T500 does not start

I recently started having a problem with my T500 where it does not start.  When I press the power button, the fan starts to turn, I hear & HD DVD drive spinning upwards and the light to the left of the battery icon comes on, but is all I get.  It is not even get to the BIOS.  To complicate the issue, it is almost 100% of the time, however if I power off & on about 20 to 30 times, if I'm lucky, it can start all Windows path and is fully functional.

I tried to call tech support, but given that my laptop is one week out of warranty, they are not interested in helping.  They want to send my laptop for them just to pay me $575.

Since it is not completely dead and boots from time to time, it seems that it could be a bad connection somewhere, or maybe a motherboard goes wrong.  Any suggestions?

My solution was to buy the extended warranty and ship the laptop at home.  In my opinion, that they ended up replace the motherboard.

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  • Windows Vista on T500 does not start, recovery CD does not work

    I T500 with Windows VISTA, but the system will not start.

    When I turn it on, I can see Vista for some time of loading progress bar display, and then I get the blue screen with this error:


    When I insert the recovery disc, it starts, but I can see that the screen of welcome with the spare wheel, no option to start the recovery.

    A note: I have two sets of CD recovery. My T500 came with CD for Vista and Windows XP. I re-installed Vista some time after the purchase by using the Vista recovery discs (so the CD are OK). I did windows XP Recovery discs this time, and they don't work now too (I end up with the screen of spare wheel). When I had Windows XP I had a blue screen a lot from the start, that's why I reinstalled Vista.

    Second note: I tried the chkdsk /r and fdisk/mbr using the FreeDOS CD - no change. (these are recommended programs to run when you have UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME, I see on the net)

    Anyone could help with this... Well, absolutely essential?

    OK, I found a sort of solution, managed to run the recovery CD and reinstall the system.

    That's what I did, if someone wants to know or have similar problems:

    (1) created linux rescue CD


    (2) running linux, copied all the data on the disk external usb (you can read ntfs drives using the rescue CD)

    (3) deleted C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ c:\windows\system32\drivers\sptd.sys

    (suggestion of)

    http://social.technet.Microsoft.com/forums/en-us/itprovistasetup/thread/a2ed1ff1-3c60-4CFD-ac4e-72f2... )

    (4) replaced the files listed in:


    with files from another Vista station (I copied the sys files using the USB)

    After you restart the projected system still blue, but the recovery CD worked!

    I can see on the forums, many users experience problems similar to mine, and there are many many different solutions (I spent three nights to try ;-)

  • T500 does not work - boot hangs on ThinkPad screen

    Hello, I have a thinkpad T500 T550 and was off for a few weeks and now I tried to turn it on, but it is in the first thinkpad screen (to interrupt normal startup...) does not start, but he isn't. I tried to start with the battery and battery, but the operation is the same, can someone help me?

    Moderator comment: object and the text revised.

    I solved the error!

    The problem is that a USB connector is broken and it was a short. I moved the PIN do not touch anything and now my pc run!

  • Siri does not start under macOS Sierra

    I've recently updated to macOS Sierra (public version) and everything seems fine, except for allowing to Siri. I tried to enable the system preferences as well as execution of the Siri application in the application. I even tried to 'facilitation' by selecting in the menu bar.

    In any case it does not start. Upon activation in system preferences, I get "There was an error in the preferences of Siri." and it takes back me to the main view of system preferences.

    Y at - he of the log files that I should be reviewed to determine the cause of this problem?

    Thank you


    Same thing here on a MacBook Pro (13 inch, late 2011)

  • Black MacBook does not start

    I have a 10 year old black Macbook, which does not start when a battery is installed.  If it is connected without battery installed, it lights up, but if there is a battery in it, even if it is plugged in, it will get the startup sound and the screen of the Apple gray, then turn off.  I got a new battery and charge it where the charger turned green, but the results are the same.

    Any suggestions?

    It is difficult to say what is happening with this machine, since the time and wear are considerations. I don't know what version of the operating system that you use, but there is a sequence of things you should do - in order of severity.

    http://www.howtogeek.com/217158/what-to-do-when-your-Mac-won ' t-start-up.

  • iPhone hot 5s fees and does not start

    phone is connected to the load.  After a while I checked it and it was very hot.  I unplugged it and now it does not start.

    Have you ever tried to force reboot the phone by holding down the button sleep and home for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo comes back again? You won't lose data.

    More troubleshooting can be found in this article:

    If your iPhone, iPad, doesn't respond or won't turn on - Apple Support

  • iMac does not start after the last security update


    After the last update my iMac (late 2009, El Capitan) does not start.

    The iMac starts he accepts my user and password entry, the loading bar stops at 80% and then nothing happens... after I turn off the iMac. Repeating this procedure change nothing.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?



    a solution that helped me:

    Re: security update causes damaged Apps

  • iMac does not start after 10.11.6

    Since the 10.11.6 patch my IMac does not start with my hub plugged.


    I assume you mean a USB hub? What does do when it's plugged in? It starts successfully when the hub is not plugged? If so, I would say that something is wrong with the hub or there is a problem with the port it is plugged or something plugged into the hub.

    Try to plug it into a different USB port on your Mac.

  • MacBook Pro does not start

    I have tried several things but the laptop won't start do not. Power cable showing green light as if the laptop is fully charged. It's like the death does not start.

    Try resetting the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    You said "It's like death does not start."

    Does this mean that he shows no signs of life? Indicator light power?

    Hear the carillon?

    Hear the fans?

  • The FireFox 42.0.1 application does not start.

    The FireFox 42.0.1 application does not start. I can uninstall and reload FireFox 37.0.2 and that worked, but now when I load 37.0.1 it installs really 42.0.1 that no longer works.
    I had to use IE 10 to contact Mozilla.
    Year annual should be ashamed of this...
    Can you tell me why Mozilla FireFox 42.0.1 installs but won't work?
    In addition, why FireFox 42.0.1 install when I try to install 37.0.2?

    It is possible that your firewall or other security software blocks or limit Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox and the plugin-container in the permissions list in the firewall and allow your firewall to ask permission to get access full and unrestricted, again to install for Firefox and the plugin-container and the update process.


  • Firefox does not start, the Profile Manager is not available

    Firefox worked, then update it does not start. I tried all the fixes; However, the Profile Manager is not accessible or even present in the execution file. I unintalled and reinstalled several times, but I still can't get it to work. There is no Windows or Norton firewall block so I do not understand. What can I do? I want to use Firefox because it's the best browser; but now I'm forced to use Oscar. It's not terrible, but I prefer the features I've had with Firefox

    I had upgraded to the latest version; but the thought of demotion to the version which worked perfectly. In the end, I had to defrag, do a registry clean and optimization of performance of PC, but for the upgrade launched. So, I'm happy to say that I reply to this post with my Firefox browser. Thank you very much for your help. If all goes well, I won't have problems.

  • My MacBook does not start and fires after the Apple logo. I received this error via FirstAid detail in disk utility.

    Hi Apple/community,

    I need a help.

    What it means? Operation failed! My MacBook Pro does not start. It cuts after the loading screen. What will happen?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Well, it seems that your MacBook Pro hard drive has failed and cannot be repaired by disk utility.

    Try to reboot into single user mode: How to start your Mac in single user mode or verbose--Apple Support

    If it works, try to repair the disk with this command:

    fsck -fy

    (http://osxdaily.com/2013/08/07/how-to-repair-a-mac-disk-with-fsck-from-single-us UH-mode /)

  • Firefox does not start - claims that it is already open

    Firefox does not start. He claims to be already running, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    I tried to create a new user profile, but when I try to open Firefox now, the menu "choose user profile". I tried the new profile and they old, and both give the same error message. "Firefox is unable to use the"Default user"profile because it is in use. To continue, close the Runspace of Firefox or choose a different profile. »

    There is an entry for firefox.exe in the menu of "details" to my task manager and nowhere else. When I try to put an end to this task, I get the following error: "the operation could not be performed - access denied."

    Due to some troubleshooting research, I tried to delete the parent.lock my profile folder, but I get this error: "the action cannot be completed because the file is opened in Firefox."

    I tried to transfer my bookmarks and preferences from Firefox to Chrome, but I had a similar error suggesting that Firefox was already open and I have to close first.

    I also turned off my computer and uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox several times.

    I'd really rather not lose all my bookmarks Firefox, modules, and preferences. I also prefer to use Firefox for Chrome, so if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. I don't know what else to try.

    My PC runs Windows 10, incidentally.

    Try to delete the parent.lock file in the Firefox profile folder.


    What security software do you have?

    Try to create a new shortcut on the desktop Firefox and maybe to reinstall Firefox via a clean reinstall (i.e. remove the Firefox program folder).

    If you cannot remove the Firefox program folder and then try to rename this file to "Mozilla Firefox.old".

    • (Windows 64 bit) "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla.
    • (32-bit Windows) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"

    Start the computer in Mode safe mode with network support Windows (on the startup screen, press F8) to see if that helps.

  • FF does not start yesterday; running Linux Mint 14 in VirtualBox; updated to 39.03

    Since yesterday, Firefox does not start when I click the icon. There seems to be some activity, but the window never opens.

    I use the version of Linux Mint 14 in Virtual Box.

    In the terminal, I tried firefox-safe-mode

    I get:
    "Error: platform version ' 39.0.3 ' is not compatible with
    minVersion > = 39.0
    maxVersion < = 39.0

    I would appreciate help with this.

    PS Since I can't start Firefox data below is not the version I have the problem with.

    This is the latest information that I could find on the version of hotfix for your version of Linux:

    I understand that Firefox will not start, please also see these troubleshooting steps:

  • From itunes last update itunes does not start without the permission

    iTunes does not start after the upgrade. "The"itunes"folder resides on a locked disk or you do not write to this folder permissions.  I am the administrator. Windows 7 Professional.

    See the empty/corrupted after upgrade/crash iTunes library. This particular issue is addressed towards the end.


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