Tecra 9100 - BIOS block 1 damaged and the update of the BIOS?


I have an old Tecra 9100 with years of quality service, and it is my first problem, but is a great, after a forced restart the display shows the message BIOS 1 damaged block. I tried to fix the BIOS upgrade to the latest version I found, the 1.6 one, but it is a version of Windows (to upgrade a Toshiba computer I think) and when I try to run it in another computer to generate a floppy and upgrade the BIOS drive, I can't, because a common message from modules of Toshiba.

Its there any floppy BIOS image - archive I can download to perform the BIOS update the BIOS?

Thanks in advance.


All you can find is stuff on the Toshiba support page. I don't know where you live, but try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer.
They have access to the database of Toshiba and they can get it for you. Call and ask for help. I'm sure they will help you fix this BIOS.

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    In this case, it is preferable to contact Toshiba support and discuss the issue with them. They may be able to send you DVD.

  • Tecra R10 - 10W - CMOS battery error and the next mistake of bios password

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    How to reset the password of the bios and is also required for cmos battery and I can do it myself?

    I thank...

    You can change battery cmos your np for bios pasword use google auto, I hand a mini hp with the same problem and initiated a program that has been reset using error code when it is inserted the wrong password 3 times into the line, then I used the error code in the program and got the password restarted hp and password inserted now is job bp. Do I have also an old tecra and difrend problem with it, everything in good standing sims but used laptop start first ferry, after several restarsts shovs splash screen, then runing bp, restarted again, same story, it restarts several and then is runing again, leading with outside the same monitor thing, ideas?
    Here is the link for your problem and sulution: http://dogber1.blogspot.com/2009/05/table-of-reverse-engineered-bios.html

  • Tecra 9100: Accupoint skids permanently mouse to the side

    Hey guys!

    I have a Toshiba Tecra 9100 with a built-in mouse AccuPoint, I never really liked.
    So I plugged in a USB-mouse standart for using Windows XP.
    But whenever Windows is running, my mousepointer is drifting sideways. If I klick anywhere, I must, with one hand, difficulty the Accupoint for the opposite direction of where my pointer is moving and with the other hand using my 'normal' USB mouse

    I received the new Service-Packs of XP, latest Version of BIOS and tried to say the Toshiba control center to disable the AccuPoint by "auto". But he always arises when I touch it.

    I don't know what the problem is. Is it possible to completely disable this AccuPoint? Or do you have other ideas what this could be?

    Thank you very much!


    If you use an external mouse I recommend you to disable the mouse on your Tecra AccuPoint. I had similar problem on my Tecra M1. I also disabled AccuPoint-mouse and touchpad.

    Now, I can work without this very annoying problem.

  • Tecra 9100 does not supply power to the top


    I got Tecra 9100 laptop computer and you have a POWER PROBLEM.
    Basically, it got stuck at the start of the OS and I was unable to click or move the mouse to do something. So I held the power button to turn it off. I do not turn on again entered game coz I had to go somewhere.

    So when I tried to move THE next day and he won't power upward. I can see a GREEN LIGHT but can not hear any CPU, the FAN, the monitor or the hard sound. When I connect to the AC adapter, I can see the LOAD LED but nothing else seems to be powered.

    I also tried to replace the memory Module, but still won't power upward. I guess that the motherboard does not have to be ABLE so nothing is turned. But the one thing that I do not understand why the POWER LED on (GREEN LED) is on, unless it has the power source.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do?
    Help, please

    Thank you

    Hi Sonia,.

    I suggest that you try to remove the battery and power supply so that all power of the laptop is turned off. Reconnect AC power and try to turn on the laptop. If it works, then re-install the battery. I think that the electronics of power sometimes get "stuck" and this procedure usually receives smooth them.

    If the unit still does not power on after having tried the above procedure, then I suuspect there must be a problem of internal material in which case you must take the device to a partner of Service authorized for rectification.

    Kind regards

  • Tecra 9100 blue screen when you disconnect the power supply

    Hi people,

    Im having a major problem, Ive had a major problem with my tecra 9100, when I unplug the power cable and try to use the laptop on battery, the blue screen comes up saying NMI: channel check / IOCHK

    then the computer shuts down, it restarts only properley if I plugged power of ext,
    also something to note, when I unplug everything first, he's not str8, its only when I try to use the laptop, which is pressing a key

    If someone knows something about this could you please let me know

    Thanks carl


    This has been already discussed here in the forum:

    Check the sanremo poster, which refers to the knowledge base article Microsoft!

  • WLAN on Tecra 9100 - LED should go orange if the s/w keyboard shortcut NOT installed?

    I bought a Tecra 9100 that had been restored to XP SP1 and without good Toshiba utilities that most drivers seemed to be OK - for example screen OK but USB has been 1.1 until I added the Intel Chipset drivers.

    I can't get the WLAN card to work by sliding the switch (close microphone) - also, it does NOT appear in Device Manager. I spotted a post below (which was locked) where Pedro said WiFi hotkey software must be installed to make it work. Two questions:

    1 if the s/w keyboard shortcut IS NOT installed should always be able to mount the light Orange / appear in Device Manager
    2. is there an alternate download site because I tried 20 times in the last 15 hours at: http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/cmod-en-20070925121500.zip (for the common modules) and the site just seems to be 'dead' - nothing is received at all

    Thank you very much in advance - I want to become a happy member of Tosh' club... Cheers, Brian R.

    PS; The Tecra has a WiFi tag on the bottom and even a MAC address and I have not yet looked for nothing changed so much material.

    Pedro post follows:
    + Hello +.

    + Is the map original WLAN or you have upgraded on your own? What is with Device Manager, this is the card of wireless network which are listed there? +

    + For the use of WLAN, there are few requirements: +.
    + WLAN switch must not be broken or defective.
    + Wireless network card must be compatible one.
    + The WLAN antenna must be connected correctly.
    + Wireless network card must be installed properly (the right driver must be installed) +.
    + Wireless network card must be enabled in the Device Manager.
    + Wireless network card must be activated using the FN + F8 key combination (Wireless Hotkey V2.0.0.1 must be preinstalled) +.

    (1) first you should check if there is a yellow exclamation (unknown device) in device under network adapter Manager.
    If you find any unknown devices in the network adapter section then your laptop was not equipped with WLan minPCI card!
    The shortcut key has nothing to do with the WLan card status in Device Manager! The keyboard shortcut software only controls the function FN + F8.

    (2) don t know what you mean! The functions of link!

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    Have you tried to download the installer at the bottom of the link?

    Download Photoshop Elements | 10, 12, 14, 11, 13

  • Battery Tecra M11-130 with not power and the fan runs constantly

    We are having a problem with the battery on one of our laptops. When left for an hour or two the laptop turns off because the battery is dead. We have mounted a battery new but still only get about 1.5 hours.
    In addition, the fan runs continuously. I looked at the PC Healthcheck software which shows as follows:
    * Power *.
    Other costs 14%
    40% of energy consumption system
    Good battery
    * Temperature and fan *.
    CPU temperature 67%
    System internal temperature 56%
    88% fan speed

    I would like suggestions.

    > We have mounted a battery new but still only get about 1.5 hours.

    1.5 hours is a common value, you should consider that dough working time depends on its portable use.

    Battery needed to dump a lot faster if the CPU would be stressed out a lot in your case, that something could run in the background, lose power CPU performance and the dough.

    In addition, you said that the fan runs constantly this could discharge the battery too.
    Therefore, it would be interesting to know what process emphasizes the central unit.

    Start the Task Manager and check the processes tab. In the CPU column, you can find the process that emphasizes the central unit.

    In addition, to change the settings for the CPU performance and cooling of the activities in the options of Win 7 powers that would help to increase the performance of the battery.

  • Satellite L - water damage and the laptop does not light


    I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice. My brother spilled some water on my laptop 3 days ago (argh!). He immediately turned off and won't start up again. I stamped it towards the top as long as I could, removed the battery and positioned in a V shape to try to help dry. It is still not started. When I plug in the adapter, the screen remains blank, but there is a very low humming noise and the lights flash:

    The power light flashes green very clearly
    Battery green LED flashes weakly
    The hard drive LED blinks green VERY weakly

    I'm really hoping that the laptop is not dead and I'll at least be able to recover my hard drive, but it seems unlikely. I'd appreciate really any advice that anyone can give me in regard to what could be wrong or how I can fix this problem.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    I agree with Luke and the best way is to contact you an ASP. They can check the laptop and tell exactly which parts must be Exchange or not.
    On the Toshiba site, you can search an ASP:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    If the HARD drive is not defective, you can backup your data to another PC or laptop as Luke suggested.

    Good bye

  • Tecra M7: Received no restore CD and cannot update windows


    I live in Turkey and a few days ago I bought a new computer tablet PC 2005 Toshiba Tecra M7.

    I don't know what part of my message is inappropriate for the forums so I will stick it in more messages. to learn

    Hi Bora

    First of all, I wonder why you didn't receive the recovery disc.
    This notebook must be delivered with the recovery CD Toshiba which contains all tools, drivers, and utilities. In addition, the image of this CD is already activated and genuine and all updates should run without any problems

    If your recovery CD is missing call and contact the Toshiba authorised service provider in your country and explain the situation.

    All that s.

  • Tecra 9100 - scroll has stopped working on the left and right buttons

    I can no longer scroll by pressing the buttons left and right above my left click button. It was working fine until one day it just stopped doing anything. All solutions?

    Thank you

    Why you n t try to reconfigure the touchpad settings.
    Have you checked the settings in Control Panel-> mouse control?
    There should be an option and some touchpad properties that could be changed.

  • Relationship between a block of data and the latch

    Hello Experts,

    I just read an article on the full table scan and index by Richard Foote. http://richardfoote.WordPress.com/2009/04/16/indexes-on-small-tables-part-i-one-of-the-few/

    I thought that each block required only a single lock for each operation. However, I don't undersand that, why a single block required 2 locks? The qoute is the following,

    Note that Yes, indeed, he did 4 gets done and that none of the uniform becomes corresponded to the "cheapest" gets reviews. Therefore, the 4 in line gets used in the performance of the FTS of the required a single block table 4 x 2 = 8 snaps.

    Can someone explain the above quote it please?

    Thanks in advance.

    in most of the cases the latch fails while the buffer is pinned - it is only necessary get pin code, then again to remove (although for very quick access operations, there is also the "get consistent - review" that holds the lock while accessing the buffer). Randolf Geist explained the reason of the PIN and unpin in related things Oracle: e/s logic - evolution: part 1 - Reference:

    Why not simply Oracle retains all tampons pinned rather than go through the exercise of hash/latch/PIN again and again? Very probably for reasons of scalability / concurrency, for example:

    -A pinned buffer can not be deleted/replaced even if she was eligible according to the logic of the LRU, so potentially prevent other caching buffers

    -A pinned buffer is not accessible by other sessions that want to pin incompatible mode (exclusive vs. shared), although several sessions can pin simultaneously in compatible mode (shared). These two sessions are in the queue behind (that's what a "buffer busy wait" is on) or they may be able to create a clone of the block copy and to continue their work on copy of the clone.

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    If I turn on the track changes to block, can still tell RMAN to write backupsets compressed for my backup of database?

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    Thank you

    I don't think that incremental backups work in the way you describe. Incremental backups create a new set of backup pieces, containing the blocks changed since last level 1 or 0 (differential), or the last level 0 (cumulative). When you restore, RMAN first restores the level 0, then apply incremental backups to the recovery. The backup may be compressed.

    What you describe sounds like incremental backups. For those, there must be an exemplary image, or "copy of the database." Tablets backupsets are therefore not an option for this feature. Refer to the documentation:


    Kind regards

    Jeremiah Wilton
    Blue Gecko Remote DBA

  • Tecra 9100 - error IDE with new drive

    I want to use a burner DVD UJ - 820B on my Tecra 9100, BIOS-Version 1.6.
    If I change the UJ-820, I have IDE #1 error in the Bootscreen, and the device is not recognized.

    No tool or the update for this problem?

    A #1 IDE error normally if a wrong settings or connection together.
    So I think that the disc is not compatible with the laptop.

    Look in your user manual and choose a drive that is listed in the manual. Not every drive is compatible with any laptop.

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