Tecra M2 display is compatible with Tecra M5?


I have a Tecra M5 with a ladle monitor.
does anyone know if the monitor from an old M2 is compatible if I Exchange?

Thanks in advance


To my knowledge the two models Tecra (M5 and M2) supports the 14.1 display.
The question is whether the cable screen M2 would be match with the M5 connectors

Well, it is not known to me but I think generally you likely would be compatible with Tecra M5 Tecra M2 display.


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    I want to update my servers VMWare view to version 3.1 support RGS.  However, we have a bunch of thin clients around the area that are already installed and would be a pain to remember and upgrade.  Is the 3.0.1 client and agent compatible with the broker for the 3.1 connections?  Bascially, could I just upgrade the security servers and brokers and install the new client and the agent that we get the opportunity?

    Thank you!

    Kelly B

    The communication protocol is designed to be backward compatible with older versions of the client, I have a version of the VDM 2.1 thinapp client sitting on a USB key that connects with 3.1 brokers.

  • Tecra A2 - Display driver compatible with Windows 7?

    Hi all
    I've recently updated my Tecra A2 to Windows 7 (obviously without checking compatibility). It is working very well, but I can't find a driver (if it exists) for my graphics card. I've exhausted all over support of Toshiba and the forums pages, and I feel like the only solution is to buy a new card.

    Can anyone help?

    See you soon


    I m asking you to install Windows 7 on older Tecra A2. Are not satisfied with the operating system preinstalled?

    Normally, you can get all the drivers on the Toshiba page. I checked and I can't find a driver for Windows 7 or Vista (most Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7). What can you do now? That's strange but as I know the Tecra A2 is equipped with an Intel card and you should check the Intel website for a pilot. Normally it should good one.
    Check it!

  • What dvd burner is compatible with Tecra A2


    I want to know what dvd burners are compatible with my tecra A2 because I bought a dvd burner and does not work with the tecra A2 (IDE1 #error).
    There is nothing about it in the manual.

    Can you help me?
    Thank you.

    This #error IDE1 appears because of the evil master\slave\c-salt settings.
    All Toshiba slim line discs works in cable (CSEL) default selection mode. In other words, the player receives a signal from the laptop it say if it needs to act as a master or a slave device on the IDE channel.

    Some portable computers on the market do not work according to this specification, but use the way inverted CSEL signal to save a bit of power electric. If you are installing a drive running in standard CSEL mode in such a laptop, the inverted signal will require to work evil master/slave mode giving the reader the logical address as the hard drive installed on the same IDE channel. Accordingly, the optical drive, HARD drive or both cannot be detected by the BIOS and is not usable. Some laptops may display an error message at the start, for example 'IDE #1 error"or similar.

    In some user manuals, you can find information about compatible CD/DVD players.
    Did you check that?

    If you find any details on a compatible player then contact ASP in your country for info. You can also order such driver of these guys here.

    Good luck

  • Tecra M5 BIOS is not compatible with Windows Vista

    Hello, I ran the Vista Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft, and he pointed out that the BIOS on my Tecra M5 was not compatible with Vista and to contact Toshiba. I am running version 1.7 - the most recent available I think. Toshiba will release a version that will be compatible with Vista, or a fix so that I can run Vista on my M5?

    I forgot to mention that the machine is a M5 UK (PTM51E)
    Thank you very much



    I guess Tecra M5 Vista capable label. Am I wrong?

    I know for each unit of Vista, laptop manufacturer will offer the proper BIOS version, as well as drivers, tools and utilities.

    In short time Vista will be placed on the market and after the official launch, all this kind of stuff should be available on download page.

  • Tecra S2: BIOS 1.3 is not compatible with Windows Vista

    I just bought Windows Vist Ultimate and I tried to install it on my tecra laptop S3 and it said that I had to update my bios. so I've upgraded to the latest version on the toshiba site (v1.3), but I got the same message please provide an upgrade of the bios that is compatible for my computer vista laptop or provide where I can find the update.


    Pilot site Toshiba says that the 1.3 BIOS Tecra S2 was released on 06/19/2006
    It seems that it s not a final version of Vista and therefore it s is not compatible with Vista.

    Unfortunately, everything that you expect the Vista installation until the new version of the BIOS is available.

  • Tecra A4-109: is - this 1 GB PC2-4300 DDR2 memory compatible with this model?

    I've had this laptop model Tecra A4 109 for a year and a half. I need to upgrade its 512 MB of memory by default. http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/JSP/productPage.do?service=EU&action=SHOW_ATTRIBUTES&t ab = 1 & PRODUCT_ID = 102108 & Type = 2319 & family = 2328 & series = 100900 & model = 102108 & x = 98 & y = 14 #1
    from this site, I checked the memory compatible types.

    As this link says "1024 MB (1 GB) memory PC2700 DDR SODIMM (333 MHz), 1 GB PC2 - 4300 DDR2 Memory, 1 GB memory DDR2 PC2-4300" are the compatible memory. (But in the manual of the laptop that is present in the C:\TOOLSCD\manuals, the compatible option only is 1024 MB (1 GB) PC2700 DDR SODIMM (333 MHz) memory).

    I checked a few memories of laptop DDR2 by traders the but they actually wouldn't fit in the memory locations with ease. If I force it to adapt, it can insert into the slot. But there is a chance to have a broken and useless memory. Memory DDR work with 5 volt DDR2 memory work with 2.5 to 4 Volts AFAIK. Of DDR and DDR2 memory slots are also a bit different from each other. Now I'm confused.

    Official web pages of Toshiba says and what I found in the laptop manual are contradictory to each other. Who is telling the truth?

    I'd appreciate the help. Thank you...

    Hello kamel

    I can understand that you are confused, but it is not so complicated. I checked a few pages and here is the result:

    Tecra A4 comes in two different models.
    1 Tecra A4 - PTA40E-xxx (your model). Compatible memory module is 1024Mo PC2700 (PA3313U-2M1G)
    2 Tecra A4 - (PTA42E-xxx). Compatible memory module is DDR2 400/533 1 GB (PA3411U-1M1G)

    As you can see that the two hardware platforms are completely different. Copy the PA3313U-2M1G module. It is compatible with your Tecra.

    Good bye

  • OCZ DDR2 OCZ25331024VSO 1024Mo is compatible with my Tecra M3?

    I read on a different forum that OCZ25331024VSO is not totally compatible with my laptop. But some other users have said it works perfectly. So, I would know if I buy one, it will work correctly in my notebook?
    My laptop is a Tecra M3-S331.



    If the module memory OCZ25331024VSO supports the same hardware specs like the Toshiba DDR2 400/533 512 MB (PA3412U - 1 M 51) or DDR2 400/533 1 GB (PA3411U-1M1G), then it should work.

    As you can see that it does support the 400 Mhz and 533 Mhz PC2-4200 modules

    Oh take a look here:

  • MacBook pro compatible with Thunderbolt display

    Hi guys,.

    I'm Thunderbolt Display 27 inches. but I am not able to connect with the non Apple laptop.

    So I'll buy the Macbook pro 13 inch, but I'm confused.

    Please see product here http://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00DKMCB20?keywords=macbook%20pro & qid = 1456900215 & ref_ = sr_1_1 & s computers = & sr = 1-1

    Can anyone tell me, is this compatible with Thunderbolt display or not.

    He works for audio and video.

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance

    Yes, it is - read here

    http://www.Apple.com/shop/product/MC914LL/B/Apple-Thunderbolt-display-27-inch?fn ode = 8 a

    The ultimate docking station.

    With a single cable, connect any Mac compatible Thunderbolt and get 27 inches of screen space high-resolution, high-quality audio, a FaceTime HD camera, ports FireWire 800 and Gigabit Ethernet - and a Thunderbolt port allows to chain additional high-performance devices such as hard drives and video capture devices.

    And from the laptop specifications

    Communication and connectivity

    You can capture images, part of the video-conference or chat with friends and family with the help of the built-in FaceTime HD camera. This camera has a resolution of 720 p. The sound quality of the loudspeaker is excellent and so you get to hear every detail of audio content. You can play games, install the software, burn files to CDs and DVDs, watching movies, create the backup of the data and do much more with the help of the DVD optical drive that Apple OS X laptop Lion. The USB 3.0 ports facilitate the import and export of files. This laptop has Thunder Bolt and FireWire ports too.

  • X 1 carbon Windows 10 upgrade problem: "it is not compatible with windows 10 display.

    Try to update to W7 (64-bit) to W10 on X carbon 1. W10 diagnostics return with "the display is not compatible with Windows 10." All display drivers are huge downloads and I don't know which one to use. I'm NOT a tech person. Help? Thank you.

  • bad display wddm is not compatible with the vga adapter

    transparcency is horrible, wddm is not compatible with the vga adapter


    1. who is the operating system installed on the system?

    2. do you get an error message?

    Method 1:

    Follow the link and check if the VGA card is compatible. Check if it helps.

    Windows 7 Compatibility Center

    Method 2:

    Follow the link below and install the drivers in compatibility mode. Check if it helps.

    Make older programs in this version of Windows


    For more reference: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/problem-with-windows-display-driver-model/a98ccf9a-da4a-465d-bc69-4d0e88470057

    Let us know if it helps.

  • Lightroom 3, 4 or 5 is compatible with a 10-bit display? I currently 3.6 Lightroom.

    Lightroom is compatible with a 10-bit display? I have a TN 19 "monitor and I am not satisfied with its results. I know there is a huge difference between my TN and a 10-bit screen, but should start to narrow down my choices.

    Lightroom has not (yet) support a 10-bit display pipeline.

    In any case, I would say 10bits ability brings us back on the list of priorities. What it does is to replace the 256 discrete steps of tonal with 1024, thus reducing the risk of Posterization/bands.

    A monitor that can be hardware calibrated by adjusting the internal circuits of the monitor in depth low (as opposed to in the video card calibration software), will not display the strips in actual use. It simply isn't a problem, and all 10 bit is somewhat an exaggeration of the IMO. But it requires a good (and probably expensive) monitor, like an NEC or Eizo. They are usually capable of 10-bit, but it's not essential.

    Some cheaper models can be hardware calibrated, as the U2413 of Dell and some others, but they have their own problems such as uneven lighting and so on. 10-bit won't help you with that.

    Get a good monitor, it is well worth the expense. That's the key.

    Photoshop has 10-bit support in Windows, but it is not quite live to exaggeration here either: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1295887

  • Why Story more is not compatible with the Retina display?

    I just upgraded MacBook Air to a macbook pro retina display and made the desktop software version sucks! It is not compatible with resolution Retina! He now looks like a 10 years old, poorly developed, app.

    Hi Hillo,

    Create a feature request to better support the UI here: http://adobe.ly/feature_request

    Thank you


  • InDesign is not compatible with the retina display

    I just learned from a representative of Adobe on the cat no. InDesign versions are compatible with the retina display. How people dealing with this?

    InDesign CC is certainly consistent with a Retina display. However, CS6 or earlier versions are definitely not.

  • How to Lr3 and CS5 upgrade to be compatible with the new Macbook Pro retina display

    I think that Adobe recently released updates for Lightroom and CS6 that make them compatible with the retina display.   First of all, is that correct, and second, if I Lr3 and CS5, how to?   I know it's a stupid question.

    Annmaxine21 wrote:

    I think that Adobe recently released updates for Lightroom and CS6 that make them compatible with the retina display.   First of all, is this correct

    Yes, that's correct.

    The following includes support for the retina

    Photoshop CS6 13.0.2 (perpetual license) and Photoshop 13.1 (members of cloud)


    4.3 Lightroom (library modules and develop) http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5520

    Annmaxine21 wrote:

    If I Lr3 and CS5, how to?

    Either you pay for upgrade to Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4



    or can join you the creative cloud of a monthly fee and download the updates included in your subscription

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