Tecra A6 (PTA60E) - need info on GPU


Recently I got a preowned TECRA A6 and I was wondering just what gpu, she had ideas of her would be much appreciated

Thank you jake


This Tecra has Mobile Intel 945GM GPU inside. Preinstalled operating system was WXP Pro.
Do you want to install the version of the OS or have the original recovery disk?

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite A20-S103 and I'm looking for a graphics card. I don't know what is the brand of card, Board is Intel, independent, I don't know, please tell me what is the card.

    Thank you

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    Hey this is cool that you always use this old piece of hardware. I m wondering really you want to fix, because it is not so easy to find parts for these old machines.

    Autour Googling, I found the info this old machine has video Trident ALADDiN-P4 card.
    I put t know if this info will help you, but the key is that you got the answer to your question. ;)

  • Need info on GPU on both models Satellite A210

    What are the differences between graphics adapters built into the a210-1ao and a210 - 16g? Or stand them identical (exactly similar) inside of two these models?


    I ve checked the info on graphics cards on these models and I discovered that both models have the same part number PSAELE and both machines have the same graphics.
    It's Mobility Radeon X 2600 (ATI M76M (512 MB).
    With other words: I think that both machines have the same hardware platform and the same motherboard.

  • Tecra A5 145 - need info on the machine

    Hej, I have no experience with Tecra A5 (145) esp. on the Norwegian market, y a5 reliable and well-designed machines? can be compared with Fujitsu or Thinkpad is the same price category?
    Thanks for your replies!


    Computer laptop Tecra A5 is a very nice unit. This laptop comes with different hardware configurations.
    Check this page for Tecra A5-135


    The set comes with a disk of 100 GB and different processors (i.e. Intel Pentium M 760 processor)
    Google around and you'll find more information about prices and other similar laptops

  • Tecra M2 - I need a new HARD drive compatible

    Hi, I just bought a 2nd hand Tecra M2, but the hard drive will be replaced soon because it is endangered. I found a hard drive on ebay that says it's compatible, it says in the title for the hard drive

    "Toshiba Laptop Tecra TE S2 S1 M3 M2 M1 hard disk 120 GB.
    (Here's a direct link http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toshiba-120GB-Laptop-Hard-Drive-Tecra-TE-S2-S1-M3-M2-M1_W0QQitemZ230361558318QQcmdZViewItemQQptZPCC_Dri ves_Storage_Internal? hash = item35a29e6d2e & _trksid = p 3286.m63.l1177)

    but there seems to be so many models of m2 that I don't know if this drive will be compatible with each other. I'm a novice, if you have not already guessed! So, I would be very grateful for the advice. Model No. my particular M2. is PTM20E-01KK3-FR

    Thank you very much!


    For the Tecra M2 you need a HARD drive with IDE interface, and this means that the HDD from eBay should also work on your laptop properly.

    As far as I know the Tecra M2 may due the only handful of 28-bit LBA limit s HDD up to 128 GB 120 GB HARD drive should work. :)

    Welcome them

  • need info on error 101

    need info on error 101

    Please refer the doc KB option2: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-download-assistant.html

  • Need info on RAM for a TECRA 8000

    I'm looking for a bit of RAM for my old laptop Tecra 8000 PII 300 model n PAT800E-B94A-GR.

    Can I use 256 MB or larger? What is important to look for? I have no much experience in computer hardware.

    Who has an idea?

    Thx for all the help of the Germany Thomas


    I found some interesting info on this good old classic. Your Tecra can handle with max 256 MB of RAM. Tecra 8000 has two memory slots, and you can use two 128 MB modules.

    Module 128 MB compatible is with PA2062U part number.

  • Need info on CPU and HDD for Tecra 8200

    Hi guys im new and just bought the laptop above. However, I want a CPU faster and the biggest hard drive (10GIG in mo after 40 GIG) if possible and my processor is Intel Pentium III 750 MHZ. Please could someone point me in the right direction from where I can get a 40 gig/road to the right sort of money: and what is the fastest / suggest CPU I can get / get.

    Thanks for your help.


    The fact is that the Tecra 820 was delivered with different processors:
    PIII-M (Mobile) 750 MHz;
    PIII-M (Mobile) 850 MHz;
    PIII-M (Mobile) 900 MHz;
    PIII-M (Mobile) 1.0GHz

    In this case the CPU faster that you can use is a 1 GHz PIII.
    However, the CPU change isn't easy and you should change anything, if you have no experience.
    Important: You will lose the warranty if you open Notepad.
    In addition, I think there are also a cooling module as the new processor will produce more heat to high performance.

    I also found information that this device was shipped with 10 GB; 20 GB; 30 GB hard drives. I think that you will have no problem to use a 40 GB HARD drive. The compatible, you can order from the Toshiba service partner.

  • Open photo of Photos in the Preview app? Need info GPS and maps!


    I write trip review and to see where my photo was taken (in the maps application), and what is digital gps coordinates for each image.

    Search on google - go, I got that via this pic of opening in 'Preview' app.

    But - I have all my pic in Photos app (automatically imported from my iphone to macbook pro Mac OS sierra).

    so, I can export all the photos, I need, in a specific folder and then, from there, open it in the finder and get my info, of course - but looks silly, I think.

    as I already have this pich in Photos - photo can I somehow open directly from Photos Preview app?

    or obtain the gps position open, where this picture is taken in cards programm (not this small window, which is in the Photos, but wide, Maps application) / and obtain the coordinates of the gps directly via the Photos app?

    Thanks in advance.

    Use the media browser in preview - in the open window on the left down - media = == > photos == > Photos

    or even more appropriate is to buy external editors for extension of Photos in the App store ($0.99) and you can view the pictures in preview when using the hotos

    Photo editing Photos for Mac Extensions


  • Tecra R950-15F - need to WiFi disabled by deafult

    Hi all

    I'm new to the forum and I have a question whose answer
    I couldn't find on the web and here in the forum (at least with my keywords; please direct me if failed).

    For some time I am owner of a Tecra R950-15E running Win7 Pro 64-bit and am very satisfied with it.
    The only thing that bothers me a bit is the Wi - Fi mode.
    I know that by pressing "FN + F8" I can turn the wireless (WiFi and 3G) modes on and off.

    It seems that by default the wireless modes are turned on after starting the system.
    I would like to have everything turned off by deafult (primarily to conserve battery power) and only turn it on manually when I really need.

    Now I have to do the reverse by turning off manually after the system starts and I have not found a setting to change to my preference.

    Does anyone have an idea to fix it?

    Thank you

    I m very surprised of your question here in the forum, because usually the laptop / system must remember the last State of Wi - Fi.
    This means that Wi - Fi should remain disabled, in which case the WiFi has been disabled just before logging off the power.

    Try reinstalling the driver WLan just to check if it would solve your tiny issue.
    You will need to uninstall the WLan driver before you start a new installation.

  • Tecra PT634E A50 - need details on the SATA controller


    I am looking for detailed specifications of Toshiba Tecra A50 (PT634E-00800JPL).
    I need to know what the internal port SATA version.
    What is SATA II or SATA III?

    I want to change the SSD hard drive and buy the most appropriate.

    Install the software of diagnosis equipment freeware like Sisoft SANDRA, Everest Home Edition or HWiNFO32.

    These tools provide you with all the essential information on the integrated parts and the HARD disk controller.

    Please post feedback would be interesting to know what details SATA controller would be declared by these tools.

  • Tecra 9100: Unique need driver sound yacxg.sys

    Hi, I had this problem with the sound card on my Tecra 9100. If there is anyone who could send me please the only driver version yacxg.sys:

    Please, I really apreciate your time all your help. Now, I tried to download from the toshiba Web site but I get the error at the end telling me that the driver is not installed. I just need this file to see if it works, that I hope.

    Please let me know if someone can help me with this file. Thank you

    What about this:


  • Satellite Pro L10 - need info on compatible video cards

    I'm looking to upgrade my laptop with a nvidia Geoforce 7600 or 7900 graphics card.

    I just wanted to check if there was any problems of compatibility/installation?

    See you soon

    Hi Johnny

    You can search for compatible graphics cards until you die ;) and you will not succeed :(
    Why?... because portable computers cannot be upgraded with a different graphics card.
    The graphics card is attached to the motherboard and it s not removable on a simple passerby!

    That is why don t waste a time for any upgrade GPU! If you need then computer to play latest games I would not recommend buying a desktop PC as desktop PC parts are easy removable and you can upgrade the parts such as the CPU and GPU on a simple way!

    Best regards

  • Tecra A4: I need the LCD display ICC profile color


    I have a Tecra A4-SP619 and I need the color of ICC profile for the LCD.

    Please, could you help get it?

    Thanks in advance.


    I put t know why you need this profile, but to my knowledge you n t need this option to use the laptop properly.
    The Windows operating system and the graphics driver choose the right color management. You n t need to install anything.
    But still, in my opinion this information you will find in the manual of the user of this laptop.

  • Need info on type of hard disk for Satellite A100

    I have a model of Satellite A100 (PSAA9E)

    It used to power up, but I need all the info on the hard drive, which models are compatible (plug-and-play style) so I can buy a 2nd hand laptop and use my old hard drive
    (assuming this is possible)

    Thank you

    In Satellite A100 a SATA interface HARD drive and if you want to use the data you can simply buy box USB HDD and connect it to any PC or laptop as external device.
    So you will have full access to all the data stored there.

    Good bye

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