Synchronization of music in the order I want on Fuze

Can HIW I synchronize the titles on my old rocket using Windows Media Player and have them play in the order I want?  I'm trying to recreate the setlist of a concert so I want them in a specific order, but once they are on the drive, they are involved.  I did not shuffle, I tried to rename it with letters or numbers and I watched all the synchronization options, but nothing works.  Help!


A playlist should work. I don't know why it doesn't.

Another way to do would be to get mp3tag

and change the track numbers to read in order.

You could make a folder called Setlist (or other), copy the songs, point, highlight them all with mp3tag and make the Album (left) Setlist field, which will make the "rocket" think an artist has an album called Setlist.  Then change the numbers of individual tracks by clicking on them.

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    If a value has surrounding quotes, it is considered to be a string value.

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    frank danny khulash
    sanjay kumar behera
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    4 rows selected.
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    My playlist that I am about to make a CD does not record the music in the order I want.  WMP seems to choose items randomly. How can I get my list has played at the top of the list I chose.

    EUREKA!      Oh, Umesh P you have solved my problem.   Now works perfectly.    I may have updated 2010 but don't really know what version of WMP, I (come with XP 2005) I made many CDs & ripped music & have playlists.    Sometimes the songs that I select cannot be read because the player says they are used elsewhere so in this case I'm removing them from my makiong of playlists that I always have them in a folder.   I'm really not very good even if I was storing a lot of music years truly his trial & error but I didn't know that "shuffle" involved despite pick them up with the help.

    I am very grateful and thank you so much you are a 10 +.
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    Hello Warner,

    The best way I found to do this is to create folders on the USB drive and then use a different folder for each album of the music.
    If you want music in a particular order, change the name of the file to include a 001 at the beginning, for example, 001 - songname.mp3 music
    Do this for all the tracks in the order you want and software of the car detects the number and play music in that order.
    I hope this helps.
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    5 if (4) is true, so I chose the Playlist edit and sort by track #; I definitely make sure the playlist is in the order I want.

    6 then I choose file > burn Playlist to disc, insert a blank CD, when required, etc.

    The last two times (today was with Philip Glass Koyaanisqatsi), immediately (during the initialization stage) I noticed the top of my iTunes that the CD would be burned in the opposite direction, although the reading list I wanted to burn was in good order. The first time, I continued and indeed: the CD that was in reverse order.

    So I chose to Edit Playlist again, made sure all of the tracks were in good order and tried to burn again. New order (initialization phase) and this time I stopped burning. The CD was unusable, but it was in reverse order.

    So finally I chose for a new playlist (empty!), dragged the individual tracks one by one to the new playlist, filled manually in the title, etc. and then repeat the burning process. This time everything was beautiful, as it should.

    Like I said: it's already happened, but this only happens to me? How (with the exception of manually build a play list). When can I I really rely on the playlist displayed onscreen, knowing that when I press "burn", it will be OK? I don't want to overturn three blank CD for every album, I want to burn.

    Thanks for your comments.

    It may be preferable if the burn list has the songs contained real order of the list, not a sorted order.  First of all, show playlist using the view of songs to show a simple with columns list (if it isn't already).  NOTE: The view control is at the right end of the horizontal bar; If it says currently Playlist, change it to songs.

    In the view of songs , you can sort the list by clicking on the header of the column you want to use for sorting.  To sort by part number, click on the header of the column follow-up of # .  To reverse the order, click it again.  The order of the list appears for the playlist, when you click on the header in the left column.  This column doesn't have any title in the title, and there the sequential numbers below.  The "pointer" in the heading (after clicking on it) must point upwards (click a second time to reverse).

    With the shown playlist in the order of the list, you can manually move the songs (top to bottom) on the list to get them in the desired order.  This is useful, for example, to create a "mix CD" with songs from different albums in the order you want.  Try to burn the CD with songs in the order desired, as shown by using the list command.

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    This question seems to be common to all browsers, but it of maddening to me and prevented me from browsers before changing, but I'm really tired of IE.

    I have a lot of folders with bookmarks and in these folders are the other files with bookmarks. The records are in the order I want that they, as is their content. After you import, everything was in alphabetical order, and the entire structure became useless for me. Drag / drop a few hundred components individually are not what I want to do. Is it possible to import things exactly as they are? It would be a logical option for a feature like this?

    You can export favorites in Internet Explorer to a HTML file and import this file in the Firefox Bookmarks Manager.

    If you don't have the menu bar in Internet Explorer, and then right-click on the toolbar above to activate the menu bar.

    • Export Favorites in Internet Explorer to a file (bookmarks.html) HTML:
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