Tecra 9100: Unknow device - driver modem XP needed?

Hi guys

"Unknown" is listed in the Device Manager, I guess that's the modem because no modem is listed in the Device Manager or connections. So I downloaded the driver modem XP Toshiba Web site but does not. Then tried the XP 9000 modem driver, no joy tried 9100 2K driver, still no joy all the info I've found points to make it a Toshiba driver made so I'm stuck. Although 1 site suggests that perhaps a Scopio Agere, tried, but has always failed.

Anyone know where I can get the modem for a laptop Toshiba Tecra 9100 XP driver please?

Thank you


Are you sure that the modem is an unknown device at 100%?
I found this document Toshiba how to identify an unknown device:

Unfortunately, all I can suggest to check the page of the Toshiba driver drivers or you check tools and Utilities CD for the drivers.
The other possibility is to use the Toshiba Recovery CD to recover the operating system.

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    I need a MS XP driver for the accupoint of my new (used) Tecra 9100. Or at least I think, because the accupoint does not work and there is no configuration on the menus of the mouse tab.

    On the driver download page http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=EU I don't know which is the "driver type", I have to choose.
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you


    There is no available accupoint driver for Tecra 9100 and Windows XP.

    I searched on the Web from Toshiba site too and I looked in the installation instructions, but there is no driver available.

    Sorry, but it's done.

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    I just bought a second hand Tecra 9100 with a 40 GB HDD (not yet received but it is in transit).
    I would like to exchange the hard disk and put a bigger but in one I was wondering.

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    Thank you


    This forum contains a large number of threads for similar issues.
    Why you n t use the option search and the search for similar topics?

    I found these threads:

    Here in this thread someone updated the 80 GB HARD drive

  • Re: Tecra 9100 - new HARD drive is not detected

    I have a Toshiba Harddisk provide a Tecra 9100. Checking the BIOS it shows "Enhanced IDE", but you are trying to boot from the disc does not work HARD. Even trying to install a new operating system present, that the HARD drive is not detected.
    From the laptop is also very long.
    Any idea?

    Your new HARD drive is larger than 120 GB? The HARD disk controller supports the 28-bit LBA and large drives as 120 GB will not be recognized by the BIOS.

    What you mean with Enhanced IDE? The BIOS recognizes the new HARD drive with model number?

  • Tecra 9100 unrecognized hard drive

    If I replace the hard drive in my tosh bios indicates no hard disk is installed.
    The new hard drive is MK2016GAP I tried with and without the master/slave relationship.



    The MK2016GAP is a 20 GB HARD drive.
    I searched the Internet for the Tecra 9100 and discovered that the phone comes with 40 GB or 60 GB HARD drive.
    BIOS shouldn't t so no problem with the size of the HARD drive. The size of the HARD drive is certainly supported.

    So I think it's a problem of jumper or you did not connect the disk HARD corectly.
    I put t know how the jumper was set to your old HDD, but you should check the position of the jumper and put it also on the new HARD drive.

  • Bluetooth error - Tecra M2 - ACPI device driver

    I have a Tecra M2 with Bluetooth, which never worked. When you try to activate it returns the error "could not open bluetooth ACPI (tosrfec.sys) device driver.

    By clicking new connection "device is not ready" is the error message.

    Does anyone have ideas on this?


    Before I give you an answer to your question I'll just give you a little advice. On the Toshiba page you can find a lot of very useful information on laptops and all problems that may occur.

    Please check on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/heavy_duty_support.jsp?service=EU in the knowledge base and FAQ.

    There I found a page that can give you a proper answer. Please check on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/faq.jsp?z=96&service=EU&FID=tro000000189d.

    Good bye

  • Tecra 9100: Yamaha audio driver problem


    I've just formatted my hard drive and installed Windows XP Pro.

    I ve installed all the latest drivers but I m in trouble with one. audio driver for the yamaha ac device.
    I get the yellow mark next to him.
    So I tried to uninstall, but when I reinstall I cannot start code 10.
    It s the latest driver so I put t know what s causing the problem.

    Can anyone shed any light on the subject, thanks rob


    The outcome is known for me.
    The audio driver is simply not compatible with Win XP SP2

    Yamaha AC - XG driver used the PortCls function to check the version of the operating system. XP Service Pack 1, PortCls function is changed, while the Yamaha rider cannot get operatingsystem version correctly. This problem also happens to Windows XP SP2.

    Yamaha already provides the fixed driver. The fixed driver version is the following;
    yacxg.sys with software synthesizer
    yacxgc.sys free software synthesizer

    Welcome them

  • Tecra A7 - unknow device

    After my WinXP Pro - sp2 installation found something strange. In Device Manager one looking for an unknown device, but when a program open conduit/system information tools/system, "components" tab / "Problem devices" and one found a following device:

    ACPI\TOS6209\2 & daba3ff & 0

    At a reception in my laptop, I restrart the machine with my custom windows and I forget a one * cd recevry make?

    Can you help me to find peripheral theis?

    Note: Excuse my bad English

    Thank you


    Check it please this document http://support.toshiba-tro.de/KB0/TSB57014E000QR01.htm

    Maybe it will help you to solve this mystery.

    Good bye

  • hard drive device driver

    HI - where can I find the hard drive for a ProBook 6460 b device driver? I need to re - install Win 7 (64-bit) and windows install tells me '... This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Make sure that the drive controller is enabled in the BIOS menu. "I can't find it in the BIOS menu and assumes that the controller / driver would need installation.

    I looked at the list of drivers for this machine, but there is nothing obvious listed.


    Please see that this related thread.


  • Tecra 9100: Unique need driver sound yacxg.sys

    Hi, I had this problem with the sound card on my Tecra 9100. If there is anyone who could send me please the only driver version yacxg.sys:

    Please, I really apreciate your time all your help. Now, I tried to download from the toshiba Web site but I get the error at the end telling me that the driver is not installed. I just need this file to see if it works, that I hope.

    Please let me know if someone can help me with this file. Thank you

    What about this:


  • Need driver modem for Tecra M2V-S310

    My modem does not work. My Device Manager shows a PCI modem but pilot missing. I'm on Windows XP Pro. I try to search for driver modem on this site, but no results.
    Can someone help or direct me where to go?
    Thank you.


    Try this site:

    It s the Canadian site and they have almost all the drivers for many machines.

    Welcome them

  • Pavilion 15-p050sm: need driver for unknow device

    Dear support,

    Can you please help me find the driver for my unknow device (hardware ID: ACPI\HPQ6007)?

    I'm also having the problem with the keyboard driver, acctually function (fn) button does not not on my order and look like the driver is not good.

    Thanks in advance,



    Please try:

    HP 3D DriveGuard Software

    Kind regards.

  • Tecra 9100 - no audio device after XP Pro install

    The audio device does not appear after installation of xp pro sp2 on Tecra 9100.
    I tried allsorts to research on forums and websites.

    I found install them drivers on this site but used to my laptop.
    I need to locate the audio device before get drivers?
    I know this is a very old problem but I tried for 12 months with no result.

    Any help appreciated.

    You are still using the good old classic? Surely she s or it was a nice laptop but maybe it's time for something faster? ;)

    Back to your question;
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you can find drivers Tecra 9100.
    You should look in the Archive (in product type click Archive instead of the laptop)

    There are two audio drivers for Win XP.
    She s Yamaha audio driver version

    I guess the is a more recent who is available and I think that you should use it!

  • Cannot find driver modem XP on downloadsite for Tecra A8

    Recently, I have a Tecra A8. Makes difficult to Vista I uninstalled Vista and installed Windows XP service pack 2.
    I could download and install all driver XP toshiba except modem files successfully.

    Today my system displays modem and a PCI device driver that is not installed. Please advise me on this issue.



    First of all, you need to ensure your Tecra A8 series.
    European driver Toshiba page provides drivers 2 different sets of Tecra;
    PTA83 and PTA82. Choose the right.

    Download the modem driver, and then try to install it from the Device Manager!

    It should work

  • Tecra 9100: No sound and unknown device

    I have the laptop above and have recently flattened and reinstalled Windows XP pro. I have no sound, I have a speaker in my sys tray, Device Manager detects the card Intel (r) 82801 CA/Cam AC'97 Audio Controller, after I installed the RealTek AC 97 drivers. I plugged in the headphones to make sure that this is not not the speakers who have blown. But still no sound. All volumes are turned upward and the volume on the front wheel is set in the middle. In sounds and audio in the Control Panel, all volumes are increasing and the speakers are set to portable stereo speakers.

    Any ideas?

    I have a unknown devices in Device Manager States location is a system compatible ACPI Microsoft from what I see on Google it's something to do with the battery. Once again any ideas?

    Thank you

    I know that your laptop. It s a Tecra 9100 and this laptop supports a Yamaha YMF753 - stereo 16-bit Sound Blaster Pro compatible sound card.

    The problem is the XP SP1 or SP2. The audio driver of Yamaha does not support SP1.
    Seems that you need to update the audio driver.

    Please check this thread:


    This Toshiba solution site:

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