Tecra A8: Mat * un DVD - Ram UJ - 841 s is not read / burn any disc

Hi all

I have a laptop Tecra A8 with Mat * un DVD - Ram UJ - 841 s. This device is not read / burn any disc. However, Mat * one bed the recovery CD at startup.

I tried everything: I deleted the registry entries (lower and upper), I uninstalled Ant again once the driver installed... but it doesn't work. Any help?

Best regards



In addition to the fact that you can boot from the Toshiba Recovery CD, I think that it s a problem of training material
I think it's a matter of calibration of lens readers possibly the lens can not calibrate correctly in the right position of s, and this is why the drive can't handle the inserted media.

This could be the worst case, because this fault is repairable by replacing the drive.

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  • Equium A100-549: Mat * un DVD - Ram UJ - 841 s is not accessible

    I have read many topics all about problems with this unit, makes me regret buying the laptop, but for now, I'll have to try to fix it. My DVD device, I cannot access it if I put in a blank DVD or CD-ROM drive. When I click on the camera by computer or of the auto run pop-up menu, an error message appears saying "D: is not accessible incorrect function". If I insert a disk with some data on it it reads it quiet easily (DVD and CD-ROM of so it's not the calibrator laser). After reading works around the problem, I did the following:-

    -First I tried accessing the page of toshiba and reloading the drivers, without success

    -J' the continuation of many shooters of boredom, unsuccessfully tried

    -J' even tried formatting my laptop and reinstall windows (incidentally this violates my warranty and insurance?) and subsiquently once again, without success drivers

    I need help, and not only its desperate thank you very much!

    Hi André,.

    First, reinstall your system from the recovery CD will affect your insurance or guarantee. You can reinstall as often as you want.

    As for you problem with your optical drive, the first thing to check is that the option "Enable the Reording CD on this drive" is checked in the properties of the device option. Just right click on your optical drive in ' my computer and then select Properties option then the "recording" tab

    Finally, you shouldn't have to download all the drivers for your scanner, Microsoft base drivers are generally quite adequate. Usually, the drivers of Toshiba DVD-RAM support formatting of re = writeable disks and not the functioning of the drive itself.

    Kind regards

  • Need firmware for Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ - 841S to make the region free

    Can someone help me as where to find a Firmware for Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ - 841-S, the,(MTFOPD-01170000-UN.exe) one i found is for another laptop.

    I need to be able to watch the region 1 and 2 because of me travel and the number of these two that I own.
    I have three options.
    1. install a new drive.
    2 use an external hard drive
    Firmware 3.

    The latest is the one I prefer.
    Can someone help me.


    Sorry, but the firmware update will not remove the DVD region lock.
    The fact is that you can change 5 times this option, then the option is locked and it of not possible to change it.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing to see!

    If you wish, you can consult this announcement:

  • Problem with Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ - 841S Satellite M70-165


    I have a Satellite M70-165 equipped of a DVD unit MAST * a DVD-RAM UJ - 841S (5.1.2535.0 driver version).
    After years of 1 and a half with no problems, a few days ago, I restore the operating system (Windows XP Home) through the Toshiba restart DVD.

    Then the CD/DVD unit can read the DVD-audio, CD, or movie, but when I open a DVD (DVD software) data it is said that "it is not possible to access the D:\". ». and some time "poblem whith I/O device. and the same problem that I have with some new cd (which were not burn)
    I have'nt try every thing. I come here to ask the question.

    Sorry for my bad English


    You can do the following: go to download drivers of Toshiba Europe site and check if there is an update of firmware for this specific player. If so, I strongly recommend you apply and check if it works.

    If the didn t of the firmware update worked later you assumed that the reader is defective and must be replaced.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100: Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ - 841S will not play modern DVD

    It's weird, music CD's fine, game DVD and data DVDs no problem but if I want to watch a recent movie, my dvd drive is disabled. What a weird copy protection? I bought this partially to watch movies when the main TV set wasn't available and I feel ripped off the coast. Old DVDs are fine (the monster inc etc). Work on this late nights trying to see what is wrong. The DVD even work on my friends mac so I don't understand. He believes that it is a windows thing done on purpose.


    Date 2007-01-14 15:22:54

    [Information on PC]
    Model name Satellite A100
    Part number PSAA9A-118038
    Serial number X6453812Q
    Version of the OS Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
    BIOS Version 2.00
    Processor Genuine Intel(r) CPU T2250 1.73 GHz
    RAM 1024MB of physical memory
    Disk capacity hard 100,027,630,080 [bytes] 93.158 [GB]
    Capacity of the hard drive space free 91,356,422,144 [bytes] 85.082 [GB]
    Video NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 version =
    Screen resolution 1280 x 800 Pixels
    Color quality, true color (32 bit)
    Audio version of Realtek High Definition Audio =
    Version of Intel (r) PRO/1000 PL Network Connection Network = 00:A0:D1:4 B = MAC address: 59:40
    Intel (r) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection version = = MAC address
    TOSHIBA Software Modem Modem version =
    IDE Device 1 HTS541010G9SA00
    Interface IDE 2 no
    IDE Device 3 MAST * A DVD-RAM UJ - 841S FW version = 1.60
    Interface IDE 4 no
    Interface IDE 5 no
    Interface IDE 6 no
    Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11

    EC/KBC Version «»
    PS-MICOM Version «»

    [Information QFE]
    Windows Update "KB873333.
    Windows Update "KB873339.
    Windows Update "KB884018".
    Windows Update "KB885250.
    Windows Update "KB885835.
    Windows Update "KB885836.
    Windows Update "KB885855".
    Windows Update "KB886185.
    Windows Update "KB887472.
    Windows Update "KB888111WXPSP2".
    Windows Update "KB888113.
    Windows Update "KB888302.
    Windows Update "KB889673.
    Windows Update "KB890046.
    Windows Update "KB890175.
    Windows Update "KB890859.
    Windows Update "KB891781.
    Windows Update "KB893056".
    Windows Update "KB893066.
    Windows Update "KB893357.
    Windows Update "KB893756.
    Windows Update "KB893803v2.
    Windows Update "KB894391.
    Windows Update "KB894871".
    Windows Update "KB895200".
    Windows Update "KB896256.
    Windows Update "KB896358.
    Windows Update "KB896422.
    Windows Update "KB896423.
    Windows Update "KB896424.
    Windows Update "KB896428.
    Windows Update "KB896688.
    Windows Update "KB898461.
    Windows Update "KB899587.
    Windows Update "KB899589.
    Windows Update "KB899591.
    Windows Update "KB900485.
    Windows Update "KB900725.
    Windows Update "KB901017.
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    Windows Update "KB904942.
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    Windows Update "KB905749.
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    Windows Update "KB912945".
    Windows Update "KB913580.
    Windows Update "KB914388.
    Windows Update "KB914389.
    Windows Update "KB914440.
    Windows Update "KB915865.
    Windows Update "KB916595.
    Windows Update "KB917344.
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    Windows Update "KB922819.
    Windows Update "KB923191.
    Windows Update "KB923414.
    Windows Update "KB923689.
    Windows Update "KB923694.
    Windows Update "KB923980.
    Windows Update "KB924191.
    Windows Update "KB924270.
    Windows Update "KB924496.
    Windows Update "KB925398_WMP64".
    Windows Update "KB925454.
    Windows Update "KB926239".
    Windows Update "KB926255.
    Windows Update "KB928388.
    Windows Update "KB929120.
    Windows Update "KB929969.
    Windows Update 'Q147222 '.


    Could you tell us what films (title), you have a problem with?
    Perhaps you have trouble with the more recent Double-Layer (9 GB) DVD.

    Of course, it may be a copy protection, too cause some movies using a very unusual way to make sure that they play on a "locked region" disc.
    Using any software on your laptop that are able to "Rip" or "simulate" a DVD? If so, that the existence of such software could prevent the normal functioning of the specific movie titles

    Many films are also not not not to work on the readers of 'Region free '. These DVD movies check if your player is able to play a 'region' that is different than the current DVD that plays, and if they do, they will not start.

    Give us some comments over on that and perhaps we can find the reason for your question.



  • Tecra A8 - Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ-problem reading 841S

    I have Tecra A8-143 (PTA843E) Lap, WXP Pro SP2 original. Later, I installed SP3 and the problem with the topic. Finally the time Mat * one impossible reed VERBATIM DVD - R (4, 7 GB) discs, even those who got burned in 'home' with Nero (or record now, I'm not sure), although reed he earlier without problems.

    In addition, the reader can Reed DVD-R and Memorex CD - R Verbatim discs. In the meantime I have installed and uninstalled several programs and we hope that the point is in the configuration, but I afraid that SP3 is "fatal error" and I cannot flee from resettlement.

    It is strange to me that this driver for DVD - RAM is Microsoft. can I install Mat * original drivers? My experience is humble and I'll be very grateful for help.

    Thanks in advance.

    > It is strange to me that this driver for DVD - RAM is Microsoft. can I install Mat * original drivers?
    As noted in the previous announcement the CD/DVD drive is still controlled by Microsoft Windows driver!
    There is no other pilot who could control the STRANGE

    Back to your question;
    There are two reasons why your CD/DVD drive does not read the disc;
    First the disc would be insufficiently supported or the s drive laser lens cannot handle the disc to the stress matrix laser lens could also not be clean
    You could clean the lens with a cotton tip and alcohol
    In my case it helped

  • Re: Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ - 841 S DVD does not close on Satellite M70 - 164


    A DVD has been badly inserted in the neoconservative DVD player open it via the Open button, having to resort to the emergency of trombone solution.
    Now, the player does not close.
    Any suggestions?
    Should I replace?
    Best regards


    > A DVD was badly inserted in the DVD player neoconservative it open via the button open
    In my opinion the wrong disc was the STRANGE. Possibly mechanical parts few are not ok.
    I think that the STRANGE must be replaced and in my opinion he s the one and the only solution.

    Welcome them

  • Equium A200-1V0: DVD-RAM UJ-850 s does not read data discs

    My laptop seems to have decided to stop reading data disks.
    However, there is no problem with the audio CD, but when I insert a data disc such as the software considers the disk is empty and try to format the drive.
    I searched internet day for solutions and tried without success to the following:

    Removed the UpperFilters and LowerFilters in the registry.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.
    Bought DriverWhiz (waste of money!)
    Tried to access disc command prompt that generated the message "incorrect function".
    Tried to use the enforcement function and access an exe file that I know is on the disk, but it comes up saying I need to format the drive
    Uninstall service packs
    I even thought it might be something to do with the MagicVirtual drive I had installed so I uninstalled completely which
    I uninstalled real player

    I'm about 3 minutes to destroy my laptop so any help would be appreciated.

    Laptop: Equium A200 - 1V0
    Drive DVD - RW: MAST * a DVD-RAM UJ-850 s ATA
    OS: Windows Vista


    Deleting upper and lower filters was the first idea that I'd like to share with you, but it seems that you have already tried this solution proposal

    How about windows boot CD or a linux live CD?
    Is this possible?

    If not then I thing that the question could be linked to the wrong material work I m thinking on the issue of laser lenses eventually the laser lens can not calibrate properly and this could be a problem

    In this case, only a replacement CD/DVD drive can help greet

  • Carpet * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s do not read or burn discs

    Hi, I'm Natalie and I need help with my problem that occurs.

    Operating system:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Laptop Toshiba Satellite
    Model A75-S229
    Multi recorder drive: CD and DVD

    The problem that happens is that I can not get any CD or DVD to work when I put them. What is happening is he's trying to load but makes the window "Not responding", unless I have the disc, then everything will be fine. What is also involved, is that I can't burn discs at all, at any speed.

    Also, I would add, when I go to my computer > right click on the DVD - RAM drive > properties and under the general tab it states:

    Type: CD player
    file system: unknown

    I don't know if that's the problem...

    Can someone help me?

    HI Isabelle.

    Please check in the Device Manager to see if there is a problem with your optical drive. Normally this will be displayed as an exclamation point against the device.

    The fact that the file system is listed as "unknown" is because the drive could not read the format of the disc so that Windors Explorer cannot identify any file structure.

    Your problem could be something very simple like a lens dirty or a faulty device driver. It is not easy to tell from your description exactly what can be wrong, but I would say you try some of the easy options so try first to clean the lens, and if this does not resolve your problem, then try to remove the drive (Device Manager) and reboot for the device will be installed new.

    If all else fails, you will have checked player be an authorized Service partner.

    Kind regards

  • Carpet * a DVD-RAM UJ-850 s does not read blank media - need new firmware

    Hey I have a laptop Equium only around the age of 4 months.
    Had nothing but problems with the CARPET * A DVD-RAM UJ-850 s ATA Device drive.
    I need to know where I can get the update of the firmware.

    Firmware for it, that she will not read blank media.

    I agree with master... I don't know what kind of problems you have, but if the player doesn't work properly, it must be replaced. The warranty is certainly valid and the nearest authorized can help you with it.

    Maybe you made a mistake. Take your laptop to the nearest service and show them what you mean exactly. Here, we can only speculate what may be your problem.

  • Re: Qosmio G20: DVD-RAM UJ-845 s does not read CDs or DVDs

    I'm a big supporter of Toshiba product.

    Please help me

    Given that I had to do to update form my * Toshiba Qosmio G20-123 *.
    My * DVD UJ-845 s * do not read any CD or DVD.
    Before that, he worked a lot of good. But unfortunately now, he does ' t read anything.

    The system to recognize it. The driver is installed and working properly.

    After I installed supports DVDRAM of Toshiba.
    The same thing occurs when playing a CD, the system tells me:

    * E: / not accessible *.
    * incorrectness function *.

    I try with a program on the net but no way.

    I was well able to put the original firmware, but I could not find.
    If someone can do a dump of the original Firmware for me it will be a miracle for me.

    Help, please.
    My great respect.

    I think I can help you:

    Go to my computer right click on the CD/DVD drive.
    Now go to properties; Click the Recording tab and check "Enable CD writing on this drive".
    Now click on apply and restart the laptop.

    Check of workaround and post comments

  • Carpet * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s will not read the cd rom cd-rom dvd

    OK, I read the other posts on these discs. Mine will play DVD movies and play them. It will not read the dvd ROM CD CD-ROM etc.
    This cannot be a hardware problem, it must be the software should not it?
    Can anyone help?
    Does anyone have information on how to remove these disks of the computer? Im sure I can install a new one myself if I really need to.
    Unfortunately the computer is just out of warranty

    Hi Robert,.

    Unfortunately, your problem sounds like a problem with the hardware with the optical drive. The player itself must be able to refocus its lenses to switch between DVD and CD formats, and also to pass the pressed DVD and DVD burned.

    I suggest you tyre remove the device from the Device Manager Control Panel, then restart your laptop so that the optical drive will be recognized as a new component hardware and Windows will then be re - install with standard drivers etc. If this does not work then it looks like a new drive will be necessary.

    Unfortunately you say not what model of laptop you have (the removal procedure is not the same in all cases), but in general if the car is equipped with in-house it is held in place with one or two screws accessible from the bottom of the laptop that should be removed first, then the optical drive can be slid out of its location.

    Kind regards

  • Re: Need latest driver for Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ - 841S


    I have an Equium M50-192. I think that there is a problem with the drive. It can read CD/DVD, but does not recognize it as a DVD RW. Can any body point me to the latest version of the driver.
    Thank you


    Hello Andy

    Sorry, but your description of the problem is a bit confusing to me. What do you mean exactly? According to the specifications of your laptop should have DVD Super-Multi drive (+ R) double layer. This means that you should be able to burn DVD-R/RW with no problems.

    You mean that you can't burn data or movies on blank media DVD - RW or DVD - RW media is not readable?

    By the way: separate for ODD driver is not available.

  • Equium M70 problems burning CD with Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ - 841S

    HI - can anyone help? I am not able to burn discs, although I can play audio CDs. With the help of the software preinstalled but RecordNow error message which is no recorder. Help - please!
    Tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers...


    I guess this problem is new and you were able to burn and play media in the past
    So everything looks like a hardware fault and replace the drive seem to be absolutely necessary.

    But have you tested several media? Have you tried to burn the CD or DVD with software like Nero? The RecordNow is not my favorite.

    You said
    > Have tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers
    Can I ask how did you that? The CD/DVD drive using the common Windows driver and it s not necessary to install additional drivers.
    By the way; you won't find any special drivers designed for the CD/DVD drive.

    However, please also check if this Microsoft solution can help you:

  • Tecra A3 - Mat * un DVD - Ram uj-830 s

    I m having several issues related to the compatibility of this dvd recorder. I ve also heard in other forums on this problem. The controller firmware version is 5.1.2535.0, how can I solve it?
    There is no firmware available on the support toshiva page.
    Thanks for your help!

    Hi Gustavo,

    Can you give more information about the problems you are having with your DVD player please?

    Kind regards

Maybe you are looking for