Tables and pictures IN setting?

I use Pages to make storyboards for films.  In earlier versions of the Pages I could drop a photo into a cell of a table... but then be able to re - size and use the tool 'Adapter the Image' lighten or more dark etc. etc. photo in the table cell.

In this latest version of Pages 5.6.2 (2562)... it seems as if I can not do anything with the photo once it is in the cell.  There is no functional "Image Settings".

I wonder if there is a work around, or another way to do this?

The use of tables to create tables of Storyboard was a wonderful feature of Pages.  Especially when I change images once they have been placed in.

All ears,


In the Pages v5.6.1 (still no 5.6.2), no matter what image in a table cell is a cell image fill event and is no longer selectable or editable - it would be as a stand-alone image in the body of the document.

You need to work on the image in your own favorite image editor, or drag and drop the image in the body of the document Pages, do your stuff and then in the Image tab on the right, drag and drop this icon your desktop. Now you can drag/release this back in a table cell.

Or you can go back to using Pages ' 09 v4.3.

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  • Problems using the tools of accessibility on PDF interactive with complex tables and fields in form (in AcroDC)


    Although I worked earlier in the accessibility check (will be abbreviated as "axs" later) before using the Checker axs documents, what he used Windows and Acrobat XI a year ago. I am now responsible for creating interactive forms that are available on a Mac (platform I prefer), that have been designed only visually in InDesign, then transferred in Acrobat X or XI where someone placed the form fields and then handed to me to settle the tab for end-users order and make them accessible to people with disabilities (Government org). Problem is, some of these documents are extremely dense arrays, in which each cell of the table is a checkbox or a radio button I have several questions:

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    (2) I need to mark an entire page, more or less, as a table but when I am in reading of editing tool (TURO), I get the crosshairs of hanging around that object, but when I go to playback control panel, and then click Table, everything is deselected and nothing else happens. My goal is to get to the table to label the lines headings and column editor, etc. What is going on? What I have to do all this in the Panel tags instead?

    (3) in the Panel tags, I see a table with 30 lines, which is what I have visually, but when I select the TRs and TDs nothing gets selected on the form, so I don't know how to get the content of the form "in" these TDs... it is a very complicated document and I'm getting confused. " Not a lot of experts out there on Axs AND Acrobat DC dealing with this and I'm frustrated! There's a guy on including videos watched re: similar topics, but in his case, he got a table which is just text and it is small, and his method is by selecting each cell of the table with the cross and he the tags labeling a 'cell', and then go in the Panel and work on the appropriate type / # Table elements slide autour stuff in the appropriate lines etc. My picture has lines 30 and 13 columns, and approaching the fields of interactive form in most of the cells... This is not practical, but do not know if there is a quick/accurate way to get the table recognized otherwise?

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    Very frustrated

    Yes, treating large complex tables can be the chore of accessibility PDF much time and frustrating. First question - these tables of data or layout tables? Several forms are organized visually using layout tables, but do not really present data organized in rows and columns. Marking this content in a table would be run against failure condition Matterhorn Protocol 15-004, "content is marked as a table of information that is not organized in rows and columns. Instead, work in the Tags pane, drag all the elements of content out of the structure of the table and re-tag/organize according to the needs. The Suite of PDF/UA reference has an example of form (document 10) that you can refer to-although its layout tables is relatively low. A simple structure, detroit forward should be easier to fix at a large table and also easier for a user to read assistive technology.

    However, if these are legitimate data tables... I find the reading pane to be worse than useless. The Tags pane sets the reading order for assistive technology. Something that I find useful is to break down a complex table into manageable pieces, clean up the subtables can recombine. You can also consider assessing NetCentric CommonLook - I do not use it, but it has a good reputation for working with arrays. I don't think it's available for Mac, however.

  • How to add images to my table and how to configure the Web site? Help, please

    I do not understand how to configure the Web site and add images to a table and make hyperlinks.

    First, set the folder of your Local Site saying DW where to save the files on your local hard drive.  Go to Site > new Site.

    I think it is easier to start with a page layout predefined by using one of the appropriate templates to bootstrap that comes with DW.

    Go to file > new > (Starter models > models Bootstrap). Select one:

    • Bootstrap-Agency
    • Bootstrap-eCommerce
    • Bootstrap-Portfolio
    • Bootstrap-product
    • Bootstrap-real estate
    • Bootstrap-curriculum vitae

    Press the button create.

    For pictures, go to insert > Image. Select an image and save it in the folder of your local site.

    Nancy O.

  • Problem with table/table and past data capture

    Hi all

    Newbie is back and I have a problem with my program.

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    I'll show you a failure to a system event.

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    All the event information will be displayed on the front table and this table will increase when new event occurred.

    For descriptions and tags - this is fixed based on what fault affects, respectively.

    The issue I'm having is to capture time.

    What I have in mind is to use the time to enter the start time and duration also.

    Departure time is not question because once I press boolean = true, it gives the start time.

    For the duration, when I press boolean = false, it wil give the total duration.

    However, I have a problem as follows:

    (1) to capture what a comprehensive data set (for example / / Desc: fault 1, Tag: one, start time: 2008-12-16 11:15:06 duration: 0 00:00:05) and it passed inside the trap fault Table.

    (2) if the same failure has occurred, it will overwrite the latest information. However, I need to keep the display of old and new events.

    Please notify.

    Opinions and suggestions are welcome mosssssst.

    Million thanks in advance.

    Hi Roziela,

    Thanks for the post and I hope that your well today.

    You must add logic to detect the change of the event (no fault to fault) and produce a Boolean result by 'raising' edge.

    I have a code to do this,

    Let me know what you think,

  • How to open .tif files using the Windows fax and picture viewer

    I have the file open options set to use the viewer photo and fax Windows, however, it is always opens the .tif file in a window of IE. In reading the other posts regarding this problem, I think it may be a number of MIME, but nobody published how to fix this. Can someone send please how to change the MIME type so I can open the files in the right way. I REALLY appreciate it.

    Windows XP SP3 with all updates and IE8.
    Thanks in advance,
    Original title: how IE8 to open a .tif file by using the Windows fax and picture viewer?


    I suggest that allows you to remove any CLSIDS listed under location:

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    Note: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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    I hope this helps.

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    Hi TDPurdom,
    This is good news! Glad to hear that the problem is now solved. To make any type of file to open with a particular program, set this program as default.
    For more information, see:
    Email us if you have any other questions in the future.
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    1. You see favorites listed in "operating system drive >: \Documents and Settings\\Favorites" folder?

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    How to create and configure user accounts in Windows XP

    How to copy data from a corrupted to a new profile in Windows XP user profile

    I hope this helps.

  • Programmatically create ADF Table and binding.


    I create the table and the columns programmatically using richeTableau and RichColumn. But unable to fill in the data in the table cells.

    Here is an excerpt of the code used. I followed the specified discussion ADF of Create Table by program. but I am not able to work.kindly suggest to solve this problem.

    RicheTableau tblObj = new RichTable();

    TableValues = (ArrayList) getCompValue (wsValues, compId) list;  contains a list of the HashMap object.

    tblObj.setVar ("trow");

    tblObj.setId ("tblDBrd");

    for (int k = 0; k < tblColumns.length; k ++) {/ / tblColumns contains a list of name of column to display in the table}

    RichColumn tblColumn = new RichColumn();

    tblColumn.setVisible (true);

    tblColumn.setId ("col" + k);

    tblColumn.setHeaderText (tblColumns [k]);

    UI RichOutputText = new RichOutputText();

    ui.setId (compId + k);

    "{[String expression =" #{row [] "+ k +"] ['"+ tblColumns [k] +"] ' ']} ";   want to retrieve the value of #{rank [k] [columnname]}

    ui.setValueExpression ("value", getValueExpression (expression));

    addComponent (tblObj, tblColumn);

    addComponent (tblColumn, ui);


    tableModel = new SortableModel (tableValues);

    tblObj.setValueExpression ("value", getValueExpression("#{backingBeanScope.dashboardBean.tableModel}"));

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


    You need the table setValue. Take a look at these discussions: programmatically set another link to Table read-only ADF and to get a few first thoughts and feel free to come back if you get stuck somewhere.

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    between the username and the password and then who will retrieve tables exist and the script for each table.

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    If your boss wants to test your ability to write code and understand the dictionary of data, then you can try something like this:

        for t in (
            select table_name from user_tables order by table_name
            for c in (
                select * from user_tab_columns c
                where  c.table_name = t.table_name
                order by c.column_id
                dbms_output.put_line('    ' || rpad(c.column_name,31) || c.data_type);
            end loop;
        end loop;

    This just lists the tables and their columns. You must understand how to add more details and to make a set of create table statements.

    If it ask for user name and password there must probably be a SQL * more script (.sql file). He could use ACCEPT to invite (there are examples at the bottom of the page).

  • ADF Table and select one choice

    Hai everybody, please help.

    I have a page that contains the table and select a choice where the table record displays the current month and the choice of a select contain only months. When I select the month from the list, save the table will change based on the months that I have chosen. I have really no idea on how to perform this task.


    With the help of jdev version

    Thanks for your help.


    Try to follow the following:

    1 - in the ViewObject (to which redirect the table) define the bind variable, this variable binding will filter the query (for example variable binding name is selectedMonth).

    2 - from the page, select the selectOneChoice and of the Inspector properties set value change listener method in backbean and autoSubmit = true.


    Method of earphone 3 months value change will be:

      public void monthValueChangeListener(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent)
        BindingContainer bindings = BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();
        DCIteratorBinding iter = (DCIteratorBinding) bindings.get("TableIteratorName");//you can get iterator name from pageDef.
        ViewObject vo = iter.getViewObject();
        vo.setNamedWhereClauseParam("selectedMonth", valueChangeEvent.getNewValue());

    3. set table by selectOneChoice id partialTrigger

  • No coordination happening between the form of table and adf Adf

    I created an entity object.

    In the page, I separated the two page in horizontally with separator and top once again part I applied the vertical separator.

    Upper area, left side, I created adf search fast and right side have added the collection of panel above it, I added adf table.

    The bottom region, I created the dashboard Panel and I created two box. 1 box, I created the shape of the adf.

    Now the part of the question.

    What I've inserted into the quick query part are completed in the table of the adf, but when I move the cursor on each line on adf table form respective adf not getting not changed and it only shows the 1st record of adf table.

    Please guide me where I made mistake.

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards


    Now, I changed af:table set rowSelection = "single" and previously empty

    but I don't know what 'something' must map as I am new to ADF for this part selectionListener = ' something '

    Drag / move your new VO as a table and the 'select lines' option so it is automatically generated.


  • Is it possible to place the table and the text online?

    Hi all

    I have a table need to align with the numbered list. Is it possible in line of the table and text on a single line. EX: 6.12 and top of the 'text' must align horizontally.

    See the screenshot of the problem.

    Currently what I do, it is to place the table in separate frame and place it online using the option of the anchor.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 1.20.22 PM.png

    Thanks in advance.


    We could use the options for text blocks to position the first line.
    Fixed value set to 0.

    And a table style that would govern the distance before and after a table.
    If you wish, set both values to 0 .

    We could also do a minimum in the lead with the paragraph formatting to separate paragraph following with the next table.


Maybe you are looking for