Tecra A3: TV - black and white display

I have a Tecra A3, which I tried to connect to a TV via the S-video connection. Works, but the TV picture is black and white.

I tried to change the Graphics Options without result. These are currently on:
Colors: True color.
Screen area: 1024 x 768
Video Standard PAL-B

Everyone you have any other suggestions?
Thank you.


This unit has a S-video out. If your TV has only video then you will get only a black and white screen.
To get a color screen, you have a TV with S-video
Also, check if the TV works correctly with the standard NTSC video.

Good bye

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    Have a yellowish histogram in what should be a grey area is proof positive that your monitor profile is corrupted. You should get a hardware calibrator and calibrate your monitor. In the meantime, simply as a stop-gap measure, you can change your default profile to sRGB.


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    You have the same problem with the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba or did he only because you have upgraded to Windows 7?

    I mean if it works with the screen resolution of 640 x 480, it could be the graphics card to malfunction but a problem of driver too so much easier is to install original Windows of the Toshiba recovery disc and it tests again.

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    I think that maybe it won't be a temporary solution, because I can not find the reason for the error of digital vibrance begin wth or as to why the screen goes black and white when my theme does not appear himself.

    But thanks to try it regardless, but this isn't the high contrast setting. Become text and th white black screen, rather mycomputer transformed into black and white way somewhat.

  • Tecra M3 - black and white points

    IM problem with my Tecra M3,

    I have the Toshiba logo came fine.
    Then a bunch of black and white, (its windows when crashed and gives you option in safe mode) but you can't get out of the text, I only know because Ive delt with computers crashed before.

    Start windows XP SP 2 basically there is a white bar at points vertically and scroll down.
    Then finally goes blue screen of death and reboots.

    I changed the HARD drive with my old operating system if it is not a virus, I've agreed with the ram, which is 2 x 1 GB sticks.
    Ive tested individually and together, and yet I still get the same problem I mentioned above when I start my computer.

    If this isn't a virus or HARD drive, it is not the ram, what is the problem here? The screen looks fine with the toshiba logo (no points from top to bottom)

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    Someone who can help much apprciated.

    see you soon

    Why put 2 times in different threads on the same issue?
    Check this box:

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    Hi shamorau,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

    (1) do you have because of recent changes, after which the problem occurred?

    The first thing I would say is to update or rather uninstall and reinstall display drivers and who might have to deal with the issue.

    Also I suggest you try to use another monitor to see if it is not a problem with the monitor.

    Let us know if the problem persists after the driver updates.

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    See you soon

    Is not possible.

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    What seems to be completely random, sometimes square or re-related images in InDesign appear black and white dotted with images (typical display). I used to get frustrated with it, but since I couldn't find a solution, I usually ignore it because the "high quality screen" works very well.

    Two of these buckets below have been created since the same file photoshop, the same day, saved in the same way. The two shown here in typical display.

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    2nd question:

    Now, I create a new InDesign "Data sheet" model for our products and each sheet will have 3 buckets shown. Because the buckets are white, I add shadows laid and Interior to create the deep shadows. I want to be able to create a Standard model, given that several designers in our Department are going to access it and when they create a new datasheet, all they need to do is add a link to the photos of the bucket for the new product (which will be created from the photoshop, existing model) and drop shadow/inner shadows everything remain the same.

    On the images that become black and white grainy (3085 above), the effects are applied to the colored areas of the buckets, no not the path of clipped bucket.

    This screenshot below shows two buckets to high quality screen. I've selected two images and try to apply the same exact shadow, but as you can see on the left is almost ghost image of bucket. The two images have the exact same clipping on them. Help, please!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.55.34 AM.png

    SPE is no longer recommended for use with InDesign format. Because these files have some content vector and raster, save it as a Photoshop PDF and see if it helps.

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    does that mean if my screen on m MBP15 inches starting to show black and white vertical lines and will not again after that I tried to restart my computer?

    This looks like a bad graphics card. What happens if you hold a flashlight on the screen, you see the desktop or not?

  • Libretto U100 - pc to tv adapter displays black and white

    I have an Averlite tv adapter pc using a composite connection to the TV. I changed my screen to 800 x 600, but it appears in black and white on the TV (on the laptopn is it perfect color).

    Anyone have a similar problem or can help me? Thank you in advance.

    Hi Julia

    Can you please tell me what Averlite tv adapter pc is? Can you please send a link where I can see what you mean exactly?

    This card is connected at the end of the RGB port at the end of the RGB cable + delivered?

    I saw this little booklet several times but I n t try to connect it to the TV but the principle on all laptops from Toshiba is the same. It is of course much easier with laptops that have S-Video output port.

  • Tecra M5 - external monitor (TV) graphics in black and white


    I have my M5 connected to a TV via a SCART (s - video-> adapter SCART).
    Everything works very well (including sound), except that the image is the B & W.
    Whatever I do, I can't get it color.

    When I S - video-> s-video color (in projector) is fine.

    The clues as to what I could do to get a color picture on my TV?
    (M5 2Gb, Xp Sp2)


    Just answer. We're not the assignment of the cable pins SCART. I had the same problem with my TV. There was a black and white photo and I don't know why.
    I checked the contacts and moved the cable up and down and for some reason, the colour appeared. Then I tired 3 cables SCART different and to have worked.

    Maybe it helps.

  • EOS Rebel T3 Led display has two lines black and white grainy to and controls are frozen help

    When the unit is powered on any of the controls development works and the LED screen has only black and white grainy lines above. Tried to remove the battery to restart made no difference. If you have an idea of what happens to your help would be appreciated a lot.

    Did you drop or wet?  Call the Canon Service.

    BTW, the battery must be removed to reset the camera like this for a week or two.

  • Hi I am using to extend my s video cable desktop display but I am getting only black and white without color help

    Hi, I use a s video cable to connect my laptop to TV screen, to extend my desktop mode, but it's only in black and white I need colors can help you, it comes in the color vga lead but the lead isn't on my tv



    I google your question and according to the above thread, your cable is bad and you need a new.

  • Computer load upward with display in black and white

    When loading my computer upward, all right up until just before I finish the load in place, when the screen turns into grayscale (black and white).  Restarting the computer is not solve it.

    The first Question of troubleshooting: If the problem is new, what has changed between the time things worked and the time they do not have?

    Laptop or desktop?

    If a desktop computer, connect the computer to a different, known monitor that work. If all goes well, throw the original monitor. If the problem persists, replace the video card for a well-known work. If it is a laptop, you cannot correct yourself. Communicate with technical support of the computer laptop mftr... MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

Maybe you are looking for