Tecra M5 - external monitor (TV) graphics in black and white


I have my M5 connected to a TV via a SCART (s - video-> adapter SCART).
Everything works very well (including sound), except that the image is the B & W.
Whatever I do, I can't get it color.

When I S - video-> s-video color (in projector) is fine.

The clues as to what I could do to get a color picture on my TV?
(M5 2Gb, Xp Sp2)


Just answer. We're not the assignment of the cable pins SCART. I had the same problem with my TV. There was a black and white photo and I don't know why.
I checked the contacts and moved the cable up and down and for some reason, the colour appeared. Then I tired 3 cables SCART different and to have worked.

Maybe it helps.

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    Thanks for the screenshots, they are a great help

    In the first screen, uncheck grayscale printing. It is another name for black & white.


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    > I tried drivers and system restore without success... Have I you heard something like this and have any suggestions on how to fix this?

    In my opinion, you need to connect the laptop to the external display just to check if its display problem internal or maybe the graphics card issue. I think its GPU problem, but an external monitor is worth a try.

    However, in both cases the defective part must be replaced. :(

  • Tecra A3: TV - black and white display

    I have a Tecra A3, which I tried to connect to a TV via the S-video connection. Works, but the TV picture is black and white.

    I tried to change the Graphics Options without result. These are currently on:
    Colors: True color.
    Screen area: 1024 x 768
    Video Standard PAL-B

    Everyone you have any other suggestions?
    Thank you.


    This unit has a S-video out. If your TV has only video then you will get only a black and white screen.
    To get a color screen, you have a TV with S-video
    Also, check if the TV works correctly with the standard NTSC video.

    Good bye

  • Just my monitor black and white...

    Recently, I unplugged my computer to move to a new apartment.  When I reconnected everything, my only black and white monitors.  If I press on the screen menu, this menu appears in bright blue.  When I restart... the HP loading screen is also bright blue.  It seems that the monitor is fine, then I tried to smear it with my video card settings... not good.  I tried to update the driver, who worked almost.  As the new driver loading... screen went briefly to full color (although considerably enlarged).  But it is still black and white.

    This is the limit of my tech savvy... any ideas?

    Try another monitor... borrow someones if you have to...

    Try your monitor on another computer...

    This will tell us if its YOUR monitor or the graphics card.

    If it's a desktop computer (not a laptop)... open the side panel and make sure the graphics card has not come off.

  • Tecra M3 - black and white points

    IM problem with my Tecra M3,

    I have the Toshiba logo came fine.
    Then a bunch of black and white, (its windows when crashed and gives you option in safe mode) but you can't get out of the text, I only know because Ive delt with computers crashed before.

    Start windows XP SP 2 basically there is a white bar at points vertically and scroll down.
    Then finally goes blue screen of death and reboots.

    I changed the HARD drive with my old operating system if it is not a virus, I've agreed with the ram, which is 2 x 1 GB sticks.
    Ive tested individually and together, and yet I still get the same problem I mentioned above when I start my computer.

    If this isn't a virus or HARD drive, it is not the ram, what is the problem here? The screen looks fine with the toshiba logo (no points from top to bottom)

    What do I need to fix? What is broken?

    Someone who can help much apprciated.

    see you soon

    Why put 2 times in different threads on the same issue?
    Check this box:

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    So the first thing I tried was uninstall silverlight and then put it back. The next thing I tried was start in basic mode, uninstall all nvidia drivers, then reinstall the latest driver available. None of those corrected these problems. Strange thing is when I first start in basic mode and the resolution is 640 X 480 photos appeared normal in the Windows image viewer and when I try to watch a video on netflix seems normal. Only when I change the resolution to anything else he revert to the old diplay of a black and white display shrunk.


    You have the same problem with the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba or did he only because you have upgraded to Windows 7?

    I mean if it works with the screen resolution of 640 x 480, it could be the graphics card to malfunction but a problem of driver too so much easier is to install original Windows of the Toshiba recovery disc and it tests again.

  • my monitor suddenly lost color and black and white, how to restore the color

    my monitor suddenly lost color and black and white, how to restore the color?


    ·          What version of the operating system is running on your computer?

    ·          When the issue started?

    If you use windows 7, try the steps in the following article:


  • Simple automatic cutting graphic black and white

    I have a lot of images that vary according to the size. All rooms have a simple black and white chart like the one shown below.

    Is there a way I can automatically crop these images as there is no superfluous white borders. Is that the harvest should touch the edges of the black areas. If all images have the same size, it would be easy, but this is not the case.

    Thank you.



    Try the Image > Trim and see if it works for you.

    Note that there are all the foreign black/gray pixels in the white area is cut at this point. If this is the case you can first make an adjustment of threshold set pretty low.


  • Studio XPS 9100, Ati HD5670, flickering of small format black and white square

    I have Dell XPS 9100 Intel Core i7 CPU 8 GB 64 - bit Windows 7 OS.  ATI Radeon HD5670.  I found a new driver dated December 2014 and loaded.  The small blocks flick went then small black line sometimes appears on both monitors, but it's not the worst of it. This new drive made me all kind of pain.  When the launch IE I get message that IE has failed.  When I open file Explorer it fails also.  I got the drive to a 2010 version and the black line of thinking in the middle of the screen has disappeared but flickering blocks returned.  I did a restore to return six days ago, but IE and Explorer of files are still not.  I really screw that constituent.

    I was wondering if my Radeon video card failed and if you think that it is perhaps the issue which video card would you propose?   At least a new video card would have current reference to the Web site with the current drivers or driver.  I don't do games but want to run three monitors (two running).  This machine is about four years with two internal 1 TB DASD, one Internal 500 GB and a 1 TB external drive.

    HELP me please I'm in trouble AND I THANK YOU for your help.

    I forgot to mention that I ran a Scan of the file as an administrator of the DOS command prompt, I am under MS Virus and Malware full Scan.  There is no longer a couple, I can take as the safe boot mode see if problem persists.  And then perform a clean boot and finally a scan of RAM memory.  I already did a restore of the system 8 days ago.  Guess I can make one "in Place Upgrade' as the last step at least think a person would be better off buying the new video card since this problem of flicker developed a few months previously and not related to my efforts to update HD5670 ATI Radeon driver to the latest version.  It seems almost obvious to me is a graphics card problem, because a change in the Version of the driver to change the shape of video problem scrapie blocks of black and white in the corner of the scree in a detroit thin black line in the middle of the screen.  However technology can be difficult, but does not seem plausible as a problem of video card with the new driver changing the display screen problem but by introducing the serious problem of failing IE and Windows Explorer.  The full scan just finished with a browser quarantined modifier.

    "Point of entry not found. designates the malware has replaced this file.

  • Windows-based games. When I maximize the window, it goes black and white


    When I enlarge the window about all games windows; lonely spider for example, freecel, chess, hearts, then the game window becomes black and white and the game itself does not ocupy space full of the monitor, but has a black rectangle that extends from the right set. The game still works and works very well in color, if I the do not maximize.
    Please can someone help?
    Thank you

    Well, this isn't normal behavior.  The first thing I would say is to update your graphics drivers, because that can help fix the problem.

  • After new udates, all the color going on in black and white!

    So I woke up this morning and got on the computer. It was presented that a windows update happened from one day to the next, because I was at the login screen. So I connect, and everything is fine, when all of a sudden while the office, all colors become black and white.

    I have tried everything I can think off - play with the monitor and by connecting them connected. I went into the control panel and tinkered with nvidia display stuff. Nothing.

    Finally, I downloaded and installed the latest driver for my graphics card. As it has been installed the drivers, the color came back on. When he did the installation of the drivers and tried to restart the computer, everything is black and white again.

    So I restarted the computer, and has obtained the connection - color was on. I have connect and see that the Office had the color, and then after like 2 seconds, he returned black and white.

    Gaaaahh! Anyone know what hell I have to do?


    It could be a question to reset some settings in the office. We can also make sure that. for some strange reason, your display settings to high contrast were not lit.
    Try this: press > left ALT + left SHIFT + PRTSCN
    This should start the high contrast display, settings that are in black and white by default.
    Manual way that there are keys didn't do.
    Click on start and open Control Panel. Under access, click "optimize visual display".
    Make sure it is turned off.
    Please let me know if it was her.

    Mark <> Microsoft Partner

  • My screen seems to have gone out.  Everything worked well then there black and white vertical lines on the screen.  Had to make a hard stop, bury ashes hold the power button. Now no display

    does that mean if my screen on m MBP15 inches starting to show black and white vertical lines and will not again after that I tried to restart my computer?

    This looks like a bad graphics card. What happens if you hold a flashlight on the screen, you see the desktop or not?

  • Satellite A50 432: TV output is black and white

    When I connect my computer to the tv with the s-video to A / converter v that I get a black and white image I tried to change the Pal - B to everything else, but the same thing happening to any idea what is wrong here


    Can you please tell me what adapter are you using exactly?
    http://www.nikomp.com.pl/Opisy/AY000/AYVCW12N.jpg or http://www.lenexpo-electronics.com/e_italy/i/AdattatoreScartSVHS.jpg

    I tested my laptop tecra with both of them, and it works without any problem. Make sure that you have used the right channel of your TV.

  • 46HL900A - only black and white photo using Media Reader

    Hi all

    I recently bought a built-in digital LCD TVs from Toshiba model 46HL900A.

    I join a Western Digital (WD) TV Live Media Reader with the correct component input terminals. I know because I can see and play pictures, movies, etc. that can be found on the external hard drive that is attached to the WD.

    My problem is that it will only play/show in black and white.

    I tested the WD on another TV, and it works perfectly in color. I was told is not the working document, but that the TV might need to be set to recognize the resolution or something.

    I have been through the manual, but I don't really know what to change.

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you.


    I found your Toshiba page Australian TV:

    The TV supports color modes different system: PAL 50 / 60 Hz, SECAM and NTSC
    I guess that your TV is set to SECAM. Then try changing the NTSC settings

    Manual of use, you should find the description how to do this.

Maybe you are looking for