System recovery failed to show masseage BOOTMGR is missing

I don't have the laptop model. DM1-1030TU; Serial No.. {Deleted private information}; Product no. VZ498PA #ACJ and preloaded OS installed is Windows7 Home Basic edition-32-bit. The laptop was regularly hanged and woring properly, that's why, I applied the system through F11 recovery. Operating system recovery but it could complete nort and showing massage BOOTMGR is missing. Kindly let me know the problem. Probably, it seems that windows and recovery disk is damaged. Please send windows installation software link with validation keys so I could download the software and installed a new on the system.

Thank you


On the link condition windows7 home basic software not found in the list, so, I downloaded iso file of windows 7 premium 32-bit and after to make bootable flash drive loaded on the system. Earlier, my system was with windows 7 home basic 32-bit. Upon activation it does not accept the key came with the COA. What to know. Please notify.

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  • The HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx system recovery failed

    I'm trying a recovery of my CV due to problems that fails to fix with Microsoft office and Photoshop which will not at the restoration work.

    I first used the recovery disks that I did when I bought the computer and ended with "the system recovery failed.

    I then tried with the help of the partition recovery and restore to fail again

    I bought the HP discs to do the recovery and still the same thing. In case of failure

    I read that it could be because of my internet connection, but it is a compressed and wireless and I do not have access to the router connect physically, the internet is password protected.

    I always get the computer to go through all three disks, System Recovery DVD Windows 7 Edition home premium 1 and 2 as well as the Application and driver recovery CD, then he starts the third CD and continues processing but in the end, I get the same message, "the system recovery failed.

    I contacted HP for assistance but they want $99 for the help, I am low income and can not even afford and tech IT much less $99 so trying to fix my computer on my own. I was able to make my daughters Toshiba last week so am able to talk right now, but my computer isn't end of recovery

    I save the file showing what was going on but don't know if I can put it on this post and do not know how to open it up to copy / paste

    Hope to hear from someone soon, thank you very much


    OK, thanks, I got it today. It seems that my hard drive is about 450 GB, which is nice. I thought that it was more room there to 58 GB. I will definitely get this fixed. He said that I have 408 GB unallocated, so now I can get it fixed. You've been a great help thank you


  • System recovery fails on the new HARD drive (HP - DVD, Vista Home Premium 64 - bit, DV4-1225dx)

    I have a Pavilion DV4-1225dx who had a hard drive failure. VISTA Home Premium 64-bit.

    Went to buy the oem HDD @ Tiger Direct (0A 56415 Hitachi Travelstar 5 K 320 Mobile Hard drive - 2.5 ", 5400 RPM, SATA 3 G, 250GB, 8MB Cache) but it was out of stock. I bought the proposed replacement (WD Blue 320 Mobile Hard Drive - designed for the calculation of daily - 2.5 "SATA 3 Gb/s, 5400 RPM, 8 MB c...)

    The HP system recovery DVDs work for more than 12 hours and fails. CTOERROR.flg

    ChkErrBB.CMD: Detect an error in the PININST_BBV

    ChkErrBB.CMD: Check C:\system.sav\logs\BurnBootWarn.log

    In addition to a video driver not install, I found:

    C:windows\system32\Drivers\enecir.sys not found

    Recovering the system formats the HARD disk properly. After that the failure of the HARD drive recovery shows that:

    C: 38.8 GB free of 58.0 GB

    E: 2.02 GB free of 12.9 GB

    15 f009wm 8.1 WIN 64 bit
    Office Jet 2540
    P2-1113w WIN 7 64 bit
    G71-340US WIN 7 64 bit
    dv4-1225dx VIsta 64-bit
    zd7000 WIN XP Pro
    xv886 Millennium WIN / WIN XP Pro
    HP deskjet 6980xi
    HP pavilion xt236 / ze4200 WIN XP Media Edition

    found an another Hitachi 0A 56415 and was able to install with recovery disks. Have used the new and more great as a backup USB drive with in a disk caddy.

  • Recovery Manager cannot restore Presario CQ56 & system does not start, the error BOOTMGR is missing

    1. number and product name

    Compaq Presario CQ56


    2 operating system installed (if applicable)

    Windows 7


    3. error message (if any)

    in the error log:

    Your hard disk (result-failure) id # UAMBXQ - 5H06AK - XD003F - 618U03 - DISK 1

    Start (result-failure) id # UAMBXQ - 5H60AK - XD003F - 40G 403 MEMORY MODULE 2


    4. all changes made to your system until the problem occurred


    There is no change made to the computer, before the restoration of what the computer should start, however, it would freeze once the system was running. Restarting the computer didn't help, and when I tried to restore to an earlier point, he stated that it was impossible to complete the restore. I tried the factory reset, however, it gave me an error message: "Recovery Manager is unable to restore your computer by using the original image. Please contact HP support. Error code: 0xe0ef0003. When I tried to restart the computer later, it gave an error message: "BOOTMGR is missing, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart» How can I fix it?

    305 error refers to a failing hard drive. You will need to replace the hard drive.

    You can check the status of your warranty here.

    If you do not want to repair the laptop you need to contact HP support. If you are in the United States / Canada you can give them a call at 1-800-474-6836. For other countries you will need to visit this site.

    If you do not want to repair the laptop you I can provide useful information, but I'm going to need your product number. This document contains instructions to find the product number.

    I'll keep an eye out for your answer.

  • system recovery fails with the C++ runtime error

    My Compaq CQ610-410US Windows 7 running is unusable. When you use the system recovery, either from CD or recovery, it fails with C++ runtime library program not found contact HP support. Whatever it is, Windows is loaded and the system restore screens appear. Once I answer to remove all the accessories it fails with run-time error. Two questions: (1) is there a way around it? (2) get new disks from HP recovery even work?

    All I can suggest is to order a set of HP and I hope they work. This error is not a municipality and the provided HP recovery discs should work.

  • System recovery failed for a HP Pavilion p7 - 1446 s PC, Windows 8 64-bit operating system.

    My wife was using her recovery of system on its flag, when we had a power outage for about a minute. She tried to restart the computer, but we get a blue screen saying there was an error and we need a system recovery disk. Well my wife never had time to do a computer system recovery disk. I was just wondering what we can do to solve this problem. Can we get a recovery disk HP system and if so how much it will cost. She has the operating system windows 8 on it.

    The product number is H3Z36AA #ABA and serial number is {deleted personal information}.

    We checked and its HP Pavilion is still under warranty.  S thank you very much in advance.

    You can order drives recovery HP HP HERE or the third party provider HERE. The disks should cost $27 or less, depending on where order you from.

    Please send BRAVO

  • System recovery... now the photos are missing

    I did a recovery of the system due to malware or viruses. then makes analysis complete (AVG) and Malware scan, now if I try to go online using Firefox, I get the message that Firefox is already running .i deleted Firefox and reinstalled still get the message, but more importantly, most of my photos is missing.the files are empty, but if I hit 'Properties', it shows 545Mgs size etc.  and during the scans they looked like all the photos were analyzed. Help!


    System recovery means that you reinstalled the operating system and return your computer to the factory settings. What is new.

    All data are lost.

    Many regulars here recommend that you use this program to recover data.

    But restoring the system puts your computer settings to an earlier Date.

    What did you do?


    If you managed somehow to do a system restore when infected with the Malware, read this.

    Some malware to "hide" files of data, etc.

    Read and follow the information to uninstall malware on this link and read the article 19-21 on how it hides data, etc.

    See you soon.

  • System recovery fails on Satellite A30

    Im trying to restore my computer laptop gfriends form provided disks.
    I get about 5% and it omits much of the writing is going strong points that are below:

    Error number: (36000)
    Message: A general Exception occurred
    Version: 7.00
    Command-line :-clone,mode=pload arguments, src = x: \01715000.gho:1, dst = 1:1 - batch

    Anyone got any idea what to do?

    Thanks for any help


    > I just want to add the disk says starting windows 98, but said of the sticker on the Windows XP-based computer
    It's nothing unusual, even if you get this message that Win XP has been on the recovery disk the message appears because load picture ghost Toshiba files.

    But back to the reason why the recovery procedure fails.
    To be honest I m not very well why the recovery procedure can be completed.
    But I suppose there might be something wrong with the HARD drive or partitions on the HARD disk.

    Try to boot from the CD of Microsoft Win XP and format the entire HARD drive.
    Then try to boot from disk Toshiba again and the devil if you could install XP.

    Check it out

  • G71 340US system recovery fails

    One of my friends brought a G71-340US to me which was purchased at a pawn shop.  There was no password for a reload information was in order.  Software recovery was purchased which was a two disc picture refill set and a third CD containing the drivers and utilities.  Recharging began and I chose the path of destructive factory picture.  Recharge seemed to continue as expected using the first CD of the game.  When you are prompted to insert the second CD, the laptop has never recognized the insertion of the second CD.  The button 'Next' of radio would never go bold or respond to mouse clicks.  I just turned off and restarted.  The HARD disk starts but came in what appeared to be a bunch of batch and then reboot again.  This loop has days.  I started above zero. I tried to insert the incorrect CD, utilities and drivers one, when #2 CD was requested.  The process has been able to tell me that I inserted the wrong disk.  I then put in the right disc and it is same thing.

    I'm sure that the HARD drive is OK.  I could get on my XP box and do tests, everything looked good.  I saw two partitions and erased.  So not destructive and destructive tests passed with flying colors.  Put the HARD drive backin the laptop and tried to load a copy retail of Windows 8 and all went well except that I don't want to give this license.  Tried the result once again even refill HP media.  All I can assume is that number 2 CD is bad.  What do you think?

    It sounds as if the second cd/dvd is defective. I would like to ask for a replacement.


    If you can read the Microsoft Windows 7 of 25-character license key attached to the bottom of your laptop, you can download a Windows 7 ISO file to burn to a DVD, the version must match that on the sticker COST Microsoft.
  • BOOTMGR is missing after you mount the new hard drive

    I have an acer 6930g laptop using windows vista. My laptop crashed and left the hard drive corrupt / unreadable, so I set up a hard drive again.
    When I start it shows message BOOTMGR is missing.on restart alt f10 not work.i have the 2 dvd backup which I was invited to burn when I first bought computer I tried to load these, but the ability to load backup Hi drive light not so can not click on it. This option is the factory restore and it shows error impossible restoration - reason 0xd000000d. Click ok to restart the computer... and then I am back to BOOTMGR missing again.


    If you created the backup restore disc complete by using Windows backup and restore, you try to perform the system restore. If you have not created backup disk using restore option, I suggest you to contact the computer manufacturer to restore Windows vista.

    Warning: When you use a Windows complete PC backup image to restore your computer, it is a complete restoration. You cannot choose to restore individual items and all of your current programs, Control Panel, and the files are overwritten. You must regularly back up your files by using the back up files Wizard.

    For your reference, follow the steps in the link:

  • Pavilion 15-d002TX: cannot start my computer. Getting an error like bootmgr is missing...

    I cannot start my computer. It is show as bootmgr is missing... Even he is not able to detect the boot device so that I can start it from a disc.plz help.

    Go into the diagnostic mode by typing F2 you power to the top or esc and select diagnostics... start the scan of the hard drive and report the results here.

  • Recovery of the FAILED system now BOOTMGR is missing


    I have a HP Pavilion DV6-2155dx with win 7 Home premium
    I started having problems with my system and had to retrieve it, but the recovery of the system has failed again and again with the error 0xC0000225. Finally, I found in one of the forums that system recovery partition has not started because somewhere, probably after that I did the new partition, my records have been converted basic dynamic. I had to buy online for $ 30 software back to basic disks, and finally, the recovery partition has been recognized. I chose the option of recovering your system back to the State factory, but after the process started, if failure after only 1% of the process, telling me that the computer cannot be retrieved for the image is missing or something like that, I don't remember the exact message. I said 'ok' and the computer restarted, now I get a MSG "BOOTMGR is missing" using the recovery disk, I tried Chkdsk, but then I realized that the disk is GONE.

    Now, what can I do to access the recovery partition?

    I also try to download an iso of windows 7 that I found a link to here on the forum (to fix the "bootmgr is missing" error) ( but the problem is on the thumbnail activition key below my computer is clearly more and was half-earased.)

    My serial no is [personal information deleted]
    My product is WA781UA #ABA

    Parts of the activation key, that I CAN see is [deleted personal information]

    can you please tell me what was my original activation key, or on the contrary - how can I fix my laptop? I've been around this week! Lose hundreds of hours of work!

    Resolved - I called Microsoft and sent them a photo of the sticker + computer details, and they sent me a new activation key.

  • Laptop HP Emvy 15: System Recovery keeps failing


    I'm trying to reinstall original OS (WIN 8.1).  I use three DVD recovery discs provided by HP, but unfortunately for some reason any recovery keeps failing.   Besides the machine will start only in the first DVD.  According to the BIOS, the laptop was built in 2014 (which apparently has some influence on the recovery someware).

    Any assistance woule be appreciated


    Hi CherylG,

    This somewhat embarrassing.  My problem was solved when the operating system has been reinstalled.  Initially I contacted HP customer care with a view to see what my chances were to have replaced the operating system.  You see the recovery partition has been deleted by mistake when I was convinced to give a Linux OS a go.  I could not get used and decided to return to Windows.

    Anyway somewhere in the conversation with the customer service "re-install" became "valorisation" and a few days later, a system recovery DVD set arrived on my doorstep.  As you know, I tried various methods to try to resolve the problem without success.   Yet once, I talked to CS and it was decided that I send to the machine to HP (AWA) to Sydney for repairs. One day ortol later that I have received a call from a technician who asked if there were files or data on the hard drive that I need to be saved.  I said nothing on the HARD drive and he said thathe would like to reinstall the OS.  That's what the report says, reinstalled OS and the device.

    I guess the moral of this story is to recover whatever it is there must be something to recover.  That's why I kept getting the message "try to restore system failed" or words to that effect.

    See you soon


  • Dv7-6b57NR system recovery error ' The Recovery attempt failed.

    I hope someone can help me with the following problem.  I bought a DV7-6B57NR of a sale by auction online (not Ebay) and they said that they removed the BONE using a program called 'Blanco', because it is a returning customer and they wanted to clean up before data of re - sale.  I ordered recovery disks from HP by product and serial number in order to restore the operating system.

    SN - [removed for privacy]

    PN - A1785UAR #ABA

    I received three recovery DVDs.  2 DVD system recovery and recovery of Driver and Application 1 dvd.

    I tried to restore factory reset.  The process took 30/40 minutes and installed all three discs.  Then the laptop has rebooted and started to load windows, windows 7 logo came and went through more than a few steps.

    Finally it came to a window (Recovery Manager) with the following msg

    "The recovery attempt failed.  Select one of the following buttons"

    There are three buttons

    Save log |  Details |  Retry

    The following is details.  Something attracted my attention is, see below in red (my version of Win 7 should be Home Premium 64-bit).  HP sent me DVDs bad?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    [11:46:24.29] enter audit OS Edition...
    [11:46:24.31] check RStone.ini file to determine the required edition.
    [11:46:24.36] out of checking OS Edition...

    [11:46:24.37] controls if the upgrade to Windows 7 is required.
    [11:46:24.39] current edition is [HomeBasic]...
    [11:46:24.39] [start] necessary. Don't need to upgrade...
    [11:46:24.40] [Starter] needed...
    [11:46:29.08] necessary [Starter] edition. But is not the case of the [Starter] OS...
    [11:46:29.08] OS edition upgrade might have a problem...

    Management and maintenance of deployment images tool
    Version: 6.1.7600.16385

    Image Version: 6.1.7601.17514

    The current edition is:

    Current edition: HomeBasic
    The operation completed successfully.

    Component: TDC Preinstall diagnosis Tools for Windows 7 - TDC
    Error: no OS flag not set on the device, please use EEPROM to set ~ OS SKU ~ value = 2
    [11:47:20.87] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    CTO error condition has been undergoing dtected [update Factory]! ***
    [11:47:20.87] Suggest create PIN-journal and send to TWN PDC NB-PreinPM for further analysis...
    [11:47:20.87] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [11:45:23.44] Start BBOffline.cmd...
    UPDrv = [C:]
    [11:45:23.45] value UIA 951 error Code
    [11:45:23.77] WinPE is 32-bit.
    [11:45:23.78] start [corrections].
    [11:45:23.80] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:45:23.80] FixUps.cmd...
    [11:45:23.81] create overall progress information...
    [11:45:25.42] complete FixUps.cmd...
    [11:45:25.42] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:45:25.42] start [Tweaks for SDRD].
    [11:45:25.42] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:45:25.42] SDRD Tweaks to change the regional settings default user...
    [11:45:25.43] copy C:\System.sav\Util\TDC\MCPP\FBIRES\FBIUSRES. DLL.
    [11:45:25.54] Run "Dism.exe image:C:-/ Set-SKUIntlDefaults: en - U.S.-image: C:
    [11:45:33.16] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:45:33.16] start PININST.exe for offline...
    Housing starts [11:45:47.17] [Sleep 10 sec].
    Starting price [11:45:57.23] [creation RStoneFUpdate.INI].
    [11:46:09.94] start [create 1 GB Pagefile for offline].

    Volume in drive C has no label.
    Volume serial number is 945 B-A81C

    Directory of C:\system.sav\bbv

    05/10/2012 11:46 1 073 741 824 pagefile.sys
    1 file (s) 1 073 741 824 bytes
    0 44,736,749,568 dir bytes free
    [11:46:10.02] the mark detection.

    [11:46:10.28] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:47:01.27] Start SysID Check...
    [11:47:01.98] Start Option control code...
    SKU_DEF_COUNTRY = [244]
    SKU_DEF_SYS_LOC = [en]
    Reset the country in administrator...
    Reset the default user countries...
    System reset located

    Management and maintenance of deployment images tool
    Version: 6.1.7600.16385

    Image Version: 6.1.7601.17514

    Statement of the international settings offline.

    By default system UI language: en-US
    Settings system locale: en-US
    Default time zone: Pacific standard time
    The settings for the default user regional: en-US
    Location: United States (GEOID = 244)
    Active keyboard (s): 0409:00000409
    Keyboard layered driver: PC / AT Enhanced Keyboard (101/102-Key)

    Installed the language (s): en-US
    Type: Fully localized language.

    The operation completed successfully.
    Updating the system locale info...
    [11:47:15.98] Start PIN Tweaks...
    [11:47:16.01] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.01] PIN Tweaks to hide all for BurnBoot PBO and BBV2 on restored image...
    [11:47:16.01] ----------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.01] Tweaks to Unattend.xml of OOBE
    [11:47:16.01] to pick up the right file...
    [11:47:16.01] ----------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.01] rename to unattend.or_
    [11:47:16.04] ----------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.04] without light sensor...
    [11:47:16.05] ----------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.07] it is restored by SDRD [SSRD.flg] image...
    [11:47:16.07] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.10] Start MIR Tweaks...
    [11:47:16.15] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.15] [MIR Tweaks]...
    [11:47:16.15] ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    [11:47:16.18] starting factory updates...
    [11:47:18.02] installation start QFE offline...
    [11:47:20.69] PININST_OFF: PAST...

    [11:47:20.73] Type C:\System.sav\Logs\BBFindEr.log...

    [11:47:20.75] Type C:\System.sav\Logs\BBFindE0.log...

    Result = PAST

    [11:47:20.78] Type C:\System.sav\Logs\BBFindEr.log...

    [11:47:20.78] Type C:\System.sav\Logs\BBFindE0.log...

    [11:47:20.80] FUList.log to check if there are double Desc...
    No duplication.
    [11:47:20.86] duplicated No. Desc is located... PAST.
    [11:47:20.87] there was no update from the factory...

    You are the very welcome.

    You will only be able to install programs available on the page of the driver and support for your laptop.

    Use the Windows backup tool to create a system image and save it on a portable hard drive.

    Use the dvd or flash drive bootable do you reinstall windows from the recovery image by selecting the repair option you will find on the installation screen.

  • The FBU GUI Manager caused failed recovery Sys, Bootmgr is missing error

    I recently received a set of 32 Bit System Recovery DVD to HP for a Pavilion dv9700(t Turion).  My laptop has an AMD Turion 64 X 2 64-bit processor.   I studied this processor, and it is 64-bit.

    S/N: [Personal information deleted], P/N: KN866UA #ABA, Pavilion dv9700

    The 32 Bit system recovery DVD load and work correctly in a 64-bit machine platform?  Recovering the system fails to operate to the end.  The hard drive has been thoroughly tested and has no problem

    Any help is appreciated.

    I solved this problem, that so many other people have trouble with. The HP System Recovery worked great until the 'FBI GUI Manager' performed the installation of other software. So, on my 4th attempt at recovery, I close the "FBI Manager GUI ' killing the two files found in the Task Manager processes." I finished then tweak all the drivers. Now, everything is perfect and reliable operation, after 4 + restarts.

Maybe you are looking for