Tecra 8100: Cannot restore my OS

I have a Toshiba tecra 8100 with the recovery of original product CD and I can not install them. When I start my computer I have to press 'C' and let go, but nothing happens. I tried several different ways to support on hold or 'C', but no result. Even when I press F2 it will not go to BIOS settings and I tried to use "del", "F1" to "F12" and several others, I took off this forum and others.

I need a little help here? How to install win98 on this computer Moose, I already have a boot disk (floppy) but I can not install from there. The computer completely original with no changes in memory or CPU or whatever it is internal and an original drive cdrom


Hello huh,.

Your laptop has a functional BIOS installed, or has something happened which caused the BIOS failure?

If none of the usual techniques for access to the BIOS work you then I can't that assume that your CMOS chip has developed a fault or there is a problem with the motherboard you.

Can you give more information about what happens when you press the power button.

Kind regards

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  • Tecra 8100 cannot establish a DSL connection

    Tecra 8100 can't do DSL connection.

    On win98se, all parameters are the way the manual of my provider tells me.
    The material indicate a problem with the network card.
    I tested the DSL connection on no prob. 2 different pc if the signal is good.

    I think that maybe the problem is in the connector between DSL-cable and network cards.
    How can I test this?


    Tecra 8100 can't do DSL connection.

    On win98se, all parameters are the way the manual of my provider tells me.
    The material indicate a problem with the network card.
    I tested the DSL connection on no prob. 2 different pc if the signal is good.

    I think that maybe the problem is in the connector between DSL-cable and network cards.
    How can I test this?


  • How to control the Tecra 8100 restoration?

    Hi I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 and I can't boot the laptop whenever I start it it know that the System 32 file is missing or curropted doesn't ne1 know how I can master restor originally withouit factory setting have to have a cd - r. Thank you ryan


    If you want more info on this problem, check it please this page http://support.microsoft.com/kb/833767/en-us Microsoft

    In my opinion the best solution is to reinstall the operating system using supplied recovery media. On this way the unit will be factory settings and will be absolutely clean preinstalled.

    If you need more suggestions please write again.

    Good bye

  • Tecra 8100: Display of W2k driver - S3TRAY. EXE cannot be opened


    I have the same problem as the BUSSINIT user posted earlier:
    I have a Tecra 8100 but my screen resolution is only 16 colors, so I tried all the downloads on this page display driver, but:

    S3TRAY. EXE cannot be opened, nothing to do.
    This is the default or something.

    The driver is probably old or something, but what to do?
    I mean, I can't work with display only 16 colors, please help me.



    On the Toshiba page are two different Wk2 drivers listed: - 7.30.2 pilot S3 display for the wild graphics card

    7.40.29 display driver for the S3 Savage MX

    Check if you are using the correct driver!

  • Re: Tecra 8100: CD-Rom does not - W2k cannot load drivers


    I have Windows 2000 on my Tecra 8100. For two days, my cd-rom doesn't work anymore, because Windows cannot load one or more drivers.
    I did nothing special, except a game and using word and excel.

    Anyone got a solution for the problem, because I do not know much about computers.

    Additional info:
    Windows 2000 SP3


    Kind regards



    Sorry, but it will help get more info on CD/DVD drive.
    Optical drive is listed in Windows Explorer?
    What is the status in Device Manager?

  • You cannot change the color display on Tecra 8100

    I have a 8100 TECRA with Windows 2000 Professional installed. I tried to install "Streets and Trips" and it won't work without colorful. I can't change the view setting because it doesn't have this option (high resolution). Is there a driver available to fix this problem?


    I found on the Toshiba page two graphic drivers for W2k on the Tecra 8100.
    Just install the graphics driver and the option should be available

  • Tecra 8100 hangs after startup

    My Tecra 8100 has the same problem as described some time ago: the memory locations of MB were broken and doesn't have a connection properly. Even when I put paper or anything else between the cover and the memory module, it did not work and often my laptop has not yet started.

    I bought the new MB and now the laptop still start (I can see BIOS etc.) BUT crashes after Windows XP logo with notice: windows cannot start because the pci.sys file is damaged... The names of 'corrupt' are different, not only from pci.sys.

    When I portable computer boot from CD Win (to save the system) it blocks (crashes after 2-3 minutes). I tried to boot from Ultimate Boot Cd to detect the problem, but I can't do anything - always crashes after a short period of time - never start to run tests or Tools CD.

    I think that there is a problem of memory - I have 2 modules Kingston KTT-SO100/256, I tried to place them in different locations, together and alone, but nothing changes.
    These modules have worked with my old MB all the time.

    Any ideas?

    I read on other forums that this error can appear if the modules of memory are corrupt or not compatible or the memory on the motherboard slot is faulty.

    Well, you have replaced the Board but do you use 100% identical to that of first?
    Perhaps modules of memory are not compatible with the new Board of Directors.

    "I found this Microsoft document that describes the Pci.sys is missing or corrupt" Error Message:

  • Keyboard does not not on Tecra 8100


    My daughter has a Tecra 8100. Not sure if it is virused, but the keyboard does not work. Powers up fine, although slow, is usual (Spybot, CA anti-virus) virus scans - can't find anything, but still no keyboard. Ran a keyboard diagnostic and it says it works very well. Any ideas? (PS ideas where to get a recovery for the 8100 disk, can't find mine anywhere?) Thank you.

    PPS: Since then found that when I start in safe mode, I can use the keyboard? But why only in safe mode?


    I think there must be a corrupt keyboard driver file or the keyboard has been disabled in the HWsetup Toshiab.
    Check the HWsetup and activate the keyboard in the opposite case, a new facility would solve that problem.

    But before you try to install the OS you can try to use the System Restore tool for Win XP.

    PS: the Toshiba Recovery CD can be ordered from the Toshiba service provider in your country.

  • Tecra 8100 Internet password

    I recently bought a used Tecra 8100, attempts to connect to the internet seems to be failing, either because the equipment has been used before on a local network with a supervisor password (which I don't know), the signal of your modem is missing (as shown in the 'dial-up'), perhaps that the two are connected.
    How can I get rid of the supervisor password, that fits in the box 'dial-up' automatically?


    AFAIK you cannot remove the supervisor password without knowing the old.
    I got this Toshiba document that describes how to configure the utility with Toshiba supervisor password help?

    But in my opinion the supervisor password has nothing to do with the remote area.
    I assume you are using modem connection to connect to the internet? Am I wrong?
    If you can not connect then please check the modem properties. You will find the area of access control. There, you can turn off wait for the dial tone before dialing.

  • Tecra 8100 problem after BIOS update

    I have a tecra 8100, 700 mhz with 256RAM,.
    and it works a treat, until I decided to update the BIOS, the date of the previous version was 1999!

    As I run an OS linux on this unit, I downloaded a version of the Bios boot image and loaded on startup, it reported the success of the update.

    My problem now is that the system starts fine but extremely short slow,.
    It takes 15 minutes to start and is virtually unusable.

    I ran several tests of comparative analysis and tests of memory of Hiram boot CD and the only problem in the report was my 700 CPU running at 114.82. And of couse running, the CPU runs at 100%.

    I deleted the cmos data and be restarted using the default BIOS settings.
    Long searched the net and cannot find an answer.

    Help, please.
    was soon Munka

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    I visited the European driver of Toshiba page and found the latest version of BIOS that is 2, 50 - WIN.
    Do you use it?

    The BIOS can be updated only run under windows! That's why I m surprised that you were able to update the BIOS, the Linux operating system running on this computer.

    Try to download the most recent BIOS version and update as described on the help page of the BIOS update.


  • Tecra 8100 drivers for Windows XP

    I recently installed XP on a separate partition. My Tecra 8100 originally 98SE. Now, I find that some drivers don't load in XP... as for the PCMCIA card ect. Can anyone tell me where to find the same. In the list of Toshiba drivers download, I don't see the driver for the PCMCIA card.
    Also something very funny... My DVD-ROM cannot read DVD/CD "colored." I mean the new discs are bright colorful like red/blue/black etc. on the side of the data. My DVD ROM reads the white discs but not these ones colors. Heard of this before?


    Tecra 8100 is not supported for Windows XP. I can't explain the problem with the DVD or CD, but you can try to find the last WXP display on the site of the producer driver. The graphics card on your unit is S3 Savage MX.

  • Booting from USB Tecra 8100 floopy

    Hi my son got a tecra 8100 who has win 98 installed, but he needs a new installation I don't have a restore disc but I got the cd of win98, but I can't install it because I have a floopy USB and portable computer wont boot from it is there a way to boot the laptop from floopy usb so I can run the windows 98 Startup disk. Meny thanks


    As far as I know this unit has a clean CD player. Why don t you start from CD?
    On the Toshiba driver page, you will find a companion for Win98 and Win98se diskette.
    Select this check box.

  • Boot Tecra 8100 - would it be CPU malfunction?

    A few months ago, I had a problem with my Tecra 8100 - does not start, everything seems OK but nothing on the screen (no post). I bought another motherboard and replace the old 1 MB, but the problem remains the same: everything seems normal, led lights turn just as it should, cooler works well but nothing on the screen.

    I tried to connect the external display, but there is nothing on it, too. I have two memory modules and I tried all combinations with them (they are OK).

    Is it possible that the problem is something with CPU - I don't know what else could be the problem?

    Please, can someone give me help!

    I assume you mean on this subject:

    Well, as mentioned in the first thread, it's not easy to say what could be wrong.
    Of course, it is possible that the CPU malfunctions and, therefore, you cannot use your laptop's!

    But these are only suggestions, and no one will be able to provide an exact error diagnostic.

  • Need a display driver (s3) for Tecra 8100

    I installed Windows XP pro on my tecra 8100 and cannot get a full screen.
    Someone knows what's the problem? Do I need a new display driver voor the S3 Savage MX, or is it something else?


    check in the Bios if the "Fullscreen/Widescreen" setting is enabled.

    Best regards


  • Tecra 8100, connection to the internet via a Vodafone data card

    I'm having extreme difficulties, the tecra 8100 recognizes the card etc etc, but will not let me create a profile and when I try to connect to the internet tells me that the card cannot be found... Gray goes with it - have disabled the internal modem and told my system to use the card... Help


    Do you have software for this card? If so, you should try to re - install the software.
    But in my opinion you should contact Vodafone support because they have more experience with own products.


    Good bye

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