T500 battery DEAD even in good health

I have two batteries for my T500, two 6-cell, and the two healthy according to lenovo's Manager of power

but the cruel reality is that they last no more than 10 minutes, they jump suddenly from 75 or 80% for a minimum of 5 to 10% of the power, and a few minutes later made my helpless pc. Same charge give a funny action, estay long in the percentages of House and then it goes upp quickly and reach the 99/100.

They both like 2 years, I've been using them alternately, one has 246 cicles, the other 211, ability to 39.31 (out of 56,18) and 41,15 (out of 56,18 too)

I know they wear stretch out to some, but shouldn't they last a little longer?

Come'on, they are original Lenovo (manufactured by Sony) batteries.

Can I do beside buying new?


For a Sony battery, this behavior is quite common. I have two Sony and Sanyo one-cell battery in the T500 in failure 100 odd cycles with 2 to 2.5 years since their first use.

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    Hello world

    I bought the Toshiba Satellite P855 - 10G, but I m terrified because he is low on battery power, even when it is off...
    Anyone know how I can fix the problem?

    Best regards
    Igor Tarelho


    Access the BIOS and disable options like: wake-up on LAN and keyboard.
    In Toshiba HW Setup I should disable the USB Sleep and Charge feature as well

    The two options enabled to discharge the battery, even if the device is OFF

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    my phone (samsung RV410-T01) stop automatically. I removed the battery when I was with her. and then it stopped and I can't open it with a battery or even I plug.


    It is definitely a hardware problem so check with a real computer store (who makes his)

    own service workshop on Samsung) or the Samsung Support.

    Samsung - Support - click on the link of 'Laptop' under 'Office '.

    Samsung - visit your country Site

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • T500 battery 6 cells died after 287 Cycles?

    My battery of 6 cells in my T500 (bought in Nov 2008) is already dead. It holds a charge 14 Minute as of the present moment and holds less than 20% of its initial charge. Lenovo Power Manager says that he has only been cycled 287 times, however. I use the computer quite often, but I was under the impression that these are supposed to last 2-3 years?

    -What can I do to get a free spare battery from Lenovo or I'm on the hook for a new? I'm looking for in getting a battery 9 cells because the 6 cell never really gave me good life even at its peak.


    Hi manunited518!

    Lithium-ion batteries CAN last 300-500 cycles, but if they depend a lot on what happens during their lifetime. More informative description of the technology I know is The University of the battery. There is a nice article on How to prolong lithium-ion batteries. As it's there, 'a lithium-ion battery in use battery usually lasts between 2-3 years' but 'if used on food, inside a laptop battery won't last for 12 to 18 months. There are other factors that can shorten his life, too, like the heat.

    It is never wrong to ask about a replacement, but the basic battery warranty is 1 year, and you went that .

  • CMOS battery dead in Satellite M40. What should do?

    My cmos battery seems dead as my date and time settings are not retained.
    It is true that it is not easily replaceable part, only that it is soldered on the motherboard? If that is so the solution and the likely cost to replace it? (Im in the United Kingdom)

    Thank you

    Hello Kieran

    You are right. Replacing the CMOS battery is not so easy on laptops. The whole notebook must be disassembled to gain access, but replacement is possible.
    In any case, prior to do any start your laptop connected to the power supply and leave 24 hours to load the CMOS battery. Maybe it helps.

    Check please the 112 page in user s manual RTC battery 24 hours (System).

    Good bye

  • T500 battery does not charge.

    I have a lenovo t500 laptop. I made a post year last on the very poor battery life and it was determined that the battery is worn. I bought a spare online, no of lenovo battery, a brand of amazon spare parts. This battery was working fine since I got it around Christmas, until last week. I had left my laptop unplugged for a few days. When I went to use it of course I had to connect the charger to start. He started and went very well, do not think anything of it. Until I went to move to the floor, so I unplugged the charger and the laptop turns off instantly. It wouldn't start upward. I plugged in the charger and it has started well. I noticed that the the battery meter on the bottom of the screen shows a thin blue bar as the level indicator and it indicates 0%. When I flew over the mouse battery gauge told us: battery life remaining 0%. Battery will begin charging when it falls below the threshold. I had the threshold of 40%, whereas when I had plugged it didn't really just 100%. I opened the power manager and reset the threshold "always load". It still does not load, it is stuck at 0%. I have reset the laptop. Pulled the battery for a while and reinstalled. I know that less expensive spare batteries are not as good as those of lenovo, but it is not supposed that he would leave just all together with no sign of weakness. I'd love help I start classes tomorrow for my last year of college and really need my laptop for work...

    Happy that you guessed it working for now. Sudden death is often a sign of a lower battery, and almost nine months is a long life. I'd go before an order a replacement now if the machine is often on the battery.

  • Watch os3 series 1 battery dead in the afternoon


    I updated my Apple Watch series 1 to use watch OS 3, the process took a fair while, the app shows on my iPhone 6 says it was download '20 minutes of the end' then "2 days left", while my watch died around 15:00 (watch OS 2.x), I thought because he always tried to survey or something he just died... well no worries. Plugged in when I came home, charged and started updating again, tried to add some applications to watch while she has been updated, but they failed, os update has finally crossed.

    Then watch OS day 3 my battery died again, at about the same time when I tried to update, setting bare in mind it lasts all day with about 40 to 50% according to the if I went to the gym this morning.

    This morning, full 100% charge currently down 90 percent in the first hour, and now 80 percent an hour and a half later.

    I have removed all applications from the dock, restart etc to see if that helps, no luck.

    Anyone getting the same questions?

    See you soon,.


    I have the same problem.  It took five hours for my watch update.  Day one, battery completely drained in early evening.  Second day and it empties faster than normal.  I don't have a lot of apps on it, and I used the fitness app, once, for about 30 seconds.

  • Battery discharge even if Portege Z830 is off

    I have a Toshiba Portege Z830-10F.

    I have a question and a question about the consumption of the battery while the PC is turned off.

    Which means that when I stop the machine, when I restart the device one day after (or during the night) my battery level decreased significantly (10-15%).

    I even had the case where, after a period of 3 to 4 days, long weekend during which the aircraft had not been in service AT ALL, I could not reboot the computer, because the battery has decreased.

    I had to plug in and then start it.

    This seems rather odd and strange and would so whether there is a specific setting had to be changed so that it does not happen.

    I upgraded to the latest version of the Bios (v 1.40) and that doesn't change.

    I look forward to your help and your support.


    > Which means that when I stop the machine, when I restart the device one day after (or during the night) my battery level has declined significantly (10-15%).

    This can result from certain options enabled in the BIOS.
    For example option Wake up LAN or keyboard or power of dough at low level to use even if the laptop is turned off. Disabling this option might help with this problem.

  • Satellite L50 - battery recharge even if it works?


    I'm here because I don't know where else to find an answer.

    Yesterday, I changed the hinges, the plastic cover and the chassis of a L50. No problem at all.
    I have reset the motherboard, disconnect the battery and keeping the start button for a minute or two.

    The computer seemed fine. Then after a few hours, I realized that even if the cable is connected and windows battery icon said, connected and charging, its level kept going down, now indicates 0%.

    I tried some solutions, like the motherboard reset once again, uninstall Microsoft compatible control ACPI battery but nothing worked. He always gave me 0%.

    Even if the battery is less than 2 years and works perfectly well until yesterday, I tried a few tests:

    -J' started the computer using cord, no problem. I then removed the cord, the laptop off almost immediately

    -J' started the computer using cord, no problem. I disabled ACPI Microsoft compatible control method battery.
    I removed the cord, the laptop does not shut down, he kept working.

    At this point, more than a question of damaged battery, it looks like a software issue?
    Should I leave the computer in charge for a day or two?

    I read somewhere that when these batteries fall below a certain threshold they take forever to load.
    But I think that maybe I should do this operation keeping ACPI control disabled?

    Thank you!

    At this point, more than a question of damaged battery, it looks like a software issue?

    If the battery is connected and the laptop without AC adapter attached, then the battery is not empty and is the office-holder. In this case, I also believe that the problem must be related to the software (compatible ACPI control method battery)

    Should I leave the computer in charge for a day or two?

    Why not keep the power adapter plugged in for a longer period of time, and after that try to use the laptop with the battery power.

    Alternatively, you can try to uninstall compatible ACPI control method battery.
    Once the compatible ACPI control method battery driver disappeared (uninstalled), click on the 'Action' menu at the top of the window and select Scan for hardware changes.
    This should reinstall the removed driver...

    But if it does not solve the problem of battery, keep off compatible ACPI control method battery.

  • Battery discharge even if Satellite P850-12Z is DISABLED


    I have a Satellite P850-12Z bought a few months ago (3 or 4).

    I noticed that if the battery is charged to 100% and I turn off the computer for a few days, when I turn on the battery is completely gone or almost gone if it takes me a little longer to restart.

    It seems quite strange to me because I have not seen something similar in any other computer I've had.

    Can someone tell me if this is normal, or what could be the problem?

    Thank you.


    It's OK and nothing unusual if some BIOS options are not disabled.
    I guess that the laptop supports features such as Wake Up on Lan and USB Sleep & Charge.
    Both of these features requires power, even if the device is OFF.
    So disable them both (in BIOS) and check if it allows to avoid discharging the battery.

  • Droid Razr Wifi battery drain even when off

    I just upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 4 days ago. I noticed that my percentage of remaining battery fell a little too quickly.

    In the battery usage screen, I noticed that wifi was consuming 8 to 12% of my battery use. Even if it's OFF, the automatic connect feature wifi was off, and the wifi symbol does not appear on the top bar.

    When I activated the wifi, it would normally connect

    In graphical battery level screen, the bar under the graph showing the duration of use of wifi, indicates the wifi on almost constantly even if wifi is turned off.

    The only time where the wifi bar shows a gap is when, after actually using wifi and I turned it off, it would interrupt its use but only for a few minutes at most before the bar itself turns on.

    I have attached a screenshot graphic. Each break in the bar wifi use means that brief or two minutes after turning off wifi before it turns somehow reignite.

    Airplane mode seems to be the only way to keep wifi active exhaust the battery out of my phone.

    Everyone has similar problems, or have any suggestions?

  • Battery drain even when the MacBook is stopped

    Does anyone know why my now stopped even when Macbook battery drains. I loaded my MacBook to 100% this morning and in the afternoon when I turned it on, I noticed a drop of 2% in the State of the battery. I thought that the device using no power when turned off? No difficulty in this issue? He is the model of MBP mid-2012.

    Perform a SMC reset and test again:


    Run Apple Hardware Test:


    Note that an error free AHT is inconclusive.


  • Check read the code 0000 T500 failed error even with a new hard drive


    My T500 was slammed very hard one day, once I reboot, he worked for half an hour and gave up. I tested via the BIOS, he gave me code 0000 read failed error check.

    I presume that the HD is dead, inserted an a healthy Interior and works very well for a few hours and give up once again, tested by BIOS gave me the same error code.

    I was wondering what problem could be?



    Yuanshi wrote:

    I presume that the HD is dead, inserted an a healthy Interior and works very well for a few hours and give up once again, tested by BIOS gave me the same error code.

    You can also prove that it is a SATA interface error by testing two hard drives in a box USB or Firewire. If you can live without portability, then perhaps this is also an option to use the T500 in the future.

  • Battery dead on only 1 year?

    Hi, I bought my HP Pavilion G series only a year ago and the battery is already dead.

    Is this normal?

    Thank you

    Operating system
    MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit SP1
    Intel Pentium P6200 2.13 GHz 58 ° C
    Technology of 32nm Arrandale
    2.00 GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 532 MHz (7-7-7-20)
    Hewlett-Packard 1668 (CPU) 61 ° C
    Monitor generic PnP ([email protected])
    GPU Intel(r) HD
    Hard drives
    298 GB Western Digital WDC WD3200BEVT-60A23T0 (SATA) 44 ° c.
    Optical drives
    IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

    No, but the amount of 12 to 18 months of old machines I see with bad batteries is shocking.
    I recommend to all users with the warranty time remaining the battery & if signs of wear level th 25% more to get in touch with HP & complain.
    HP, Acer and Fujitsu are on the 3 worst manufacturers in terms of quality of origin.

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