Tecra S1: Cannot install Windows Vista - ACPI.sys driver problem

Get the blue screen when you try to install Vista Ultimate edition on my Tecra S1--> STOP... ACPI.sys incompatibility.

Someone knows how to fix this problem and where can I find an update for this driver?
I already have the latest version of the BIOS (2.50) and don't see any driver update on the Toshiba site...

Someone at - it already correctly installed Vista on this type of laptop?


Hello, Johnny

Robin is quite right. Tecra S1 is a portable older and certainly not Vista supported. As you know just for laptop with Vista capable sticker are supported Vista and Toshiba offer a BIOS update to make it Vista ready.

I recommend you to use Windows XP Home as before. Optimize Windows XP Home edition preinstalled and you will have very good performance on this laptop more old.

Bye and good luck!

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