Tecra M2: Traveling around in hibernation mode?

Dear Sir.

I use my tecra m2 for medical purposes for most, I'm patient and each time I have to open and close windows: one thing a lot of time: is it possible to travel in a hibernation and is it safe for the HD?
Or it is better each time to stop?

Thanks in advance



To save energy, the laptops can go into hibernation mode, preserving the autonomy and your work. Hibernation is a great feature that is often sadly ignored despite its great benefits. It's like the Stand By mode where you save the battery, but instead simply to enter a low power state, the computer is actually off. Everything in memory is saved, however, so that when the computer is turned on again, it's like you never left.

Remember that it is advisable to restart the unit from time to time. ;)

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  • Tecra A3-184: enter hibernation mode Setup?

    I have a little problem with my Tecra A3-184. If I make sure my cell phone and I turn on again then I can not enter to set up and boot from the CD, the floppy drive and etc. In this case, Windows Xp starts without any problem. I have two A3-184. Could you tell me, it of ok, or is - this defect?


    If you want to get into the BIOS or boot from CD, FDD, the laptop must be in the boot mode. This means that your laptop can boot t if it uses a sleep mode or hibernation mode.
    In this case, the unit is ok.

  • Tecra R840 - Win8 - energy hibernation mode


    I did the upgrade offered to W8, I am very satisfied with the W8 system, but the problem is that the laptop consumes battery also in hibernation mode.

    I wouldn't understand that energy consumption will be in mode 'sleep', but on the hibernation mode?

    I discovered that when the computer is in sleep or Hibernate, and I opened the lid, the computer automatically starts EVEN if the 'power computer when open cover' option is unchecked.

    When I select to shut down the computer - it does not react to open the lid, I have to press the power button.

    The problem may come from the windows system, that BONE tolds the computer wake up once the lid closed.

    The problem is, the computer starts to load whenever I wake up after hibernation (I had my 15 minutes of the Home Office, and it consumes about 1 to 2% of battery.

    It is quite annoying that my battery capacity full load is about 83% of the original (I bought my PC in June2012).

    I got Lenovo T60 7 years ago, and there was an option to start to charge the battery only when the battery charge was less than 95% and it saves the battery capacity.

    Does anyone has some clues?

    Thank you!

    Fact is that the battery capacity will decrease even if the laptop is turned OFF completely. Capacity of the battery will lose some percent of capacity. To reduce this review - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ9C015N0001R01.htm
    A useful document for you can also be http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9401AZ0001R01.htm

    > I Lenovo T60 7 years ago, and there was an option to start to charge the battery only when the battery charge was less than 95% and it saves the battery capacity.
    As far as I know that this option is not available on Toshiba laptops. When it is connected to AC notebook power supply starts to load the battery automatically.
    There is no possibility to change anything.

  • Satellite P100 will not stay in hibernation mode

    Hi everyone ~.

    Satellite P100

    Before going to bed, in that I always put my computer in hibernation. He won't stay in hibernation mode. I don't know fashion 'sleep' here.
    I click on the Start button and then choose put into hibernation. It goes into hibernation and I go to bed, so I don't know when it will come out of hibernation.

    I used to have to press the power button, get up and running after his hibernation. Along the front of the computer are 5 blue lights. I'll call them a, b, c, d and e.

    d & e are usually off when I use the computer.

    a, b, and c are on when I'm on the computer. When it goes into hibernation mode b turns off.

    When I get up in the morning a, b and c are all back on and everything that I have to do is move my mouse around then newspaper instead of the first press of the power button.
    I have a few scheduled tasks, but I've always had people.

    Help, please. Is there a setting that I can do to take care of this problem? TIA


    Have you noticed the same thing with the mode sleep too?

    Anyway, check it please Windows Update option and disable it. Click the settings (left) and make sure that the first option install updated is automatically disabled. Maybe your laptop starts each day at a time and try to do the update of audit.

    Test it!

  • HP Pavilion dv6 - 2151cl goes into Hibernation Mode after several hours in Standby Mode


    Generally, I leave my laptop plugged in and Standby Mode when I don't use it.  I noticed, after several hours (12?), that the power led has stopped flashing.  When I press the power button, it starts as if awakening from Hibernation Mode.  I am using the recommended HP Power Plan but can't find any option to explain what is happening.  Is there a way to avoid change of Mode of Hibernation of Standby Mode?


    Hey noahrhys,

    Don't worry - this is normal default behaivor to save energy. It is fully configurable! You can adjust it never Hibernate mode or hibernate after a longer time - whoever you want - all while keeping the mode 'sleep'.

    Here is how to adjust this setting (assuming you are running Windows Vista or 7):

    1. Near the clock on the bottom right, right click on the battery icon.
    2. Click on "Power Options" and a new window will open.
    3. Next to the selected power management, click on "change plan settings".
    4. In this new screen, click "change power avancΘs."
    5. Look around until you find the category of 'Sleep' and expand by clicking on the + next to him.
    6. Find the "Hibernate after" category and expand it by clicking on the + sign next to it.
    7. Adapt these 2 values (on battery and sector) to one that you would like (type in the minutes). You can also type zero (0) to disable Hibernate completely.
  • NB100: battery discharges in hibernation mode

    Now that my hibernation function works OK, I used most of the time, I let the netbook.
    So it is faster to recover after hibernation that restart.

    But I notice that landfill of battery substantially; It is usually on the critical alarm level after some 12 hours of "hibernation".
    Is this normal?

    The device is new and so is also the battery. He holds for about 3 hours in normal use.


    Usually the battery needed to dump also if the laptop would it boot mode (simply DISABLED). I read as the options enabled like Wake up on LAN, etc. needs a small part of the battery power even if the laptop is not enabled. Could the battery loses power during a night between 10% and 15%.
    If the laptop is in hibernation mode the battery could lose more than 15%.

    However, I think that you should check the BIOS settings and should disable options like Wake up LAN, etc.

    Welcome them

  • I can't use Hibernation mode/mode standby on my Satellite

    I can't use the Hibernation mode and also in standby mode! After that passage to these forms of my laptop shows a blue screen with the message «Preparing for the Hibernation/standby mode...» "and... There is nothing after this message just as the comp is hanging. Please advise me someone what can I do with this.

    Why you n t see more details? ?:|
    I put t understand users who post something but without any information on the laptop, which the OS has been pre-installed, manually or the recovery CD, what was done on the laptop, (X) - etc.

    Sorry for this comment but I hope you understand my point of view.
    However, using the OS from Toshiba Recovery CD?

    Usually if the Toshiba Power saver was installed on the laptop then this utility controls the Hibernate mode and the day before.
    But as I mentioned above, the OS from the restore CD should work. If you installed it manually if something is missing.

  • Qosmio F60-136: Impossible to disable the USB sleep-and-Charge in hibernation mode

    USB sleep-and-Charge function is marked as disabled in BIOS (v2.70).
    This can be checked with Sleep Utility (v1.4.1.5) where the function also seems to be disabled.
    During the stop of my laptop, smart phone or the stop MP3 player to charge.
    Everything is OK down there.

    However, when putting my laptop in * hibernation mode *, my Smartphone and my MP3 player continues to be charged!
    It's a real problem, because, even if no device is plugged into the USB port, in hibernation, the battery loses capacity quickly (much more when the laptop is turned off completely)

    * Obviously a bug in this feature. Please provide a fix as soon as possible! *

    _Environment details: _
    Toshiba Qosmio F60 136
    BIOS version: 2.70
    THIS version: 2.40
    Version of the utility of sleep:

    Hmm interesting
    Have you checked if the sleep and the load is disabled in USB Sleep and Charge Utility
    If please don t mix USB Sleep and Charge utility and utility of sleep.

  • M30X: Problem with standby and hibernation modes


    In my M30x, I configured my laptop to Hibernate when near the lid. However, when I turn on the computer after this hibernation, there is a problem with the sound settings - I cannot play any music or cannot use a microphone outside, unless I reboot. If reboot is required, then there is no sense to use this feature of hibernation. Also, sometimes after these Awakenings (turn on after hibernation) my mouse (touchpad) spontaneously turns off. This happens when I plug my pc on TV, then come back and close the cover. There someone experiencing similar problems and can help me? Thanks in advance

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    It is not easy to say what can be the cause of this problem. I very often use the hibernation mode and there is no problem that even several applications are open. You have this problem only if the device is connected to the TV or every time after hibernation mode?

    It will also be interesting to know if this occurs after each process of awakening or first several modes of hibernation.

  • Satellite U300 doesn't wake up from hibernation mode


    I was wondering if someone can help me,

    I have problems with my brand-new Satellite U300.
    When it comes into sleep/hibernation mode I can't have to reactivate.

    The power led remains blue. In the order of UDE the laptop I have to turn the power off completely and then re-boot.

    How can I stop this from happening?

    Thank you


    I think you should try to update the BIOS.
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find compatible drivers and BIOS.
    Then first try to update BIOS and then check if it helps.

    Good luck

  • Satellite U300-144 does not come from the standby/hibernation mode

    Hi, can anyone help?

    I have a new Satellite U300-144 accompanying the Vista home 32-bit preinstallation. I have a problem, he wants to come to the sleep/hibernation mode, and my clear blue power is always on standby/hibernation mode. I hold the power button to restart the computer and then I get a message of illegal closure because I don t shutdown right.

    I tried to upgrade the BIOS later for my model and the n t the problem, then I tried to upgrade to Vista Ultimate t doesn't help either. I installed all the drivers and everything works real well.

    A colleague using me U300 Office. I asked him to check the extended sleep/standby option and he reported that everything works correctly. He always uses the factory settings and only one update is added value package. He kidnapped the former and installed latest version of the Toshiba download page.

    Have you installed latest PPVS too?

  • Satellite M115-S1061 - how to activate the standby/Hibernation mode

    I recently got a laptop from my father and the settings are a bit strange.

    My modes standby and Hibernate are also well off and due to the lack of a cooling device, it constantly turns off when I leave.

    So whenever I leave, I have to shut down my computer, then restart again and his old fact.
    I need to find a way to get my laptop to activate the standby or hibernation mode so I can't go through this process each time.
    Its a Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061.

    Also, I checked the options of standby power, and they say the same things as well.

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    The history is confusing for me.
    Just a few questions to the beginning:
    What operating system do you use?
    You use Toshiba power saver or power Windows options?

    If you know that this laptop turns off when you leave why do the restart if you know it goes off even when?

    You let your laptop with no activity, or you leave while an application is running?
    Maybe is related to overheating decommissioning.

  • How to wake up the Satellite L350 of the hibernation mode

    Can I clarify, please?
    I press FN + F4 to close in hibernation mode.

    How can I reboot the machine?
    Sometimes it starts when I rub my finger on the touchpad, but sometimes it doesn't seem to work and I have to turn it on by pressing the power button.

    Is this correct?


    Usually, you must press the power button to wake the portable computer from hibernation mode.
    I always use and press the power button on my two different notebooks to wake up machines to sleep extended or stand by mode.

    Welcome them

  • What should I use: Stand by or hibernation mode?

    What is the general Council concerning power options - should I use (default) stand-by, hibernation or shutdown. This could be for 1 hour or overnight.

    I just used stand-by but sometimes all night I hear the hard disk activity.

    I was wondering the general consensus.

    Thank you


    Something this two modes:

    Sleep and modes extended recording the State of the computer when it off s. The next time the unit is turn on, the data will be retrieved and the computer's User Interface will appear exactly how it was when it was turned off.

    The difference between the standby and Hibernation mode is the method of saving the State of the system data:
    -in standby mode, the RAM is used to save the State of the data, and therefore, the RAM is always fed in order to maintain the saved state.
    -in hibernation mode, the State of data is saved on the hard disk, in a special file called Toshiber.dat.

    Standby mode keeps the saved state of the computer for only a few days, that is until the battery is empty.
    Hibernation can persist the State of the data indefinitely, but start and stop times are longer than with the Standby mode and require more energy while saving and recovery of State data.

  • Can't turn on my Satellite P100/P105 after hibernation mode

    My laptop which went into hibernation mode frequently. I put my Windows - power saving to Hibernate, properties and continues to cut.

    Now, I'm not able to turn it back on. I tried now pressed the button power for 30 seconds, and nothing has been effective. Thank you very much for your help!


    a little something to bring your machine to life:

    Disconnect the battery and the power adapter of your machine and wait an hour. Then, plug in everything and try to start the machine. It should work. If not, repeat the steps and wait a little longer.

    If the machine works, making first a biosupdate because sometimes a newer bios solves these problems of hibernation...

    You can download the most recent bios here:


    Would appreciate some feedback from you

    See you soon

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