Tecra A3 crashes without reason

I got my tecra A3 laptop for about 2 years now. Everything was working fine until about 4 or 5 months when my computer started to freeze, the only solution is to reboot the pc.

To begin with it only happened once in a while but now it happens every time, usually within half an hour to turn on my computer. I can thing no reason for this behavior.

The computer doesn't seem to be overheating or something like that. Does anyone have ideas for this problem?
Thank you


> The computer doesn t seem to be overheating or something like that
Why are you so sure?

For me, it looks like overheating.
Especially if the temperature is too high, the laptop either freezes or the laptop stops automatically.

Have you checked the RAM modules?
You can try to download the Memtest86 utility to check the memory.

But first of all, I think you should check if the laptop freezes if the new OS was installed!

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