Tecra M9 crashes when the apparatus or the lid close on Windows Vista Business


I have a Tecra M9 with Windows Vista business, and when I close the lid on the laptop that Windows puts on hold. When I open the lid, although wakes up the computer screen but it crashes.

Even if I have the machine on the docking station when I disconnect the machine crashes.
Any ideas? Any help much appreciated.



I don't know what you mean in crashes, but I know that this can happen after the standby/hibernation mode, that this sound card is not recognized correctly. To resolve this problem, you must install the hotfix for Microsoft Vista (937077 KB) on the Microsoft network site: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/937077

Just a question: have you noticed this problem since the first day or after a few days of use?

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    User login items: ⓘ

    iTunesHelper Application (/ Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/MacOS/iTunesHelper.app)

    Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector2 hidden Application (/ library/printers/Canon/IJScanner/utilities/Canon IJ Network scan Selector2.app)

    Hidden Dropbox application (/ Applications/Dropbox.app)

    ThisLife Uploader request hidden (/ Applications/ThisLife Uploader.app)

    Agent application RealPlayer Downloader (~/Library/Application Support/RealNetworks/RealPlayer Downloader Agent.app)

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    Top of page process CPU: ⓘ

    kernel_task 99%

    22% mdworker (10)

    20% antiVirus

    4% WindowServer

    2% ThisLife Uploader

    Top of the process of memory: ⓘ

    661 MB kernel_task

    Firefox 401 MB

    279 MB plugin-container

    254 MB antiVirus

    213 MB mds_stores

    Information about virtual memory: ⓘ

    1.39 GB of free RAM

    6.61 GB used RAM (3.71 GB being cached)

    Used Swap 0 B

    Diagnostic information: ⓘ

    Sep 7, 2016, 17:42:05 Self test - passed

    First uninstall MacKeeper. Does you no good and it can contribute to your questions.

  • MacBook Pro stops when the lid closes, loses the open tabs and background image...

    Hi all

    I recently had a new hard drive installed in my 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro. I am running El Capitan 10.11.2. Since then, my computer cuts automatically to the bottom when the lid is closed, losing all Web pages, and for some reason, some background, I've saved. (My browser is Mozilla Firefox and it prompts you to restore me the tabs lost, which he will).

    The led standby does not blink or light up when the computer is turned on, it will turn on only at startup. At startup, the login page is displayed, and after that I entered my password it takes about 15 to 25 seconds to load and open my account. What is going on?!


    Stop when the lid is closed,

    Loses the background image & open Web pages.

    Standby blinks only when starting,

    Time of loading extended after logging into my account.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot for reading.

    uhlexia wrote:

    Hi all

    I recently had a new hard drive installed in my 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro. I am running El Capitan 10.11.2. Since then, my computer turns off automatically when the lid is closed.

    Take it back to the repair as well as your receipt of repair shop.  Apple has a 90 day warranty on all repairs.

  • New Yoga 14 stops when the lid closes

    I just got a new series of Yoga 14. Sometimes, but not always, the laptop stops when I close the lid, even when it is plugged. I already looked at the option to 'choose what happens when the lid is closed' and it is set to sleep, no downtime.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem.

    Hi Nickajeglin,

    Welcome to the Forums

    According to the request, we understand that you are facing problem with the system stops when the lid is closed in your Lenovo 14 yoga.

    As you mentioned that you have changed the setting to sleep, try changing to do nothing option and check also the question, if still the issue persists then uninstall and reinstall the power management and check the issue.

    Click here to for 10 windows power management.

    Let us know the result.

    Best regards


  • Satellite L650/078 - crashes when the lid is closed

    I bought this phone last Sunday and this is the only problem that I had with her. Whenever I close the lid, I'm greeted by a blue screen when I open it again.

    I checked all the drivers using the windows 7 update driver option, and he said that all my drivers are up to date.

    It looks like a graphics driver, a troublemaker... What if you go to power options in the control panel and choose, do nothing, in which cover done, option

  • A Wi - Fi connection turns off when the lid closes, turns on when the lid opens

    On my Dell Latitude E6510 the Wi - Fi turns itself off when I close the lid and turn on automatically come back when I open the lid.

    I have power management in Win7 set to do NOTHING when I close the lid while operating on current alternative, but by closing the lid again stop Wi - Fi.

    I'd rather have stay wi - fit with the lid closed so that the laptop will remain on my home network, but I can't find any setting make the wi - fi turned on.

    Am I missing something or is just something that Latitude always does - none of my previous laptop Dell ever did that.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I already tried.

    However, in case someone else has the same problem later and find this thread, I found a solution.  Turns out the problem be that I was using own software Dell to manage the adapter Wi - Fi. The Dell software has some settings but none with either power off Wi - Fi or by closing the lid.  When I went to let Windows manage the Wi - Fi adapter, the problem disappeared.

  • Tecra M2 crashes when the Intranet navigation

    We have two machines Tecra M2 in society which connect to the office in our company LAN. When they are used to surf the Internet, they are very good - speeds are OK and load pages correctly. However - when users browse our intranet of the enterprise, pages loading slowly and the whole machine is tied up, while the loading of pages.

    These are the laptops only where it occurs on. Desktop computers are beautiful and other models of Tosh are OK. All the world experienced this or found a fix?


    In your case the very important is that the feature network is OK. If you have this kind of problem, first you must contact your local network administrator. I'm sure they have a good explanation for this issue.

    I'm not an expert in LAN, but please ask your LAN administrator if you are using a Proxy Server. Check in your browser under Tools > Internet Options > connections > LAN settings > Server Proxy option. If the option turn on, you can find there an option called proxy server for local addresses. Activate this option.

    I'm sure it should work much more quickly.

    Good bye

  • Tecra M2V crashes during the Windows 2000 format

    I'm working on the installation of Windows 2000 for a laptop Tecra M2V in my school. The installation process crashes when the disk has reached 6% format. It is always in the same place that the deadlock occurs. Is there a way to get around this, or can I change a setting in the bios Setup? Any help appreciated.


    Not easy to say what can be the problem, but if the formatting process always freezes at the same place I assume that there is a problem with the HARD drive sector faulty or bad. I recommend you to check the HARD drive using a tool. Google a bit and you will find many tools for free.

    Good bye

  • Firefox crashes when the flash is used.

    Firefox crashes when the flash is used at all.
    I've checked everything and it is only with flash on the tree

    == a site using flash is open

    I use Windows 7 and I have the same problem. When I went to 3.6.4, Firefox would be to lock up whenever I tried to play any flash video. I have tried several sites and it would lock up every time I have to close by the Task Manager. I've updated the Flash Player and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing could solve this problem.

    I read that they supposedly separated the plugins like flash in a separate procedure to keep firefox crash if flash does, but apparently they didn't do this right. I had to go back to Firefox 3.6.3 worm and flash works without any problem in this version. Seems that firefox must correct 3.6.4 since it seems he's messed up video flash for many users, if not most. It is useless if it can't play flash since almost all Web sites use this format!

  • I have my InDesign CS6 software crashes when the display of the Welcome screen.

    I have my InDesign CS6 software crashes when the display of the Welcome screen.

    Have you tried to restore your InDesign preferences?

    Garbage, replace, reset or restore the application's preferences

  • Why Adobe Acrobat 11 crashes when the re-setup?

    Why Adobe Acrobat 11 crashes when the re-setup?

    The download will accomplish - disappears when collecting information.

    Hi MCastagna,

    What version of OS are you using?

    I recommend you download the installer using this link: download Acrobat products | Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X and try to reinstall acrobat.

    Kind regards


  • Our published application crashes when the user is not connected to WiFi

    It became clear after the last launch edition our published application crashes when the user is not connected to WiFi.

    This is a new one on us, someone at - it ideas?

    There was a bug in all versions of Viewer 24 and earlier that have arisen during the last iOS updated acme outside. If you upgrade to v25 or later version the issue will go away.


  • 64 bit Vista crashes when the system goes into Sleep Mode. Have cold start. Simultaneous began with the June 8 patches.

    This problem started a week ago, say at the time of the June 8 fix release. I think the relevant in case the log message is 'detected bad event COM + a system code back during internal processing. HRESULT is C 8007043 line 45 of d:\longhorn\com\Complus\src\events\tier1\eventssystemobj.epp. Error report, please contact Ms Product Support Services. "However, when I contacted MS, they would not help without paying the fees because it was an OEM installation. The system remains upward after the stabilization of the system going on in SafeMode after cold start, close and then switch to normal mode. However, once launched, it seem (ed) as the hard drive light was permanently. I did a restore to June 8, most early I could continue.  The hard drive worked without interruption after that.  I did a forced sleep and restart and the system froze again. With this in mind, I wonder if .NET patches that were released were running somehow at the time of sleep and that he could not recover.  OR, during sleep, the system was made of updates and the system has been disabled, corrupting the updates.  I looked at the Windows Update settings and it has been set to automatically install updates.  It is quite possible that the user did not know and did not recognize there are pending updates.  Maybe updates were not correctly packed in order to manage a system from going into Sleep Mode, while they were installing. In any case, any who would provide help on how to identify the problem and fix it.  There may be registry entries need to be corrected?

    Duane G. Leet, Ph. d. 45 years of experience in technology

    Microsoft support has provided a solution.  Here is the procedure:
    We can run reset Windows Update Tool and system update tool to detect incorrect manifests, files or data from the registry. Please follow the steps below.
    Step 1: Launch the tool to reset Windows Update and the update of the system tool
    1 download and run reset Windows Update Tool from the link below:
    2 download and run the update tool of the system from the link below depending on the Type of system:
    Update for Windows Vista 32-bit system tool
    Update for Windows Vista 64-bit system tool
    Note: It may take an hour or more time to detect and replace the erroneous data, please be patient. When it is finished, restart the computer and reinstall Windows Vista SP2.
    If Windows Vista SP2 can not always be installed, I suggest to download the stand-alone Installer and install it in clean boot Mode.
    Step 2: Download the installer of Windows Vista SP2 Standalone
    1 download the installer of Windows Vista SP2 Standalone from the link below depending on the Type of system:
    Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - version independent ALL languages for Windows Vista 32 bit (KB948465) (475,5 MB)
    Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - version independent ALL languages for Windows Vista 64 bit (KB948465) (745,2 MB)
    Step 3: Install Windows Vista SP2 in clean boot Mode
    Please disable all startup items and services of third parties at boot to avoid conflict when installing Windows Vista SP2.
    1. click on 'Start', type: MSCONFIG in the search box and press ENTER.
    Note: Click 'Continue' if the "User Account Control" window appears.
    2. click on 'Services', check "Hide all Microsoft Services" and click on 'Disable All' (if it's not gray).
    3. click on 'Start', click 'Disable all', click 'OK' and restart the computer.
    Note: Disable temporarily the startup group only prevents the start up programs from loading at startup. This should not affect the system or other programs. We can manually run these programs later.
    4. double-click the downloaded standalone installer and follow the instructions to install Windows Vista SP2.
    To restore the computer to a Normal startup, repeat step 1 above. Then click "Normal startup" in the general tab, click on "OK" and restart the computer.
    If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know. It is my pleasure to be useful.

    The cause was not determined, but evidence tends to a disturbance in the download or installation process, with one of the errors in the event log is an error in checksum on one of the modules. With a large file, 745 meg, the mean time to failure on a LAN network is probably shorter than the download time.  The installation process was probably longer than the time that the system has increased...  Corrective actions for Microsoft could include more small download / install, not allowing an automatic installation for automatic download over a certain size, or deal with the best controls during installation to intercept the checksum error.  Duane G. Leet, Ph. d. 45 years of experience in technology

  • How to keep the macbook awake when the lid is closed?

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    Use your Mac laptop to view closed with an external display - Apple Support

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  • NB250 makes scream sound when the lid is closed

    Hi all

    I am facing this problem with my laptop NB250.

    Steps to reproduce the problem
    i. internal microphone and speakers are enabled
    II. play some audio.
    III. close the lid while the audio is playing.
    IV. when the lid is closed (or even when she is brought very close to the keyboard) there is a loud noise.

    I went to the shop where I bought the laptop. The technician he said that this sound is done because the microphone is taken directly above the enclosure when the lid is closed.
    But I do not think that the sound must be made when the lid is closed.

    I should be grateful if the following queries are processed:
    i. This is a problem with only with NB250?
    II. is it a common problem with all laptops that have the speakers placed next to the touchpad, which brings the microphone from the speakers when the lid is closed?
    III. If there is a problem with my laptop, what should I do to repair/replace?

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    I think you're talking about the sound looping between speaker <->microphone.
    I n t have this model laptop but I found an interesting How TO from Toshiba on similar topic. It addresses s L500 series.

    Check this box:
    + Hissing sound +.

    Disable the microphone volume in the speakers properties and this will help you get rid of these sounds.

Maybe you are looking for