TC1100 burning smell.

I have 2 TC1100s, it works perfectly, the other was purchased for "fix."

I plugged a working power adapter to see if the fixer lights. He did not so I tried a stack of work my TC1100 work in the "fixer" to see if that helped or load at least begun. After a few seconds turn on the machine, I smelled burning and quickly cut the power supply.

Now I'm wondering if the battery was the cause I have not noticed a burning smell when I used the power supply alone.

I fear now that if I use the battery on my machine now, I have two dead TC1100 machines.

Is there a way to test the battery to see if it allowed to use?


Install the battery in the tablet to work.
The problem seems to be a question of the system board. If you open the one with the burning smell and inspect by the sight and smell, you should be able to locate the faulty component (or without).

Best regards

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  • Equium A60 - Shutdown, cracking and burning smell


    I have a laptop Equium A60 and today, while using it I heard a noise 'dry', accompanied by a strong smell of burning. The PC also stop and 'popping' continues for a few minutes.

    The case and the battery have been cool and since I was able to restart the machine and use access files, burn on CD and internet access so it seems to work OK, but my question is what happened? Someone at - it ideas, which went pop and caused the machine to stop?

    Hello MrBump

    I put t know how old your laptop is all why this happen. Please contact the service partner and let check the device. All of a sudden shutdown is especially the reaction if the unit is not properly cooled.

    To prevent damage more equipment allow control of the device. If the warranty is still valid, it will cover all costs if there is a hardware malfunction.

    Good bye

  • MagSafe2 45W power had hot, burning smell


    There is a half hour my power 45W MagSafe 2 charger I got with my MacBook Air broke down mid-2012. First of all, I recognized that there is no light on the MagSafe connector, so I plugged back it it, but he did still turn upward. Then I touched the power supply itself and thought I would burn my fingers. The power supply had incredibly hot. After that, I unplugged the power supply.

    I don't think it's a good idea to try to recharge the battery once more (risk of death).

    Now I have 76% of the battery left and no working power

    I thought that Apple would provide safe reliable devices und. Is there a way to get a new from Apple without charge? I don't want to pay €89 for a new power supply, even if I'm not to blame. Unfortunately I did not any guarantee.

    Thank you in advance.

    Depending on your country and location, some rules may vary, and if you have a valid

    concerned about your diet, you can ask an official Apple Store to check and inspect

    the part (and also recommend the computer be archived in as well) to see what the

    the problems may be. To roll flat the battery is never a valid approach since these batteries

    will not never recharge completely again if that is allowed to occur.

    • About batteries for laptops Mac - Apple Support

    • Laptops Apple: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters - Apple Support

    There may be some conditional consumer laws, in some areas, for example in the EU or to the United Kingdom

    It is perhaps worth considering; that may apply to your adapter. As I am neither

    in these regions, all I can do is suggest that you attend this matter as soon as possible if

    as for not allowing additional questions or damage to occur. Health and safety are the first numbers.

    Inquire of an official Apple Store with 'genius bar' + appointment before you go.

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • Alienware 14 system went off after plugging in the AC adapter in, smelt burning?


    I was testing an Alienware 14 system that went off after plugging in the AC adapter in, smelt burning? She start fine and when I tried to connect the input ca it off with a burning smell.  I tested the adapter and is fine, the burning came from inside. I'll open it up when I had the chance.

    Everybody had that happening and what you think may of burning?

    The power supply connects directly on the motherboard. I suppose that, given the sequence of events that the motherboard is fried. Tell us what you learn to be the problem and how you fixed it.

  • Equium P200 - video cable

    Hi people - my video cable has deteriorated for months - red screen etc. - Ive tried to replace it, but I received a strange burning smell, and now there is no image on the screen at all - advice please?

    I can't find a video tutorial of how to do to replace the video cable for this model at all?

    Thank you very much

    What you need is the maintenance manual document. Problem, it is that this document is not a public document, so you can not find it for download.

    Want to replace video cable?

  • Odore di su bruciato MacBook Pro retina 2015


    Oggi afternoon ho aperto computer, no attaccato alla corrente, e ha fatto una piccola scintilla sul lato della tastiera Sinestro, e adesso quando Moussa he naso vicino wears thunderbolt sento UN strong odore di bruciato (sono passage gia various ores da quando e successo).

    Very Prenotero an appuntamento al. genius, my in the meantime mi'd turned out some parere in merito


    betraix wrote:


    Oggi afternoon ho aperto computer, no attaccato alla corrente, e ha fatto una piccola scintilla sul lato della tastiera Sinestro, e adesso quando Moussa he naso vicino wears thunderbolt sento UN strong odore di bruciato (sono passage gia various ores da quando e successo).

    Very Prenotero an appuntamento al. genius, my in the meantime mi'd turned out some parere in merito



    Good evening

    This afternoon, I opened the computer not and done a little Sparks on the left side of the keyboard, and now when I put my nose close ports thunderbolt feel a burning smell (spent already several hours since it happened).

    Without a doubt the booking of an appointment at the genius, but in the meantime, I would like to have some opinions.

    Thank you.

    Translate in case that someone has a better suggestion:

    In the meantime, cut your MacBook if is not already extinct. Do not connect. Make the appointment at the Genius bar is the right thing to do. Bring your power and only other cables, that you can use with your MacBook.

  • Satellite L350D-131 - Excessive heat


    I got my Toshiba Satellite L350D-131 about a year and a bit ago. Ever since the first day, I noticed that the laptop seems to be excessive heat. Everyone has noticed this and is this normal? When he is sitting on a desk, it seems to get to the point where you could get a nasty burn him. I finally end up l ' down because I'm paranoid incase it goes on fire or something.

    All I wanted to know is:

    * Not everyone notices that their laptop is doing this? *
    * I'm just being too paranoid? *

    I've had so many laptops in the past and it's the only one, I noticed that gets this heat...

    There is no dust or whatever it is stuck in it, I tried to use compressed air to see if they were all except wasn't them.

    I downloaded speedfan and he said Core: 73 ^ o ^ c, but it has as high as 78/79 ^ o ^ c

    PS It's still under warranty, if it requires a fix/replacement parts!

    Post edited by: andrew0509 because it cannot explain the warranty

    Some laptops can become quite hot, but they should not burn you or give a burning smell.

    Fan or heatpipe cooling may be defective, so you should send it to a Service Center authorized for warranty repair.

  • Satellite A100-543: the battery appears dead

    My battery died yesterday after I plugged it to my computer. In fact the computer turn off at this time. A burning smell has occurred and after, I tried to start the computer again and it works but the battery seems dead. When I'm on windows with the battery, it is written that it does not load, but I have my doubts because the computer recognizes that there is the battery.

    So I would like to know if this could be something between the battery and the motherboard that is dead or if I can use my warranty. The strange thing is that other people use the same plug that I used without problem, I think, so that the battery has a problem before.

    Thank you.

    Don t know exactly what's wrong, but it certainly looks like a hardware malfunction.
    The A100 is a new machine and the guarantee must be valid and must cover all the trouble with the material.

    Take my advice and don t spend a lot of time for the investigative measures which could be bad or not.
    Simply contact the ASP in your country and explain the problem guys

    I think everything should be done for free!

  • T420 start (power on) at all


    My T420 light up at all. I tried to turn it on with the cable without cable, different baterries, removed the Rams and tried the same things, tried holding down the power button for 60 seconds, tried with another keyboard and I could not able to boot up the laptop. No reaction at all, no blinking or anything like that.

    Any suggestions on the source of the problem are appreciated. Sound like an easy fix, or should I go for a new laptop?

    Thank you


    Have you tried to start it only with a/c without battery?

    Make what happened before this problem.

    Some problems of overheating?

    Burning smell from the laptop you etc. ???

    It might just burn inside your T420 power connector.

    If it's on the use of Warraty is not desassembly chaissy access to the motherboard and check the power connector.

  • C710-2847 has white screen. Google has determined that it is hardware issue. ... Any help please?

    After having thought about it I noticed a burning smell in the night, I used it, then next morning just a white screen. I'm quite irritable... can I fix it myself? Any help please? Thank you!


    As you have probably noticed a burning smell coulf pose a problem of hardwrae.

    If the Chromebook starts with a white screen with the logo of Chrome, you can follow the steps described in this Internet link to fix the problem

    Chromebook Whitescreen

  • Envy DV7: What size/form factor hard drive is in my laptop?

    Good evening.

    Well, my desire for two year, died the other day care of overheating the chronic problems that seem struck Envys at this time. My block of cooling died beforehand, that was probably the cause of the rise in temperature. Yep, that burning smell of rubber from the exhaust vents was kind of present that something was wrong, as well as the characters of ding strange wing that the display has been put in place and the intense heat of the keyboard who suddenly developed. Unfortunately, it was out of warranty. I really liked this PC, too.

    In any case, I would remove the hard disk that is inside to retrieve the data using an external hard drive enclosure but I need to know what size or form factor of the hard drive is to buy the appropriate forum. I guess it's a 2.5-inch form factor. Is this correct?

    Thank you very much


    Yes, it is 2.5 inches. You can just buy SATA TO USB adapter:



  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M177fw: HP Color LaserJet Pro M177fw

    I have a question, my HP Color LaserJet Pro M177fw, a few days ago my printer after pulling the used toner has ceased to function and to be put off. I am attaching it once again, but at this point display information on the 'introduction' display and the printer no longer nothing prints, copies, it does not scan, still running with toner bemben, inquire about what could have happened?
    This printer is dead as a result, is it the resuscitation anyway?

    I would be grateful for any response and assistance

    Unfortunately I'm not able to cope with the printer, checked her computer friend and is always the same problem, I've updated the printer drivers on your computer, then is the same inscription initiation, I can't even move in any way over the top toner to swap, I noticed today that the printer feel as if something is burning - burning smell.
    Unfortunately, my English is not too good to talk to a hotline telephone hp, so I wonder it is possible to communicate electronically or by the Polish translator?
    Your faithfully

  • Blunder of removable storage

    Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone can help... I tried to plug in my device in my computer HP HD16000 RSM, but put the wrong voltage 9V adapter at the beginning when I changed the 12V voltage adapter, the unit began smoking and burning smell.  My question is, is it irreparable now or still content on the disc can be found?

    Help, please

    If the smoke originated within the device itself and then some internal components went up in smoke. It is unlikely that the hard drive itself is dead because it is connected to a bus data and internal power for the circuitry inside the personal media case of separately.

    Is the drive of media still under warranty?

    You use the included software to back up files or did you use the device as a drive hard usb external base?

    If you use it as a drive hard usb external base then this is quite simple.

    It comes to remove the internal hard drive and put the hard drive in a case that matches the tye of hard drive. I'm not aware of the type has been used. There are two types that have consumer products. Hard disks IDE of oldest and most current HDDs SATA. We don't know that until it is opened and studied by yourself. If you don't feel able to do this, and then by another person whose expertise trust you. Unfortunately the next of the video does not show what interface or type of the drive is.

  • Bench memory not installed - start question

    I have a Pavilion a6242n running Vista Home Premium.  A few months ago, it got to where I had to try several times to get the computer to boot when I turned it on (come to lights and fans on so I decided is was not a power supply problem).  I had to try many times more until he finally wouldn't start at all.  After reading a suggestion in this forum, I decided to remove the RAM sticks one at a time to see if it was my problem.  He initialized right upward when I removed the first stick.  The motherboard has 4 slots for RAM & came with a 512 MB stick in each of the first 2 slots (black) and a stick of 1 GB each of the 2nd 2 slots (blue) for a total of 3 GB.  Realizing that I'd get all the benefits of 4 GB of memory running Vista 32-bit, I always bought 2 sticks of 1 GB (240 pin DDR2, unbuffered PC2 5300 memory) Crucial since it was only $ 5 more than 2-512 sticks. I installed the new clubs in the 1st 2 slots.  Since then, the computer has started occasionally (not every time), but never stays on for more than an hour without a future BSOD.  I tried reseating the memory sticks and move the original 1 GB sticks to the first 2 slots.  At any given time while I move the sticks & them relocation several times, I can smell a burning smell.  Through troubleshooting, I decided that maybe the hard drive was bad, so I replaced that as well.  Since the departure of memory and any sticks I have where the installer has not recognized the first Bank of memory.  He says always "not installed".  Banks of memory 2-4 always show properly 1 GB of memory in each.  I tried to reset the bios by removing and replacing the battery on the MB and reset jumpers.

    My question is this: this machine is able to start properly without the first Bank of memory?  I came to the conclusion that it is bad because it is not recognized not matter what memory is there.  May dispense with the extra memory, I don't know if I should spend more time and money trying to save this machine.  The crack can be repaired or replaced if it is a necessity for appropriate start?  I decided that if the motherboard needs to be replaced, I will buy a new computer.

    Sorry to be too wordy; just try to give as much information as possible, so I can get a precise answer.  Thank you in advance for your help!


    In response to your questions, it sounds like the first Bank location memory is dead and it is probably not useful, both financially or in practice, for repair - you would probably find that a new motherboard is cheaper anyway.

    If the computer starts ok without this slot being usable, it might well continue to work for a while yet - I had a PC with a dead memory slot that lasted another 2 years!  However, if it is continually starts giving a BSOD on a regular basis, you would be wise to consider a new PC.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes and good luck,

    DP - K

  • PavilionDV4T-1400 white screen at startup

    I have a Pavilion DV4T-1400 , who immediately becomes a white screen on startup. I have no options. This happened out of nowhere.

    Here is some information:

    -Locks caps/scroll/num doesn't turn on when I press on the

    -It has a slight smell of burn on it when I turn it on

    -J' tried a hard reset (power off, then press on and hold power)

    -J' I tried to delete the memory, that I get no beeps, just a black screen and the scrolling/caps lock lights will Flash 4 times

    -J' had the computer almost 2 years warranty for 1 year.

    -J' have the knowledge/skills to remove and replace the maps system etc.

    I'm looking for some advice, or what someone might think the problem is, so I know what to replace.

    Any ideas? It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Anything it is displayed on an external monitor? If so, it's the screen or the cable and not the mother/gpu card. If this isn't the case, the new, it's worse. According the description, of course looks a catastrophic failure of the motherboard. The slight burning smell is really a bad sign.

    Here's a motherboard on ebay:


    The price is a little high but lower than HP would be. Go down you $ 20 for a Exchange. There are also several services advertised on ebay that will repair your device for about the same price or a little less.

    Here is the manual if you choose to DIY:


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    I have a VI that gives the word in another VI. Let's call them a - VI and VI - b. Now, when I try to run VI, one, it works as it is supposed to. No matter how many times I run and close it. But when she is called in VI - b, it works well for the firs