Tecra 8100: memory slot problems

I have a model tecra 8100 not: PT810L 12 c 42.

I had problem with slot B mem, so collapsed to use it. Then I upgraded my RAM and inserted a 128 Mb TOSHIBA THLY6416G1FG-80 RAM PC100-222-620 slot A and used for a month. Then he suddenly went dead one day and did not boot at all.

I took it to the point of service, they found somehow it work by sticking a piece of paper btw Aries and the cover. I used another week with ram cover duck taped it. Same story, then dead in the middle of winXP, switched off and no boot again. It took to the same service point, they tried some other RAM chipsets that it refused to start.

The interesting thing is; When they inserted a faulty RAM in slot A and non-use slot B we get the message "memory incompatible chipset" on the screen. With the RAM mentioned above in the slot B (problem as always) and the A we get nothing, just a blank screen, DVD slot starts green lit, but nothing.


What is the RAM causing problems? What must a chipset that is exactly compatible with the model no pls?
Is it the two locations of memory A or B, their change could solve the problem?

This is the machine he itself, must it be thrown away?




I n know where you tried to upgrade the memory but as Lisa suggested this was not a serious technician. I changed and upgraded memory on multiple PCs, and you must use 100% compatible modules! You shouldn't t install the modules with a brute force or use strange things as a communication between the housing and the memory module.
Possible slots are damage due to use this procedure. But I hope you're a lucky man and everything will work correctly.

If you n t know which modules are right and taken in charge so you should contact the service partner authorized Toshiba for the right and the upgrade modules.

Good luck

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  • Tecra 8100 2nd Slot of RAM does not


    I just tried to install additional RAM in my Tecra 8100 and it is not displayed in the info XP Pro system.

    The chips I tried everything work and are PC100 144 pin. I tried a combination of 2 X 64 MB, 1 X 256 MB and 1 X 128 MB, but in each case, I get only one of them showing as installed.

    Everyone knows a similar problem? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do to ensure that both can be picked up?

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Hi Marc

    In my view here may not be a problem with the RAM modules as you use the right one. For Tecra 8100, you can use max 512 MB in two locations. If there is problem with just two slot that we some malfunctions. As much as I know there is no any kind of switch function where you can enable or disable the second memory slot.

  • Tecra 8100 memory module questions

    Does anyone know if the ram PC133 144 pin for the Tecra 8200 can be used in the Tecra 8100? I think that the Tecra 8100 usually takes PC100 144 pin but I'm having a hard time getting suppliers to tell me about the PC133 so (probably because it is half the price).


    The Tecra 8100 uses these memory modules:
    PC100 256 MB (PA3051U-1NME)
    PC100 128 MB (PA3005U)
    PC100 64 MB (PA3004U)

    Also check this site:

  • Help: TECRA 8000 Memory slot B mailfunction

    I have a Tecra 8000 for 5 years.

    Now slot memory B seems to be no longer works:
    If it is filled, the computer does not start (are turned on, but no activity, even no toshiba logo screen)
    If it is empty, the computer starts OK with 128 MB in the slot A

    Issues related to the:
    1. is it possible to repair this and what should I check first?
    2. According to the specification, maximum memory for tecra 8000 is 256 MB. Is it possible to insert all the stack memory of 256 MB in the slot and leave the slot empty B?

    Thank you

    Hi Michael,

    In my opinion the slot B is defective. You're right about the capacity of RAM. Maximum memory is 256 MB of RAM. It is tested with 256 MB of RAM but apparent with both parts of memory because I have found no extension of memory 256 MB for Tecra 8000.

    It is possible that it works properly, but you must try it on your own risk. To play that's for sure, you need to connect a Toshiba Service partner!

    Good luck

  • Memory slot problem

    Hi, I have a problem with 0768-FMG. I bought a new memory, but it only works in the slot of the 'first '. If I put something into the slot of the 'second' (the old memory or another), it does not even start. Could I do something wrong, or should I just send it to the service, as usual?

    sounds like a bad memory, you always had guaranteed right, call Lenovo and ask to look at for you, could be the fault with the motherboard.

  • Tecra 8100 turn on problem

    I have 2 8100 both now have the same problem. Will be the only power up after about 10 or more power on button pushes.
    Both use XP sp2 and both screens very well. They will work very well, so if you come to light morning sector led and lcd led work as battery leads but does not illuminate. After pressing the power on button sometimes up to 30 times and the fires of the machine upward. Any ideas?


    Sorry, but I must ask you something. How do you push the power button. You push shortly and fast or you push and hold down for a few seconds?

  • TECRA 8100 BIOS update problem - please HELP!


    I have Windows XP and I'm trying to update the bios with win-BIOS - 250.exe. But when I run this file it pops up a window with communicate: Modules common TOSHIBA is not installed. I don't have floppy drive - perhaps that is the reason. Is it possible to update the bios without a floppy drive?


    As I see you used Windows Update the BIOS-based. As Kutlaya says try to reinstall the common modules and try again.

    Also, why do you update BIOS? You have a problem with your device?

  • Tecra 8100 - lack of tv out cable


    I recently bought a laptop Tecra 8100. There is unfortunately no tv output cable included.
    According to the manual (ie. here: http://www.microdom.by/olddata/pdfspec/tecra_8100.pdf) the tv out port provides a signal s-video (NTSC/PAL) 3, 5 mm mini-jack port.
    The missing cable must be a RCA conversion cable.
    Is someone can you please tell me if there are special requirements that this cable must meet to the? It is not difficult to get a mini-plug cable 2xRCA audio conversion, but of course, it does not transmit the video signal.


    I'm working on Win XP SP2, the installed graphics card is S3 Savage/MX.

    Thanks in advance for advice.

    Hi mate,

    I know cable companies; It s a rare accessory of the Tecra 8100. The problem is, that the Mini-Jack 3.5 "has it s own format, so it will fit only in 1 x 3.5" to 1 x RCA.

    These cables are either on Ebay, or contact you an ASP (certified partner) which could probably send you such cable for little money from low...

    Here´s a link (if you need) to find the nearest ASP in your country:


    Good luck man

  • Tecra 8100 - slot memory B do not work


    I recently bought a Tecra 8100 and I decided to upgrade the ram from 128 to 512.
    I did not buy good modules, but in any case, when I opened the laptop, I discovered that I had 2 modules of 128 MB...
    I did some tests:
    -1 module in the slot, he was allowed (128 detected)
    -1 module on the slot B, nothing happened, the laptop won't start...
    -switch modules, always 128 detected
    That's why I think that my slot B is dead...
    Someone has any idea what I can do?
    Maybe a bios update will do... I have yet to try this...
    Furthermore, what is the combination of keys to access the bios?


    There is not much to do if the slot B is defective. If you don? t want to repair you can use the module in slot A memory of 256 MB. The number of compatible 256 MB module is PA3051U-1NME.

    BIOS settings, which you can open by using the ESC key.

    Good bye

  • Tecra 8100 seeing all installed memory

    I'm working on a Tecra 8100 laptop for a friend. Machine does not seem to recognize the memory installed in location B at all. Is there something in the BIOS to force her to perform a new analysis or I'm just looking at a broken slot? Everything seems OK visually and clips seem sound.

    I agree with Feliks;
    Module of RAM or housing could be faulty.
    You should try the RAM module in A slot in order to check the functionality.
    If the same RAM would work in the slot, but not in the B slot then I guess the slot B is damage.

  • Tecra 8100 problem after BIOS update

    I have a tecra 8100, 700 mhz with 256RAM,.
    and it works a treat, until I decided to update the BIOS, the date of the previous version was 1999!

    As I run an OS linux on this unit, I downloaded a version of the Bios boot image and loaded on startup, it reported the success of the update.

    My problem now is that the system starts fine but extremely short slow,.
    It takes 15 minutes to start and is virtually unusable.

    I ran several tests of comparative analysis and tests of memory of Hiram boot CD and the only problem in the report was my 700 CPU running at 114.82. And of couse running, the CPU runs at 100%.

    I deleted the cmos data and be restarted using the default BIOS settings.
    Long searched the net and cannot find an answer.

    Help, please.
    was soon Munka

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    I visited the European driver of Toshiba page and found the latest version of BIOS that is 2, 50 - WIN.
    Do you use it?

    The BIOS can be updated only run under windows! That's why I m surprised that you were able to update the BIOS, the Linux operating system running on this computer.

    Try to download the most recent BIOS version and update as described on the help page of the BIOS update.


  • Tecra 8100 TV problems? What Socket? cable?

    OK so I have a Tecra 8100 laptop

    > running everything well... except that I can not get the TV out socket work...
    > Ive got windows XP on it...

    first thing I want to know about the housing - it is a Jack of 3.5 mm (NOT of RCA or S-vide0)

    > so I finally managed to get a Jack 3.5 mm cable video, audio...
    > which connected to the TV... nothing

    I have the cable entry?

    in display properties, I installed the drivers of duo, and there are a few additional options...

    > what confused me, it's that there are 2 monitors there... but is it because of the VGA?
    > I tried pressing FN + F5... but not had any luck

    Is there something simple that im missing like a cable?
    > or a piece of software...


    As much as I know on the right side you will find a video taken of output. To use this video on the service, you will need to use a RCA video connector.
    Please also check the settings in the BIOS. Here, you set the type of TV signal and select television as an output device.

    To connect the TV, please follow these steps:
    1 turn off the computer
    2. use the composite video cable to connect the TV to the video output port
    3 turn on the TV
    4. turn on the laptop

    I hope this helps.

  • Tecra 8100 hangs after startup

    My Tecra 8100 has the same problem as described some time ago: the memory locations of MB were broken and doesn't have a connection properly. Even when I put paper or anything else between the cover and the memory module, it did not work and often my laptop has not yet started.

    I bought the new MB and now the laptop still start (I can see BIOS etc.) BUT crashes after Windows XP logo with notice: windows cannot start because the pci.sys file is damaged... The names of 'corrupt' are different, not only from pci.sys.

    When I portable computer boot from CD Win (to save the system) it blocks (crashes after 2-3 minutes). I tried to boot from Ultimate Boot Cd to detect the problem, but I can't do anything - always crashes after a short period of time - never start to run tests or Tools CD.

    I think that there is a problem of memory - I have 2 modules Kingston KTT-SO100/256, I tried to place them in different locations, together and alone, but nothing changes.
    These modules have worked with my old MB all the time.

    Any ideas?

    I read on other forums that this error can appear if the modules of memory are corrupt or not compatible or the memory on the motherboard slot is faulty.

    Well, you have replaced the Board but do you use 100% identical to that of first?
    Perhaps modules of memory are not compatible with the new Board of Directors.

    "I found this Microsoft document that describes the Pci.sys is missing or corrupt" Error Message:

  • Tecra 8100 does not start.

    Hello. I have this Tecra 8100 I think sell for parts, because I am crazy about her. But before that, I ask you here as a last.

    It seems the section "power" of the laptop works very well: if I plug the power, the 'dc in' and 'battery' LED will light, and the "battery" led even go from orange to green when the battery is charged.

    If I press the button "power on", "power" lights up. The hard disk starts to spin. The fan does nothing, and no "beep" is heard at all. In addition, the screen does not display anything. External VGA output or output TV shows nothing, too. I repeat, that no. a BEEP is heard, until...

    I close the lid. A long beep is heard when I close the lid, but no trace of the image on the screen.

    I have changed or upgraded nothing notebook: memory, CPU, etc.

    I opened and took every piece of it: internal battery, motherboard, sound card, leds and buttons edge... and I tried to connect our case so t may be a short circuit with no luck at all.

    What is a BIOS problem?

    The BIOS can be reflashed in this State, as the AWARD BIOS?

    Are there keys or buttons I could press to enter a kind of mode to diagnose or service?

    Thank you.


    The Tecra 8100 doesn t supports no internal memory. Two memory slots are available, and it depends on the unit memory has been installed.
    Always is it that you can improve it to max 512 MB (2 x 256 MB)

    Now to you deliver; It sounds like a hardware problem, but no one could be able to provide a diagnosis exactly what we can do is speculate on the fault.
    I think that it s a motherboard problem

    See you soon

  • Tecra 8100 - led flashing light

    LED on my Tecra 8100 6 flashes, then turns off then 2. I used this morning on battery until he died and then plugged in, no battery light is lit and used to power up. Anyone has any idea what it could be?

    Thank you


    I can give you just that suggestion:
    try to remove the memory modules or just trade. Putting a module in a different location and/or a test module in both slots.

    If your machine has a serious hardware problem and should be checked by a technician...

    See you soon

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