Tecra A11 - 1EG - cannot be accessed after the supervisor setting BIOS password

Hello, I would like to know if anyone can help?

We have started to put a supervisor on our laptop Tecra A11 password so that our students can not set passwords on the hard drive, etc.

To enter the BIOS and set a BIOS password, press us F2 that the machine starts.
Then we go to the security option, then supervisor password.
After entering the password we use twice, press us F10 to save etc.

The machine starts ok and will windows smoothly.

The problem we have now, is that we cannot go back into the bios at all.
As machine starts support us on the "F2" key as before, but unlike previously the screen remains white and the "Toshiba leading Innovation > ' screen no longer appears."

If we keep our finger on the F' key or continue pressing the laptop restarts just without ever get to the BIOS screen where I guess that get us ask the supervisor password that we set earlier?

Is there another key, that we should be pressing that start the laptop?

I would add that we have added a password of supervisor for the screen of security BIOS on three of our laptops and all three have the same problem.

Thank you


I think this should be useful for you:

In some cases, you need to press the "INS" in Toshiba logo appears.

Then appears a prompt for the password for the supervisor and if the password is certified then the BIOS could be entered by pressing the "F2" key

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  • Tecra M9: Does not start at the local network after the value of BIOS password.

    Hi all, I have configured a supervisor BIOS password on a number of Tecra M9s but later found that this does not allow books to be PXE started - and a number of them require now that rebuild.

    I tried pressing the cursor keys in the first screen flash "Toshiba" (with the device down icons), but this will not allow to select the boot device - it's as if the keys are not pressed.

    I also tried to get into the BIOS to change boot device priorities, but I can't just to get into the BIOS in a limited form - there is no prompt to enter BIOS password.

    In brief - how can I work around this? -J' I need to know how to get the BIOS to ask the supervisor password (pressing ESC then F1 at boot only gives me the 'limited' BIOS)... Or, how to get the laptop for a PXE boot with a BIOS supervisor password.

    Thanks in advance.


    I would recommend pressing the F12 key, immediately after that the laptop has been powered.
    This would allow the start on-screen menu.

    Then choose the HARD drive as the boot source.
    Then you could boot into the operating system and could use the Toshiba HWSetup to clear the supervisor password.

    I guess the password is known to you

  • Tecra A11 - 17V unable to connect to the WLan

    I have a Tecra A11 - 17V 15.6-inch and the problemis that i can´t get conection WiFi at home.
    With all of the other devices I come in my WLAN and the Tecra also in others, but not in mine.

    It is a WPA2-PSK AES and 128-bit encryption.

    This may be the cause?
    Best regards

    The wifi connetion couldn't work for different reasons.
    That is to say the Wlan standard could not be supported, or there might be a problem with the compatibility of encryption.

    You can perform a simple check.
    Disable the wireless encryption in your router settings and try to connect to the laptop to open Wlan (unsecured).

    Of course, this should be done just for testing purposes and the Wlan must be always well attached.

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    We had the similar problem in the past, our problem is:
    We have removed weblogic default security domain user and create a new user when Manager nodes and managed servers declined. When we try to put in place managed servers after the starting node Manager we continue get refused authentication errors.

    Recreate the user weblogic now try and implement servers managed from the command line using weblogic user. Once they are up to tap them down and bring them to the top again with the new user you created and it will work

    The 10.3-managed servers seems to store the local credentials he managed ldap or cache servers. When you start managed servers don't know the new information of identification and authentication performed against the old values of credentials stored, where they fail. Once they are started with the information identification old they communicate with the admin servers to sync it hides with admin servers and new identification information is updated and then you can restart the servers managed with the new credentials.
    Note: Sometimes after reboot you can meet the problem as the synchronization with the administration server process is asynchornous, weblogic prints a line saying something like asynchronous operation with the null Server address. If the line is printed sync has arrived and you're good. In case you do not see the line to reboot once again and you will see the line after which you can restart with the new credentials.

  • Question about the Satellite A200 bios password removal

    I own a Satellite A200 - 1 KB which has a password on startup and I would like to delete the password.
    I tried to get into the bios setup but I can't turn it off from there and I tried holding the ESC and hold left SHIFT to start but didn't work as well.

    If someone could help woul be great...


    Unfortunately you won´t get here of secret advice on the deletion of bios passwords because the passwords were intended to protect a computer from unauthorized access. Thus, the password for the BIOS of your laptop is more often sunk that leads to the only solution:

    Contact an authorized service partner and let the button remove the password. But don't forget that you will be charged since the removal of the password of the BIOS is not covered by the warranty. Each manufacturer made this way, otherwise it would be easy to steal a machine, ask someone from a forum, and then use the stolen computer.

    You know what I mean? Here´s a link to find the closest available ASP in your country:

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_whitepaper.jsp?service=EU&WHITEPAPER_ID=0 000000871

    Welcome and good luck

  • Tecra A11 - 11N does not start after upgrading CPU


    I would like to do an upgrade of the processor for my Tecra A11 i5 - 430 M 11N to a probably much faster i5 processor. I thought that the i5 - 580 M'd, but the laptop does not start when I installed this processor.

    I started the 430M, done some research on the internet and discovered that the 580 M has a very high FSB speed, and that is what probably does not work / not compatible with my machine.


    and also http://ark.intel.com/

    Now, I went back to the computer store, returned the 580M and got an i5 - 560 M compared to its specifications as I've seen it would not compatible because it has the same speed of the FSB with the 430 M.

    I then later in the day tried to install this cpu as an upgrade, BUT alas!
    It STILL does not START ALSO.
    I was dumfounded left. The processors in the same line of the family are supposed to be compatible between them provided: lithography, FSB and socket type are similar.

    Or what I'm missing here?
    I did upgrades of CPU in many cases for desktop computers and laptops, and this is the first that has left me with no word to say!

    Please offer assistance or advice.


    + The message has been modified.


    Recommend to check this doc from Toshiba:

    + Can I put th CPU, screen, or motherboard in my Toshiba laptop? +

    Upgrading the CPU is not supported (officially).
    The point is that, even if the chipset would support the new processor, it would be possible that the laptop wouldn't start because of compatibility problems between the BIOS or other components on the motherboard and the new processor.

  • Satellite A200 - cannot use Vista after the recovery of the product

    Hello. I hope someone can help me with the following... This week I had various issues with which follows my laptop a Vista update that system restore did not fix, so I decided to go for a full recovery of product (which I have a complete backup of all my files).

    So far I have used the product recovery on my laptop in the 3 ways I can see (and more than once): without changing the settings, change the settings and maximize the partition, change settings and select advance / expertise.

    Whenever I was able to complete the initialization of windows, create a new user account, etc. Once the Office has been set up, I get a small window with a progress bar and when it's over, I click on the button 'restart '...

    After the reboot, I get the black screen that says Microsoft Corporation with the green progress bar, but he's there for what feels like 'too long '. After a while, I get a black screen with a cursor, then a blue screen for a crash dump.

    If I use F8 and boot mode safe, the system stops the CplIR.sys file, although the hard disk activity seems to be continuing. I turn off after 10 minutes.

    If I use F8 and then select Repair computer... This is what is happening with each option
    -Restore the full windows operating system: after clicking on OK nothing happens.
    -Diagnostics of memory: there is no problem with memory
    -DOS prompt: I run CHKDSK and there is no problem with the hard drive
    -Restart: there is no errors, even if the word diagnosis 'impossible' when he sees, there is no system restore points

    Then on reboot I get the black screen with cursor followed by the crashdump OR if I managed to log in and access my desktop, I get the crash dump, as soon as I try to do something (like open Control Panel).

    Following the instructions found elsewhere, I have tried this after removing the battery, then changing power management options immediately after the initialization of windows (ie. before clicking on the restart button). No change.

    I even ignored the button restart! But still get a crash dump, when I try to do something.

    Any ideas? I've got past (ie. wasted) so a lot of time on this and don't understand what may be wrong after formatting the windows drive image and reloading...


    It's very interesting story. I got several notebooks several times but I never noticed anything like that.
    I must say that what you did right and you think appropriately. If I were you I would try exactly the same steps to make it work somehow.
    I do not know which issues you had before, but I imagine that here it's just the problems of software and not important for the operation of the equipment.

    It's really hard to say what can be the problem. What you can try, is somewhere to get facilities Microsoft Vista disk and install naked Vista to see if the same thing will happen again.
    Anyway, the fact is that images of recovery are tested and adapted for each laptop model and if the material is OK there no reason for this kind of behavior.

    Try again with the new installation using Microsoft facilities drive and let us know exactly what is happening.

  • No Internet access after the connection of the cisco vpn client

    Hi Experts,

    Please check below config.the problem is vpn is connected but no internet access

    on the computer after the vpn connection

    ASA Version 8.0 (2)
    ciscoasa hostname
    activate 8Ry2YjIyt7RRXU24 encrypted password
    names of
    interface Ethernet0/0
    nameif outside
    security-level 0
    interface Ethernet0/1
    nameif inside
    security-level 100
    interface Ethernet0/2
    No nameif
    no level of security
    no ip address
    interface Ethernet0/3
    No nameif
    no level of security
    no ip address
    interface Management0/0
    No nameif
    no level of security
    no ip address
    2KFQnbNIdI.2KYOU encrypted passwd
    passive FTP mode
    standard access list dubai_splitTunnelAcl allow
    INSIDE_nat0_outbound list of allowed ip extended access all 255.255.2
    pager lines 24
    Within 1500 MTU
    Outside 1500 MTU
    IP local pool testpool -
    no failover
    ICMP unreachable rate-limit 1 burst-size 1
    don't allow no asdm history
    ARP timeout 14400
    Global 1 interface (outside)
    NAT (inside) 0-list of access INSIDE_nat0_outbound
    NAT (inside) 1
    Route outside 1
    Timeout xlate 03:00
    Timeout conn 01:00 half-closed 0:10:00 udp 0:02:00 icmp 0:00:02
    Sunrpc timeout 0:10:00 h323 0:05:00 h225 mgcp from 01:00 0:05:00 mgcp-pat 0:05:00
    Sip timeout 0:30:00 sip_media 0:02:00 prompt Protocol sip-0: 03:00 sip - disconnect 0:02:00
    Timeout, uauth 0:05:00 absolute
    dynamic-access-policy-registration DfltAccessPolicy
    Enable http server
    http inside
    No snmp server location
    No snmp Server contact
    Server enable SNMP traps snmp authentication linkup, linkdown cold start
    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-md5-hmac setFirstSet
    Crypto-map dynamic dyn1 1 set transform-set setFirstSet
    Crypto-map dynamic dyn1 1jeu reverse-road
    dynamic mymap 1 dyn1 ipsec-isakmp crypto map
    mymap outside crypto map interface
    crypto ISAKMP allow outside
    crypto ISAKMP policy 1
    preshared authentication
    3des encryption
    sha hash
    Group 2
    life 43200
    crypto ISAKMP policy 65535
    preshared authentication
    3des encryption
    sha hash
    Group 2
    life 86400
    Telnet timeout 5
    SSH timeout 5
    Console timeout 0
    a basic threat threat detection
    Statistics-list of access threat detection
    class-map inspection_default
    match default-inspection-traffic
    type of policy-card inspect dns preset_dns_map
    message-length maximum 512
    Policy-map global_policy
    class inspection_default
    inspect the preset_dns_map dns
    inspect the ftp
    inspect h323 h225
    inspect the h323 ras
    inspect the netbios
    inspect the rsh
    inspect the rtsp
    inspect the skinny
    inspect esmtp
    inspect sqlnet
    inspect sunrpc
    inspect the tftp
    inspect the sip
    inspect xdmcp
    global service-policy global_policy
    password encrypted user testuser IqY6lTColo8VIF24 name
    username password khans X5bLOVudYKsK1JS / encrypted privilege 15
    tunnel-group mphone type remote access
    tunnel-group mphone General attributes
    address testpool pool
    tunnel-group ipsec-attributes mphone
    pre-shared-key *.
    context of prompt hostname
    : end
    ciscoasa #.


    Large.  Try adding the below to make it work

    vpn-sheep access list extended permits all ip

    NAT (inside) 0-list of access vpn-sheep


  • iPhone 6 touch id cannot be added after the upgrade ios 9.3.5

    My iPhone6 more ' Touch ID ceased to operate after the sound ' iOS to 9.3.5. This never happened with the previous iOS updates. Soft reboot (button home + power until the display of the apple logo) didn't work. Turn off the two "use Touch ID" for Unlock iPhone & iTunes App Store, then reboot and or soft reboot didn't work. Tried to 'Add a fingerprint', but as soon as it has been exploited, it goes directly to the page saying: 'FAIL' unable to complete installation of contact ID. Back... I even deleted all to restore my backup who had an operation 9.3.4 iOS, but then, I realized that after the restoration, put also got iOS updated! (I'm back to 0). Please help if you have any other fix for this? Thank you.

    Restoring as a NEW phone using iTunes (do not use backup at all).  Adding 3rd party applications, try the contact ID.  If it still does not work, then you have a hardware problem and will need to bring the phone to Apple for the assessment.



  • HP Pavilion DV4-1125nr cannot start after the update/update BIOS version F.12 to d.55

    System: HP Pavilion DV4-1125nr PC Notebook

    Product #: FR922UAR #AB

    The system board ID: 30F7

    Version of the BIOS (before the update): F.12

    OS: Windows 7

    I tried to update the BIOS to d.55 which was provided by HP. After the successful installation the closure of new windows BIOS correctly. I restart the PC, HP Logo appears and then nothing happens. The operating system do not load or start at all.

    I also tried to boot using the Windows 98 Second edition CD (to charge BACK), but it did not work.

    Please help me...

    Fortunately I found a Solution to this problem.

    Here are the summaries (and modified according to my needs) the steps that I've taken of the following thread:


    1. go to the hp site and download the correct version of your BIOS. In my case it had to F.12. Why not the latest version? Because there is no guarantee that the last one will work for you, know after measures.

    2. go where you downloaded the file and using 7 - Zip (or tool of your choice of course) unzip the contents to a folder of your choice. We'll get to that later, so keep this file open.

    3. use 128 MB or no matter what key-USB USB key (the smallest, you might find, because they said the smaller the better ) and reformatted to FAT or FAT32 click with the right button on the drive by clicking on "format".

    4. now that my USB is ready, go back to the folder where you extracted the file to update the BIOS (always open to the right of the folder?)

    "5. If you have the graphics card Intel integrated like me, copy the ' 30F7F12U. FD"of the key USB and RENAME the file '30F7F12U. FD' at '30F7. BIN ". Remember that this name calling to order "DV4-1125nr. If you have a different motherboard, the system or the BIOS, the name must be determined according to the.

    The next steps are exact 0.0 as follows (the link of a full detailed discussion is provided below), I simply numbered:

    6 unplug the adapter from the laptop.

    7 remove the battery from the laptop.

    8 insert the USB key into one of the USB ports on the laptop.
    Does not seem to matter which.

    9. press the 'Windows' key and the 'B' key

    10. connected to the power adapter.

    11 press the 'Power' button on the laptop.

    12. when the LED is entered, letting go of the power button / stop and the two keys down earlier.

    13. After about 10 seconds the notebook started to read the USB key. While searching for the file, the laptop beeps every seconds.
    The number of beeps varied, depending on what size of the key USB has been and
    the number of files on the USB key, a single beep for many.
    If the file was not found, the laptop will restart and try again.

    14. If the file is found then it took about 12 seconds for the laptop to load. No beeps sound not heard during the loading time.

    15. when it is responsible for the laptop has started flashing, indicated by beeps every 2 seconds. It took about 32 seconds.

    16. about 5 seconds after the ringtone had stopped off the laptop computer.

    First I update my pc with the last BIOS (F.66), but did not work for me (operating system not loaded after HP Logo ). So I decided to go back to the old F.12 (the version that has been shipped when the laptop was purchased) according to the procedure described above. But the problem is where to find version F.12 as HP currently provides links only for the version of the BIOS F.66 to d.55 (in the drivers from the hp support site section)

    Fortunately, I found a direct link to this version F.12 in the next thread.


    F.12 version:


    This was F.12 and worked for me. Thank God Almighty I return my PC.

    Thanks to all who contributed in the discussions above.

    Kind regards


    If you think that this post has helped you, then please give KUDOS *.

    Close the thread (Accept as Solution), if your problem is solved *.

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    Cloud of reading also includes https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2089127 for ideas (see answer #1).

  • message: configuration cannot be verified - is the user name and password? None of them are wrong. I'm trying to set up my work email. How to solve the thi

    I have been using Thunderbird for a long time. One day he told me that my password is incorrect. After several attempts, the correct password decided to remove the e-mail account and start to charge. Now, when I put the account it says "configuration could not be verified - is the user name and password? None of them are wrong. I tried to change the password, contact my email provider and everything works fine except when trying to use Thunderbird. The email that I had tried to set up is at work. Any help in fixing this will really appreciate it.

    The best suggestion is to get the correct settings from your provider. They move to the top of their servers. They know the settings that work.

  • Is it possible to have access to the code for default password manager?

    As an add-on it developer I am able to access the 'open source' code? If yes where can I ask? In particular, I would like to see the code that retrieves the user name and password and returns it to the password manager. If it has unlimited access, I would like to know where to go.

    You can see all the code in Firefox via the site Web of MXR, but only the latest versions of all the branches and not for these 13 Firefox an old version that you are currently running.

    Return to Mozilla: http://mxr.mozilla.org/

  • Cannot set the supervisor on the Satellite L755 BIOS password

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this problem - I have a PC laptop toshiba L755 and has been implemented of the security protocols on the bios but could not configure the supervisor password.

    I registered the password of the user, as well as the hard drive - user and master password password worked for the password hard drive, but when I try to select (by pressing the arrow towards the bottom of the user password on the password of the bios section) the supervisor password , he jumps right over him.

    Please, any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you tried to set the supervisor password using option in Toshiba Assist > secure > supervisor password? It is the small Toshiba utility designed for recording of the supervisor password.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi I have a hp pavilion g6, I forgot my password and when I enter the password three times it brings the system disabled with this code (97690291) Help, please

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