Synchronize Photos

Lost a few hours now to understand how to import pictures into my PC and yet I don't got no place.

My iPhone is connected with a USB key and correctly synchronized via iTunes.

That's why I opened iTunes on the left menu, I select Photos. Check synchronize Photos and I see that he treats the synchronization.

Then I open my photo library directory and find another directory called iPod Photo Cache. I guess that this is where all the photos have been synchronized, but guess what. There are interminable subdirectories with .ithmb file types.

How can I see the pictures?


Take a look at these articles import photos and videos from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support

Keep your photos safely stored and updated on all your devices - Apple Support

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  • iPhone does not synchronize photos correctly


    I use iPhone 6 and are having problems since iOS 9.3 update.

    I don't want to have pictures in iCloud or want to synchronize the photos app. I have a folder on my mac book: there are several subfolder and each holds a couple of photos and images.
    It worked well, but since iOS 9.3 files synchronizes any more. IPhone sync problems - I can't delete photos on the iPhone.
    I tried to solve this problem by creating a new empty a folder - but if I try to sync iTunes starts the synchronization process and fails with the message: iPhone could not be found, but the iPhone is still connected and hit anything the iPhone. Synchronization of an empty folder will not change the photos on my iPhone, or any change in iTunes will delete the photos on the iPhone.

    The last time, I reset my iPhone. I had a backup restore, and after I could synchronize photos from the new record.
    Now, I made an iPhone update iOS 9.3.3 and the same thing happens again...

    It's not funny, it's terrible... and no, I'm not impressed by apple. I want the Apple of comfort back, represented in the...

    Hello Steffen_R y..

    Thanks for stopping by the communities Support from Apple! What you describe, it seems you want to have your photos synced via iCloud. In addition, you do not want to delete some photos from your iPhone by syncing in iTunes 6. I know that I would be able to manage my photos on my own terms, and I will be happy to provide you with some resources.

    To start, we will make sure all your photos are imported safely to your computer, so you may lose important memories. The following article will guide you in this process:

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Once we know your photos are safe, we can begin the process of disabling the feature photos in iCloud on your devices and setting up of your devices to sync manually content via iTunes. Let's start by disable synchronization of photos via iCloud. This article includes steps on how to turn off iCloud photo library and how to remove photos from iCloud:

    Get help with your iCloud photo library

    This section specifically:

    How can I remove iCloud all the contents of the library of photos to iCloud and my devices?

    To turn off your iCloud photo library, follow these steps:

    • On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, go to settings > iCloud > storage > storage management > iCloud photo library, and then select Disable and remove.
    • On your Mac, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud. Click on manage, select Photo library, and then select Disable and remove.

    Photos and videos will be stored in your account for 30 days. To download your photos and your videos on your iOS device, go to settings > iCloud > Photos and select Download and keep the originals. On your Mac, open the photo, choose Photos > Preferences, and select to download the originals of this Mac. You can also select the photos and videos you want tΘlΘcharger

    You can also turn off the flow of My photos and iCloud, photo sharing feature. This can be done by the same way as above.

    Once that features photo iCloud is disabled on both your devices, we can turn our attention to iTunes. First of all, let us make sure that the Auto-Sync feature is disabled. Without your connect your iPhone, launch iTunes. From there, click on in the upper left corner near the Apple iTunes logo. Then click on Preferences > devices and make sure that there is a check mark next to 'prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads of automatic synchronization.

    Now that automatic synchronization is disabled, we will be able to connect to your iPhone and then work to remove all pictures from your camera. This resource provides steps on how to manually synchronize the photos on your iPhone, as well as how to remove all or part of your photos:

    Keep your photos safely stored and updated on all your devices

    I want to emphasize this section for your specific:

    Turn off sync iTunes

    If you want more pictures synced to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, turn off sync in iTunes and they will be removed from your device. You can disable synchronization for some of your photo albums or all of them at once.

    Stop the synchronization of some albums

    1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
    2. Click the device icon in iTunes.
    3. Click on the Photos.
    4. Choose "Selected Albums" and deselect the albums or collections you want to stop synchronizing.
    5. Click on apply.

    Stop synchronization of all photos

    1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
    2. Click the device icon in iTunes.
    3. Click on the Photos.
    4. Uncheck 'Synchronize Photos' and then click 'remove all '.
    5. Click on apply.

    Learn how remove photos and videos synced from iTunes when you can not access the originals.

    Take care!

  • synchronize photos iCloud: appleid often repeated connection required

    Often, for 'request' or 'force' photo synchronization to start, we'll each device in turn, go to settings, select the appleid and the account and re - enter the password. It's as if he has somehow (for purposes of Photos) was disconnected.

    However, it should be noted, all the other iCloud synchronization took place without a hitch (for example, Safari, Contacts, Notes, calendar, app folders, etc.). It's just photos synchronization, in the presence of Wi - fi, which sometimes is, shall we say, "hesitant." Very annoying.

    The devices involved are two iPads, two iPhones, and two MacBook Pro. All sharing an appleid to iCloud sharing purposes. We pay a premium for the extra space iCloud, we store a potload of photos. All the appropriate settings have been made on all the devices (including the photo allowing stream). I've been through, several times, the painful process of disabling iCloud synchronize Photos, restart devices and turning iCloud synchronize Photos on. I say painful because he was wearing the re-synchronization of these potloads of photos on each of the six devices danged. Next for each. Grrr...

    If someone has a reasonable suggestion on how I could get this to work more smoothly, I would appreciate more surely hear.

    The specific photo related questions what do you see? You are activating / deactivating photos works for each device, but we did not know, why you feel that is necessary.

    If you have iCloud that active library, the photo stream is redundant and is not used.

    On the 2 phones, howe, a lot of space is always available and that you have optimized enabled anywhere to save space?

  • iPhone 6 s + iOS 9.3.1 not synchronize photos between icloud/devices

    A week ago my iphone stopped synchronize photos between devices and, apparently, it is not synchronized with icloud at all. Just test it: I took a picture of my iphone and the ipad. iPhone does not have transfer the photo to icloud, made ipad. (checked on the web)

    I tried to turn off the icloud photo library and then he turned his back, did not help.  Photos iPhone app can say 'update now', but nothing really happens.

    iCloud works with my ipad (ios 931) air2 if.

    iPhone 6s +.

    iOS 931


    Have you tried signing off iCloud on the phone, wait a few minutes and then reconnect?

  • Software BlackBerry synchronize photos and videos of Q10 on the imac iphoto

    How can I synchronize photos of Q10 on my iMac iPhoto? does not always through blackberry link despite the option in the drop down under pictures on link to blackberry, have tried several times with a couple of different phones and computers... it allows to work perfectly with BB7.

    Yes BB link perhaps the question, some users have the same problems with Yosemite since it is so new.

    Maverick same users have the issue, but other users Maverick are not.

    Presumably Apple doesn't make it easy either, but I don't think that's the case, that it is not in their interest to do so because they want you to be happy with your Mac, however there may be no rush also to correct the incompatibility is.

    If there is that a problem with compatibility with Mac BlackBerry BB links will correct it ultimately the question millions $ is then.

    However, someone may find a workaround. You can transfer your data with BB Manager of devices found in the sidebar in the Finder, when your phone is connected via USB. It should be 2 lists, be patient, they are slow to appear, sometimes, once both seem to go forward, if only one is wait 3 minutes for the other one, if it seems not to use one that's here.

    This is how I transfer data to my Mac with the Mavericks, I haven't installed the BB link and it will never install on my Mac.

  • iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 10.0.2) does not synchronize Photos via iTunes ( on OSX Sierra

    Since the update to OSX Sierra and iOS10, I can't sync my Photos between the OSX Photos Photos app and iOS through iTunes. I do not use the iCloud photo library as I have too many pictures. Synchronization between the iPhone and iTunes via the USB cable is abandoned. Can you please help?

    Error message is: "the iPhone" iPhone 6 more "could not be synchronized because the synchronization session failed to end.

    It's not work at all?  Have you tested to synchronize just a few photos, and not all at the same time?  Is it possible to synchronize at least a JPG file to iPhone?

    Error message is: "the iPhone" iPhone 6 more "could not be synchronized because the synchronization session failed to end.

    Synchronization finished, if you are trying to synchronize the pictures at all? It could be another synchronized element that generated this message.

  • I have to restart my mac to synchronize photos

    My pictures do not synchronize the photos I take: they appear as a blanck square but not download not only after I restart my mac they will appear...

    This really *-does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

    This seems to be a problem for many users.  This is something that Apple needs to address.  Tell Apple about it in detail through

  • How can I keep to synchronize photos from my PC that are already on my iPad?

    I have a folder with 1000 images on my PC and I use iTunes to synchronize these images on my iPad. Now, these 1000 images are on my iPad. Large. Now, if I add 10 photos to the same folder on my PC and I have then to add 10 new photos to my iPad, I have to re-sync every 1000 previous images that are already on my iPad just to get 10 new? Alternatively, it will ignore those already on my iPad and transfer only the nine? Thank you.

    The synchronization process includes an "analysis" of what already exists. You should see the new net images actually transferred.

  • How can I synchronize photos with dropbox

    The idea is to use dropbox as a HD to avoid wasting space from mac hd.

    You can keep the photos in your Dropbox, but not a library of Photos. Synchronization with Dropbox will corrupt a library of Photos.

    Move your photos library to an external HD which is locally mounted (not a SIN), and is in the Mac OS extended (journaled) format if you need to move the library of Photos of your system drive.

  • Synchronize photos between desktop PC, Tablet and mobile devices

    Hi, I can't understand how works mobile sync, hope that someone would want to guide me.

    My goal is to have a subset of my photos are synchronized between desktop PC (MAC OS x running full LR CC), smartphone (mobile LR) and my Tablet (10 Windows running full LR CC).

    I managed to set up a Collection on my desktop PC that synchronizes with Mobile - for example, this collection is where I have some photos that relate to share between my devices. For example my smart phone can see these photos and I can also add photos to the collection of my smart phone that appears on the desktop.

    However, when you run the LR tablet, I can't get the same link. For example when I activate sync he wants to delete my existing association of the lightroom file and delete all the photos in the cloud. Mobile synchronization does not work between complete lightroom different instances or am I doing wrong?

    And if not possible, is there as another way of synchronization necessary here I can ask that only a subset of my photos (my Tablet cannot hold my complete database of photos)? I looked at the area of the creative cloud but it seems to be the manual copy area and I don't break my photos out (or duplicate physically) in different physical locations on the hard drive of my desktop PC? 

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi K0LDING,

    The synchronization between a main catalog and several mobile versions.

    This could be a problem if you have the full Lighroom program installed on your Tablet and you try to synchronize an another catalog outside of your PC and according to the message, which allows to synchronize would remove the previous synchronized data.

    You can install Lightroom Mobile on your Tablet and synchronization through that.

    Kind regards


  • Synchronize photos between 2 computers

    I have 2 desktops in different places. I run Lightroom on both and keep the catalogue on Dropbox. Because 2 sites are very remote and I can access the remote computer from the one local, I have never had a problem with the maintenance of the synchronized catalog. However, I'm done over time using a very complicated method to synchronize my photos on both computers. I don't have room on my SSD to keep my pictures on the computer and kept them on a mini of Drobo (is not networked) connected to each computer. I support these photos to a carrier, which gives me a local and a remote backup. At the end of each month, I copy the folder of this month of Drobo to the carrier, and when I move the places I copy new files on the carrier to Drobo to this place. However, given that I work from the Drobo and back to carry, photos that are transferred from a folder to another on the Drobo as he tried to organize the photos of 15 tend to not move on the carrier, so they also are transferred to the remote computer. I'm looking for suggestions for a simpler and more elegant solution to keep my work on both computers synced folders and providing a local or remote backup solution. With the photo viewer in each place, be a player fast enough to run that Lightroom at top speed is also important for me.

    I'm not on a particular budget and reflected on the use of Synologies, but do not have an idea of how fast they are or how sure they synchronize. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Hi badgermom,

    It seems that you want to use the Lightroom catalog on two different computers.

    I suggest you keep the images and the catalog in the external hard drive. You just connect the hard drive of the computer you use and start Lightroom using the catalog from an external hard drive.

    I hope this helps.

    ~ UL

  • Why can´t I synchronize photos with their previous version in lightroom after doing editations in Photoshop?


    -J' have a RAW-foto in Lightroom, that I have already edited with tools in lightroom (color, clarity, whitebalance etc..)

    -I need to change some things in Photoshop, so I right click and select (CTRL + E) "(Edit in photoshop)"

    -A version without my lightroom to photoshop editations openes, I do my editations it

    -J' I save the photo in photoshop, and it is imported to my catalog of lightroom as a PSD file, being stacked with the original. -well, now the problem:

    -If I select the new and the original version (RAW + PSD file) and try to synchronize my editations to lightroom for the PSD of the file, changes color completely and there are even a few place moves through the face of the model, that DO NOT EXIST in the original photo this synchronization to I m starting! WHY! I really do not understand...

    See here on my Dropbox for a better understanding (for some reason that I can't download the pictures directly here):

    Dropbox - help adobe

    Thank you for your help appreciated

    Process of synchronization of lla you describe, it's not how it should work. When you edit in Photoshop with Ctrl-E, Lightroom, must pass the file raw and XMP data for your montages on Photoshop. Photoshop uses his Camera Raw engine to make these changes, and you should see a background layer that has all of your edits included.

    the fact that you do not see the changes in Photoshop makes me suspicious that you have an old version of Photoshop (with an old Camera Raw). What version of LR and PS do you use? If you use an older Photoshop here, by what to do:

    Normally, you will see a dialog box warning that would give you the opportunity to 'Return in Lightrom', but you may have disabled it. To reset, go in Edition > Preferences > General and click the button "reset all warning dialog boxes.»

    Once you do this, opening in an earlier version of Photoshop will trigger an alert allowing you the choice of 'open anyway', or "make in Lightroom."  You must choose to render in Lightroom.

    HD ++

  • How can I synchronize photos from iPhone to Windows via WIFI free of charge?


    I want to have a copy of my iPhone photos automatically on my pc windows in optimal quality.

    It is an easy step when using icloud. But: after 5 GB I have to pay for it.

    Would be better to have only the last 5 GB of photos online, others on iPhone and PC.

    Or is there another way (live, automatically)?

    I also tried PhotoSync once, but was not very stable with large loads.

    I know that this method is not automatically...

    1.) connect your iPhone to your Windows computer

    2.) open Windows Explorer (Windows + E) and select your iPhone

    3.) GB of internal storage > DCIM > 100Apple & 101Apple...

    In this folder, you will find all your photos and movies.

    Now you can copy the photos and movies on your computer.



  • synchronize photos from iPad to PC & ne can not find them

    I have synced my photos/videos from my iPad with iOS 9.3.1 2 Air on my laptop with a Windows 7 professional OS.

    I can not find them... someone can you please say they their whereabouts?

    Thank you!

    They are usually pulled into the hot folder on a Windows computer

  • Synchronize photos iMac, iPad, iPhone

    I have a photo library iCloud linked to my iMac (OS X, 10.11.3), iPad (Air, iOS 9.2.1) and the iPhone 6 (iOS 9.2.1).

    Sync between iPad and iPhone is going without any problems and all the changes less than 1 second. But my iMac does not react.

    When I make a change in the Photos on my iMac (removal of a photo for example), nothing happens on my iPad or iPhone...

    Meanwhile, pictures says it is downloading 7,306 photos/movies, just like yesterday and the day before. Nothing happens.

    Until last week, everything is perfect...

    (What I've done wrong?)


    Until the download is complete nothing is downloaded if there is no change will take place - the Ospreys or simply slow upload?


Maybe you are looking for