Tab 3: 10 "Miracast Yoga

I can't watch downloads on Sky go that enforcement continues to tell me that Sky go does not support Miracast - how can I turn off Miracast in my YOGA 3 10 tab"


This question on Sky go has now been resolved.

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  • How to connect to Android tablet with Miracast for Toshiba RL953B with Intel WiDi

    As the title, I can't my Android tablet to connect to Toshiba RL953B.

    Tab android supports the miracast and the TV has Intel widi.

    They can see themselves, but does not connect to display the A.s.u.s Notepad

    Questions or workarounds?

    > The tab android supports miracast and the TV has Intel widi.

    I m not very well, but I think that Intel WiDi version which is part of the TV does not support the Miracast. The TV is in 2012 and the Miracast was announced in 2013

    To my knowledge the Intel new Wireless Display v3.5 support Miracast.
    The first versions of Intel WiDi does not support the Miracast.

  • Yoga new tab 3 pro - I would return it?

    Hi, I'm having a real problem with my new yoga 3 pro tab and I wonder if I should just go back and exchange it. I want this tablet (with more ram, frankly), but only if it works well.

    The battery down slightly more than 10% an hour with light web browsing. (with the screen set to love with 35 percent) This is the real problem, but the browser blocks a lot too when I develop some links, he wakes up from his sleep by herself and then stays on about 10 minutes of waiting for me to enter my password, and autorotation - every time - keeps turning to the.

    Should I contact Lenovo and exchange it? Or is this common? I thought he had 18 hours for mixed use.


    I think you will find that all of our YT3Pro have the problem.

    Lenovo got ram hogging of the nucleus, often up to 1.3 GB! Leaving the system yor and apps to run less than 700 MB of ram.

    Clearly, it sucks, and until it is resolved by lenovo, you will find that the device will come under critical conditions of ram, soetimes system crash.

    Users who are not the problems are clearly not focusing on their system, while other users are the low ram question a real problem.

    Like other devices use up to 300 MB for the kernel, we have actually been sold a 1 GB device. For a tablet of range modern sucks big time.

    For my part not buy lenovo again. Excellent material of poor software and support!

  • Problem with my projector on Yoga 3 pro tab

    United Nations first of all, sorry for my English, I am french

    I bought a yoga tab 3 pro and I am delivered this Saturday. The problem is when I have the tab of the project, the DLP focus does not work, if I turn anything change in the projection, I could turn slowly or quickly change

    Can you help me please?

    Thank you

    I return the tablet with the problem, and I get a new tablet.

  • Longevity of the crutch? Yoga of Lenovo tab Pro 3


    Does anyone know how is the longevity of the crutch on Yoga tab 3 Pro?

    I use Surface products for years and had a few surprises. But overall, the quality of Microsoft stand is great.

    What Lenovo? Is there the chance that it will get loose?

    Merry Christmas to all and thanks for responding.

    After a year using my yoga 2 no problem with the crutch at all. And I use it every day. The yoga pro 3 came out recently, so I don't think you can find your comments about this so little time

  • Really strange problem with Yoga tab 3 10.1 "

    OK, up until that today ' today all was well with my new Yoga 3 tab 10.1 ". Today, he has developed a strange problem.

    The screen kept going blank and in return then and also would lose some wallpaer I had and went back to the default.

    So, as my wallpaper is all stored on the card microSD, I decided to turn off the power and remove the card.

    After plugging everything seems OK... So far, that is.

    I'm currently copy everything off the card on my PC and the test card and reformat to see if that takes care of it, and I'm going to order a new card just as a precautionary measure.

    No idea why these symptoms?

    Well, after doing a formatting FULL of the microSD card on my machine Win7 and retransfering files back to him, he seems to have solved the problem. I think that full format dealt with issues on the map.

    But, because I'm a FIRM believer in the CYA, I also ordered another card anyway. Figure better than cure.

  • 2 10 tab of yoga - bkc800 keyboard lenovo does not

    Hi guys

    I'm new here, I just bought the windows tablet 10 2 lenovo yoga 8.1 version, it worked fine with the keyboard, but sometimes the keyboard bkc800 had matching problems, in order to correct them, I had switch of the keyboard/Tablet 'off' and 'on' to reconnect again

    yesterday, I was working with my tablet, but suddenly, the keyboard has exploded, I did the same thing to fix but this time did not. the led become red keyboard, so I thought that the battery discharged, I plugged it in the charger, after a while I tried to turn on the keyboard, but led was still red, so I unplugged the cable led charge no LED flash light (red or blue). I dropped the charge of night, but the problem remains: led light red while the load and no led light when the cable is disconnected.

    I'll be gratefull for anyhelp. Thanx

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

    HI GUYS,.

    I have good news, my keyboard works perfectly.

    What happened is: I continued to load the keyboard whenever I found the time, yesterday I let him load from 08:00 to 19:00, and the surprise awaited me: I turned it on and THE BLUE LIGHT appeared again.

    SO I had to share this with you in hopes that it would be useful to anyone who is suffering like me.

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

  • Yoga 2 pro 13'3 andro tab stops automatically when the screen is off & dosnt start evn battery is30 - 80%


    I am facing this problem with Yoga 2 pro 13'3 pellets. It stops automatically when the screen is off and dosnt start until it is connected to the charger and press the same power button 30 to 80% battery. I don't know what it is. This happens every time

    No help for it?

  • Yoga tab 3-10: file browser mssing

    Running tab on 5.1.1 that is missing a file browser icon/App (I hope to be able to 'share')

    I am sure I do not remove/uninstall...


    I would add .mp3 files / .jpgs sitting on the externSD to a WhatsApp conversation, but I'm not able to select the files other than through Gallery etc..
    Using free FileExplorer and Total Commander App I am able to copy, move the desired files etc. to almost every location on the tab, even to a connected NAS.

    Suggestions how to either get original file browsr or how to handle the task?

    C Googles Chrome was Installer defasult Webbrowser. Sort of got as good job file navigation...

  • Yoga HD + 4.4 Android tab is not available


    One of my former Lenovo tablets - a model number of Yoga HD + B8080-F - is on Android 4.3 yet up2date says system update is I know positively is not correct.

    The story that is was recently expelled for warranty repairs as the accelerometer on the original motherboard stopped working and so not auto screen rotation.

    Motherboard has been replaced and a new will only move to Android 4.3 while the former was about 4.4 something.

    I searched the forums for solutions but all failed so far. In some cases, the serial numbers of motherboards was required to be sent to one of the admins, and then their problem disappeared?

    Help, please

    Thanks in advance!


    This time I managed to find the information that I have not found the last time, I looked into why 4.4 wasn't available in OTA a month ago. Had not had more priority as tablet is a little dated and therefore mainly used to watch the news before going to bed and play music via bluetooth, and for the most demanding tasks, I use my most recent tablets. But he still harassed me.

    It seems that there is a kind of 'secret' regional code that is not available in the normal system settings and does not seem to have any influence on what is available through the normal control panel and how the dates are formatted etc as windows regional settings. And really the repair shop should have set it properly before returning the tablet to me - they do not have the part.

    To access the secret area code you open contacts and in searching for contacts to "# 6020 #" (without the quotes). Now, you are presented with a picture of the country. Choose one close to you if your country isn't there. To get the 4.4.2 you must choose a European country. I chose UK that the Denmark was not on the menu. I probably could choose Germany or Sweden too with the same result. But good manufacturer a lot have a strong preference for things more recent English country first UK so ABOVE.

    CAVEAT! If you do not change the regional code 'secret' the Tablet is set to zero without warning! The Tablet restarts right after selecting the new region!

    After changing region in the UK there was a bunch of updates (continue to go to updates up until he says up2date) and tablet is now on 4.4.2.

  • Yoga Lenovo 2 tab: where is desktop settings?

    After that I updated my lollipop android tab, I can't control the desktop

    Corresponding to parameters of office which was available in the previous version?


    Welcome to the forums.

    If you are on 5 Android and you want to change some things on the desktop (widgets, wallpaper), you will need to hold your finger on an empty part of the desktop, then the options to change will be displayed. -What are you looking for?


  • ThinkPad Yoga - Backspace, Windows, shift, T, Y, tab, [---], Capslock key doesn't work do not

    I had my TPY for a little more than a year without any problems, but today, I lost the ability to use the following keys:

    BACKSPACE, Windows, offset to the left, T, Y, tab, Capslock, [---]

    In addition to the function keys. Using the on-screen keyboard or external keyboard usb works fine. I'm unable to use the tab to the BIOS screen key, so it seems to be a hardware problem. This seems to be a common problem for these keys especially for the various models from Lenovo and even some Dells. I tried to reinstall the drivers for the keyboard as suggested in other posts, and I tried to replace the keyboard connection according to this video:

    I bought this unit from the MS store with only a 1 year warranty (which is now in place), so I don't know what to do. I can try to replace the keyboard, but it seems that others have had only limited with replacement success. Everyone has dealt with this problem?

    Update for everyone running into the same problem:

    I ordered a replacement off of eBay keyboard and manuals for replacement of material allowing to disassemble my TPY and switch the keyboard online. Everything works again as usual!

  • Question about Yoga 3 8 vs Yoga 3 10 tab tab

    I am looking to buy the YT3-8 or the YT3 - 10 Tablet. I prefer 8 inches due to the smaller size, but according to the Web site and a chat with a sales support person 8-inch Tablet Lenovo has no GPS sensors.

    I've seen conflicting online information if anyone can confirm if the 8-inch Tablet GPS sensors? It is also for a single wireless device.

    Kind regards

    Yes, it has GPS

  • Yoga, 3 10 tab - SD Virgin or not supported

    What card SD should I use? It's 64 GB class 10 UHS - 1 Micro SD XC I

    Thanks, George

    The problem is resolved. Finally, there is a window opens asking if I wanted to format the SD card. I said yes and now recognized her. I saw this at first because he was behind other things on the desktop.


  • How the other drive app option to calculate calories? I did 45 minutes yoga with him and he showed the 260 callus which is high of 45 mins of yoga session.

    How the other drive app option to calculate calories? I did 45 minutes yoga with him and he showed the 260 callus which is high of 45 mins of yoga session.

    ISuspect that is not correct.


    Saving workouts through the app to drive using others as the type of activity, active calories are estimated at a rate equivalent to a brisk walk or based on the data recorded by the heart rate sensor, according to what is higher.

    The following steps can help to improve the accuracy of the estimates made by your watch:

    • Estimates for calories and other results depend, in part, your personal information. To verify that it is accurate:
      • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: My Watch (tab) > health > Edit (top-right).
    • While training, to optimize the performance of the heart rate sensor (data from which is used when estimating calories), make sure you wear your watch fits on top of your wrist. Apple suggests that consider you the clamping Strip before starting a workout and it loosen again thereafter.
      • Note that the heart rate sensor is likely to give better results for the workouts that involve rhythmic (such as running) rather than the irregular movements.
    • Calibrate your watch can improve the accuracy of various estimates related to the activity, including estimates of calorie. To calibrate your watch, follow the instructions in the link below support article. You can reset your calibration data and start the process:
      • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > privacy > Motion & Fitness > tap reset Calibration data.

    More information:

    Use of the workout on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Your heart rate. What it means, and where on Apple Watch you will find. -Apple Support

    Calibrate your Apple Watch for better accuracy of training and activity - Apple Support

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