take screenshot and saves the image to a PNG file


How do I take screenshot and save the image as a PNG file?

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If you want a picture of façade one VI, you can use the method to obtain images of Panel (or the Tool of Capture of Code, which offers a range of screws for this).

If you want a picture of the entire screen, you can simulate a button on the print screen, using the method of Clipboard.Get Image Application class to get a picture of the contents of the Clipboard. If you are looking for "screenshot" you should probably find a few examples already.

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  • After that I have license and save the image on my computer, how much and how can I use this image/photo/graphics?

    For example, once I allow and image and download it, can I use this image even on a flyer for the public, a poster, a newsletter and e-newsletter and social media?

    Usually, I tend to create a flyer and then expand this leaflet in a post and then make a PDF of this brochure and post online.

    Please let me know if this is good practice or how to on this subject.

    Thanks for any comment on this.

    You can use the image as much as you want. Here is the license agreement.

    http://wwwimages.Adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/legal/servicetou/Adobe_Stock_Terms_en_US-2 0150313_hpc.pdf

  • prompt you to save the image in an avi file


    I try with vision acquisition software and I managed to acquire my webcam image and store it in an avi file, but the problem is when I run vi again it will crush the avi file. Is is possible to create a new avi file every time I stop and run the program again?

    Thank you

    Use a file dialog prompt that you can only create new files.

    Use a code that detects if the file name already exists and loop it back to allow the user to select a new file name.

  • dynamically create files (.txt/.doc/.css etc.) and save the table as BLOB without file system reference

    Hi guys,.

    IAM trying to find a plsql/pkg process that creates a file for example myiphones.txt (with content) and save this file as BLOB directly in a table in the DB (not on file system moreove there is no access to the file system) - Ive studied this but nothing about other than as_pdf3 that iam still working on.

    Here are the summarized steps:


    1. run plsql to create a single file like myiphone.txt,

    2. in this (myiphone.txt) inserts a record content from another table EMP as,



    Greg Taylor,

    Mike Owen

    3 then finally record this (myiphone.txt) in another table MYFILES as BLOB - Note Please that I don't want to not refer to file system manager and I have not access to it for the time being,

    I hope it is clear

    no idea about the way to handle this is appreciated?

    Thank you.

    You can try this:

    Data are from a clob table.

      L_BLOB BLOB;
      L_CLOB CLOB;
      -- create new temporary BLOB
      --Select CLOB
      -- tranform the input CLOB into a BLOB of the desired charset
      SRC_CLOB => L_CLOB,
      -- determine length for header
      -- Your custom INSERT INTO statement



  • Save the part of front panal image as a png file


    I'm trying to take a screenshot of a group of about 20 digital indicators and save the image as a png or jpeg file. I understand that you can take a screenshot of the sign above all and save this as an image, however, I want only a PART of the screen.

    Please help me!

    Thanks in advance,



    It seams to be a bug in the CTC...

    These settings (Tools > WASHING > Code Capture Tool to get here) SHOULD work to generate a snapshot of everything that is selected in the public Service.  They do not.

    Deselection of code snippet generates this:

    Alternatively, you can resize the FP and FP Visable lets get it

    Duly transferred to lava

  • Help with image files, drop box and save the changes?

    My husband put all our photos of drop box.  They are still on our computer, but we can now also access elsewhere.  But it has somewhat modified files.

    I'm putting together, cultures and (in general) to save the changes made to some images.  But I get an error.

    Example: The image I want to change is on the side.  I right-click on the file icon and select "Rotate clockwise" in the menu dropdown. Immediately, I raise the sound "bonk" and an error message appears: "you cannot rotate this image.  The file can be used or open in another program or maybe the file is read only.  It wasn't a problem before doing things to the drop box.
    So, I wait to make sure that everything is ok.  The image is not open anywhere else.  I clicked the properties option to see if it is in read-only mode.  He said that it is not.
    When I open the image and try to use the rotation on the bottom, it will turn.  But when I close the window, I get a different error message that says "Windows Photo Viewer cannot save changes to this picture because there is a problem with the properties of the image file."   There is a link at the bottom of the message box for "Why can't save this picture?  I clicked it.  He said "the subject you are looking for is not available in this version of Windows. For additional assistance, see multiple support options. "The more support options?  Get a tech savvy friend who could help me. Nice.
    Anyone know what I need to do to make this work?
    I don't know what version of windows we have.  I'm sure that's not Vista.  It's the one after that.


    Thank you asking in the Microsoft Community.

    1. open Microsoft paint.

    2. navigate to the image through Microsoft Paint.

    3 try to rotate and save the image.

    4 let me know if you are able to.

    Post back with the result.

  • Save the Images in the Clipboard of Microsoft LifeCam

    I'm looking to use the LifeCam for a project of indexing and need the ability to record still images in the Clipboard, then I can easily paste it into another application.  I know that I can take pictures and save the files, but is there a way to save the Clipboard?  I know a screenshot or tool cutting for this, but I don't want to draw on the screen capture area and I want only the image, not the rest of the window.

    Y at - it a 3rd party software that would allow me to take a picture with the webcam on the Clipboard?


    Unfortunately, we are unable to store files directly in the Clipboard of the Microsoft Lifecam.

    Clipboard application stores data when the command copy is initiated otherwise it won't store.

    You can also post your request in the MSDN forums:


    Hope this information is useful.

  • How to cut and paste the image of the body of the received email

    I'm trying to cut and paste an image included in the bottom of an email and insert it into a Word document so that you can size and print. I can highlight, cut it with Ctrl C, paste it into the document Word with Ctrl V, but the image doesn't show, although the picture frame appears when I click on the place where the photo was pasted. Framework, but empty, no image. Any thoughts?

    Thanks to everyone for their help.

    The problem has been resolved - to try and finally understand everything.

    If you encounter this problem, it is perhaps because, unless you know the file format of the inserted picture, programs can not figure it out for you. Place your cursor on the image, right click and save the image under a .jpeg instead of simply copying. Then work with the file .jpeg in any photo management program you use normally - or even insert it in Word.

  • Object to detect and record the image of the object


    I'm trying to detect the object and save the image. However, the programming can sometimes do as request and sometimes impossible. Someone know how to ensure that this programming is stable? My programming is attached. It is using pixels to detect the object when he gets to the Center.

  • How to take a screenshot and save photos on hp-Pavilion 15-n228us

    I was wondering if I can take a screenshot and save in my pictures. As with an Iphone.

    Hi Iamwieb, welcome to the Forums of HP. You can certainly take a screenshot in Windows. If you have Windows Vista, 7 or 8.1, you can use this document as a reference. Choose your operating system in the upper right part of this document:

    Take a screen capture (print your screen)

  • How to save the images and links

    Hello people so I've created a simple html page

    My question is what I have to put images in the same folder as the html page

    and if the images are deleted, they will not see the page is that correct?

    and if I download the HTML with images to my site via ftp should I update the links or not?

    What about links to one html to another in the same documents links should get updates

    When I download on my site via ftp or links will work fine without changing them?

    Thank you goodbye now.

    A html page is just code here are real or other pages on the page, just references to images and pages without images. So anyone to see your pages, they will have to be uploaded to a hosting server. If you download also the elements referenced in your HTML (images and other pages) the user will receive errors 404, file not found when they try to click on a link and you will see a broken image icon when the src attribute of the tag points to a file that has not been downloaded.

    Dreamweaver is designed to work locally, and then upload to the remote server. All the files of your site must be located in the folder your site root local and then downloaded to the root of the remote server folder (only local content is put on the remote for all paths remain the same). This remote root folder name you is given by your host and should be included in your Dreamweaver Site definition: helps Dreamweaver | GS-01: Definition of a new site. No matter if you keep all your files in the folder itself, or in sub directories that are in the folder root, although usually having at least a folder of images for all your images helps keep you organized. You can also use little or as many files in the root of your site as you want, as long as all the files and folders are uploaded to your server in the same location as your local copies, everything will work.

    In order to effectively work with DW, you really need to have a good understanding at least html and css (to a lesser extent, javascript). Take the time to familiarize yourself with the basics below...


  • I use a mac and when I try to save a file I get this message.   Unable to save the image.  Do not have enough access privileges. -5000

    I use a mac and when I try to save a file I get this message.   Unable to save the image.  Do not have enough access privileges. -5000

    local disk, I think he was trying to save it in the templates folder.  I changed it to save it on my counter top and it worked.  Rookie mistake.  This had to be the problem.

    Thank you

  • How can you save the image to a google map that is contained in a Web site?

    How can you save the image to a google map that is contained in a Web site? I use a macbook at the beginning of 2011 pro and functional on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. I would like to capture the image of the map and print it with a good quality.

    Take a screenshot and print that

    Google mapsHow to take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support

  • How do I save the image after the converted in 64RGB

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to save the image of out of 64RGB on my computer. Is this possible? I had a go and could not do. Can someone look at my code please.

    Kind regards


    Take a look at the following:

  • VBAI 2012 "save the image calibrated to the file" issue


    Under the State of 'Calibrate Image', 'Save the image calibrated to the file' option does not work correctly.

    With the exception of the type 'Point of Distance' of the calibration, the new image is ever recorded. I checked the calibration image .cal2 in the folder \ProgramData\National Instruments\Vision AI\Calibration Builder, each iteration the meta-data are updated but not the image.

    I have a camera calibrated with a grid (see picture) and using the model of the distortion. Working remotely can sometimes change and I need to take a recalibration. This step should be as simple as possible. Example: put a model calibration in the field of view, then press a button recalibrate.

    The problem mentioned above, it is impossible. Whenever I have to manually go into the choice of the State of the Image calibrate and update the calibration image myself. Otherwise, calibration is recalculated from the original image which is not best suited for the new working distance.

    Is there an easy way to make VBAI save a new image of calibration with each iteration?

    Or is it something that I did not understand this option 'save image calibrated to the file?

    Vision Builder for Automated Inspection VBAI 2012

    Windows 7 64 bit



    Hi Larpin,

    Unfortunately VBAI does not support the suggested behavior. The best solution in my opinion would be to implement your application completely in LabVIEW!

    To Eval download link. Version:


    Kind regards


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