Sync iPhone with the new HD on Mac after restoring from Time Machine

I tried this announcement yesterday, but got into a tangle with my iPhone on which I was striking and finished with two fragmentary positions. I apologize and try again.

My Mac mini hard drive started fail and I'll have a new one (a solid state), actually installed by an authorized service center of Apple. When I get home I'm going to restore the contents of a Time Machine backup.

My question is this: I sync my Mac with my iPhone via iCloud. For a few days while my Mac mini has been out of action, I had to add some dates to the calendar on my phone. When I restored the content of my Mac HD and I connect to the Internet, synchronization starts automatically. How can I make sure that it is the calendar which is synced phone to Mac and not vice versa?


It should synchronize icloud to Mac because the update to iCloud is more recent. It would be the same that do not turn on your computer for a few days.

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    Time Machine backup to a sparsebundle.

    The sparsebundle will use the share name of computer. So, it should be obvious who is your Macbook and that is your Macpro.

    Open the sparsebundle in Finder and keep open the subfolders until you get to the backup of each separate hard drive...

    You has of course set the exclusion in Time Machine?

    By default, Time Machine will exclude your second drive unless you have included it. Did you?

    Once you get to this level during the backup, you can do a full restore manually whenever you want.

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    According to the MacVirt.vmdk folder, you have the right number of segments of shared disk so you should be able to create a new VM by pointing to the disc in the new VM Wizard by pointing to the MacVirt.vmdk file.

    Note: After you create the new Virtual Machine, I would not suggest the Virtual Machine to stop, pause and close merge and then move all *.vmdk files in the package of the virtual machine, and then manually change the computer configuration files virtual .vmx and change the path to a little to view the MacVirt.vmdk file.  In this way, everything is in one package and is easier to maintain.

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    After doing a full restore on my Macbook Air of Time Machine, Safari is not displayed no browsing history, or he saves history after that I left Safari. I've restored the history file of Time Machine, but it does not, either. I'm not in private browsing mode. I also tried to erase the history, but it does not help.

    Any ideas?

    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It makes no changes to your data.

    Please triple - click anywhere in the line below on this page to select:

    ls [email protected] L*/Safari | pbcopy

    Copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination.

    Launch the Terminal application integrated in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    Paste in the Terminal window by pressing the command-V key combination. I tested these instructions only with the Safari browser. If you use another browser, you may need to press the return key after pasting.

    Wait for a new line ending with a dollar sign ($) below what you entered.

    The output of the command will be automatically copied to the Clipboard. If the command produces no output, the Clipboard is empty. Paste into a reply to this message.

    The Terminal window does not display the output. Please do not copy from there.

  • Just bought a new computer. an old crashed. How can I sync my iphone with the new computer?

    just bought a new computer. an old crashed. How can I sync my iphone with the new computer?

    Original title: sync

    Ask the question in the Apple Forums:

  • Utility HP does not work with the new update of Mac software

    I downloaded the latest version of the software for my Mac and now utility HP will not work! Any advice? Thanks, Chris

    Hey Chris. Looks like you may have the old software out there which is not compatiable with the new version of Mac OS X. What I would do is a complete uninstall of the HP software you have. Let's try this:

    We will uninstall with the option 'raccoon' like this:

    1. go in Applications/Hewlett Packard / click on uninstall HP and click on continue

    2. Select your device in the left pane
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    Now run a software update. Before doing the next step make sure you connect your printer to the computer through USB. Then click on the Apple in the upper left corner of the screen, then clicking on software updates.

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    I have to disconnect from the iCloud on my current iPhone after that I have back up?

    What two factors of authentication?  Should I turn it off also?

    Thank you!

    The change number is not really relevant back up an old phone and restore this information on a new phone.

    Read these instructions what to do with your old phone:

    What to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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    YYou have unlink the old iphone you as find my iphone the reset all devices on this subject from your account then plug it to your iTunes then restore a new one after that reset password that under the new phone then connect

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    Podcasts allowing control of playback speed. You probably activated accidentally.

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    Stops in Adobe InDesign.  A serious error has been detected.  Please restart InDesign to recover your work in an unsaved InDesign document.

    Had to go to another machine with the old version on Mac OS and Olde version of InDesign.  The accident report file was sent to Adobe.

    How can I load another version of InDesign from creative cloud my account to see if this would set?

    It could be a problem with your user preferences. Delete them and see if that solves your problem. They are located in the library folder of the user who is hidden by default on OS X 10.7 and 10.8. You can do so if it is visible by following the steps here You open the Terminal application and type chflags nohidden ~/Library/ to make your library the user visible.

    Now, open Finder and click on your username. Now navigate to Preferences > Adobe > Adobe InDesign > Version 8.0. In the case of Version 8.0, you will see a folder like en_US based on the language you are using. Drag this folder to the trash. Start InDesign and see if this corrects the error. Default preferences for InDesign will be automatically built on the launch of the application.

  • I got a new hard drive from apple. They have updated to El Capitan. This affects how I restore from time machine? A full restore allows you to copy on the new operating system?

    can I use time machine to restore everything, only the data, not the operating system

    Why would you go back to a previous operating system when you just got a new hard drive with the new operating system on it?

  • Problem with the new printer print only some word from the quarterdeck documents

    I hope someone can help. I have a Dell Vostro and had 8 happy years print on a Canon printer. I just upgraded to a Canon Pixma iP4600 printer. I think that with some (not all) MS word documents it prints the rear tray (mean't for photo paper) by opposition to the tape before (designated for plain paper), for which I set the properties of the printer.

    Canon tech support say there is a Windows problem. I already reinstalled the printer driver but sill the same problem. Hope someone can advise.
    Happy Days!

    This phenomenon only occurs with word documents?
    Have you checked if this happens with any other application?
    As you have already defined the properties of the printer and the problem is only with a few word documents. The first step would be to check if the word printing settings are defined in law.
    To fix printing on word problems, see the steps mentioned in this link:
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    Post back with the results, so that we can help you better.
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Syed V
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.

  • Video flicker with the Nvidia video card, even after restore drivers (first Pro CC 2014)

    NVIDIA GTX 660ti has twinkle in the images during a 2-minute video is rendered, but made 10-17 second sample clips are not affected.

    What could cause this?

    I solved MY problem of flickering...

    I was getting the flicker thus after upgrade to CC 2014 8.0 a few months ago, when he was released

    I had several projects that were of 7.2.2 and diverted to 8.0, and then when the 8.1 came out diverted to 8.1. I'd get intermittent video flicker as in your example of You Tube. There was no rhyme or reason to it and was pulling my hair out above... (not a lot of hair left, be careful). because the flicker was so bad in 8.0, I stopped using it and just always used 7.2.2. When 8.1 is out the flicker was still there.

    I tried all different methods of testing...updating/rolling drivers back, trashing the file cache and prefs multimedia, removal of adjustment layers, etc. etc.

    To resolve the flicker I did a new file of 8.1 project. I open PP 7.2.2 and took some footage to test. All sequences in 7.2.2 were images of mts with an adjustment layer with either the three way color corrector fast color corrector, etc. I removed the adjustment layer and other effects and stripped the sequence down to the mounting base with transitions. I then export the XML on and imported into the new file 8.1 project. To clarify everything which was imported from the XML file was therefore the sequence and clips.

    I then started to rebuild the sequence. For color, I used the fast color corrector and I used it instead to apply an adjustment on the main element layer directly using the new feature of main element effect. I added a file photoshop with an alpha channel for logo/bottom third.

    I have exported to a variety of formats such as h.264 1280 x 720, windows media, etc... EACH export was crystal clear and flicker-FREE.

  • New facility for the Mavericks and Apps and recover backup from Time Machine?

    I 10.9.5 and backup on the time Machine: the system is slow and I would setup Mavericks and Apps from scratch.

    I downloaded the installation from the App Store, and I'll do a USB bootable pen.

    My problem is the following:

    "I have maybe picked up documents, Photos, movies, and the library of the backup in the Time Machine by automatic iTunes method or I have to do it manually?"

    Thank you much for the help


    When installation wizard runs after installation, if you are recovering your user, who must recover what you listed provided they are in the user photos, music and movies files.

  • Fusion drive: restore from Time Machine - "the disc cannot be erased."


    On a new iMac (end of 2015), I need to wipe my drive of Fusion of 3 TB (El Capitan, unencrypted, just 1 partition, no Boot Camp partition) and then restore a backup Time Machine (made on a previous iMac, also with disc Fusion of 3 TB (El Capitan, unencrypted, just 1 partition, no Boot Camp partition).

    According to the document from Apple: 'restore from a Time Machine backup' I...

    1. restart with cmd + R (later also tried cmd + alt + R and also a USB bootable of course El flash drive)

    2 selected "backup restore Time Machine"

    3 selected my external backup disk, Time Machine

    4 choose the most recent backup

    5 selected "Macintosh HD" as a destination and click "continue".

    ... but then the following message appeared "disc cannot be erased.

    Then I tried to erase 'Macintosh HD' via disk utility:

    1. restart with cmd + R (later also tried cmd + alt + R and also a USB bootable of course El flash drive)

    2 choose disk utility

    3 choose "Macintosh HD"

    4. click on tab "delete".

    5. click on the button 'clear '.

    ... then I got the error message:

    "Clear process failed..." Details: Dismantling DIS3 - deletion of logical volumes of the logical volume group - cannot remove the basic storage logical volume. Operation failed... »

    I was in the 'loop', the only way out was to "Reinstall Mac OS X", and then after many hours, he had once again my old installation flubbed with everything I wanted to get rid of!

    How to restore my backup Time Machine - nothing more or less - to my new iMac?

    I lost 3 days now with this problem. I really hope someone has a solution.

    Thank you very much!

    Apple did not provide an easy way to recover from this condition. If you are not able to carry out these instructions, please someone more experienced to help you get. One option is to take an appointment 'Genius' on an Apple Store.

    Starts the Internet recovery mode by pressing the key combination command-option-R to start ringing. Release the keys when you see a spinning globe.

    Note: You need an Ethernet or Wi - Fi connection permanent Internet to use recovery. It will not work with modems USB or PPPoE, proxy servers or networks that require a certificate for authentication.

    In the OS X Utilities screen, select

    Utilities ▹ Terminal

    in the menu bar at the top of the screen, not one of the items in the OS X Utilities window.

    Follow the steps in this thread to ASC to split the fuser unit. The long string of letters, numbers and dashes you will need to enter will be different in your case. Copy and paste into the command in the Terminal window.

    This will remove all data from the fuser unit, then you had better be sure of your backups.

    Quit the Terminal, and then repair the Fusion drive (see "Troubleshooting" on the linked page.)

    Quit disk utility. Then you should be able to install OS X and restore your data from a backup in the main screen.

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