Tecra M4: Known issues with the display of graphical interfaces user written in Java?


I am developing software in Java which will run on the M4 model and have acquired a M4 to test the application.

In fact, my GUI looks good when the monitor is in a normal "standing" position. However, when I fold the monitor down and transform all a TabletPC, I see the M4 is an empty JPanel.

The GUI is written using the swing and consists of JPanels nested with GridBagLayouts.

I tried to update the OS and my graphics drivers with no luck. First of all I would like to ask if anyone else has experienced similar problems and if so have any suggestions on how to fix?

My M4 runs the same hardware/software that it came with Toshiba and I use jdk 1.5.

Kind regards
Ivar Nilsen



Have you used the new graphics driver Toshiba?
Please check the Toshiba driver pager:

You will find a display driver for nVidia card. The latest version is the 14/06/05 maybe that helps.

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    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forums

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    Thank you


    Hi Russell,

    This is still a known issue and that I plead.  We had security of mitigation (in other areas) which had priority over that in our press releases press.  He put open/tofix in our database bug with a priority 4/4 and (higher) gravity and I hope we can come back soon.

    Thank you


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    Has anyone else had this problem? Or did bright ideas on how I could fix this?

    Cheers, APC

    blog: http://radiofreetooting.blogspot.com

    What do you mean exactly with "fail"? If you run from the command line, you get all the exceptions?
    Also, did you upgrade day + \sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.conf+:

    SetJavaHome C:\Archivos programa\Java\jdk1.6.0_07


    Published by: - K - 14/10/2008 14:39

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    You can always download the updates of ni.com so.

    I also went through a documentation on known LV 2011 issues. I was able to find something interesting onthis page:

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    HAL P Anderson wrote:

    The problem is in the SDK (SDK) of Nikon. He used features of OS that changed with El Cap. All previous versions of LR were broken by the Exchange operating system. For LR 5 to work, it must be associated with the new SDK of Nikon, and Adobe is not reissue of older versions.

    The result is: LR5 and previous versions will continue to not be able to attach Nikon under El Capitan. I'm sorry.


    Although what you say is maybe true, I'm not sure, but there were reports of people that says exactly the opposite. Home of Nikon has not worked in 2015/6 but continued to work in LR 5 on the same Mac running 10.11.x.

  • better integration with the Mavericks. Still a problem with the display of the menu bar spaces when moved

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    Yes, it is a known problem with the Mavericks Developer Preview; We work closely with Apple to find a solution. So far, we have seen only with the restoration of the window or when you move the window between monitors - if you leave full screen and enter again, it should work fine. If you notice any others, please let us know.

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