimes does not

    My trackpad sometimes will activate not a link, or frequently emphasizes not the scroll bar and it will not move when I click in the empty part of it. He also sometimes does not respond when I try to move the pointer.

    This occurred regularly since I bought the laptop.

    Synaptics Pointing Device Driver - Synaptics Incorporated - no update available.

    Can anyone help?

    Hi @NineToTheSky ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I looked in your question on your HP ENVY 17-j130ea Notebook and Touchpad issues. Here is a link to troubleshoot the Touchpad. If you go to the section setting of TouchPad and ClickPad pointing sensitivities that should help solve the problem.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Thank you.

  • Synaptics touchpad two fingers scrolling does not work in the player to develop modern UI application Windows 8.1

    I have a HP Envy TouchSmart UltraBook 4-1161er. Two fingers to scroll worked well in all modern user interface applications that come with the pre-installed operating system Windows 8.1, but the situation changed after the upgrade to Windows 8.1. Now this excellent and very useful two fingers scrolling does not work in the updated reader application. How to make it work?

    If the problem is in the drivers, maybe, install the drivers the latest may correct this?

    I tried to find the latest drivers for the touchpad Synptics in my ultrabook on the HP website, but it's the same old v16.5.3.3, I already have (published in may 2013). Synatics official site contains a link to the latest touchpad driver pack v17.0.19. Can I install it?

    I would try to install the Windows 8.1 (64-bit) driver Synaptics touchpad available in the download section of your sleekbook web support before using compatibility mode.  If the current driver does not work for you, try the earlier versions available .

    If you have no positive results, then use the compatibility mode (select Windows 8) on all three Windows 8.1 synaptics touchpad drivers, starting with the most recent.

    To use compatibility mode to install the driver just softpaq to the right, click on the file and choose troubleshoot compatibility. Select Windows 8 and run the installer.

    The following video has a decent explanation, but the Narrator does not get to the point for a bit. Go directly to the minute 4 and watch it from there.

  • Hall 13: HP pavilion laptop does not connect to the printer HP envy range 7640

    My laptop does not connect to my HP envy printer. It keeps saying the driver is not available or is it ready, but does not connect. I know the printer is working because I can print from my phone. Anyone know the driver I need to download or what to do?



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post about the problems with your Envy 7640 in Win10 printer and wanted to help.

    The problem is that by default HP print drivers installed by the upgrade of Win10 often do not work.  I have two HP printers and neither one worked after the Win10 upgrade.  We also receive a lot of messages of other people with the same problems.

    I linked the page drivers and software for the Win10 drivers for your printer:

    You must download and install the full feature software and drivers for the printer.

    Then unplug the printer and install the software.

    Do reconnect the printer until the installation program invited to do so.

    Once the installation is complete, restart.

    You should then be able to use your printer in Win10.

    Good luck

    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
    Please click on 'Accept as Solution' on the post that solves your problem to help others to find the solution.
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