Syncronize to acquisition of data with the generation of signals

Hello everyone,

My request is generate pulses on the output of two different to drive two LEDs and acquire detected pulse signal amplified photodiode.

Actually pulses are generated by starting the writing on the analog output, and then start the acquisition (I need 200ms on average), stop the acquisition, turn off the driving LED and develop the acquisition and record the results.

All this in a cycle it takes about 1.5 seconds to run.

Next step would be to drive the outputs with a waveform (duty cycle of 50% of width of 250 ms) and acquire the signal of the photodiode in synchronization with the edge of the pulse.

I tried to use the trigger function, but the examples are not clear on how to do it.

I use NI 9205 or 9215 to acquire signals.

Is there a particular entry to be used as a trigger?

Thank you very much for your attention


I found that NI 9205 has inputto that one be used as trigger signal, i.e. AI0.

At latest


Tags: NI Hardware

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