T500 windows XP - how to clone the laptop to an external monitor screen?




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  • Satellite A100-521 - white screen but the laptop works through external monitor

    The laptop above belongs to a friend of mine. Please can you advise if the screen is defective or possibly backlight?

    The laptop is a standard specification that is running xp home.

    I agree with Akuma. There must be a hardware problem.
    Of course, it is not easy to say with certainty what can be the problem.
    FL inverter
    Display cable
    Who knows?

    Visit nearest service Ant that they test your laptop. they can say with certainty what the problem is here.

  • HP-15 N201ax: how to connect my laptop to an external monitor

    I have a pavillion n201ax... m video editor... I need to connect the source monitor second monitor) to my laptop... I hav tried many things but its not detecting don't not the external monitor... Please help me my laptop has hdmi... I HAV connected hdmi to VGA for external monitor but its does not connect thanks

    Hi @Roshan_kumar,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I understand that you use a third-party HDMI to VGA.  I support that the HDMI port.

    Are there any why try to connect to a HDMI device to test the port. Or you can contact the manufacter of the adapter.

    Please get back to me and I'll try to help you.

  • How to activate the resolution wide on external monitor on Satellite A40-261

    Hi all
    I have a Satellite A40 laptop and just bought an external display. I find only normal resolutions in the area of comprehensive property. Is it possible to expand the range of wide screen resolutions?

    Best regards, Leander

    Hello guys.

    First of all, I would like to say a few words on the screen resolutions.
    Mainly the resolution of certain is not available because the resolution is not listed in the graphics driver. In other words, if the driver doesn't support this resolution so you will not be able to choose.

    We try to look at a few:
    You have a Satellite M100. As you say that this laptop is equipped with an ATI card.
    Have you checked the settings in the ATI catalyst? Go to display properties and choose Advanced Options. Here, you choose the tab of ATI catalyst.

    New window should open, and you should see the ATU catalyst control center.
    Check the option display the Advanced view display. Check this area. Maybe the resolution is available here.

    This unit uses the graphics card Intel, but Intel tab should also appear in the advanced properties of the graphics card.
    If you n t found the right resolution, so I guess that the driver does not support!

  • Windows 7 when I turn the laptop it says check cable connection pxe - mof: outgoing intel pxe rom no boot device insert boot disk and press any key

    Windows 7 when I turn the laptop it says check cable connection pxe - mof: outgoing intel pxe rom no boot device insert boot disk and press any key



    1. What is the brand and model of the laptop?

    2 have you made any changes to the computer before the show?


    Method 1:  Change the boot order in the BIOS settings:

    See the following steps:

    Important: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    (a) start on typing Dungeon either F1, F2, F10, Esc, or DEL to enter the BIOS Setup.

    Warning: some manufacturers use F10 for recovery of the system.

    (b) glance to "Drive Configuration", "Boot order" or similar

    (c) check the second drive the first boot device CD/DVD and hard drive.

    (d) to save the settings and exit.


    Method 2:

    Step 1: Trying to boot into safe mode and see if that helps.

    Start your computer in safe mode:


    If step 1 work, try step 2

    Step 2:  A clean boot to check if startup item or services to third-party application is causing this issue.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:


    Note: when you're done to diagnose, follow step 7 in the article to start on normal startup.

  • Satellite U845W-S400 - how to open the laptop to put it in an SSD

    Hi all

    I would like to know how to open the laptop to put it in an SSD.

    There are 6 screws on the bottom, and I guess that some under the keyboard.

    I don't have a guide but to know for sure where they are before I start prying things open and could even damage it.

    Any help would be really appreciated since I couldn't find anything on the web.

    Kind regards

    Stand by.
    You may have a defective stupid question but not SSD inside, or you want to upgrade HDD with SSD?

  • Windows XP: How to remove the underline of my icons? The standard method (Tools |) Records | etc) doesn't change anything

    Windows XP: How to remove the underline of my icons?  The standard method (Tools |) Records | etc) doesn't change anything

    In addition to the information provided by Imran, you can also watch the following option:
    Go to start > settings > Control Panel > Folder Options.
    On the general tab, uncheck the box 'Underline titles compatible icon. "
    with my browser.

    This was suggested in another forum by Carey Frisch.

    It will be useful.


  • Problems of updates Windows XP - how to fix the incorrect Windows XP updates KB2633952 keep asking to install?

    Problems of updates Windows XP - how to fix the incorrect Windows XP updates KB2633952 keep asking to install? True, it is that it is already installed on your computer. If hide us, an another previous KB2570791 arises in our updates of Windows and asked to install anything, that it was installed... of the questions repeated and very annoying.  Help, please!

    (Microsoft Answers just sent us message have deleted our previous thread, ask for help!) We are simply not that these problems are problems with Windows XP updates related to DST or not?)

    Nadia. PA supporter said that your computer is hacked. He may be right. I can't weigh because I don't know what led him to this conclusion. If your computer is hijacked, then you should address that more that you need to fix this minor update. However, under the resolution of your problem to update, you can try this:

    Assume Windows XP

    Check the C:\Windows\System32\ directory for the presence of the file tzchange.exe

    If the file is not present or if the version of the file is not 5.1.2600.6171 or newer...

    Download the update appropriate 2633952 for your platform here:


    Run with - extract switch (e.g., Start > run > "[path to the downloaded file] \WindowsXP-KB2633952-x86-ENU.exe"-x)

    Of course, replace [path to the downloaded file] with the path to the downloaded file.

    Citations may or may not be required depending on the path. Place the x - out the citations if you use them.

    Choose a location for the extracted files (a new folder is recommended)

    Locate the extracted files. File tzchange.exe you want and copy it into C:\windows\System32

    That rerun Windows Update detection to see if the problem is resolved.

  • Using Windows Mail - how to make the smaller Options box so I can see the bottom and be able to act on it?

    Computer is a 32-bit Dell XPS * SP2 Windows Vista (Home Premium), Internet Explorer 9 Panda anti-virus

    Nothing new and NO change has been made.

    Using Windows Mail - how to make the smaller Options box so I can see the bottom and be able to act on it?

    Even when I hide the taskbar I always can't NOT see the background.  Thanks in advance for any help. It drives me crazy.

    Set your resolution to be higher.  Right click on your desktop, go to personalize, then choose the resolution down.  Set it to the highest setting.

  • in windows 7 How to restore the security settings for the default settings? __

    in windows 7 How to restore the security settings the default settings?


    This will reset all security settings in Windows 7 by default.

    Start Menu - type in the search box-> find CMD in top - click right on - RUN AS ADMIN

    Type or copy and paste it at the command prompt:

    secedit/configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf/db defltbase.sdb / verbose

    Press enter


    Other methods:

    Restore Windows 7 to default security settings

    Restore the security settings to default Windows with Rizone security restore

    Check this free utility:

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker, a Tweak UI for Windows 7 & Vista


    More information:

    Windows 7 security enhancements
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd548337 (WS.10) .aspx

    Windows 7 security enhancements

    Steve Riley discusses the security features of Windows 7 to the RSA

    Windows 7: explore new and improved security features

    Windows 7: security and Protection
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd571075 (WS.10) .aspx

    A Guide to Windows 7 security

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Photoshop elements 13 is incredibly tiny on my laptop it makes this useless application, I have a laptop 13 inch.  can you tell me how to make the largest application without changing my screen resolution?

    Photoshop elements 13 is incredibly tiny on my laptop it makes this useless application, I have a laptop 13 inch.  can you tell me how to enlarge the photoshop application without changing my screen resolution?

    Well good for Photoshop to fix this, I chatted with technical support and they have a new version of 13.1 to. I've updated, then went in the preferences and found the preference of the user interface, select 200%. Who did the trick.

  • Qosmio G35-av600: how to use the display internal as a monitor using composite-in?

    I want to connect my video gaming system and use my laptop screen, but I can't seem to understand how to change the settings so that my monitor displays the video game? Composite in the settings?

    I have a G35-av600 bought last June. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know


    I don't know if I can help because I know something about the Qosmio G10 and the G20 and your Qosmio seems to be a mobile US but I will try my best ;) m

    Qosmio G10 for example, you must modify the input parameters in the Toshiba utility image of development, but I guess you don t have this tool pre-installed.

    But I think that the composite is a good Butler built the connection with the game station.
    I think that in the advanced graphics settings, you should be able to find the right options.

    Play around with the settings.

  • How to catch the end of an external task?


    How to catch the end of an external task?
    OS: Windows 2003

    The code I wrote will run forever:
       d date;
       n number;
       -- and more
        d := sysdate;
          job_name => c_job,
          job_type => 'executable',
          number_of_arguments  => 14,
          job_action => c_cmd,
          enabled => false,
          auto_drop => true
        -- Job started, waiting...
          select count(1)
          into n
          from user_scheduler_job_run_details t
          where job_name = c_job and
                t.log_date >= d;
          exit when n > 0;
        end loop;
    The work ends in fact, user_scheduler_job_run_details is updated (if you run the select statement in the loop in another session, it returns 1), but the selection running into the loop will always return 0.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Kind regards


    It's strange, maybe you can try to use the timestamp type rather type date and with the help of an offset in the case where the work already finished for example d = systimestamp - second interval '1'

    Another thing to watch is if you compare the dates in the same time zone, otherwise you must ensure that all sessions use the same time zone (setting the default_timezone attribute Planner can help).

    Hope this helps,

  • Unable to transfer data from the laptop hard drive external/pendrive.

    Dear Experts,

    Unable to transfer data from the laptop hard drive external/pendrive.

    Each time that tried to transfer meesage seems to the authorization of the administration.

    Kindly help me to solve the problem.



    Follow these steps and check:

    To take ownership of a folder

    a. click on the USB key you want to learnand then click on Properties.

    b. click on the Security tab, click Advanced and then click on the tab owner.

    c. click on change. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    d. click on the name of the person you want to give to the property.

    e. If you want that person to be the owner of the files and subfolders in this folder, select the owner of subcontainers and objects replace check.

    f. click on OK.

  • Satellite Pro S300 - cannot extend the desktop to an external monitor

    I have a Satellite Pro S300 and it won't extend the desktop to an external monitor / projector, but it will clone the desktop?

    so far I have tried:
    2 instructors and 1 projector all do the same thing, will clone but not extend.
    Reinstall the latest drivers to display on the Toshiba site.
    Reinstall the latest drivers of change on the Toshiba site.

    But nothing worked, I even checked my S300 colleagues to make sure that I use the same parameters and their (of 2 other s300) extend and clone office.

    Has anyone seen this before and how solve you the problem?


    Did you first remove the old driver before you install the new driver? If this is not the case, try to reinstall the driver again. Therefore, to remove the old driver, restart the computer, use CCleaner to clean the registry and install the new version you can find on the Toshiba site.

    More I would try updating the BIOS. You can find it on the Toshiba site too.

    I hope it works for you.

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  • Re: Satellite L300 - is there a possibility to connect with TV?

    Hello.I want to apologize for my English. It is not my mother tongue.When I bought my laptop, I didn't think the connection of it with TV. And that is why I do not pay attention to the lack of HDMI or DVI connectors on my laptop. Maybe someone knows

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    A FRU 43Y6537, F3507G be compatible? Notebookcheck.com review, it does not seem to be... Anyone tried? Thank you

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    When you click windows update we get a massage that [we have made improvements to our Web site. To download the new version of the software and begin using the updated window please click on install now.] When we click on install now, we had a massag

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    My .bat files do not work with Task Scheduler. For testing purposes, I created a very simple, one line .bat file: ECHO this is a test. > TestFile.txt If I run this file by double-clicking it, it works correctly and created a text with a single line o

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