Tecra 8100: stutters during playback of music


After installing Win2k on my Tecra 8100 each works fine but playback of music.
When play is a stutter, a clickening every 2 seconds.
It is a general problem, not a problem of the music program or file that I play (mp3).
It already starts with the beginning of Win2k jingle.

Any ideas?


As far as I know that the device is supported for W2K Professional and if you have used all the drivers designed Toshiba it should not be a problem (if the hardware is not faulty). Please check with a helmet. It will be interesting to see if the problem persists.

Have you had it with previous operating system? Do you have it tested with a helmet too? Can you please post more than a few sentences? You already did some troubleshooting and what exactly?

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  • 8560w his stuttering during playback of music

    Hi all

    I have the EliteBook 8560w for about a month now and noticed his stuttering when you open a new tab in IE/Chrome/Firefox.

    Since it is a configuration quad-core with 8 GB of RAM, this seems quite strange.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Configuration information:

    P/N: XX058AV

    CPU: i7 2630QM

    RAM: 8 GB (2 x 4 GB, Slot 1 and 4)

    VGA: ATI over-pants M5950

    HARD DRIVE: WD3200BEKT (320 GB)

    Resolved last night; uninstalled ALL preinstalled software HP, but also drivers for networking and graphics (ATI card also has an Audio HDMI output).

    I let Windows install its complement of driver network, but replaced the ATI driver with the 8.911.3.1 version available here (http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/fire/Pages/fire_hp_win7.aspx).

    I have troubleshooted the question using the "DPC latency Checker" available here: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml.

    Read the entire web site, because it offers ideas on how bad drivers can influence the audio and video playback.

    Hope this helps someone.

  • Sound of the buzzing/stutters during playback and music or video

    I've had this laptop for a few weeks now, and since I was a strange humming noise every time I play music or watch a video.

    It seems as if the music made a break of about one second and made a HUMMING noise while doing so, then continues with music. It happens throughout the song/video.

    I've updated all the audio drivers a lot of times as well as the graphics drivers, I can't update the chipset drivers as there is no new still

    The strange thing, I found comparing my laptop to a friend, is that in my DEVICE MANAGER there are 4 high definition Audio devices shown Realtek + Bluetooth hands-free. I tried unistalling these so alone is there, but this does not solve the problem.

    I have:

    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

    Realtek High Definition Audio

    NVIDIA GeForce 310M

    Chipsets Intel 5

    Thanks in advance =)


    I suggest trying the methods provided below and check if the problem persists.

    Method 1:

    Open the audio playback troubleshooting utility


    Method 2:

    What can I do on the audio problems, such as popping, crackling, or sound that plays too fast or too slowly?


    Method 3:

    See the link below which provides information on how to disable Audio enhancements:


    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Naman R - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows 7 pips, stuttering during playback of music and video

    Im trying to figure out why my computer is currently glitch and 'Skip' now that I've installed windows 7. When im watching a movie or lostening to music or surfen web my computer is like having a heart attack, and if 3 aps or more are running or music is on it will glitch as crazya nd my music or videos will pop and its distorted. Anyone know what this could be? Thank you

    Maybe you will find André guide more to your liking?

  • Satellite Pro P100 - WinDVD stutters during playback

    Satellite toshiba windvd Pro100 stutters during playback of dvd movies - worse yet, when you use windows Vista media player - can help you solve?


    If Norton antivir is running, try to disable all functions. My experience is that permanent HDD scan can force CPU for greater use and because of this DVD movie stutters all playing.

  • During playback the music through Windows its multimedia player breaks and slows down in XP. How can I fix it?

    During playback the music through Windows its multimedia player breaks and slows down in XP. How can I fix it? All the drivers are up to date.

    Hi EBmusic,

    I see that you have a published similar thread .

    ·         Have you tried suggested the same steps?

    Try the suggestions and see if it helps.

  • Tecra A8: audio stutters during playback of CD/DVD on Win2K

    We recently started having the laptop Tecra A8 and we run Win2K on them. Everything works well except during playback of CD audio or DVD. Audio stutters really bad (worse with DVD to CD).
    I tried to remove the silent acoustics and re - install the audio drivers but same problem.
    As a test, I put the WinXP preinstalled on one, and then there is no problem. May be driver related issue, but we do not have the best experiences using XP drivers on a Win2K machine.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    As far as I know on the Tecra A8 has been preloaded with a Realtek HD Audio driver.
    I guess you also need the same kind of audio driver for W2k.
    This unit uses a link high-definition audio, and I think you'll need driver that supports this chip.

    See the Toshiba driver for W2k drivers page. In addition if you don t use the Toshiba Recovery CD you need to install all the drivers of Toshiba in the right order. Please see the installation instructions and follow this guideline.

  • His jerky in Windows 7 and Realtek audio during playback of music - after the release of sleep


    Lately I'm encounter problems playing music on my desktop PC and my house. My desktop PC is x 64 bit my home PC is x 86. What they have in common is a NVidia card (7300 on my PC at home while 9600 on my desktop PC) and MoBo integrated Realtek Sound Chip. The systems are up-to-date, the drivers are updated via the automatic updates. When I feel his jerky, I reboot the comptuer (s) and its good to happen for a few hours. I have no idea which can be triggered to become again a bit rough sound. Sound is at once during playback of movies using Windows Media Center (on my house cause of PC I don't watch movies at work lol: D), when you listen to music using media player or Winamp. Even when I'm not touching the PC so there's no great animation on the screen. If I turn off improvements in the sound Control Panel Applet, the sound is not so rough but will not solve this problem completely.

    Software that both computers have in common:

    • TeamViewer, Mikogo
    • Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (rarely signed), Google Talk (still signed to)
    • NCP Secure entry Client (using actively at work, I already uninstall-ed on my PC at home, the sound still jerky)
    • VMWare Server ActiveX control installed through IE (already using actively at work, uninstall-ed at home, always choppy sound)
    • Last.FM, Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC, Miro
    • Wuala
    • uTorrent
    • Daemon Tools
    • RDTabs
    • Picasa
    • FFDShow
    • 7-zip
    • SmartDefrag
    • Office 2007
    • Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server management tools
    • SpeedFan, HWInfo32

    Suggestions to better diagnose the problem? It's kindda boring.

    Thank you

    For those who have this problem and want to see if this resolves for you too: Click on your start ORB, type "services", press on enter, find and restart the "Microsoft Antimalware Service.  Turn on real-time protection if it is always disabled and performed before.  Check your sound, and it should be fixed!


    I thank very you much for the suggestions!  Finally, some useful tips!

    I used FADS latency Checker and received peaks of 27,000 when he started to be choppy, 50 000 when it was quite rough, and really bad it had reached its maximum about 75 000 - 80, 000.

    When not jump and everything seems fine, as after a restart, the spike is not even go above 500 (if so, rarely and much higher).

    I know that material resources was not my prescription, as I am running out of 8 logical cores of 3 GHz and have 6 GB memory triple channel high speed of at least 50% most of the time.  When the bad audio dropouts are produced, I confirmed this (0-3% cpu usage) and 3 + GB available physical memory, even with my page file off to improve performance.

    While the auditor of latency DCP everything was in the Red (high values), I started through my services running and restarts, one by one.  Then I got to 'Base filtering engine', which has a description of: "the filter Base (BFE) engine is a service that manages firewall and Internet Protocol (IP, IPsec) security policies and implements user mode filtering. Stopping or disabling the BFE service will significantly reduce the security of the system. It will also result in unpredictable behavior in IPsec management and firewall applications. "I proceeded to try to restart, which pops up a message saying that 3 other services will also have to restart to restart: IPsec Policy Agent, the Windows Firewall and Microsoft Malware Protection network pilot.  I clicked 'Yes' to restart all of them, and after a few seconds, windows tells me "Windows could not stop the engine service of filtering based on Local computer.  Error 1051: a stop command was sent to a service that depend on other services running on. "If I click Ok and I look in the STC audit program and my latencies are all still red way and reading too high.  At this point, the windows firewall is disabled, all other 3 services work well.  So I try to restart again, and he succeeds.  Instantly, my auditor DCP is back green and low numbers (<500) and="" all="" audio="" skipping="" has=""> I still don't know what Department it is, because it could be these 3):

    1. the base filtering engine of
    2. IPsec policy agent
    3 Microsoft Malware Protection network driver

    Update:   Now that my sound was turned off again, I have to debug more, but I can't even see the third listed throughout the services, either on or off the coast, but restart the Policy Agent IPsec has nothing.  I restarted Microsoft Antimalware Service since he was the only one that sounded related to #3 above, and that did the trick, DCP levels and without legs instantly fell more.  I always do the same thing every two days or so, or sometimes once a day (depending on how much I use my audio...? maybe?)

    So, does make sense that this service could cause problems?  This means that it is not a driver - correct problem?  If this isn't a Realtek driver problem then it is matter of microsoft and will be fixed - this is their service and software that appear to be the cause of the issue / conflict with the driver.  I guess it could be either a problem, but the realtek and microsoft can fix it if they want to!  It would be nice not having to do now almost every day just to use the sound

    Thanks again Vincent!

  • Stuttering during playback of AVI files

    I have problem during playback of AVI files on my computer, they stutter when he plays. The problem arises with a wide range of media players.

    The problem started about 2 months ago. Before that time, the same file (s) to play OK!
    The same files play OK on other computers (tested today)...

    I'm having a Satellite Pro m-30, works with XP pro SP2.

    I have tried everything I can find without success of Ant:
    Uninstalled nearly every program.
    Check the virus.
    Checked for Spy-wares.
    Stop all unnecessary processes.
    Defragment the HD.

    Help is wanted


    Just a question: do you have this problem just with avi files or even mpg or files if you watch movies with WinDVD DVD?

  • Interruptions with buzzing ("BAAAMP") during playback of music files.

    The audio from any media produced a strong buzz, like a "BAAAMP" and the interruption. This isn't there after a full recovery of windows (provided that the factory) program, but during updates and software payments appears. Remove the software one by one, with no result. Reconfigured the settings of the sound, no results. What on earth could be the cause this annoying problem. I use this computer for DJing and it is unacceptible. Help, please...!


    Number description, I understand that playback audio from any media produces a loud gurgling and interruption. I understand the inconvenience.

    (1) what version of the Windows operating system is installed on the computer?

    (2) what is the brand and model of the computer?

    (3) have you made recent changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest you to reinstall the latest version of the audio driver from the computer manufacturer website and check if it helps.

    Please respond with the above information so that I can help further.

    Kind regards.

  • Files from Nikon (CS5.5) stuttering during playback. Canon files were very good. Do I need a different sequence setting, upgrade of the computer?

    I have been change in first CS 5.5 and have always enjoyed a generally transparent experience, but since the change of camera from Canon to Nikon systems, I can't play back more than 2 layers of Nikon without playback stutter. I could easily stack 3 or more layers of Canon without issue.all

    I think I'm following best practices for my hardware, and as I said, I've accomplished in the past, but it seems that my machine does not meet the Nikon video anywhere near as well as he did with Canon. Everyone knows this?

    Here is my system info:

    I7 - 2600K
    SSD 256 GB (OS, swap file)

    1 TB WB black (projects, data)

    1 TB WD Black (previews, export)

    GTX 560 Ti 2 GB (on Mercury GPU)

    Ideas or suggestions on things to do back to speed, or do I need an upgrade? It's just images of SLR, I feel that this system should be more than capable of 2 rivers.

    Thank you!

    Hi TyRip,

    See if this helps you: Nikon D7000 footage stutters. Reading | Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

    Thank you


  • How can I stop repeating the same song and he can play the next song during playback of music on my iPad?

    Please help me. When playing music on my iPad continues to repeat the same song, and it will not move forward to the next song on the album. It drives me crazy, and if I hear the Wiggles song even more once I'll scream!

    Check these screen grabs.

    If the icon repeat has a 1 in it (as in the photo), then he will repeat this song, simply click the icon to cycle through the options.


  • Unable to hear sound during playback of music Web site Sampler


    I am unable to hear any sound when trying to listen to samples of music on Amazon (for example) and also to other sites. I activated the firewall to all players of the internet, which is launch and start playing, but there is no sound.

    The volume is definitely on the speakers and I tried Windows Media Player and it plays radio and other music on my pc perfectly well. So I'm not sure about why I don't hear samples of music from websites now (I did in the past).

    An example of a link that has sample music is http://www.amazon.ca/Madeleine-Peyroux-Careless-Love/dp/B0002NRRAG

    Please can you let me know your opinion about this issue.

    Thank you


    Have you checked whether the volume control of the sound wave and audio devices has been updated with higher level?
    This control is responsible for the volume of the music files.

  • Tecra S2 crashes during playback of DVD of battlefield 1942 or watch


    I have a Tecra S2 with the following specifications:

    1.73 Ghz
    1 GB OF RAM
    GB of Nvidia 6600

    Operating system recovery cd
    MS Office
    Norton Internet security
    Logitec Webcam drivers
    Sync Nokia Software
    (all updates made)

    When I play Battlefield 1942 or watching DVDs, the laptop fails. The screen freezes just after playing for a while. Nothing works anymore but the reboot of the computer (with prolonged pressure on the power button). While I can play before the crash varies from 1 to 30 (+) minutes. It happens with battery and AC power (with and without the battery).

    I tried to disable the sound card in the hardware Manager. I have disabled all programs beginning on startup with msconfig. I reinstalled the drivers of graphics (Toshiba download). I played a bit with the resolutions and other graphic parameters.

    Nothing helps.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    Hello Karl

    It's not easy to say why your device breaks down but the high temperature can be a reason.
    If play you games or watch DVDs all the laptop parts (i.e. graphics card, CPU, etc) running at high performance and produce a lot of heat. In this case, you should check the cooling fans if they can work properly and if they are clean. If this isn't the case, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the fans. If the cooling fan is dusty it can t work properly and the temperature rises.

    Good bye

  • Audio stuttering during playback of DVD on the Satellite A100-111

    I have a similar problem to that resolved here:

    Basically, if my A111 DVD Player reads a disc (when the orange light is lit), the system slows down and sometimes freezes.
    As a result, the audio and video to DVD stutters.

    I tried to install the DVD-RAM drivers, but the problem is still there.
    The problem exists with every DVD I try to play, be it data, video, disc - ROM, -r or RW.

    I just bought 200 + â? ¬ of original DVD and I am very mad because I can't play.
    Please help me.

    Thank you very much.

    Hey Buddy,

    do you already have a system recovery on your machine? I mean, ok sound sometimes a little too raw reinstall the operating system, but I had so many times of the probs with the drivers, so they have really screwed up my system and after reinstalling everything worked fine again.

    Just a suggestion in a situation like yours.

    See you soon

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