Tech installed the new drive hard yest. I had McAfee virus exp 31/10/13. Today a msg says: "Windows did not find antivirus software on this computer. What should I do?

Tech installed the new drive hard yest. I had McAfee virus exp 31/10/13.  Today a mesg says: "Windows did not find antivirus software on this computer.

What should do?

Download another copy of McAfee and activate it with your existing license.

Ask for advice here:

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  • Satellite L655-1GN - failed to install the new drive HARD original recovery image


    Just had to buy a new hard drive and put the latter with the former. I already checked that he was the same size and SATA as the original hard drive. When I tried to start a new installation of the operating system from the recovery disk (that I bought the Toshiba provider in my country - MAFIL), the boot option was not available.

    MAFIL representative told me that the recovery disks only for the reinstalliation of the OS on the original drive, but are not suitable to install a fresh copy again. So, how can I install my Win7 64-bit, with all settings on the new drive and Toshiba apps?

    Thank you

    On many models of laptops different change HARD drive or upgrade can be done by the owner of the laptop and after doing this, you can install recovery image using the disc of recovery without any problem.

    I did several times on different models of Toshiba laptops. This works.
    I really don't understand how someone can give you this information.

    By default the BIOS settings, restart your machine and press F12 at startup. When the boot menu appears on the screen put the recovery disk ODD news, select CD/DVD as a boot device and press ENTER.
    What happens when you do this?

  • Windows XP hangs after installing the new drive hard & software

    My 20 GB hard drive was almost full and the computer (Dell GX240) has been slow, I installed a new 160 GB drive. After loading Windows XP, Linksys, McAfee, MS Office and MS Windows updates would crash randomly. Restart the system would allow him to run for a few minutes and then hang again.
    I reformatted the drive and partitioned to 80 GB and then reloaded all programs above with the same results.
    I reformatted back to 20 GB, loaded XP and Linksys and the same problem occurred.
    It seems that the internet has something to do with the problem.
    Any suggestions?

    "Wingnut555" wrote in message News: 6aac2f2a-ffb6-4a22-98e1-67417709eb6b...

    The drive of 20 GB that I removed to install the largest capacity disk has been reinstalled after the failure of a larger. I am currently running on the same pc and the old drive. I have another drive of 20 GB that had XP installed on it earlier. Thinking that I might try that one that I started to load some of my other programs operating and when I installed Office 2007 for household use and selected updates online blocked system shortly after. The problem is therefore not only on new facilities. The reader that I use currently a Office 2007 is installed and it works fine.

    What is the largest disk that will handle XP? I heard it's 137 GB, is it true? If I can make it work how would you recommend I have partition the drive of 160 GB?

    Thank you

    XP can handle drives of 1 TB to NTFS without problem - it's the motherboard on computers more elders who may have problems, that it is not compatible LBA.
    There is really no need to partition the disk, but I would tend to opt for about 60 GB for the operating system and 100 GB of data and then move the folder My Documents (using the option in its properties) of the data partition. This allows to separate the data and programs and means a lot less work if a reinstall is needed.


    Noel Paton | Nil Carborundum Illegitemi | CrashFixPC | The lazy three fingers

  • Installed the new drive hard and now I get a pop up that says that my windows is not genuine.

    I upgraded my hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 1750. Now, I get a pop up that says that my windows is not genuine. But under the control of configuration\systeme and Security\System, it says my windows is activated. It is an OEM with Windows7 system House. Did that clone a new (bigger, 1 TB) hard disk and then install. In addition, windows update does not work now either. Said the service is not running.

    You have installed RemoveWAT at some point in the past.

    Now we must try to clear up the mess :(

    Best way to fix it now (since we do not know what version of RemoveWAT served) is to run WATFix...

    Download WATFix - make sure you click the link in the page, not the big shiny buttons! - and use it.

    Then post back with another MGADiag report, and we will see what we can do.

  • After installing the new drive HARD impossible to install OS on Satellite


    I had to buy a new hard drive as old one was damage... the bios recognizes the new hard drive... but now provided by toshiba recovery cd does not and can not reinstall the system... I chose the boot from CD/DVD, but it does not start and continues to try to pre-seed from the internet and keep telling that no name of boot file received

    What can I do?

    Post edited by: Rodsin

    I really put t know what is happening here, but it will be interesting to know what Satellite phone you have.

    Try it please press the C key after turning on the unit. Keep it down for a few seconds. In this way the CD/DVD drive must be primary.

  • Pavilion dv6-3100sa: installed the new drive hard and now I need drivers windows 7

    Hi people,

    Can someone point me in the right direction for all the drivers for my laptop. I had to replace the hard drive and I can't get the correct drivers and software on the hp site.

    Windows 10 does not work on this machine because the graphics drivers are not available, so I need to re - install windows 7 original...

    any help is appreciated...



    All the drivers, specifications and manuals are missing from pages support again.

    This happened earlier in the week also.

    Another Member of the forum has reported the problem to administrators forum, which will be in touch tour HP, but since I am not employed by, nor do I represent HP, I don't know how long it will take to restore the missing data to the support pages.

    Whether the weekend will not help much either.

  • I installed a hard drive 500 secondary gig, after re-booting the properties for the new drive hard only show 48.8 GB are available.

    I installed a hard drive 500 secondary gig, after re-booting the properties for the new drive hard only show 48.8 GB are available. where is the rest of the memory?  Its not partitioned to another eather drive

    original title: hard drive problems

    (1) what does your BIOS the drive size?


    2) disk hard test - find your make and model:
    Speccy - computer/system information in detail
    (More detailed look at your memory and CPU)
    OS, CPU, RAM, card, graphics, hard drive, optical drive
    Audio, peripherals, network.
    Note: Option RAM indicates number of slots, DRAM Timing.
    Works your memory speed (frequency). The nominal frequency of your memory.

    Test your player - CD Bootable:
    Ranging from 5 to 20% (depending on the manufacturing) new hard disks are defective. Test your drive with the factory utility. If you have a new hard drive Seagate the very next thing would be to download Seagate Seatools (bootable CD) and check bad sectors:

    For Western Digital readers to download the .iso from WdDiag file:

    Samsung Estool:
    Samsung Disk Manager software:
    Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Software:
    Diagnostic tool available for use by customers who feel their Toshiba brand Fujitsu hard drive:
    Notice of suport Fujitsu disk utility:
    Toshiba CD bootable: (BACK Diagnostic Tool version 7.0 for IDE/ATA/SATA hard disks)


    (3) HD Tune:
    Provides information of the car and has an option (tab scan error) to test your drive.

    Monitors internal temperatures and has a function of analysis health online (SMART tab) for hard disks drive.
    It displays your drives model number and compares your drive with other discs of the same brand and model.

    -Partition management utilities-

    Partition Wizard Home Edition:
    Note: There is also a CD bootable or versions of the bootable Flash drive:
    Flash player:
    Among the features and functions: create partition, Delete partition, format partition,.
    A partition resize, move partitions, Partition recovery after an accidental deletion,
    Convert the partition, partition Explore, Hide partition,
    Change the drive letter, a partition active Set, Explorer (content display) of the partition.
    Note: To complete any task use the "Pending Operations" box at the bottom left.

    Alternative to Partition Wizard (a bit easier to use, but Partition Wizard and EASUS have almost identical user interfaces)
    EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition (free):
    Partition software ALL-IN-ONE and the most convenient hard disk partition manager Kit
    Includes Partition Manager, Disk & Partition copy Wizard and Partition MBR and GUID partition GPT disk recovery Wizard (table) on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 (32-bit and 64-bit).
    It allows users to resize/move Partition, drive system extend, copy Disk & Partition, Partition merge, Split Partition, redistribute free space, convert dynamic disk, Partition Recovery and much more.

    J W Stuart:

  • Failed to install the new driver Acer Aspire E1-571

    I upgraded to 8.1 8 wind wind (OEM), I tried to install the new driver for Elan Touchpad Acer support but he failed, but the installer says the driver is installed correctly, when I checked in the Device Manager, there is no momentum drver but found the PS2 of Windows compatible driver.

    Any suggestions or help appreciated, thanks.

    Thank you clyde.

    Yes, I tried different drivers and none of the newer drivers work, finally, I opted for the original driver version and organized settings to my liking.

    The drivers installed but not appear in Device Manager has frozen my BONES with BSOD

    Thanks again for your suggestion, much appreciated.

  • PSE 8 fails to run on the new drive hard iMac after Time Machine backup

    I had to have my iMac drive replaced the week last in the replacement of the Apple program. After installing the new drive, I restored the whole Machine on the new drive Time backup. Most things work perfectly, but I get an error message when I try to run PSE 8. The error is 150:30 of error indicating "license has stopped working". I tried a number of things to correct this as described in, but found that most of the FlexNet referring to article data does not exist on my machine, so I am unable to complete the recommended steps (I did the hidden files visible). Also the Flexnet files do not appear on the backup volume. When I try to reload the software with the original disks I have just the player to make some noise and then eject it. All the other CD/DVD to work as usual. Very welcome ideas

    Download PSE 8 on trial download site and use your current serial number to activate it: tml

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important article Instructions on the pages to download on this site.

  • I can't Live Update my Max Total Security that I get the message "DB update failed download!» Max Support also did not help at all. Disappointing. What should do?

    I can't Live Update my Max Total Security that I get the message "DB update failed download!» Max Support also did not help at all. Disappointing. What should do?

    Do yourself a favor and remove the application.  Mac do not need AV applications and at best, they will be not hard (but not good either) and at worst will corrupt your system / OSX's built in protection.  Your concerns are malicious software that requires the cooperation of the user to install, not the virus.

    For more information, please read this:


  • can not get the wireless network... saying "windows could not find a certificate to log in to a network.


    I tried to connect wireless to my network with a netgear mordem.and saying "windows could not find a certificate to log in to a network" I was using a mordem delink and never had prob.when I call my internet provider as they gave me this new mordem free, is to show that msg.but when I connect by netgear cable is efficient. my windows operating system is windows xp

    Thank you


    I tried to connect wireless to my network with a netgear mordem.and saying "windows could not find a certificate to log in to a network" I was using a mordem delink and never had prob.when I call my internet provider as they gave me this new mordem free, is to show that msg.but when I connect by netgear cable is efficient. my windows operating system is windows xp

    Thank you

    Thanks for posting. Follow the instructions below carefully.

    1. Click Start > run > type or paste devmgmt.msc > click Ok or press ENTER.
    2. Scroll down to network adapters. Develop the content by clicking on the symbol +.
    3. Locate your wireless adapter. Right-click on it and choose uninstall. Confirm the prompt.
    4. Restart your computer. Allow Windows to detect the new hardware. The driver and the device needs to be reinstalled automatically the resolution of the problem.
  • How to import bookmarks to an old win / win wqhere FF installation failed. New victory and FF install the new drive. Old files

    Old installation of Windows and where winning FF stopped working. Have reinstalled on the new drive win and FF and import bookmarks from the old install on the old disk. The files are always accessible. None of the listed options explain another FF FF import that create a new profile that will not work in this case.

    Just as a reference, when you explore your old hard drive, will seek you:


    (the drive letter may vary)

    If Windows hides the AppData folder on the old disk, you can disable hide files and folders:

    Then you can get off and find the folder bookmarkbackups containing .jsonlz4 files.

  • Problem after installing the new drive on Pavillion G6-2320

    The original hard drive on my old book of 8 Windows Pavillion G6-2320 3 months crashed and I sent to HP and got the replacement of the hard drive (laptop still under warranty). They gave me support online printing that I just need to install it in the laptop and would not need the disc to install the operating system. (I had originally bought my own replacement hard drive and had error messages so chatted with online support who took care of the hard drive replacement confirmed that indeed one supplied with the laptop has been damaged)

    After you install the new hard drive and turn on the laptop, the following message appears on the black screen:

    Not found boot device

    Please install an operating system on your hard drive

    Hard drive (3FO)

    The F2 System Diagnostics).

    I went to F2 and test the hard drive. Everything was made. Help please!

    Thank you


    You will need to call HP support and ordering of a set of recovery disc for your model in order to install the operating system and the programs provided with your laptop.

    HP is not delivered replacement hard drives pre-configured with any software.

    They should also ship you the free of charge from the PC recovery discs is still under warranty.

  • install the new drive in slave. you want to transfer the OP for slave to the master drive. The slave to the master change and OP work, as did the master drive.

    Hello, I install a new drive (slave at first) to be the master, after I transfer of windows on them. How can I transfer the data to the new disk that the operating system runs when the slave returned to be the master drive?

    Go to your NEW Hard Drive from the manufacturer website.

    They normally have available software cloning to transfer the operating system on a new hard drive.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Want to m6-k088ca: m6-k088ca tea spilled want fried HARD drive. try to load the operating system on the new drive HARD get no found boot device

    Hi I want to m6 - k088ca it came with Windows 8, I've updated to 8.1 has a 64-bit operating system. I spilt tea on it and fried hard drive.

    Try to save money I bought a 500 GB hard drive instead of a 1 TB of HDD, it can with. Install it and then through the process to implement the recovery program and try to load the image of the system on my USB key. Recovery program did come and I tried to load the System Image to my USB disk hard nine, but nothing happened.

    I have only kept getting no device found startup message after the attempt to load of the System Image. Discover your forum, I discovered that I could not use the Image of the system on nothing less than what was originally on my computer a 1 TB hard drive. So, I went out and I tried to install Image system on it. I was unable to implement the recovery program I had before. I went to the boot options and he set up to boot from the key USB didn't keep get no boot device found message. After trying several different ways to do it, I made a test drive and kept getting unavailable message. I've reset the hard drive wiped clean all connections and was still unable to do a hard drive test, so I assumed that there was something wrong with the hard drive has returned to where I got it from. Then went to another bank and picked up another.

    First thing I did was a fast hard drive test and it happened.

    I tried to install e system on nw HDD image with no luck. I have never been able to implement the program of recovery since that first time. With the help of your forum, that I have que j' ai tente tried to load my picture of the system a couple of different ways but get no found boot device message.

    Have I may have something to corrupt the system on my USB key Image trying to download it on a smaller hard disk?

    I went to the view of Windows and try to download Windows 8 on an another USB and then tried to download it and continue to spread the message no boot device found. I tried this download on my g6 HP Pavilion with Windows 7 64 bit operating system. This is why it did not work because I use a computer with Windows 7 and not Windows 8?

    Thanks Bill


    See if you make your own plain W8 x 64 installation media works for you...

    Download the ISO W8...

    Then use this tool to make the file iso bootable on a 4 GB + DVD or USB flash drive

    If you install via a DVD, you must go into the BIOS, turn on legacy mode and disable secure boot.

Maybe you are looking for