Synchronize Outlook 2007 with simply 2007 I read all the literature and seems that I have to reinstall just - terrified that I will lose all my data in the business. ___

Simply 2007 already on PC and sync to Outlook when I upgraded to Office 2007.  Outlook says that it cannot find the file simply and please install!


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  • BlackBerry smartphones can not synchronize Outlook 2007 calendar with Alltel BB 8330

    Ok... Looks like a lot of people have this problem. Here is what I have

    Vista Home Basic SP1

    Outlook 2007 (as part of Office Enterprise 2007)

    Running OS BB8330

    Configured with two accounts-Default calendar/e-mail account is the same account Outlook. (I have Groupwise at work... This isn't the default account/calendar)

    BlackBerry DM 4.5

    Here's what I tried...

    Uninstalled and reinstalled many times DM

    Install the latest version of DM (4.7)

    Latest device OS (4.5)?

    Delete the Intellisync folder

    Only calendar Sync

    DM running as administrator

    Remove all the BB calendar entries associated with the Groupwise e-mail account

    Have run scanpst on Outlook and repaired the file (he said he had some problems)

    First great Sync worked, the only thing I did between the first and the second synchronization have been changing some recurring calendar events and adds two events to my calendar for the Groupwise account. I deleted since these events Groupwise and calendar don't show any entries when I look under the calendar options.

    Now, I get the error "Desktop Manager has stopped working" much-discussed when DM begins to deal with my Outlook calendar. It syncs contacts very well, bed and treats the calendar of the device, then reads 631 records of Outlook calendar, starts processing Outlook calendar files and stops immediately. I have to reboot to get the DM to try to synchronize again. Here is the log of the Intellisync folder...

    Wed Mar 04 22:01:16 2009 - Intellisync Log file.

    {22:01:16.895: create an empty table C:\Users\Jimmy\AppData\Roaming\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{10A31DA6-8BF9-4767-9C2E-E4C4F4FF2310}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 500
    {22:01:16.957: empty table file C:\Users\Jimmy\AppData\Roaming\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{10A31DA6-8BF9-4767-9C2E-E4C4F4FF2310}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 519
    {22:01:23.369: create an empty table C:\Users\Jimmy\AppData\Roaming\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{64193ED4-35AD-4A24-972D-11E7CB4F3E50}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 500
    Wed Mar 04 22:01:30 2009: error 0 x 83110005.-2096037883.0 a.\syncconfigmanager.cpp line 1137
    Wed Mar 04 22:01:31 2009: error could not load CXLServer1.dll in the product directory... 4005.\callback.cpp line 3610
    22:03:15.782: start Session ILX, Source = Microsoft Outlook, target device =
    22:03:15.923: from Standard synchronization
    22:03:16.001: Phase = 10, 31E942E2 = user: reading data of the device calendar
    22:03:17.935: finished reading 17 Records, deletions 0 + 0 Unchangeds for user = 31E942E2 of the calendar system (entry slow sync for resynchronization)
    22:03:17.935: Phase = 20, 31E942E2 = user: reading data from Microsoft Outlook calendar
    22:03:47.575: finished reading 631 records + 0 + 0 Unchangeds for user deletions = 31E942E2 calendar Microsoft Outlook (entry slow sync for resynchronization)
    22:03:47.575: Phase = 30, 31E942E2 = user: write data to the device calendar
    22:27:51.634: start Session ILX, Source = Microsoft Outlook, target device =
    22:27:51.775: from Standard synchronization
    22:27:51.806: Phase = 10, 31E942E2 = user: reading data of the device calendar
    22:27:53.600: finished reading 17 Records, deletions 0 + 0 Unchangeds for user = 31E942E2 of the calendar system (entry slow sync for resynchronization)
    22:27:53.600: Phase = 20, 31E942E2 = user: reading data from Microsoft Outlook calendar
    22:28:18.201: finished reading 631 records + 0 + 0 Unchangeds for user deletions = 31E942E2 calendar Microsoft Outlook (entry slow sync for resynchronization)
    22:28:18.217: Phase = 30, 31E942E2 = user: write data to the device calendar

    It's disconcerting. I used a Palm TX for years and was happy to jump into the world of BB. I love the phone, but I bought it mainly to keep track of my schedule. I am not impressed and rest 26 days to test. I hate to take it back to Alltel but its useless unless I can easily and surely to synchronize the calendar. Everyone you have all the answers?

    OK... Here's the update. I tried a few things, too many to enter in, and nothing has worked. Finally, I have downlaoded and installed Companionlink Express and... presto! I can sync again. 49.95 for Companionlink software. It looks like the BB people might write (or buy) a decent piece of software. I bought the 8330 mainly to help me cope with my calendar. When this does not work, I got a cell phone for $ 200 million. RIM has almost come back! Furthermore, the site is

  • Synchronize Outlook 2007 with the HTC Diamond phone

    I have a HTC Diamond Smart Phone & Windows Vista recently upgraded to Microsoft Outlook 2007. Now, the computer says it has synchronized, but all Contact numbers are not in the phone! Where are they? What is the synchronization of the phone with? Of course, this isn't the files Outlook 2007 Contacts! What should I do to tell the computer and the phone how to find the right file?

    I finally understood how to solve this problem.

    The only way to solve this problem is to uninstall and reinstall Windows Mobile.

    Unfortunately, he has no other way to change the configuration of Windows Mobile once initially put into place. This could be considered a gap in the program, or Microsoft should be aware of this problem and be able to provide the answer in a FAQ.

  • Error on blackBerry Smartphones with calendar synchronization - Outlook 2007 for Nextel Curve 8350i

    Since last Monday, I start to have problems of synchronization with Outlook 2007.  I have a Nextel 8350i curve. An Intellisync error message appears saying 'Operation complete unexpectedly.'

    It comes to my environment. I do not use BES.  I now have Desktop Manager 4.7 installed (it changed from 5.0 when I started having this error).  I have 2-way sync set up for the calendar only, right now.  And I have a few recurring events in my calendar. I use my work email, which is recognized as a personal email account.

    As I said, the problem started last Monday.  After a search through various forums, I tried the following: my BB wiping and restore with backup files.  It does not work.

    I tried deleting the calendar databases, wiping the BB and restore with backup files.  It worked for a day.

    Then, I uninstalled Desktop Manager 5.0 and installed 4.6.  No difference.

    After talking with the technical support of BB, who believes that there is a problem in my computer, I completely cleaned, virus scanned, defragmented, updated, scanned my computer. After all this, Calendar sync worked 3 times before crapping again.

    I am at a loss.  My next step would be to create a new connection to my computer. But I doubt that this will fix the problem.

    Any ideas?

    Welcome to the forums

    I like how you post all the steps you took, it makes our job a lot easier!

    Try to delete the intellisync folder according to this guide:

  • How can I get Outlook 2007 to read attachments and .eml files?

    I'm a web developer, working from home.  Many of my clients tell me through programs such as Yahoo Messenger and Skype conversation.  Often, they send messages to an end-user for me on yahoo or Skype which are .eml files.  These files describe bugs or other mistakes which experienced end users.

    I don't understand why I can't read the 'eml' files in Outlook 2007.  Currently, windows 2007 wants to use windows live mail to open these files.

    Is there an add-on third party who will give this feature in Outlook 2007?

    I solved the problem for users of 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista 64-bit users

    (1) Open regedit.exe (the registry editor)
    2) access HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Microsoft Internet Mail Message WLMail\shell\open\command
    (3) change "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Windows Live\Mail\wlmail.exe" /eml:%1 to "C:\Program Files (x 86)" \Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK. "» EXE' /eml '%1' (don't forget the quotes!)
    (4) restart your computer

    In this way, windows thinks that "Windows Live Mail" is still the default program to open .eml files.  However, we have changed the registry so that instead of open Windows Live Mail, we open OUTLOOK. EXE.  What I mean is that if you open Control Panel, click default programs associated with Windows Live Mail .eml files, we have decked out the registry so that it will open opportunities-even if Windows has always said that it is associated with Windows Live.  Confusing, I know.

    The best analogy are these old commercials where "we secretly changed detergent Lisa's favorite new all temperature Cheer!  In this case we secretly changed Windows Live Mail with Outlook when it comes to open .eml attachments.

    In any case, this tip worked for me.  I can open the .eml simply files by double-clicking them.  You can always change things if you decide to upgrade to Windows Live.

  • Slow blackBerry smartphones to synchronize Outlook 2007 <>- DM 4.6

    My clocks are running 4 minutes even if no records have been changed.

    BlackBerry 9000

    DM 4.6

    Win XP

    Outlook 2007, 2000 contacts

    Synchronization is displayed to review all records in the contacts of the device twice ('reading', and then 'transformation'), even if no changes have been made.

    I just spent an hour by inserting in the escalation process to get an answer to the question of the slow sync.

    Function of Blackberry technical support, starting with DM 4.3 consistency checking occurs much more on each synchronization.  Each record is checked once again, even the records without modification.  Then your synchronization time depend on the size of your database, not the number of recent changes.  Apparently the Blackberry is aspiring to the levels of corruption much lower than its competitors.

    So get used to slow the synchronizations.  A good chance of the brush upwards on your Spanish or read this book self-help.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Bold 9700 - Office Manager synchronize outlook 2007

    That bold 9700 - Desktop Manager 5.0.1 - outlook 2007

    will not synchronize calendars - said applications available are none, ASCII, Yahoo

    synchronize contacts, but some eCards and does not update

    should be an easy answer for this


    I recommend you to check on the following article in the knowledge base on the impossibility to choose or lack of Microsoft Outlook when configuring synchronization options in BlackBerry Desktop Software.


    Thank you

  • Synchronize Outlook 2007 Notes Smartphones blackBerry for Blackberry

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8530 I synchronize using the Desktop Manager to my calendar, tasks, etc.  I have several Notes in Outlook 2007 and I also want to synchronize.  I spent my sync options and selected I want to synchronize my Notes, but it doesn't seem to work.  I can't find the Notes on my Blackberry where they say it takes and I don't see any errors in my Logs.  How can I get these items to synchronize?

    I got it to work!  The synchronization domain was created to be not quite right.  Once I fixed, it works fine.  Thank you

  • Outlook 2007 POP3 problems after the installation of security updates

    After the updates of security for December 2010 has been installed on my computer, my Gmail POP3 does not. My access code are rejected.

    The i uninstall KB2288953 and after this operation bit is working again.


  • Outlook 2007 - an attachment to the recipient has lost

    Outlook 2007 doesn't send an attachment to the recipient.  Recipient receives *.dat file or receives nothing but the e-mail message.  The sent files are primarily ADOBE, but also included TEXT and WordPerfect files.  ADOBE files have been published in MS WORD, WordPerfect, LOTUS 123 and TEXT documents.

    I use Windows XP, version 5.1 SP3 on a Dell PC.

    Any help?

    Mills, Tulsa, Ok.

    Stop sending messages in RTF Format

  • Outlook 2007 very slow after the last updated 15/12/2010 fo Windows 7 Pro

    I downloaded the 14 updates (15/12/2011) and 2 were for Outlook and 2 for Microsoft Office. When I try and load a MS Office 2007 program, it takes about 10 to 15 seconds. When I try and load MS Outlook it takes about 10-15 seconds, but when I try to go to Inbox to a different folder or calendar or Contacts it takes 20 to 25 seconds before anything appears. This happens just after I downloaded the latest updates. It was beautiful before.

    Need help!

    Thank you

    It worked after I deleted the update you mentioned above:

    My OS is Windows 7 Pro

    Anti Virus is AVG 2011 - and Outlook works perfectly with it before the update

    I have 3 email accounts and all are POP 3.  Both and Go Daddy 1

    The add-in mentioned by you ' COM Addin for Microsoft Office Outlook (mine shows that hotmail) Connector ' is always in the center of the confidentiality and Outlook works

    Hope this helps and thank you very much for your help and your quick response

  • BlackBerry smartphones to synchronize Outlook 2013 with BB 9780

    Madam, Sir, I can't sync BB 9780 with Outlook 2013. Told me that "there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot perform mail request. Run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default e-mail client "and check this post and e-mail by default, but still the same message appearing still. Could someone help me solve this problem? Thank you
    Details: Windows 7 (x 64) Outlook 2013 and BB 9780 with Version


    Unfortunately, Outlook 2013 is not compatible with the desktop software. Reference:

    Good luck!

  • can synchronize Outlook 365 with iCloud calendar

    WWatch update stops checkpoint

    See if it offers help - get help using Outlook with iCloud for Windows - Apple Support

  • Any ideas why Outlook 2007 "violently" flickers between the windows and window main? How to fix?

    It is not all the time, but when it gets into fashion, sometimes you can close the application yet.  The only thing we can do is to shut down the pc.  The task Mgr will not stop it.

    I can't identify exactly what initiates it.  But usually, I have other applications open (Word or Excel) MS & Firefox, maybe.

    It is an example, when you explore Contacts and open a contact window to edit or review.  You leave Outlook to go to the other application and then you see the fast flicker goes into the taskbar.

    Another example similar to the above, this is when you change a contact window.  Right-click to change something, then display studders and falls in flashing mode.

    Intuitively, I think it has something to do with the display or the video card.  I've done R & are the driver for the card.  The only reason why I think it is that the problem decreases in frequency of appearance, apparently with the largest size of display text.  In addition, I don't think that this has happened after the update of the graphics card (see below)

    PC: Dell Dimension E520
    Windows 7 64 bit
    4 GB OF RAM
    EVGA GeForce 9500 w / 1 GB memory
    Display @ 1280 x 1024 (not even changed) resolution

    This problem is difficult to recreate as it seems almost randomly when it occurs.  I can go for days, if not a week, then all of a sudden it will get "fussy".

    Any help would be appreciated & thanks!


    Interaction with the programs antivirus/antispyware/security and even drivers may be among the possible
    causes of this problem. Something that happens sporadically can be difficult to resolve.

    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log - even under Windows 7

    Then, run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run check disk at startup in Vista - Windows 7 is the same


    After the above I hope that some of these groups have experienced and solved similar problems.

    So please check with the experts of the Office and Outlook here: (re - ask your question)

    Discussions of Questions General Outlook

    MS Office discussion groups
    And here:

    Microsoft.public.Outlook discussions

    Office newsgroups

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Audio books will sync with how long I read in the e-book?

    Kindle ebooks and audiobooks will be synchronized? Will be Apple to do the same thing?

    Hi AnOrphanGrlScout,

    Looks like you're asking two questions... will remember your audio book where you left off listening. and synchronize your audio books from your computer to your device.   The resources below will explain the "Yes" to both questions.  I've highlighted the key for you information here.   Click on the link for more details.

    On iBooks

    characteristics of iBooks

    Listening to audio books. iBooks can read books purchased in the iBooks store or imported from other sources. iBooks will remember where you are in the book when you stop the game so that you can pick up where you left off later.

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes via USB

    1. Turn on synchronization. You can enable synchronization of music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, books, audio books, tones, pictures and NEWS. To activate synchronization, click the content type in the list under settings, and then click the box next to sync. If the check box, the synchronization is enabled for this tab. To disable synchronization, clear the checkbox.

    2. Sync your content. Click the sync button at the bottom right of the screen to synchronize your content. Only the information in the list of the content that you have enabled synchronization for can be synced to your computer. If you make changes to any of the settings, click on apply. You can also synchronize your device iOS over Wi-Fi.


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  • WiFi does not work on my P750 Satellite

    I have a laptop by Satellite P750B about 3 months. and I can't get on wireless networks more.The wirelesss led near the power on switch turns on but when I press FN + F8 I tells me that I have to turn on the wireless. Is there a solution to this?

  • Satellite A200 - 1 GB and the problem of build-in microphone

    My microphone build-in does not work. I tried to play with all the options in my volume controls and my webcam software.What can I do else? Is there a driver for him ' cos from what I've read, it came with the driver for the webcam.Furthermore, I wen

  • implement the officejet 4500 to print documents from my ipad

    How do I configure my Officejet 4500 wireless to print documents from my Ipad?

  • Difficulty of security windows in the toolbar alert

    I have kaspersky internet security installed but I am getting security alert windows in the toolbar, it says anti virus not found but the kaspersky is running