Synchronization between two databases with only 2% of the data; Please help me

Hi all

I have two oracle databases in 2 different servers PROD and TEST instances. the two databases are in gr 10 2 in linux servers.

My PROD database contains about 300 GB of data and is dedicated for production area.
My Test database is dedicated to Spanish test for PROD database. (small server in terms of space and RAM comparing to PROD db)
I would like to synchronize every week TEST db with PROD db with only 2% of the data and all the structures
Could someone tell me, if you use a datapump export I can import only 2% of the amount of data and the structures ot theere is another way to do it?
Thank you very much

best regards,

I'm not really sure what you're talking about. There is no option, expdp and impdp x % of the data, is that? And if Oracle can sovle repositories inetegrity (PK, FK), it cannot be assumed which tables are lookup table (to be entirely exported) and can not assume the logical data integrity.


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    Check this box

    P.c.: This is the best place to post

    Mark as correct :)

    Published by: Srini VIEREN on May 9, 2013 10:08

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    Please help me I would be very grateful to you...

    Hi Siddharth,

    Were there any changes made on the computer before the show?

    Method 1:

    Restart your computer in safe mode and check if the problem persists.

    Method 2:

    I suggest you to refer to the items and set default values:

    Change the programs that Windows uses by default

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  • How can I make a network between two databases?

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    a database of linux rhel (separate virtual machinne)

    I'm waiting for suggestions...

    Thank you...

    Published by: 969352 on March 19, 2013 10:04

    969352 wrote:

    What virtualization product do you use?

    * #* vmware - toolbox - cmd - v (build-203739)

    VMWARE product information:

    Version: 7.0.0 build - 203739

    Ok. You will need to ensure that the ip addresses you assign to your virtual machines are in the same subnet that the adapter created by the installation of vmware. Once you get the fixed basic network installation, you can treat these virtual machines like any machine in your data center. Forget the vm console and access it exactly as you would for any remote server - putty for the Linux and Windows Remote Desktop to the Windows machine.

    To a prompt on the host computer, post this:

    c:> ipconfig -all

    You will get feedback on multiple net cards, of which two are identified as with vmware - vmNet1 and vmNet8. Note the IP addresses of the two. We'll need later.
    You'll also need to know how you have configured the network cards on your virtual machine - NAT, bridged, hostonly?

    Note that these issues are out of scope for this forum. I don't mind helping, but I don't have an installation of vmware for details of the reference.

    Which have really tried to do? ( Data transfer )

    I tried to Exchange data from windows to linux DB database

    It's pretty vague. Exactly how did you try to "Exchange data"? A SQL using a db_link? import/export? Pigeons?

    Where are you stuck?

    I don't know, how to set up the ip address and the necessary information for the windows database.

    Configuration of an IP address is purely a matter of admin OS and out of range for this database forum.
    Google is your friend, but only if you use: [url]

    It's all Edstevens... Thank you...

  • Synchronization between two periods loops FPGA

    First of all, I appreciate the forums here and have read a lot of interesting topics. This is the first time I can't solve it with research and I hope for your entry.


    I'm using LabVIEW 2009 f3, PXI-1033 with the PXI-7813R.

    In my FPGA program, I have two loops, where you need to run as fast as possible (has) and the second just quickly (B). Has turns 20 MHz to 40 MHz and B . These are for the two loops limiting speeds. B cannot run faster and Has should not run more slowly.
    Loop has captures the sensory information and integrates data as many loops as indicated by the user. When completed, please send a trigger to B, which calculates the new position information and sends it to the machine. Only at certain times, B must achieve something and said nothing to the rest of the time.

    I thought of two ways, but doesn't work for me.

    (i) with the help of a Boolean trigger. As in a loop, the Boolean value of A can become true and switches to the next loop to false, B is not capture all the triggers and a 50% chance of getting the triggers and isn't perfectly synchronized.

    (II) using the occurrences. Sounds very interesting, but these are prohibited between the periods differently loops.

    I played with many scenarios, but may not understand proper. Someone at - it suggestions?

    This seems to be a fairly simple producer/consumer scenario.

    I would like to use a device worn FIFO to transfer data from the loop of producer (top) to the loop of consumer (bottom).

    Depending on how often the producer generates data (each cycle or every nth cycle?) the case around the write FIFO structure will allow him to write only when your requirements are met.

    The consumer loop reads the FIFO with a timeout of '0 '. When the FIFO is to expire, the consumer runs to the case which does nothing. When the FIFO does not expire, who processes the data and sends it to the side of Windows runs.

    In my example, I used 2 structures of cases to illustrate the two different modes. In your code, you must use a single structure of matter.

    There is no advantage to set a loop "sleep", even if no data exists on the FPGA. Because you are running in hardware and the non-profit CPU cycles these loops can operate simultaneously at no increase in the latency of a

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    where can I get information in the order two video calls Ex90 defined between the two companies, each company has its own server CM 8.6 and Ex90 phones.

    for the momment I know just we need video communications server, but I would like to get info on how about Communications Server config and whether a specific config is required in CM server.


    If we assume that both companies want to stick to a Cisco solution, then you will need to use a control VCS Cisco and VCS Expressway (VCS-E). You can also remove this with a solution of VCS StarterPack (according to the needs for scalability and other design objectives). The two entities should have a solution in place.

    At a high level, you would have a SIP trunk of the AAU to VCS. VCS has a relationship of peering with VCS-E and the VCS - E is sitting in your public DMZ. The VCS-E to Cust A can communicate with the VCS-E to Cust B. You can do this in fact through a peering model (commissioning on both devices of VCS - E) or you can simply use DNS and URI component to facilitate the call installation introduction.

    You will of course face the network aspect (IP addressing, the rules of firewall, etc.). You need a coordination "numbering plan" according to which (if any) the URI dialing rules have been established by organizations. With versions of the CUCM prior to 9.x, you shouldn't that numbering URI has a little support limited. CUCM 9.0 adds some improvements of numbering URI. Not that you must be about 9.0 or version later to do what you want, just that you have a different set of parameters to function as with the pre - 9.0 version.

    The above is pretty generic, but it can give you a point of reference to start with.


    -Bill (

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