Synchronization of calendar blackBerry Smartphones Wireless - no option to select YES

Calendar entries, I do on my handheld "BOLD" is not sync with Outlook, but Outlook entries synchronize with my "BOLD".

Under Calendar properties, I noticed that I can not select YES option to sync wireless for the default device.  It does NOT show and does not offer an option YES.

I'm on the Activation of the company.

Any sugggestions on how to set this YES?

BlackBerry 9000 "BOLD"

The software is v4.6.0.162 (Platform

You have more than one e-mail account on the device or simply your company account? If you have several accounts email make sure that under the Calendar Options you choose your professional account. Non - BES accounts have the wireless sync set to no, and cannot be changed

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    I just bought a 8330 and downloaded the BB software.  Is there a way to download my calendar on the computer to the phone?  I guess I use sync, but I don't know if it will work because I don't see anything that says that it will load the calendar.  I almost bought the new offerings of sprint phone Instinct but I was told there was no way to download a calendar from the computer.  Please tell me that there is a way?  Thank you.

    You can tell that I'm not technical

    Mr President?


    I have the Curve 8330 (Verizon).  I have Microsoft Office 2003.

    Connect your BB to your computer (USB)

    I had to download BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3. The first time that you synchronize, you must click on "configure".

    You will see the list:



    Address book


    Matches of the calendar and click on Set up, and then click Microsoft Outlook > click two-way synchronization > click Next > and then transfer all regular items. It then displays the 'congratulations' > click on finish

    Go to the Sync tab at the top, click on the last three items (not the first), and then click "synchronize and it must synchronize your calendar (before the synchronization, you can the same for the other three elements (Notepad, address book and task).» Good luck

  • Synchronization of calendar blackBerry Smartphones without data plan

    Is it possible to synchronize a curve (8300) blackberry and a calendar outlook without the data package? I called 611 and they said I had to have the data package to synchronize my calendar? I was able to do it with the razor without a data packet or a bunch of text. There may be a 3rd party software out there that anyone knows of.

    I have the package text family and a lot of e-mail.

    Using Outlook 2003

    Desktop Manager 4.6 installed Version

    OS v4.5.0.81

    I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.

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    Really all people I know have given blackberry plan, but I think nobody needs internet access to synchronize the device with the pc with a data cable.

    If you need anything just display it.

  • Synchronization of calendar blackBerry Smartphones from outlook to Pearl

    used to synchronize my outlook (wired) calendar to my Pearl.  synchronization of contacts is very well.

    I had this problem once before;

    where in your handheld can change you the setting for the calendar?

    or other solutions, thank you,

    If you encounter errors in your calendar on your BlackBerry and you want to delete the entire database of calendar on your BlackBerry, follow the instructions below. Make sure that you have a good copy of your calendar or Contacts, because this procedure will delete all entries in calendar on your BlackBerry.

    1. open the Desktop Manager on your PC.

    2. open Backup/Restore > advanced.

    3. in Advanced Options, you will see a split pane screen. The left pane, it is what will be saved from your device, and the right is a list of the existing databases.

    3. highlight on the side right your Calendar database, and then click the arrow in the Middle pointing to the left. This will copy the information on and prepare it for the backup.

    4. once the backup is complete, click on the Clear button down to wipe and clean all the basis of the calendar.

    5. once it is finished, it will ask if you want to save the backup that you created, say you Yes and check the device to ensure that the calendar has been duly authorized to come out. Now, Resync the necessary contact details and you should be set to go.

  • Synchronization of calendar blackBerry Smartphones BB Curve 8330 camera

    The calendar entries made directly to the device does not synchronize with the office.  Address perfectly synchronizes book.  Very frustrating and ideas?

    If you use the Desktop Manager that you will need to load up, will synchronize, configuration, configure synch... and go through the configuration.  Inside, there will be options for one or two way sync.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones-wireless data synchronization

    Model 7290

    The device is configured for wireless synchronization and desktop software won't synchronize calendar or AddressBook with Outlook. Anyone know how to disable the wireless sync?

    Thank you


    On the device, look at the options in these two applications (add book and calendar) and disable wireless reconciliatioon for each.

    Then reconnect to the DM.

  • The incredible disappearing calendar blackBerry smartphones... (aka: used to synchronize calendar)

    I have a 8100, recently upgraded to 4.5 software and my calendar has not worked since (desktop is Windows XP, AT & T telephone company).  I tried to return the service directories but no help.

    I noticed on the backup/restore on the Desktop Manager, it not there no real 'calendar'... There is a 'Calendar All' and 'Calendar Options', but I read is also supposed to be a 'calendar' out there.

    Also, when I was reading the service books, he said delete everything that was the "Office" or "CICAL", but nothing with "Desktop" in the service books and the only thing with "CICAL" was Facebook and it does give me an option to remove.

    I live and die by my schedule and am lost without it.  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

    On your device, look at the Options > Advanced > default Services and see if you can select your correct email address it for the calendar profile.

    In addition, open the calendar, and then press Menu > Options. Is the timing selected here?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones-wireless sync

    Help, please!  I can't synchronize my calendar or contacts with my desktop software as is wireless synchronization.  BlackBerry tells me a duty disable and urticaria me instructions for making so - Calendar-menu-options-disable wireless synchronization.  But I do not see this under Options.  where can I find it?  How can I disable it so I can sync my phone?

    Access to the calendar on the smartphone application and launch it.  Press the Blackberry, go to options and scroll to accounts, then select the account you want to change to launch the properties.  Scroll down and select wireless synchronization

  • Changed default Email/calendar blackBerry Smartphones; Sync wants to delete all appointments/events; Need of procedure

    I'm changing my email address.  I want to change the default settings on my BB Storm so that it syncs with the new email/calendar in Outlook 2007.  There are 3 e-mail addresses and therefore 3 calendars showing in my BB.  Originally, I created an as the default value.  Now, I want to change to the new.  All of this is through Blackberry Internet Service through Verizon Wireless.

    When I changed the default on the BB to the new address, the synchronization process wanted to remove all calendar entries that were introduced through the original e-mail/calendar.  I don't want to lose all those entries in my BB or in Outlook.

    I need a procedure that will allow me to keep or to import all calendar entries, once I made the switch.

    Currently, the following conditions:

    Windows Vista 32 bit

    Outlook 2007

    By default the calendar/E-mail: ***

    I want to change default calendar *

    I can't see clearly how to proceed.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    EDIT: Delete address


    After some additional research and experimentation, the following procedure will ensure that you don't lose an event in the Outlook calendar:




    For planning

    1. on the BB, select Options, Advanced Options, the default Services

    2 Click here to see what e-mail and calendar emal address is currently being used.

    3. check if you want to change the figure in both lists, but do not choose another at this point.

    4. open the calendar.

    6. press the BB button.

    7. Select Options in the menu list.

    8 observe the colors that are selected for each of the email addresses that you use on your BB.

    9. you will then need to this information in order to know what are the events to remove.  They are color coded in your BB calendar device.

    10. you can choose different colors if you wish by selecting each address in turn.

    Now, to the Walkthrough:

    1. in the BB replace enamel favorite default one (other) for the two calendar and send here:

    1A by selecting Options, Advanced Options, default services

    1B. Select the new email address for the calendar and messaging services.

    1 c. Save as you go out.

    2. connect your BB to the computer.

    3. when the BB Desktop Manager opens, select Synchronize

    4. during the synchronization process, the only element which should need confirmation is the calendar.

    5. when the synchronization of calendar appears, you will be asked to accept, reject, cancel or re - sync calendars.

    6. choose Resync that will perform a resynchronization complete merger of BB and Outlook calendars.

    7. When you have finished your calendar Outlook will be correct, but your BB device for two different calendars duplicate entries.

    8 that the weather, remove the second set of event entries.

  • Automatic synchronization with handsfree blackBerry Smartphones

    Can I set up my device automatically accepting the request of my hands-free sync. For now, I have to manually accept each time I get in my car?


    No, no, what you are experiencing is certainly not normal... BBs can, when properly configured, automatically connect to compatible car kits. See this reference:

    • KB18576 The BlackBerry smartphone always invites you to connect to a Bluetooth connection instead of the automatic connection

    The problem is that, if there is a similar setting inside your car kit who also needs adjustment, then there is no way for RIM to provide statement... you will need to return to the installer you originally used.

    FYI... your desire to 'just phone a Helpdesk of RIM' is admirable, but moved. When you bought your BB and subscribed to services, you have learned how the BB support model works. RIM has no service support for you in the ring upward. Rather, the model of care is distributed with carriers and authorized dealers taking primary formal support to their end users, with the possibility for them to escalate if RIM that they cannot resolve.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones wireless calendar synchronization

    I use a BB storm which is a personal telephone and not a business Edition. I try to get my BB to sync its calendar with my Windows Live Calendar wireless. I added my Windows Live email account, which added successfully, but when I try to sync my calendar on my BB wireless, it doesn't allow me the button is grayed.

    Any suggestions?

    That is not a function and is not possble.

  • Synchronization of calendar of Smartphones blackBerry - deleting items

    I just ran an update to App World on my Blackberry, while I don't think it should affect my calendar sync... when I went to sync tonight, he wanted to remove annual meetings and a few dates in my diary of Yahoo! which have not taken place even still.  He didn't add in the other nominations that were right on my Storm in Yahoo!.  I have the settings to synchronize both ways, but there is no way to individually determine the program that there are some things wrong with the timing.  I went back through the settings in the Desktop Manager and everything seems to be in order.  Anyone else having similar problems lately?

    Figured it out.  Facebook has reset the default calendar to the facebook address so when he wanted to synchronize that he was using the wrong calendar.  I went to the Services Options/Default Setup/Options/Advanced and reset pull down to the good calendar (CICAL)

  • Turn off the blackBerry Smartphones wireless synchronization of AddressBook


    Using Desktop Manager to sync. Sort address book wireless synchronization has been enabled. I want to turn it off again. It's supposed to be in the help, but all he tells me is that I can it turn on or off. Any suggestions would be helpful.


    Access your address book, press the Blackberry menu button and select Options.

    Select your address book that you no longer want to synchronize wireless and turn off wireless sync.

  • Synchronization of calendar of Smartphones blackBerry w / default Outlook - internal error #-725 (0x8004fd2b)

    Device improved just and office s/w for later and the problem has not disappeared.

    Contacts and Notepad sync very well.

    But the calendar fails:

    (1) read all the entries in the device

    (2) reads all entries in Outlook

    (3) then displays a message: 'error has occurred. Error code: 0x8004fd2b. See the documentation.

    (4) the newspaper said: "internal error #-725.. Cancelled translation! »

    8700g device, XP Pro, Outlook.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Thank you

    I would like to try to delete the intellisync folder and then try to synchronize again. This may or may not help. Here are the instructions:

    1. Close the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application.
    2. Disconnect the BlackBerry to the computer device.
    3. Double click on my computer > Local drive (c> Documents and Settings > (username) > application data > Research In Motion > Blackberry > Intellisync)
      • Note: If the Application Data folder is not present, click Tools > Folder Options in the upper part of the screen.
      • Click the view tab, and then click Show hidden files and folders.
      • Click apply > Ok and continue with the remaining steps.
    4. All remove in the Intellisync folder.
    5. Start synchronization BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the attempt of the device with the computer.
  • Options of problem-calendar blackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Storm will not save.


    I have a Blackberry Storm, and every time I try to make sure 'free time' and 'alarms' will not appear in my calendar, it wont let me save.  When I adjust them, then click on SAVE, it does not, and if I change them and try to close the program, it says "Changes Made: save, Discard, cancel."  If I chose to save or cancel, it won't let me out of the Calendar Options, and if I click on ignore, then the changes have not been saved.  Help, please! This becomes INCREDIBLY BORING!

    This work around seems to be the General fix Options - go to Calendar Options.

    The value 'Show free time' to no.

    The value "Show tasks" (lower)

    You may need to leave "Show alarms" yes - I would like to try first for now.

    'Save' should now work on exit and you should no longer see entries free time.

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