System/Intel WIFi Link Wireless problems

I have a HDX18t, running Vista.

I have two things on course, that can be linked to another.

First of all is a problem with the wireless assistant. The wireless on the keyboard area light is always red/orange. It will not change to blue when you press. Wireless Assistant does NOT open when I tell him. Now, I had this problem in the past and was able to remedy somehow after research on the internet. After much searching this time, I can't understand what I did or where I found the solution.

Now, here's the other thing that happens.  When I run the Diagnostics Windows network, one of the messages is "NIC"Intel(r) WiFi Link 5100 AGN"experiencing driver or hardware related issues.»  It is a new motherboard, which I really hope has nothing to do with it.  I hope that the Wireless Assistant holds the key...

It won't let me connect to internet to even try to fix or something.  I know that everything is fine with my wireless network, because I have another laptop which works very well with the wireless netowork.


Well, we discovered that 'someone' has put the WLAN module in the spot of TV tuner! We changed it and now the blue light comes on, and we are able to get online! Thanks a lot for your help! I'm sorry, we didn't know about this before, but you said that it must be related material! You were right!

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  • Intel WiFi Link 5100 network card - cannot detect wireless networks

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-1270us. My wireless card is an Intel WiFi Link 5100.

    Running Windows Vista 64 bit, Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint and Fedora Linux (various versions, all), the wireless works fine. My desktop computers to work with wireless cards to connect to the network work very well, and all computers (except mine) to connect to my home network very well; which means that it is not a problem with wireless networks, or with my network card. I try to manually connect to the network, but it can't find it. Diagnosis requires that the card is disabled, and that I should turn it on via the switch on my laptop running: fact.

    During the installation of Windows 7 64 bit, I cannot see wireless networks (and therefore unable to connect). Re-formated and reinstalled again, check the wireless connectivity between each batch of Windows Update, but it has never worked.

    I downloaded the latest drivers from Intel, via Microsoft Compatibility Center (version 15.2.0 driver).

    There is no system restore option because he has never worked as a first step, except in all other OS, I got on the computer. Microsoft Compatibility says the map is compatible, then Device Manager shows no problems. The network adapter is active via switch on my laptop.

    Happy that you guessed it sorted!

  • Lenovo X61T: (Intel WiFi Link 4695AGN) wireless adapter doesn't work!

    Hey guys,.

    I have been a user of X61T (tablet) for over 2 years now and have never had problems of WiFi connection, either. I've upgraded to Windows 7 last year and things have only improved.

    Today, however, after the uninstall of a program called "Connectify" that basically turns your laptop into a WiFi hotspot, my wireless Radio JUST doesn't work! My wireless Radio switch (it's at the front) is on (I pushed to the right). Until yesterday, it was working great. I even used my wireless network to create a hotspot WiFi using Coonectify. I also removed from Connectify because it did not work. And then I just uninstall Connectify because I don't see an interest in the creation of a hotspot, when I have a wireless router at home. I restarted my PC and her Viola - wireless RADIO WAS DEAD! I do not see the Green LED for WiFi on the far left will blink more. Gone!

    Went to Device Manager, and I see no problem with the device of 4695 Intel WiFi Link driver. Again, I uninstalled and downloaded the newest one. STILL DOES NOT!

    I checked the records to see if I can find all the entries of Connectify which may cause the problem, but Nada! Nothing there too! I feel fairly pessimistic because I got a new wireless router yesterday NETGEAR N-150 and even not 24 hours later, I'm back using the ETHERNET cable.

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me here! Thank you.

    Re-installed the device driver and the problem disappeared!

    PS, I hope that my post was in the less entertaining... I feel that sheepish now!

  • Refresh your wifi Lenovo R500 Intel WiFi Link 5100 in Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260


    Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade your Lenovo R500 Intel WiFi Link 5100 wifi to Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260.

    Reference to buy:

    A reference that is inside the laptop: /

    -L' a long.

    Welcome to the forum!

    You need a modded BIOS to be able to use this card in R500. Stock BIOS will not allow the machine start with him.

  • HP ProBook s 4710: Bluetooth missing on HP ProBook 4710 s (Windows 7 64-bit) - Intel WiFi - Link 5100 AGN


    I have a strange problem:

    I have two HP ProBook s 4710 here in front of me. The two "seems" to have the same hardware inside (I don't see any difference on the stickers in the back).

    I have install both of them with the same USB with Windows 7N 64-bit.

    After the installation is complete (no additional driver installed).

    the first bluetooth ProBook has

    the second bluetooth ProBook has NO!

    I checked the BIOS, every two active a bluetooth settings on both.

    WLAN works on both.

    On the first s I can also install the bluetooth drivers latest, on the second, I can't. Always the message occurred ("no device was detected. Make sure that... »).

    Device Manager indicates, the two ProBooks Intel WiFi - Link 5100 AGN, the first s also Bluetooth-device listed, the second of not.

    What the hell is going on here?


    It is very strange because the HP Wireless Assistant software is registered directly on the support page and driver 4710 under the solutions section.

    If this is the case, try the latest HP Connection Manager software which does the same thing the software assistant wireless.

    Here's the theory behind your dilemma (except radio BT died).

    This laptop once had the connection manager (since the software assistant Wireless does not) installed, and you can use this software to individually disable bluetooth or devices rather than using the wireless button wireless.

    I guess that for example, turn off the stereo bluetooth with the connection manager to save a small amount of battery power, which increases the time before having to recharge the battery.  But you can still use the wireless.

    The hardware button turns both off the coast.

    The big problem is...

    If none of these devices are turned off by the wireless assistant or the connection manager software and that you reinstall the operating system or to update or other, wireless or bluetooth devices do not appear in the Manager of devices as if they are dead or don't exist.

    And what makes this more puzzled, is that if you check the BIOS, you will see that they are present and active!

    The only way to make them work again, is to turn them on by using the Deputy Director or the wireless connection software.

    This is why it is absolutely essential to ensure that these devices have been turned on before you reinstall the operating system.

    For those people that upgrading to W10, none of these programs work on W10, so if the BT has been disabled, the user must return to W7, activate the bluetooth, uninstall the connection manager or the wireless assistant software, reboot, ensure that the device is always on and then upgrade to W10.

    Here is the link to the software of the support page for your laptop connection manager...


    If this doesn't work or the other, I suspect that the BT module does not work (all hardware failures).

  • Intel WiFi Link 1000 bgn @ E220s: visible, but will not connect to access point


    just got my new E220s - love it! Only problem is that I can see the wireless access points, but whenever I try to connect to them it says: "Windows could not connect to '.»»

    My setup is a Lenovo TinkPad E220s: Intel Core i5, Intel WiFi Link 1000 bgn, Bluetooth 3.0, 7200 RPM 320 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, Windows7 Home Premium.

    My system is up to date with regard to the update of Windows and Lenovo BIOS update.

    * A tried to connect to a FritzBox 7141 (b, g, g ++ standards)

    * with WPA - PSK: entered the password-> problem as above

    encryption-> problem as above

    * Connection I tried with 'eduroam' (wifi popular education in the world)-> problem as above

    * Using the driver Lenovo 14.0.1-> problem as above

    * Manually install driver Intel> problem as above

    'Manual Diagnostic tool' Intel:

    * test hardware: past

    * pilot: past

    * radio test: past

    * scan test: past

    * association test: failed

    * other tests: does not work

    Some diagnoses more Windows:

    Details about network adapter diagnosis: 
    Network adapter Wireless Network Connection driver information:
       Description . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN
       Manufacturer  . . . . . . . . . : Intel Corporation
       Provider  . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel
       Version   . . . . . . . . . . . :
       Inf File Name . . . . . . . . . : C:\Windows\INF\oem14.inf
       Inf File Date . . . . . . . . . : Tuesday, November 09, 2010  8:43:32 AM
       Section Name  . . . . . . . . . : Install_MPCIEX_Lenovo_1000_HMC_BGN_WIN7_64
       Hardware ID . . . . . . . . . . : pci\ven_8086&dev_0084&subsys_13158086
       Instance Status Flags . . . . . : 0x180200a
       Device Manager Status Code  . . : 0
       IfType  . . . . . . . . . . . . : 71
       Physical Media Type . . . . . . : 9


    Problem solved. Of wire antennas was not of all attached to the card and the other it has established relationships by chance. It took me 3/4 of an hour to turn off the battery, remove the keyboard, attach wires to the NIC (quite difficult due to lack of space) and put it all together. Then everything worked fine.

    Thanks for the help, forum!

    E220s rocks!

  • W500 Intel wifi Link 5300 AGN - No N?

    I have a W500 with Win 7 x 64. I have the Intel wifi link 5300 AGN wireless card and drivers Intel,

    In devices, Advanced tab, Manager it shows these settings for 802.11n properties. But at the bottom of the list, the wireless Mode, it shows 802.11a/b/g. There is no mode N. Is that this card capable of the speeds Wireless N? Thank you for your help.

    "N" is not a specific mode that you set on the wireless card, options must be various mixtures of A, B and G listed.

    802. 11b and 802.11 G are both in the 2.4 Ghz range, where everything and his brother uses including microwave ovens, cordless phones, etc. It is therefore very noisy, but common. 802.11 G is the version high speed 802. 11B; If anything the frequency wireless 'channel' only supports 802. 11B, everything about this channel is limited to the 802. 11B.

    A is in the range 5.0 Ghz and 802. 11A is the * ONLY * thing; It is also a much less common standard, you need wireless routers that support, etc. If you can use it, do.

    802.11n is actually one 'upgrade' to others, allowing the channel bonding multiple and very wide channels, which increase a LOT of bandwidth.

    But for example on both my T61p and W530 my "Wireless Mode" options are: a, b, g, b/g, a / g, a/b/g. I have another '802.11n Mode' option to enabled/disabled in the tab advanced on my wireless card.

  • Alternative to wireless Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN card?

    I find that my Intel 5100 AGN wireless network card does not work as well as he used to.  I tried everything... even the drivers are perfectly up-to-date.  But I keep losing the connection to my wireless router, even if the strength of connection between 3 and 4 bars.  I find that I rarely make me fall if I have 5 bars.  But if it drops to 3, I get periodically fall any wireless network that I use.

    I want to replace this card by something better, but of course compatible with the HP dv5 (my specific model is dv5t-1000).  Any recommendations?

    "If you keep an open mind, life will give you more opportunities."

    Hi, Gary:

    What I meant by my statement about you have the best of the cards available for your laptop is that, Yes, I'm sure that the Intel 5300 is an improvement on the 5100, but the problem is that you can not install the 5300 in your notebook.

    The Intel 5300 is not supported (only the numbers of cards/coins listed in the service manual can be installed) and your laptop wouldn't start until you have removed the card.

    You can try another card in the manual, if you wish.

    However, you are limited to the:

    4322 Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN module

    Broadcom BCM4312 802. 11 b / module g WLAN (not a N Wireless card)

    I guess you can use an external USB adapter, but I would like to get one with an external antenna connected to him, because I would have to believe that installing wire of 3 antenna in your address must provide superior reception on a simple USB wireless adapter with an internal antenna as its single antenna.

    The antennas go all the way to the top of your screen.

    Tinker you with advanced network adapter settings?  They can be found by clicking on the card in the Device Manager, click the Advanced tab.  Take note of where the parameters are now so if something is buggy, you can change their return.

    Here is a guide to the advanced settings that you have and the recommended settings for them.


  • KB 915597 Def updated - immediate problem of connection to the network; Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN is present, "working properly", but "there is no network to connect to."

    My "update journal" indicates that this definition has been installed at 05:47 (Saturday 111/21), the same moment where pages failed to load and the small icon of net showed no link. (I had fortunately been web surfing until - filled bars.)

    This is an update "cannot be uninstalled." I did a restore of the system to the previous Thursday, and then to the previous week, without change in condition. . I powered completely off and on again several times, without success.

    There is a note on the update for - who takes me to a page with a bunch of stuff on the installation of a BizTalk adapter. (snippet below included) This is way beyond my ability to understand... I DON'T know how to edit the registry, but I don't know what to change, if this ' even common sense.

    The update could have messed with the IP addresses?

    I tried net diagnostics ("no network to connect to"); I tried to add a new network - the 'check' the devices window just sits there...

    (Yes, my other devices connected wireless - works perfectly.) The computer has not been moved from its site)

    (This is a piece of the message I get from the url above)
    "You can use the BizTalk for MSMQ adapter and adapter BizTalk Message Queuing on the same computer. However, given that these two adapters use the same port, you must add an IP address to your computer as BizTalk adapt for MSMQ can use. »

    [1] I bought the Dell in August as 64-bit extensible and Dell sent me a Win7 disc...

    [2] indeed, McAfee came with the machine as a trial version...

    [3] I think I might start by reinstalling the Win7 update...

    A1. The Dell computer came with Vista 64-bit SP1 edition? [Yes/No]

    A2. Your current McAfee application is supported in Windows 7 64 bit? [Yes/No]

    If the free trial version of McAfee is always installed, when the free trial period expire?

    If you have purchased McAfee application, did you do before the expiration of the free trial period?  [Yes/No]

    You never downloaded & run a utility named McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool? [Yes/No]

    A3. Please do not confuse the upgrade your version of Windows with 'update your computer' (e.g. Windows Update), especially in these forums.

    If you've upgraded to Win7 64-bit, you can't "start over by reinstalling the Win7 [upgrade]." If you want to reinstall Windows, you need to reinstall Vista SP1, and then reapply the upgrade to Win7.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • No Wireless N on Tecra M10 with Intel Wifi Link 5100agn a XP Pro


    I can not connect mode n to my wireless n router. There's always going to G.
    The driver that I use is 4.3.2009.

    802.11n mode is enabled, everything is set by default.

    Without thread-mode is set to standard, a., b and g.
    I wonder why the n modus is not shown here. This is perhaps the reason why I can't use the n-modus?

    Thanks for any help



    > Wireless mode is set to standard, a, b, and g.

    Do you want to say that these WiFi modes (A, B and G) are defined in the settings of your WLan card?
    If Yes, then this would be the reason why the M10 doesn t use the Draft N.

    If you want to use the Draft N then this standard Wlan key must be activated in the router WLan and Wlan card settings!

    Wlan card settings can be changed in:
    Device Manager-> Wlan card properties-> Advanced tab

  • Intel wifi link 1000 bgn on Hp laptop connection only to 65 Mbps or Mbps even 58, then 130 for 1 second then back to slow speed.

    I recently bought a computer hp laptop and enjoy wireless n to my house.  I have an another hp laptop which connects to 130 Mbps and never changes.  This laptop however changes constantly and never stays in 130.  It is generally about 58 or 65 and then change during 1 second to 117 or 130 then back to slow speed.  I noticed on the laptop properly configured, it says:
    IPv4 Internet connectivity
    local IPv6 connectivity
    active state media
    130 Mbps speed

    On slow computer, he States:

    IPv4 Internet connectivity
    IPv6 connectivity no internet no access
    active state media
    65 Mbps speed

    I don't know if this means anything, but I guess for this.  Is there something misconfigured on laptop #2 or what?  I can't understand this.  I would like to be sure that this adapter in this laptop is also able to maintain 130 Mbit/s, but there are no at that speed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    I had the same problem with the same Intel adapter WiFi 1000 BGN.  Two things fixed.  My router by default, the band of 2.4 Ghz to a maximum of 130 Mbps for backward compatibility.  Change this 300 Mbps.  Second if your router allows you to set the parameters for QoS make you that WMM is enabled.  Thirdly, map properties network by default to the following on the old card NETWORK interface:

    Channel 802.11n for 2.4 band width = 20 Mhz only

    802.11n mode = disabled

    Ad Hoc QoS = WMM disabled

    The default values have the capacity "N" disabled, because when the card shipped first Wireless N routers were rare, and it has improved the flow of 'G '.  Change them to 'Auto', 'Enabled' and 'active WMM.  The last of them allows the priority to multimedia for the peer-to-peer network data local transfers (i.e. - video streaming, music between two computers in the same House).  Hope that helps.


  • Satellite U400-177 - low connection using Intel Wifi Link 5100


    Recently, I have problems with my wifi connection.

    I don't know why, but now the connection is erratic, when my connection was in the recent past 30Mbps is now 1, 10 or 20 I'm talking about 1 feet near the router.

    I have the latest version of the driver and cannot find a solution.

    I think the change of the card with a new one as the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6230.
    Don't you know it is compatible?

    Thanks in advance.


    As much as I know there is no information on the compatibility between the Wlan card and laptop computer.
    So you have to test yourself

    But if the BIOS recognizes this Wlan key correctly, then it shouldn't be a problem to use this
    According to the Wlan card specifications, this card allows connectivity to 2.4 GHz to access the old 802. 11 b / g networks and 5 GHz for higher speeds and greater capacity of the network.

    However, I m the U400 laptop owner and my WiFi works correctly.

    But I ve disabled all features for the Wlan that allows using the card with the best performance of energy saving. You can disable this in win 7 power management.

  • Intel Wifi Link 1000 bgn short range

    Hello, I have RMA had my Ideapad Y560 2 times and still have a problem, they stated that the Wifi has been tested and fully functional. Here's my problem.

    I can ONLY get connected wireless to my router/modem when I'm in the same room as the router. Once I leave the room, I immediately lose the connection, or it shows as 'Access restricted' and I can not internet, even if the network is still detectable with a range of 4 to 5 bars.

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium, I also tried to use GNOME linux boot cd, I've updated to latest drivers, I put wireless in the management of energy for maximum performance in all cases, I disabled the "disable wireless when power economic option" same result.

    I called my ISP and they couldn't help either.

    If anyone can help me please let me know, I really hope I don't have to deposit to RMA a 3rd time Lenovo customer support is really great, but these guys are making too many errors on the end of the repair.

    Nope, I just got back from RMA, I was right it WAS the antennas. Works fine now, thanks Lenovo!

  • Intel WiFi Link 5300 cannot connect to the Internet

    Recently, I needed to restore my T500 to factory default. After doing so I was not able to gain access to content on my wireless network. It will conect to point access, get the IP settings, etc., but when I try to go on the internet, or whatever it is on my network, it says its an invalid name/address. If I plug the LAN, everything works fine. Someone at - it suggestions?

    I am running Vista Ultimate. I found the problem earlier today. Laptop was fine, router / ap was beautiful, firewall networks wasn't very good. Re installed the Linux operating system and everything is fine.

  • my technology Intel wifi problem

    I use dell inspiron n5010.i want to use my wifi to intel but technology so that I need to install intel wifi driver.when I try to install intel wimax or any other intel driver, he has not install.only installs it mini 1501 dell wirless half but with whom I can not use intel wireless proset/technology.can someone please suggest a solution to use wifi technology intel

    Hi aamerpk,

    In order to use technology Intel® My WiFi (Intel® MWT), your system must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • A compatible Intel wireless card. Click the link for the list of supported cards:
    • Microsoft Windows Vista * or Windows 7 * 32 - bit or 64-bit
    • Software Intel® PROSet/Wireless v12.4.x.x or higher.

    However, it seems that your system has a Dell 1501 wireless card, which is not compatible with Intel® MWT. You may need to purchase and install a compatible wireless card to use the Intel® MWT. The following wireless cards have been tried and tested by dell and are compatible with Intel® MWT:

    • Intel® WiFi Link 6200 802.11agn 2 x 2 Half Mini Card
    • Intel® WiFi Link 6250 802.11agn / WiMax 2 x 2 Half Mini Card

    To get the procedure replacing the wireless card, you can refer to the Service Manual:

Maybe you are looking for

  • Portege R830 had dead blue when the screen connects to wifi or shared internet

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