Tecra A4: coursor jumps while typing

When you type on the keyboard, with no indication, the slider repositions to somewhere else.

As I am a touch typist and not look at the keyboard or screen, it can cause me some problems of approximate return.

Does anyone know a fix for this problem, the Tecra is only a few months old and shouldn't do that.

Kind regards



I had the same problem with another laptop.
To be honest it wasn't a problem but simply a mistake while typing.
I don't the opinion of t that I touched the touchpad of surface while typing and, therefore, the cursor is passed to another line.

I disabled the touchpad through Fn + F9
It's a case key.

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    I have an A350. While the strike from time to time the cursor will jump suddenly while I wrote in a different place.
    I don't know if I accidentally hit something by mistake, or there is a problem with the PC.

    Everyone knows this?
    See you soon



    I had the same problem, but it wasn't really a problem.
    I touched the surface of touchpad accidentally while typing and so my cursor has jumped to different positions

    I disabled the touchpad while typing you can do this as well by using the FN + F9 key combination

    Check it out

  • Cursor jumps while typing on my Satellite Pro

    In recent weeks when I type the cursor jumps somewhere else, at first I thought I type fast then press something I shouldn't, but now its driving me crazy, even in msn or facebook all the ideas everyone.

    Thank you.


    Can I ask you what model of laptop you have exactly?

    I had the same problem on my laptop, but it wasn't really a problem but a mistake while typing.
    I touched the affected surface accidentally while typing.
    Then I disabled the touchpad through FN + F9 and it solved my problem
    But like I said above; It was more my mistake

  • Cursor jumps while typing - Windows 7

    I have tech support at my school. I took my laptop in - a bit slow. They did some sort of clean up and since then, I have the sursor jump around the document as I type. tried ihey mousepad other adjustments suggested here - no chance. She is certainly linked to the ketboard itself, not the mouse pads, I have now observed carefully when it arrives. The Tech people spoke a kind of update of the driver, but if I understand there is no for Windows 7 Pro. I looked at the other posts and didn't see anything useful.  Someone at - it a response to this set of characteristics?  Thank you

    Utilitarian salvation,

    You can try the following steps and check.

    Step 1:

    Make sure that you do not have to hide when you type the value of the mouse pointer.

    a. open the mouse by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking hardware, and then clicking on the mouse.

    b. click the pointer Options tab and uncheck the Hide pointer while typing of box.

    Step 2:

    You can try to uninstall the drivers for the touchpad and try to install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website and check.

    a. Click Start, point to settings and then click Control Panel.

    b. double-click system click on hardware and then click Device Manager.

    c. click on the PLUS SIGN to expand unit

    d. click twice on the device driver.

    e. tab driver, click on uninstall

    f. restart the computer and check.

    Update drivers: recommended links


    Hope this information is useful.

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  • Cursor jumps while typing on the Satellite A100

    While typing the cursor around the text breaks, it is virtually impossible to write everything you start typing anywhere.

    Its boring. I can't do anything normally.

    Help, please.

    Before you start typing disable touchpad by using the FN + F9 key combination.

  • Cursor jumps while typing on Satellite P

    While typing the cursor around the text breaks, it is virtually impossible to write everything you start typing anywhere. Occasionally, he underlines sections, so when a new Word is typed you delete the selected text. (its about 4 minutes to write this!)

    HELP PLEASE! Richard

    Please disable the touchpad as you type.
    It's something on my laptop
    I hit the accidentally the touchpad while typing, and I have not noticed that ;)

  • Curson jumps while typing on a web page

    Original title: when I type an e-mail, letters or typed numbers fly everywhere place (next line, title,?) instead of the normal path next or sequence.
    While typing mail on Yahoo, letters flying everywhere instead of the normal path.  At any time, the next letter I type maybe finish in the title, or on another line somewhere above which I already typed, or below where I haven't typed.  It's like "scatter" type, and I have to search to find the missing letters, who flew to another line?


    1 - is the problem only occurs when you use yahoo mail or on web pages?
    2. When did you start this problem?

    Type using Notepad or a Word document and then check if the problem persists

    Also, try the following steps:

    Step 1:
    If you use a laptop, then I suggest you to update the drivers for your Touchpad.

    See this link for instructions on how to update the drivers for a device:
    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Step 2:
    Run a scan antivirus on your computer with an anti-virus program. You can also scan your computer online.

    Click here to scan your computer online:

    Step 3:
    Optimize Internet Explorer and check to see if that fixes the problem.

    Refer to this article for the procedure:

    Please provide us with some information so that we can help you solve the problem.

    How do I add or remove games in Windows XP

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  • On my Satellite M70 cursor jumps while typing

    I bought a laptop satellite M-70. When typing, the cursor almost impossible jumps, too do wriring to help to solve the problem

    I have the same unit and I use an external mouse all the time. Because of this I disabled the touch pad using the FN + F9 key combination. As you type, it is possible to communicate with touchpad unintentionally.

    Turn it off and see if the problem persists.

  • Tecra M5: cursor twitching while typing

    After you download the mouse driver for my Im of Tecra M5 always issues in the Microsoft office document mode.

    Everytime I open a new document (or old) and write a paragraph, the mouse and the cursor jumps to halfway paragraph has just written and goes back to another phrase of the paragraph.

    I am sure that there was a problem like this before, so if anyone knows what to do, please help! Windows XP.


    This happened to me several times. I didn't notice that I accidentally touched the surface of the touchpad as you type.

    I simply disabled using Fn + F9 and now everything seems to be ok

  • Cursor guard jumping while typing

    Original title: move cursor

    By typing my cursor tends to jump to different positions in the body text that I write; can anyone suggest why please?

    Thank you Don.

    This is a top of the Tower; However, I don't touch me accidentally tounch pad.  In the end, I scanned entirely, closed and restarted.  It apears to be OK now. However, the third time this has happened. It's frustrating!

  • my mouse on my toshiba c655 constantly jumps while typing

    when im typing like Im doing now, the mouse jumps in all directions who mess up my words.  Ive used the key FN + F9 option to activate the mouse does not work.

    Have you recently made changes to the system startup using msconfig?  That's usually what triggers that.

    Just cancel that and it should be fine.
    Otherwise, go to http://support.toshiba.com/drivers and download the package added value for your computer which should take care of this problem.
    Uninstall TOSHIBA value added package of programs and features before you reinstall.
  • Same question! My cursor jumps while typing on the new laptop!

    Here's the deal. I see so many people complaining, but no real resolution.
    I lay down in bed and try to type my emails. No, I'm all garble and lose all my text to half way through.
    It is almost impossible to even type this now. It is getting ridiculous!

    I have a new HP laptop. No, it's not a hardware problem.
    No, the driver is up-to-date for the touchpad.
    No I'm not buy a mouse. I spent 1,000 out of this laptop and I don't plan to try to
    use a mouse in my bed?

    What I don't understand is why this issue has never happened with my laptop previous previous
    for windows 7.

    If we can solve this.
    The cursor to hide has nothing, except that now I do see where it happens my cursor to move to.
    I adjusted my touchpad for the recognition of palm as well... and while that sounds fancy.
    It's the upper corners that touch during your typing is not my full Palm. So, Yes, it is not good.

    Is there something?
    I think I'm ready to return to the Mac...


    I would bet that it is the touchpad. I always disable the mine because of the same issue. Just for laughs to confirm, try to plug in an external keyboard and see if the problem goes away. You may be able to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad and see if that helps.

  • Cursor jumping while typing on Satellite A110

    Hi experts,

    I have trouble with my notebook, Satellite A110, PSABOE. I took it to the dealer twice and they have not fixed. Looks like they have no idea. It is still under warranty for 2 more months. I have two problems.

    Problem 1, when you type text, the cursor will move to home or somewhere few lines or paragraphs that precede. I have to be constantly looking at the other screen wise I would be strike suddenly between previous convictions. I am very careful not to touch keys other than the alphabet I want. What could be the reason? The key material Council mentions as keyboard standard 101/102-key or Microsoft natural PS/2 keyboard keyboard. I'm not sure have the right driver. A new driver solve the problem?

    Problem 2: When I type a letter in outlook before you finish or press the button send, mail is send! It's worse when I'm answering e-mails from the half finished mail would go really. How can I stop this from happening?

    Your help would be appreciated


    The described problem looks like the problem that appeared on my laptop!
    The same has happened on my laptop as I type. The cursor jumped from one line to the other and sometimes deleted my sentences in the word.

    I looked for solutions and finally I found! Believe the or not, but it wasn't question!
    I accidentally touched the touchpad as I type and I have not noticed didn t!
    Try disabling the touchpad with FN + F9

    If it doesn t help you can also try updating the BIOS.
    In many cases, the update of the BIOS might resolve some strange behaviors for laptop.

    > The key material Council mentions as keyboard standard 101/102-key or Microsoft natural PS/2 keyboard keyboard. I'm not sure have the right driver. A new driver solve the problem?

    The laptop doesn t need the keyboard driver updates! The operating system uses a clean Microsoft driver and these drivers works and are 100% compatible.

  • My cursor jumps while typing

    My cursor jumps to random places on the screen or active links as I type.  This product to any program I am.  I have acer (aspire 5315) and have never had this problem until the last month.  I pass the automatic updates of windows. I read through many of the solutions to similar questions on this issue, but I am still jumping on the screen.  I tried to update, roll back all the drivers, but still no luck?  Can you help me or should I buy a MAC?


    I have seen others with the issue yet not 1st hand. Try the Acer support I suspect that this is a known issue.

    Acer support

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Portege M780-102 cursor jumps erratically around while typing

    Just got my new Portege 780-102.
    But irregularly, the cursor jumps around when typing in any application.
    (.. .and no, this isn't my sleeve brushing the mouse pad)

    Search the Web...
    Seems that Toshiba portable computers have a bit of a history with this type of problem .

    There is a suggestion that I have to re - charge the pack of bluetooth applications.
    Try to talk to Toshiba tech.support in the United Kingdom, but they are on a holiday.

    Has anyone else had the same problem and have you known the problem solutions?

    Thanks a mill! Katie x

    Hi mate

    I read on this issue of cursor on the different laptop models (from different manufacturers).
    But in most cases, the users didn't note that the touchpad was accidentally while typing of touchpad.
    You said you checked this hmm but in any case, try to disable the touchpad while typing just for test purposes

    In addition, some have said that the BIOS update can also be useful
    So if the most recent BIOS is available, updated it!

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