Tabs leave glitching

I can't describe well just there let me show you


If it works in Mode safe mode and normal mode with all extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) off and then try to find which extension is the cause by allowing an extension at a time until the problem reappears.

Close and restart Firefox after each change via "Firefox > Exit ' (Windows: Firefox/file > quit;) Mac: Firefox > quit Firefox. Linux: Firefox/file > exit)

You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

  • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.

You will need to close and restart Firefox after enabling/disabling this setting.

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  • I'm wrong to close a tab (leaving FF just a tab closed) open -. Where is the function to "reopen closed tab"?

    I know I've seen this feature in the past two months. I just upgraded to FF4.
    To repeat: not, reopen the browser with all its old tabs, is to reopen a tab (among many others) which was closed by mistake.
    I looked everywhere I could think of. There should be a button "history" somewhere...

    To reopen a closed tab, press Ctrl-Shift-T, or go to "Recently closed tabs" in the history menu. (Press the "Firefox" button at the top left to access the menu of history.)

  • I have 13 tabs that won't close. I've deleted and reinstalled Firefox, but it nevertheless opens with tabs that won't close. What can I do to close these tabs?

    I have closed tabs leave history Firefox (several times) wiped, deleted and reinstalled, and these same tabs are still there, even after the re-installation. Why this is happening and how to fix it if it does not happen?

    Hello shmogo, reset your homepage: How to set the home page

  • I can't stop firefox opening a new tab when I type a URL in the address bar.

    I have the ability to open windows into tabs and I love it. My problem is when I type a URL in the address bar, rather than load him on this page, it opens a new page. No matter what type of page I made this. When I CTRL + T to open a TAB, and then type in the address bar and it opens a new tab the TAB Leaving previous, I opened intact. I would like to just so that it loads the page on that I entered.

    You have this problem when running in Firefox SafeMode?
    A troubleshooting mode.

    You can open the Firefox 4.0 SafeMode pressing the SHIFT key when you use the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu. Or use the Help menu option, click restart with the disabled... modules while Firefox is running.

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before using the shortcut of Firefox to open it again.

    If this is not the case, see this:

  • How to stop the pages previously loaded to refresh themselves on return to FF using other applications.

    This problem is driving me crazy!
    I'll take a few sites in tabs, leave FF to write an email or check my Inbox and when I come back to the FF app than the tabs to refresh automatically.
    This is particularly troublesome when I visited a Web site and typed a lengthy paragraph or filled a form composed of my name, address, email, etc. etc... and when I get out of the app to FF for something else for just a second and then back to FF, I JUST want PAT IS GONE OUT with this refresh boring.
    It is also a lot of time constantly be waiting for sites that I already loaded to recharge themselves.
    I did some reading all this and the term "LMK" appears relevant to this question, now, is there a way to FORCE FF to use more memory or a force FF to "keep open" somehow? Maybe a topic: config setting?

    I would appreciate a person 'in the know' to answer with ANY sort of fix or tweak for this.

    Thank you.

    I limit the amount of background applications in the developer settings

    I'm not aware of all these parameters. What I meant is to uninstall applications, you may not need urgent, or end of applications running in the background, such as Dropbox. I am sure there are others.

    Why Mozilla can't program FF to stay active in a substantive condition?

    I think it's what he does. Note, there is no button "quit".

    A browser should be a resource hog

    Should or shouldn't?
    I guess that "eater of resources" is not a correct term. It is always relative to the amount of memory that your device.
    How many RAM does your from?
    And the sites you open consume memory as well. Just the amount of Javascript to track you may be multiple MBs.
    It can help to turn on the monitoring of the protection feature.

    As said before, memory is managed by the operating system. And when the memory is needed to run other applications, it can be removed Firefoxby the OS while FF is in the background. Firefox has no control over that.

  • want to title bar of FF to get the color... just like you bird 38 on Win10 1511

    Just installed Win10 1511, and finally, the title bar of the active window gets coloured again (if you turn it on, I did immediately).

    Thunderbird 38 colors the area behind his legs and the background of the inactive tabs, leaving the active tab with a white background.

    Firefox 42 has resulted in some way a real title bar which appears once again (Yes, tweaking active browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar / disables it) and the title bar is the right color when active, white does not, but lie beneath the tabs.

    I like the behavior in Thunderbird 38. How he do in Firefox?

    Kept looking. I've tried various keywords. Finally found the solution.

  • My new update to FF 33 version is installed LOCKED in full screen and I can't get to my office

    I use a HDMI TV as a monitor. When I upgraded to ver 33.02 (?), he has locked in FULL SCREEN mode and my TV/monitor is not adjustable, so the top "EXIT FULL SCREEN" option is not displayed or available and must be deployed on the top.

    I cannot find a way to get by in the new 33.02 (?) release and now use IE for this post as this full screen is almost unusable FF.

    If necessary, I would be happy to permanently disable the full screen for FF because it is a real pain.

    Thank you

    Have you tried:

    • F11 [exit full screen shortcut]
    • ALT + F4 [close this window Firefox]
    • ALT + TAB [leave the Firefox window]
  • How can I make my default app iPhone music to a playlist?

    I created a Playlist named 'Favorites' and because I want the music app to always open in this playlist, I selected Playlists and selected reading list 'Favorites '. But when I leave the music app and re-launch-le, he never remembers that... still, it insists on opening with 'My Music' at the top of the screen, listing ALL MY MUSIC, classified by artists, so I have to select my favorite playlist every time I run the music application again.

    The impression that it is not too much to ask to have the music app to remember where it was, so finally you left.   But I don't see any option on my iPhone Settings\Music do remember, making it default to my desired favorite playlist.

    The apparent only to achieve, solution is to never force, exit music... I have to keep 'on' constantly, in the background.  I do not do that; I have the smoking habit strength applications when I don't use my iPhone (by going to the main screen, double click the main button and dragging each app, of the road, requiring each app to exit).  I do this because I do not have dozens of applications at the same time suspended in the background.

    So, is it possible to the default value of the application a specific playlist music?

    Hello autochthon,.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to make the app open to the tab list music default playback. The only available sort options come from the drop-down list at the top of the screen. In the 'My music' tab, you can choose to view music by artist, albums, songs, music videos, genres, composers and complications. In the "Playlist" tab, the drop down options allow you to select a playlist by default to display, or to display all the playlists.

    That said, I thought that it is prudent to note that double-clicking the home button and drag on an app is just the normal method of closing a Consider approx. slide out to be the equivalent of iOS of by clicking on the red x, or by pressing Cmd + Q. Force iOS apps quitting smoking is a process more long which includes holding down the lock/sleep button until "slide to power off" screen , then now the home button until the home screen appears (this force resignations unresponsive applications).

    All that being said, your best option is probably very one you are not eager to use. Just let the music app open in the playlist tab. leaving an application running in the background is a non-issue for modern smartphones. Apps are now hanging in the background, unless they are approved to update in the background (for example, push, push email notifications). So worry not drain your battery or consume system RAM. Just leave the open music app so that you can enjoy the convenience you're looking for.

    Good luck

  • Carplay music app is unresponsive


    I have a new VW Golf 7 (2016) with media Composition and AppConnect and use for music from Apple. Always well worked, connected with USB, drama pressed in music app and it works.

    But the application of music on my car radio suddenly became unresponsive. As soon as I plug in my phone and the music app appears on the radio carplay starts to get legs like crazy. If I select anything there to happen immediately to another tab leaving my cock not recognized.

    However he play the audio and I can control the application music to my iPhone without any problem. I can also control the audio playback using the buttons on my wheel, but I don't have a chance to do anything inside the carplay on my screen of the radio.

    During my commute together enforcement music just guard switching autour in tabs and does not stop.

    I already tried to unplug and plug back in, turn the radio and turning it back on, rebooted motors, delivered on my phone, unplug my phone, restart it, and reconnect it, tried to "Forget this device" under CarPlay on my phones settings and plug it back. All does not help it keeps crazy.

    Anyone know something like this, or has any advice on what I can try another?

    Is there a possibility to reset the parameters of carplay on the radio or something?

    I'm not using bluetooth and it is turned, I just connect via USB and I have a 6 iPhone with iOS 9.2.1

    Restart radio helped. (By pressing the Power button for 10 sec ~ until it reboots)

  • Child panel - how to put it to a specific location in the Parent Panel

    Hello I have a program with main panel what other signs in the form of tabs.

    I need to put the child Panel on the tab panels.

    How can I do this and get a good view of the child Panel only

    on the right panel?

    I'm attaching an image to describe.

    Thank you for your comments


    Hey Meir,

    It seems to me you're missinig a very basic concept on the tab control: each tab IS actually a child Panel! In other words, all of the controls that you have on your test panel can be simply loaded on the desired tab, leaving the other unchanged pages.

    You may be missing the scroll bar on the right, which actually isn't is not present on the controls tab, but as far as I can see your interface might be reduced to a single table control placed on a page of tabs with appropriate row headers and colunm.

    In all cases, if you do not strongly want to change your existing code you can use the command (InsertPanelAsTabPage) to add a panel you have previously loaded to the tab control: in this case a current scroll bar is maintained. Keep in mind that this statement actually makes a copy of the original Panel, you need to retrieve the handle of the appropriate tab of address on the page adding control. The original panel can be thrown immediately after it is added to the tab control.

  • Lost internet connection of WRT120N


    This is my problem:

    -I lose the internet connection at least 1 time / day. I have 2 wired and wireless 2 devices.

    -When the internet is down I am connected to the router (wired and wireless, the connection is not lost / disconnected cable...).

    -only when I power cycle the router I get access to my internet connection and the administration page.

    * Firmware Version 1.0.06

    Can I fix?

    Thank you!

    Well try the following steps:

    1] open the browser and in the address bar type which will open the router configuration page.

    [2] lower the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) of 1500 to 1400 or less (usually found on the main page / basic configuration of your router)

    [3] then go to the Wireless tab, leave network as mixed mode and make the bandwidth of 20 MHz only and channel 9...

    Settings wireless #Adjust the following:

    ~ ~ Reduced from 100 to 75 beacon interval

    ~ ~ Lower the threshold of fragmentation of 2346 to 2306

    ~ ~ Lower 2347 to 2304 RTS threshold

    Then check the status of the connectivity...

  • WRT160Nv2 Xbox Live Nat Strict and need to open NAT.

    So I have a WRT160Nv2 and I'm trying to get my nat to become unstrict for xbox live. I tried port forwarding which did not work. I tried this site and who doesn't (I don't have an xbox 360 btw). Nothing has worked for me and whenever I mess with something that it screws to the top of the internet, so I put up the previous default values. I know how to access my router I just need to know what to enable, disable, or add to the router. Any help would be great. Thank you very much.

    Uncheck all options trigger Port and try the Port Range Forwarding...

    Port Range Forwarding-

    Application: xbox

    Start port: 53

    End port: 3074

    Protocol: the two

    IP address:

    Check the enable box and save the settings.

    On the Security tab, leave the block anonymous requests disabled and change the MTU in 1452 under the Configuration tab.

    Click the status tab, and take note of DNS1 and DNS2 address...

    Goto the network settings on XBox and IP address settings and select manual IP settings and assign the following operations on your Xbox: P address:-, subnet mask:- default gateway:-

    Also assign addresses DNS on Xbox
    Use DNS1 and DNS2 addresses you took note of the primary router as secondary DNS & DNS status tab for the xbox...

    Turn off your modem, router and Xbox... Wait a minute...

    Connect the power supply to the modem first, wait a minute and plug the router power cable, wait another minute and turn on the Xbox and... test it connects...

  • BlackBerry smartphones, I can't receive e-mail

    I just bought a Blackberry 8330. I have created email Blackberry without any problem. I have a Sympatico account that I put in place, and I am able to send e-mail from him but he will not receive any. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it will not receive? Thanks in advance.

    Honestly, if she received one of the ways, then it works fine.

    These emails also download on your PC for Outlook?

    There is a setting in Outlook to "Leave Messages on server".

    For MS Outlook 2003 (another version are similar, you just need to find the setting):

    Outlook > tools > e-mail accounts > view or change existing > next.

    Select the e-mail account > change > additional settings.

    Advanced tab > leave a copy of Messages on the server

    Select this check box.

    • You will need to make this change for each Outlook e-mail account, you have.
  • BlackBerry Smartphones Messages disappear

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem with my email. It is a Rogers email account

    The e-mail is received by my blackberry fine, but when I open outlook on my desktop messages then disappear on my Blackberry?

    Any thoughts? Thank you

    So, to get this right, for example, watch you emails on your BlackBerry... received, view blah blah.

    You open Outlook on your computer, and all your emails on your BB disappear?  Quite bizarre.

    I would like to say that IF, once you open your Outlook on your computer that recently sent emails stop coming to your BB, then this is a setting in Outlook, you have not configured correctly. See below.

    So, what's your problem?

    IF you use Outlook to download your email on your desktop PC, Outlook is probably "remove" mail from your email server when it downloads on your PC.

    There is a setting in Outlook to "Leave Messages on server".

    For MS Outlook 2003:
    1. Outlook > tools > e-mail accounts > view or change existing > next.
    2. Select the e-mail account > change > additional settings.
    3. Advanced tab > leave a copy of Messages on the server
    4. check this box.

    * You will need to make this change for each Outlook e-mail account, you have.

    Other versions of Outlook have a similar setting, although it can be found in a slightly different place of the: Advanced settings.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone email sync between BB and Outlook


    I have Outlook 2003 installed on my home PC and that you have configured my Storm to have the same e-mail account.  I noticed a undesirable behavior that perhaps one of you gurus can solve.

    When my outlook is running and receives e-mail messages, they do not appear on my Storm.  When Outlook is not running that appear on the storm.

    I want to email to appear in both places.   Any ideas?

    It's probably pretty basic but I am a newbee with BB devices.

    Thank you!


    Your look is striking the enamel and remove them from your server first, before that RIM is capable of grasping and pushing to your BB.

    IF you use Outlook to download your email on your desktop PC, Outlook is probably "remove" mail from your email server when it downloads on your PC.

    There is a setting in Outlook to "Leave Messages on server".

    For MS Outlook 2003:
    1. Outlook > tools > e-mail accounts > view or change existing > next.
    2. Select the e-mail account > change > additional settings.
    3. Advanced tab > leave a copy of Messages on the server
    4. check this box.

    * You will need to make this change for each Outlook e-mail account, you have.

    Other versions of Outlook have a similar setting, although it can be found in a slightly different place of the: Advanced settings.

Maybe you are looking for