Sync photos and iPhoto

I still stubbornly use iPhoto (I migrated to El Capitan pictures first came out but I hated it) but pictures of the race is always there and almost corresponds to iPhoto. However, I found the pictures almost 1000 pictures less. Is it possible to synchronize them just in case I have to go to Photos a day?

Using OS X 10.11.2 on an iMac 21 inch late 2009

Thank you


Pictures takes your iPhoto library and it migrates into your photo library. Two of them use the same photos and are pointing to the same files on the disk at that time here.

Now, if you add for example photos in iPhoto, will not see, that's why the pictures less. All that done in iPhoto, after the migration will not appear in the Photos. There is no way to keep the two applications and libraries is synchronized.

You can however remove the photo library and use the iPhoto library to migrate again iPhoto to Photos. Then, this includes all the changes caused to the iPhoto library in the meantime and migrates them to Photos. BUT, if you have made changes with Photos (eg. added a few photos to Photos app instead of iPhoto) these things will be lost.

To ensure the safety of your photos, I generally recommend to make a backup before deleting libraries etc.

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    1.3 photos

    iPhoto 9.6.1

    What is the difference between the Photos and IPhoto?

    I have both and never know which use, should I ge t rid of one?

    they are backed by the time Machine am I just duplicate all my photos?

    iPhoto is an old (now obsolete) image, photo management application is its replacement.

  • Synchronize the Photos and iPhoto?

    Photos arrived it imported all my photos in iPhoto. I have not really used pictures so far and now I realize that my library in pictures is a duplicate of my iPhoto library, except that they are not synchronized. My iPhoto library is updated, every photo I want is removed. This is not the case with Photos. Is there a way I can synchronize the two apps so that the pictures is exactly the same as iPhoto is now? Now iPhoto and Photos together use more than 100 GB of space, when in reality I have about half of it in photographs.

    If I can't sync, deleting photos in one application will not delete not them on the other, correct? In other words, I can delete all photos of Photos without deleting my photos in iPhoto, right?

    I have pictures 1.0.1 and iPhoto 9.6.1

    Thank you

    When you open the Photos first, the migration of the iPhoto library and photos of 2 libraries are hard linked to where they do not place additional, even though both show a large amount of data. However, from there, they are treated separately with respect to the addition or deletion of photos.

    You cannot synchronize the 2 applications. They are distinct and have nothing to do with one or the other.

    So, you might want to simply select the one you want to use and go from there. I guess that iPhoto is gradually thereafter. Photos will be more integrated into the system as well as for tasks such as sharing in emails, adding photos to apps like mail and so on.

    Yes, you can remove some or all of the photos in one application and does not affect the other.

  • Is it possible to sync photos from iPhoto on the Meadow?

    I would like to use iTunes to sync music and pictures for the pre.  I can get iTunes to sync music.  I get to say it is sync had my photos from iPhoto.  I can play music on the pre, but I can't find and view photos on the meadow.  Any suggestions?

    To get iTunes to sync the photos, you must check the box "Include a high-resolution image" on the Photos tab in iTunes.  I think that this tab should be checked because otherwise iTunes creates compressed (reduced resolution) versions of the photos to record on an iPod and the pre can't view pictures saved in this file format.

  • Hi, I lost Photos and iPhoto even after an upgrade

    Hi, I lost Photos and even iPhoto. I updated by mistake to El Capitan. Ran too slow on the MacBook Air. Maverick RELOADED OSX10.9.5. There is no Photos app anywhere. Photos are stored offline. Help

    If your Mac is running 10.9.5 as you say, then it will not be the Photos app. You must run El Capitan to have.

  • Photos and iPhoto Library - transfer both?

    Hello. I'm trying to transfer my library of Photos on an external hard drive to free up space on my Mac. I noticed there is a huge iPhoto library in both images and don't know what to do with it.

    I'm running OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 and was completely out of memory. I already reformatted a WD My Book, 3 t in the correct format and am currently uploading Photos.  My question is, I need to transfer the iPhoto library as well to keep the Photos work properly? I have read conflicting information. It seems that they may share data and deletion of iPhoto could damage the library?  iPhoto is GB 336, Photos is 447 GB.  I have space for both but prefer delete the iPhoto library rather than transfer if that's for sure. He said also, photo transfer will take 4 days and I do not want to make twice as much...

    Separately, I also have a small external hard drive, I moved a partitioned iPhoto library to several years ago. I used iphoto Library Manager software. I have pre 2010 photos out there and no where else other than a backup hard drive. Remove the iPhoto library on my computer effect my ability to use the one partitioned? I would like to merge all to a library of Photos now that I have the space.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Yes and no

    There is no connection between the photo library and the iPhoto library - you can move or delete without effect on the other - don't know where your found contradictory information but there is no link between them

    However, if you move one and keep the other won't save you any space - you must move both to save space on your Mac - if you are sure you are finished with the library of th eiPHoto, then you can simple delete it, but it is advisable to keep a copy of archive of it to the case where

    And don't forget that the EHD must meet these requirements-must be in Mac OS extended (journaled) connected via a wired connection format fast as ThuderBolf, FireWire or USB, not used as a backup volume Time Machine and always available before pictures being launched

    And the copy of the library (if you have the good fast wired connection) will not take 4 days - the finder is an estimator of bad weather

    As for the separate iPhoto library again once there is no link between multiple iPhoto libraries - and there is no way to merge them after their migration into Photos (you can merge the iPhotoLibrary Manager iPhoto or Aperture libraries and you can add pictures to a photo library to another) you can migrate the second iPHoto library by dragging it to the Photos in the Dock icon - PowerPhotoscan merge the masters previews in another library and PowerPhotos can be continued to display the two libraries


  • Is iCloud photo library space use doubled if I use Photos and iPhoto apps?

    IPhotos and Photos apps right now: If an image appears at the same time it

    be transferred twice (with the help of double the amount of space) in iCloud storage space?

    IPhotos and Photos apps right now: If an image appears at the same time it

    be transferred twice (with the help of double the amount of space) in iCloud storage space?

    No, you can not use iCloud with iPhoto and Photos at the same time on the same computer.  Photo library only at a time can synchronize with iCloud (My Photo Stream, shared Albums, iCloud, library).  If you enable iCloud for a Photo library, it will be disabled for the previous library.

    Sine you use Yosemite - in the first versions of Yosemite was a problem, and it was possible to activate my photo stream in iPhoto and iCloud library in Photos at the same time. But my photo stream does not count against your iCloud free storage, that is used for library iCloud, there is no overlap in iCloud photo library.

  • Photos and iPhoto are no longer accesses external drive

    The upgrade of the Mavericks to El Capitan went very well on my Mac (i5, 27 ", 16G of RAM).  I've been running for several days, and so far the only problem I encountered is my iPhoto inherited library.  The error returned is "unable to write in the"iPhoto Library (rebuilt)"Library check that you are allowed to write to the directory of the library."

    The library is stored on a GTech, 2 TB with Firewire 800 drive.  The format is Mac OS extended and my own privileges are read/write.  I also tried to create new libraries on the disk with two apps, but the error "check permissions" is returned.

    The same drive is also used at home from my iTunes library, and is not a problem.  A second identical disk is used for the backup.  There is no problem with the drive itself.

    I have read several other posts and also downloaded iPhoto Manager.  It can read in the library and I have no indication of the library is actually corrupted (again; I rebuilt in 2013).

    Any help would be appreciated.  I can recover photos, but I don't want to store them on the local disk of 1 TB.

    Thank you.

    Information on the disk and then check the box downstairs to ignore permissions


  • has obtained several photos and iphotos files and you want to merge all of this.


    I want to thank the members of the community to help :-).

    I have a macbook pro, mid-2012.

    OS version: 10.11.3 (El Capitan).

    I had to format my computer and installs all the photos/iphotos files I had in the cloud (dropbox), but now, after having copied the folder to the back, I noticed that I have a problem - history

    I see 4 different folders, all under the iPhoto library:

    1 iPhoto library

    2 iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary

    3 iPhoto Library.photolibrary

    4. photos Library.photoslibrary

    I remember I have started a sort of fusion between iPhoto & Photos once Apple has released the new Photos app, but frankly, I never understood the concept, what I'm doing and why (sorry, that was my mistake, and maybe I should have approached support that).

    So, my questions:

    1. How can I configure the app Photos to point to the appropriate folder, and the folder where it should be?

    2. How can ensure me that ALL the images I've ever taken are covered in this folder (merged correctly), in order to avoid the lack of some of them?

    3. I would like to delete unnecessary records because they take a lot of space, but how can I be sure I'm not losing images?

    Thank you :-).


    Hi Gadi,

    must remove or libraries, until you find one that works... Frankly, Dropbox is not a safe place to store some libraries. Libraries, I tested in Dropbox have been corrupted by the synchronization.  SO keep all of them, or copies of them, until you found one that works.

    To find the best look of the library for the file size and the date last modified.  You have imported new photos in your amber iphoto library library you first tried to open the new  If this is not the case, try to move the Photos Library.photoslibrary Photos icon in the Dock.  The photos must be able to open this library.

    If Library.photoslibrary Photos is only small, try opening the largest of iPhoto Library.photolibrary or iPhoto Library in pictures by dragging one of them on the Photos icon.  One of them works?


  • Bought last week a new iMac and iPhoto does not come as an option to download photos from Facebook...

    I used an iMac for years... bought a new iMac * last week and used my time machine back up to transfer data... ok, it has done that... now I have the toolbar "photo" and "iPhoto"...

    Until now, when I right click on a photo, I was giving the option to iPhoto to transfer photos from Facebook... now, the only option I have given is 'photo '... I don't really want to use photo... I think iPhoto is easier to use...

    So, how can I get iPhoto returned as an option?

    * OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.1

    App Store on your Mac and check under purchases.

  • When I drag imessage photos in iphoto, it shows that they give, but then I can't find photos in iphoto. and when I open the finder there is no option of 'media' in the side menu.

    Could not find photos in iphoto after drag / drop imessage

    Correct, there is no media browser in the finder - only for download or open or install windows

    They show in the last import? check your type of event - they are probably n = just not where you are looking - in the last import done right click on one and show events - an event should open with your photo display - if not arrive then back up your iPhoto library and hold down the option and command keys at the launch of the iPhoto and repair permissions hen rebuild the database


  • Copy and save photos from Iphoto on Macbook Pro photos

    I spent hours trying to work on this simple operation, but nothing helped.

    Only start just using Photos, Iphoto, etc. of cloud so jargon is a little confused and I'm a newbie to how it all works, despite searches it seems to be no simple explanation.

    I think I'm the handle, but I am aware that if I uploaded my pictures from the camera to my Ipad and it goes into the Photo Album, backed up in the cloud - that if I delete it the iPad I have not these photos anywhere else and the card of the camera has been cleared.

    I just want to save all the pictures that are now on my Ipad to travel (not on my camera more), backed up in the cloud — but nowhere else.  I want to be able to save copies of the size of all these photos and keep them on my Macbook Pro or backup on an external hard drive.

    How can I do this?  I don't want them to end up in the Photos on my Macbook - I want just store them as a backup in images or use an external usb key to save.  Why is it so difficult?  Surely if there was the option of backup on an external hard drive, it would be much easier to use.  I am afraid that I do not trust just by using the Cloud, where I accidentally erase my iPad - I need another backup physical to be able to work with.

    If your photos are now in iCloud photo library, you can download them to your computer from the web interface for iCloud.

    Open a browser window on your computer and open the page web

    Connect with your AppleID to iCloud.

    Launch the at this web page.

    Click on "Select", and then select all the photos. Then click on the download button.

    To select a range of photos at a time click on the first picture, hold down the SHIFT key, click the last photo of the range.

  • camera is empty and I'm not syncing photos via iTunes, but it shows still 19 GB of storage taken

    I got a lot of photos on my iPad so I deleted them on the rolls/photos of the camera. I'm not syncing photos via iTunes, but it always shows 19.4 GB of photos when I sync the iPad and also via Configuration-> storage on the iPad.

    Check the recently deleted Album.

  • How to move photos all photos and remove iPhoto and Aperture libraries?

    How can I move all the my iPhoto and Aperture photos to Photos and remove iPhoto and Aperture libraries?  Photos automatically links to the old library on migration to save space with two libraries.

    As a related issue, there don't seem to be anyway to determine if a picture is stored when viewing Photos.  Incredibly frustrating when there are duplicates because how do you know who I should delete?

    No - nothing is connected - once you migrate a library it is independent and did no link to the original library - you can remove it if yo want

    However the removal of the original library will save the little space and is not repeated because it uses hard links to the original and previews so the new library uses little extra space

    As duplicates - what difference does make? They are duplicates so delete an and smells like another - even - you do not have any what visibility of the underlying files (and do not need to do this) in pictures

    Pictures is a new program and this is a learning curve - and is not a professional software like Aperture, so it is not expected at all what Aperture is - is better than iPhoto and get closer to the opening, but I doubt it will ever open


  • How can I copy a location of a photo and paste it in another? iPhoto can do this, but I can't find a way with Photos.

    How can I copy a location of a photo and paste it in another? iPhoto can do this, but I can't find a way with Photos.

    Accessible location via Get Info (command-I) information.

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