Tecra A6-EZ6411 - video photo is shrivelled and black and white

After a recent update to Windows 7 I have a problem with the display of images in the Windows image viewer and watch netflix videos. I can look and onto my computer without problem. I can also display an image in paint.net or any other picture watching a program. I can watch Hulu or any other site of company of cable without problem. What is happening is that the image is overwritten and made black and white.

So the first thing I tried was uninstall silverlight and then put it back. The next thing I tried was start in basic mode, uninstall all nvidia drivers, then reinstall the latest driver available. None of those corrected these problems. Strange thing is when I first start in basic mode and the resolution is 640 X 480 photos appeared normal in the Windows image viewer and when I try to watch a video on netflix seems normal. Only when I change the resolution to anything else he revert to the old diplay of a black and white display shrunk.


You have the same problem with the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba or did he only because you have upgraded to Windows 7?

I mean if it works with the screen resolution of 640 x 480, it could be the graphics card to malfunction but a problem of driver too so much easier is to install original Windows of the Toshiba recovery disc and it tests again.

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    Hello AliceHayes,

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    Thank you

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    Thank you.

    Have you noticed the same result with Qosmioplayer and MCE?

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    Everyone you have any other suggestions?
    Thank you.


    This unit has a S-video out. If your TV has only video then you will get only a black and white screen.
    To get a color screen, you have a TV with S-video
    Also, check if the TV works correctly with the standard NTSC video.

    Good bye

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    The clues as to what I could do to get a color picture on my TV?
    (M5 2Gb, Xp Sp2)


    Just answer. We're not the assignment of the cable pins SCART. I had the same problem with my TV. There was a black and white photo and I don't know why.
    I checked the contacts and moved the cable up and down and for some reason, the colour appeared. Then I tired 3 cables SCART different and to have worked.

    Maybe it helps.

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    See you soon

  • Video & Photos

    I just shot some videos and pictures with my Photon, it synced to my computer but cannot be displayed on the PC. The size of the files tells me that they are on the computer, but I cannot view either. The file formats are JPG and MP4. I tried several programs to open both. After that I have synced, I thought I had accidentally deleted my phone is off but checked my phone and both are there and visible. Any suggestions?

    Good point, did and this is the case. FYI to anyone else who reads this thread. If you have encryption settings in your Photon 4 G and take videos or photos with it, when decipher you your phone, it is not decrypt the video/photos that you have taken previously when the phone encryption has been enabled.

    If anyone has an idea how do, please reply to this message. In the meantime, I myself sent all the pictures I took when encryption is activated and were able to save my computer of e-mail successfully and they are not encrypted. I'll try to do the same with videos, but I don't know to what extent this will be the size of the files being much larger than the photos. If anyone has an idea how to send videos for you in the range of 50 to 100 MB, please reply to this topic as well.

    mullins_i, you rock! Thanks for the quick response to my post.

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    All players: video/photo/music show NO entry - when checking in the file manager, all the files are where they were before

    any ideas?

    Passport OS

    Thank you

    The files have been saved to a media device or the memory card?

    Try to remove the SD Media card, reinsert and restart:

    Restart: With the BlackBerry powereddevice, press and hold the power button on top about 20-30 seconds, ignore the 3-2-1 timer and hold the button until the screen goes black and you see the red LED.
    Restart: With the phone smart BlackBerry turned on, using the keys of volume of the edge side, press on and hold the keys of volume for about 20 seconds and both of the Up, ignoring the initial message of screenshot... the screen go black, reboot.

    Or try both of the above.

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    Dankees wrote:

    Thank you Jeff - you behave! Bravo.

    So, can I just plug the micro SD card into my card reader and then I'll have access? Don't I have that right? (It makes sense).

    Thank you!

    Yes, you can see the contents of the folder video, photos, music etc...

    you will have access only to your articles, not those preinstalled on the phone

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    Is this faster thumbnail upload because the db file "thumbnails"?  If so how can I get this file created in all my photo and video files?

    Thank you.


    Which popup you are referring to?

    Each time seen miniature is enabled or has been enabled in Microsoft Windows the hidden thumbs.db file is automatically created in the same directory than where thumbnails have been read. This file contains the information required by Windows to display thumbnails for each of the icons and will be placed in each model file are read. Thumbs.DB looks a lot like its name. It stores the graphics, the film and some document files, and then generates an overview of the content of file using a cache of thumbnails. This file can be deleted safely from any directory, however, it will be automatically recreated if thumbnail display is always on and you open this directory again. Thus, it is not related to upload faster thumbnail.

    Let us know if you have other questions related to the issue. We would be happy to help you.

  • How can I move the hair of a person from one photo to another and place it on another person?

    How can I move the hair of a person from one photo to another and place it on another person? I went through each instructional video you have and have not been able to master this. I tried the smart brush without result, and frankly, I don't think that your product is very intuitive. I work with the software as a professional and I would like to speak directly to someone who could guide me through this process, as I do for one of my clients of having problems with the software that I represent. Thanks, my email is [email removed by host address]

    First of all , we do not communicate with posters by private email.

    The purpose of the forum is for everyone to benefit from the questions and answers, not only the original poster.

    Secondly, you do not discuss Adobe here in the user forums.  You ask the help of users of volunteers like you who give their time for free. Nobody has any obligation to answer your questions.

    Thirdly, Adobe does not support tutoring hand-holding, step by step that you are looking for.  They have excellent video tutorials on Adobe TV.

    Photoshop is a professional application, making no apologies for his very long and steep learning curve

    Read this FAQ to get advice on how to ask your questions correctly to get faster and better answers:


    Finally, the titles of topic or subject should be clear, relevant and concise so that individual users can tell at a glance if they can help or not.

    This field is not for trying to adjust your entire question in there.

    Keep this in mind next time you post.  Thank you.

    Thank you!

    EDIT/ADDENDUM: on the other hand, if your ID Adobe is indicative of your true identity, like the beautiful Jay López, in real life, I and others here will be happy to oblige with one-on-one tutoring.

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Maybe you are looking for

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