Tecra M9: BSOD after starting syspreped image


a windows xp pro, I built the image on a tecra 9100 and managed to get almost all of our cell phones started syspreped image here is the Tecra M1, M2, M3, M5 and Portege R100, R200 and a R500.

However, I get a blue screen of death when I try to start the M9. I found a few posts that say when the image was created to UNINSTALL the host IDE controllers and then run the command sysprep.

It helped when we had problems with the portege R500 however the M9 turns out to be embarrassing.
Someone at - it ideas?

Thanks in advance



why Don t you are installing the system separately on the machine? Maybe it works. This thing with the IDE controller is true, but not the only story. There are things like the drivers and services that could possibly cause the BSOD.

My suggestion: clean install with no problems and the drivers are present. That you please, ha? ;)

Welcome them

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    Tecra S11 BSOD after trying to install BIOS v3.1

    I have reinstalled all utility fingerprint successfully. After that I tried to install the new BIOS v3.1, but I got the BSOD
    Win 7 pro
    Where can I find the minidump to see what file that are the problem?

    C/windows/minidump folder is empty.


    Do you get the BSOD during the BIOS update procedure?
    Are you using the Windows operating system preinstalled Toshiba? or did you install your own system?

    If you have installed your system, then you should check that the VAP is installed as well.

    Also, I found this info about the update to the BIOS:

    + Attention! +

    + Please close all applications before running the update. +

    + At the end of this process, the computer will be restarted in order to update the EC. +
    + While updating the CE, the screen will not appear and the power LED etc can blink. +
    + The computer may restart several times. There is no abnormal behavior. +
    + Please wait until the computer is restarted fully. +

  • Tecra M4 - does not start, no image on the monitor

    My Tecra M4 will not start.
    When I turn it on, all I hear is a quick check of the DVD player, a hum of hard drive and fan.

    I tried an external monitor and still see nothing.
    I also changed the ram, tried to start with disconnected HARD drive disconnected RTC battery for a while.

    I don't see anything on the screen at any time.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi TheXenon,

    In your case, I'll try this:
    Remove the battery and the AC adapter at least an hour. Then reconnect the two and try to restart your laptop.

    But at the moment for me that sounds like a hardware malfunction and you need help from a service allowed in your country. :(

  • Satellite Pro L670 - 16Z BSOD after start and an external monitor


    I have a strange problem with two Satellite Pro L670-16Z. I connected to an external monitor. After changing the settings to extend the windows desktop, I rebooted the system.
    Then I gott a blue screen. I disconnected the screen external, nut, this is not enough. The system does not start. I always get a blue screen.
    Systems running Windows XP. I have this with both of them with different external monitors.
    I can boot a BartPe. I did correct the systems yet. The systems are very cool, works only for 14 days.

    Any suggestions?



    Are you using the original recovery image Toshiba WXP?
    Can you start Windows XP Home edition in safe mode?

    The port on which you are using to connect the external monitor?

  • Tecra 9000 - BSOD after installing display driver


    I installed WinXP new and now I have problems with my grafic, I think.
    Make it just a blue screen with a warning "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" or sometimes a defect of a date called as something of my graphics card.
    And sometimes my system just hangs.

    Someone at - it help?


    BSOD is the result of a serious software, issue or hardware malfunction.
    You said that this BSOD appears after installation of the graphics driver.

    First of all; have you installed the graphics driver on the right?
    On the other hand; have you installed Win XP patches?

    The Toshiba driver page provides a few Win XP drivers for this model of laptop
    The drivers are placed in the Archives area because this laptop is an oldie
    Must check

    If the BSOD still appears after updating Windows XP and after installation of the good driver then a hardware problem could be the reason of this problem
    By hardware malfunction, I mean the number of graphic chip or module memory problem.

  • Color shift after starting from images

    I'm new to Lightroom.  After the importation of the RAW files, I double click on a thumbnail to open the image.  Once the image appears on a second or two later, the picture changes as if it is automatically toning himself.  I do not have 'Apply adjustments to your self' selected in my preferences (and never he had chosen on the first day).  I shoot in sRGB.

    What is the original color shift happening?  The reason I ask, is I'm going to import an image, I think it looks great, but then the color change occurs usually do images are less contrast and have become less dynamic (especially in the Greens).  I shoot with a Canon 40 d.

    Thanks for anyones help.

    There is a post in the link of the Forum FAQ (to the right of the main page of the forum.) that explains what you see.

  • Tecra R950 Intel SSD 520 and SSD set password = F4 BSOD after reactivation

    follwing problem:
    Tecra R950 with Intel SSD and HDD/SSD series 520 passes together = always F4 BSOD after activation of the standby mode.
    OK with no password set.
    OK with Hibernate.
    Same problem with iastor and msahci driver.

    Any ideas? Think it's a problem with the bios. He goes down the ssd when wakeup, same cannot write a dump of memory (error 0xc0000010), the necessary cold start-up.


    Replace the SSD drive?
    As far as I know a lot of the Tecra R950 was equipped with a 500 GB HARD drive.

    I could be linked to the SSD drive

  • Tecra 8000 does not start after the BIOS update

    From one day to the other does not start my Tecra 8000 (400 MHz/256 MB BIOS 9.30 for years). After start-up, the disc starts to turn, but the screen including the backlight remains completely black, without red logo TOSHIBA BIOS is not accessible.

    I got a new mainboard on stock, so I replaced it, and it worked. Unfortunately now my WLAN card now did not work properly. I tried several settings of the BIOS with no results, so I decided to do an update of the BIOS from 7.50 to 9: 30. After the upgrade, I get the message "ROM WRITE successful, utility completed. LEADER BIOS: Tecra8000 v 9,30 ". Because what either kept silent, I pressed the power button to restart and heard a long and many short beeps (endless). I could interrupt what pressing the powerbutton for 5s.

    After turning on again I have the same problem as described in the first line :-( I can't get into the BIOS, but I can again update (with pressed F12). Once again these beeps.

    What to do with these beeps after average BIOS update? I replaced the MoBo connector LED with pension. Processor, memory, keyboard and HD has remained the same. So, before I start disassembling the machine, please notify, your help is very appreciated.

    Hello Joachim

    I'm not a technician and don t know what the beeps but I am afraid that the BIOS chip is damaged. Because of this, the unit is completely dead. Sorry, but I really don t believe you can do anything. Maybe the new motherboard again :(

  • BSOD a few minutes after starting. And another after entering IE.

    Wake up BSOD a few minutes after starting.  Then I start and it's OK.  Then when I go into IE I get a new one.  Then, everything is OK for a long time (often for the rest of the day).  Trouble started when I downloaded Firefox, while IE was found to have a big security problem.  Download problems.  Tried to go back to the previous state good.  Still getting BSOD.  Then I backed up all personal files, reinstalled windows 3 times!  Still no luck.  Updates seem to work.  I have no material on it, more just printer, keyboard, mouse and speakers.  Something about a Bad pool caller and something on a manually initiated crash appear to be the most common BSOD.  Anyway, I don't understand all this.  I tried to talk with Microsoft technical support, but they could not help and indicate that it could be the hard drive itself.

    Someone at - it look at my https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=7C2BA0B8D210B559&id=7C2BA0B8D210B559%21105 minidump file

    And I would like to know if this is something that I can fix it or do I have to take the whole thing in a shop for repair.

    Thank you!!!


    Hi Linda,.


    This indicates that the current thread is doing a bad pool request.

    4: kd > k
    Call child-SP RetAddr site
    fffff880 '03bf5928 fffff800' 031f2be9 nt! KeBugCheckEx
    fffff880'03bf5930 fffff880'01015431 nt! ExDeferredFreePool + 0 x 1201
    fffff880 '03bf59e0 00000000' 00028000 excsd + 0xa431
    fffff880 '03bf59e8 00000000' 642 d 0 x 28000 0000
    fffff880'03bf59f0 fffffa80 1006475 c 0x642d0000
    fffff880 '03bf59f8 00000000' 00000000 0xfffffa80 1006475 c

    excsd.sys (Diskeeper - ExpressCache) is tempted to rescue the pool which was previously already released.

    Uninstall ExpressCache as soon as possible.

    Kind regards


  • BSOD after a few minutes of success Windows starts

    Hi all

    My computer was posting frequency BSOD after a few minutes, when Windows starts successfully. I'm not sure about the cause that I have installed a new software recently for software failure. Below is a link for the recent minidump generated. Please kindly help.


    Thank you and best regards,

    Please run a SFC. {The file system check}
    To do this type cmd in start search box, right-click to run as administrator, then

    It may need be performed up to three times before success
    Let us know the results of the report at the end

    Read here for more information

  • My laptop has sometimes bsod after updating!

    I have a laptop HP running windows 8 32-bit! I don't know who it is! It started about a week after I got it! I kept getting bsod after updating. My brother recommended I have download ccleaner which got rid of bsod for about 2 months. I think that burning causing the bsod has some images of memory. Recently updated. I have ccleaned but no memory dumps were found. I thought that windows had finally corrected this bug. I used my laptop for a day! And then all of a sudden the BSODs happened. I did not worth it to go back on my PC. Please can someone help me!

    Hey Mohindra3

    Looks like you have a problem with persistent blue screens. It would help to know which model you have.

    If you need help with this information, you can follow this link.

    It would also be useful to know if you upgraded to Windows 8 32-bit.

    Another step, you can try running a diagnostic test on your hard disk and RAM. Follow this link for steps on it.

    Blue screens can sometimes be caused by damaged or incompatible drivers. The hard drive and RAM diagnostic tests will help refine the question though.

    You could also provide with the minidump file that will give me a lot of information. You can navigate to C:\Windows\minidump. You will need to download the newest .dmp file to a third party site, (such as sendspace.com or filedump.com or another site like those) given that the HP forums do not allow this type of downloading files. Just to provide me with a link to the site whatever you choose so that I can take a look at the .dmp file.

    I hope these steps help! I'll keep an eye out for your answer.

  • I get BSOD after Bios flash, can connect in safe mode.

    Hi all

    I use a laptop HP DV3145 DX, OS is win 7 Home Basic (it came with the laptop).

    A few days ago my screen started to behave erratically. The lower part of the screen is blurred and was unreadable. So I have updated Bios with the HP support assistant.

    After I flashed the bios, I could connect to windows, but every time I log on to the windows it crashed (BSOD) after 30 to 60 seconds.

    I could connect to the computer in safe mode

    That's what I did

    1. connected in safe mode and disabled all startup program (used Msconfig), with the exception of microsoft. This did not help.

    2 activated the player HP_tools disk management and I see the Bios, Bios_new file is there.

    Now, what should be my next step? I want to factory reset as my last option, I have a lot of settings, digital certificates, backups of phone in this machine, those who are important to my work.

    I think to Flash the Bios to the previous version to see if that helps. Now, I don't consider myself a very experienced user. So if anyone can tell me how to Flash the bios to the older version, I'll be grateful.

    I would also like to hear any other suggestions, others may have.

    * PS: I can't update windows drivers (I've updated about a month ago), because the 3 G dongle that I use is not having recognized in safe mode.

    Thanks in advance,


    You should not have flashed the BIOS. Updating the BIOS is not a magic solution to all the problems. You must perform as the first response to a problem with your laptop because it adds an element of risk.

    You should use the diagnoses instead. Press the power button and immediately press the ESC key. In the start menu, choose to press the F2 key to invoke diagnostics. Perform a system test, a test of memory, a hard drive test and a test video.  Let us know what are the results of the diagnostic test. The image is a more recent version that is installed on the hard drive of your laptop, but is still pretty similar.

  • Tecra M2 does not start successfully - zeroes appear all over the screen


    My Tecra M2 does not start. After the toshiba logo, a series of zeros (0) appear all over the screen.

    -suspect it is caused by a virus, I formatted the HD (in another PC), but still the zeros appear
    -I might want to start in the DVD player, it seems to read the disc, but nothing happens, just a cursor flashing at the top left of the screen
    -J' I reset / replaced the RAM, but still no effect.
    -the power button works, lights and shuts the laptop but does not start.
    -CPU fan works
    -LED indicators of work are power, battery, dvd, wireless. Does not have HD LED light on.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem is greatly appreciated.
    See you soon!


    I think we can exclude HARD disk failure because you are able to format it in another computer.
    As you suggest the RAM modules has been replaced but the problem persists
    So in my opinion, a motherboard problem would be possible

    But as you know, it of really difficult to say what might be exactly wrong
    I think that the technician should check the laptop then it would be possible to say what part is malfunctioning

    In any case, I think a motherboard might be affected

  • Latitude E7440 display goes black / white after "starting Windows."

    I suspect that he is an out-of-the-box issue (like the power button lights, either), but maybe I'm missing something... This particular unit fired upward, as planned and took our standard image. Somewhere along the way (probably during one of its reboots), I noticed that the screen is out. Turn down and the back didn't solve it, or don't have reset the BIOS. Dell diags run without problem and I can start Windows in Mode safe... but whenever I start Windows normally, it removes after "Starting Windows" flashes by.

    AARRGGHH! I'm kicking myself. It was something I discovered some time ago and since then I forgot... I had stacked them! I have closed an E7440, placed another on top of it and proceeded to the image of this second unit. At some point, I must have changed it so slightly... put it right above all that the devil is in the cover of the display of the unit of the first! (A magnetic field, is my guess). And "in white" is the second display unit... hit the light of the power button, and as a bonus. It worked as planned, when I moved this unit to another place, in order to tap into a flat HDMI. And it is blanked, as soon as I put back it on top of the first E7440. Mystery solved.

  • App gets paused / frozen just after start in gpu mode (audio continues to play)

    You just bought a playbook!

    I have an existing Air application on android and iOS, I am now test it on playbook.

    With the rendering of the cpu, its normal, however when I put gpu in the descriptor of the app, the application stops all headphones rendering and the event just after starting the application, audio continues to play and the debugger remains connected.

    I am new on the playbook, I see there are power saving mode, maybe something is asleep?

    I tried:

    QNXApplication.qnxApplication.addEventListener(QNXSystemEvent.STANDBY, qnxStandby)
    internal function qnxStandby(e:QNXSystemEvent):void {
            trace("sent into standby ----------------------------------");

    but nothing is ever attributed...

    The app works well on older iphones and android phones, I can't imagine I'm overloading the gpu.

    I use flash builder 4.6 and that's how I am structured:


    -addChild (loadingImage.png);

    -load game.swf

    -the addchild (game.swf) full,.

    -removeChild (loading image)

    When I load the main file game.swf, how it works, I get a few tracks, I can see it, but it's when he stops just of all activities and traces except audio.

    the swf so good, I can load this way using the cpu on the ok of the playbook, and I can load this way on android in cpu or gpu mode.

    Any help is really appreciated, thank you!


    The problem was caused by the stage.quality example layout: stage.quality = StageQuality.LOW; This caused a freeze more often on the playbook. Being new the the playbook, when I read about the power API mode I thought what was related, but no, it was just a blocking of the application, where the debugger and audio arrives to stay connected and reading. hope this helps someone else.

Maybe you are looking for

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